Jeep Ignition Actuator Switch Key Pin Replacement – The right way! Dorman 924-704

I’m doing a ignition actuator pin
replacement on 2005 Jeep Liberty KJ so you can see there that’s what’s
underneath the actual ignition switch so you get that little bit of broken metal
so that’s what we need to replace in here
didn’t torn apart already so don’t really have a step-by-step guide for how
to pull this apart I’ll kind of verbally run it through with you
there’s the plastic kick plate that goes right here you can grab this come by the
steering column it’ll pop out and it’ll fold down as you can see it’s got these
hinges down here it’ll hinge off of and then you just hinge it down and slide it
to the left and that’ll come out you got get the plastic key paid out of the way
the plastic that goes above and below the steering column
it’ll mount down, there’s two screws that hold it in here that’s a Torx 20 there’s
my Torx 20 I need that for these two screws here it’s dark up in there hard
to see but just those two and then that plastic will come out of the way the top
piece will also come off it’s just tell them those don’t need to get your turn
signal assembly switches up these will just lift up once you’ve unscrewed the
bottom plastic and taking the top off lift that up out of the way to get the
ignition switch off you’ll see there’s a screw hole right here and a screw there
so with the turn signal wiper combo up out of the way you’ll be able to get
into that you’re going to need a Torx ten to get the ignition switch out of
the way there it is Torx ten upside down and it
needs to be a security Torx see how the tip is hollow there so that’s the
security Torx you’re gonna need that there
and if you an idea that’s what the security Torx looks like so see how it’s
got that little pin in there can’t get a regular Torx in, so you need get
a security Torx also this here is our shifter interlock and sits underneath a
steering column and you’ll see it’s got a couple screw holes one over here one
up here these are also the security Torx ten so you got to have the security Torx
ten to get to it I’ve just dropped this down out away there’s our ignition
switch actuator I need to go ahead and get this out of here and get the new one
in and it’s got some particular alignment issues so that’s it, that’s the short of
how to get it out, and what kind of specific tools you need go ahead and get
this one out and show you the new one all right so I’ve got the ignition
switch out of the way if you’ll see there’s this little push in keeper right
here I can push it in with my fingers screwdriver and that goes in here it’ll
sit in this little hole so you need to push on this on that same little tab
right there with a screwdriver and you’ll be able to pull the ignition
cylinder out so there’s my ignition cylinder sit now there’s that Tab I was
talking about right in the middle there that’s what actually it’s this pin now
should be able to reach up and drops right out alright here’s the new one
Dorman part here’s the old one original G you see that little bit of metal that
broke down there that’s the issue and then up here’s a new one new one does
come with this extra spring the spring sits here and then on a shift cable
interlock see this round indent that’s where the spring sits there so if you’re
wondering when he took it apart this little spring it seems to fall out and
you don’t know where it goes that’s what it is I guess I give you a spare cuz
there’s a decent chance you lose it so I’ll get this get this new one in
and doorman gives some instructions to go with it I say what to do they talk
about alignment a little bit move the key back and forth so there is a couple
of alignment marks there so it’s important to keep those aligned for
putting everything back in together okay I try to get this in and see if they
don’t lose the spring all right so if you can see the slot is turn to about a
one o’clock position I need to get my part lined up and about the same
orientation as it goes in so you have to play with the key a little bit for this
I’m not sure the exact position you need if you need to you can take off the
Sentry key ring if it helps you not have any other way it just kind of pops off
there’s a little clip down at the bottom but you shouldn’t need to remove it at
all so I got to play with the alignment and getting this slid back in there’s
just a little bit of alignment issue feel it and get correct…………………..yeah that wasn’t
too terribly difficult you see there’s the mark for a neutral position your
keys this is roughly the on position slid right in see that tab it’s back
into here that’s when you depress if I want to release this key and if you can
see those alignment marks are still in place so now I need to get my ignition
switch with its indexing correct as well so you turn my ignition switch with a
screwdriver or something to the on position and I need to slide it back on
to this little metal guy here that’s in place I’ll be able to screw it in with
this screw here step back a little bit give you some perspective I’m sorry the
steering column all right there we go okay ignition
switches back in place other ignition switch mechanical parts in place, and the key cylinder is in place and I can turn back and forth it should be start that
accessory so it seems like everything’s working through correctly keep crank it
up yet you see I got our solution switch but I turn the crank to firing I need to
go put in my starter relay I say that because this has happened starting it
with this bad switch put the keyed on pop the hood and go put this in on the
starter relay so I need to put the starter relay in now make sure it
actually starts so to show you what I’ve been doing up and popping the hood and
coming in with my little jumper I’m doing that to crank it over after keyed
on and I had already tried swapping the relays around so I knew it wasn’t a
relay issue that was having with it it’s something else alright to rail it back
in okay so that’s fixed we’ll go ahead and
connect everything back up get my switches back where they need to be…..get my airbag hooked back up and don’t be a little tricky with this spring but don’t
get that in………..all right, see I got that cable interlocks screwed back in but something
didn’t go right so I can put my key to ON I can shift it gear and then I can pull
out my key! And I’m in drive! That’s not right. If I shift it back into park
though come back out see have my foot off the brake Jeep started rolling backwards
okay I take that back out see what I did wrong!……..all right so I found out what went
wrong if you see down in there that’s the little yellow bit that gets actuated
in lets me shift it and I lost this little part out of it fell on the floor
almost totally missed it and lost it so I need to put this back into here
there it is missing that piece put it back up spring like this and screw it in
hopefully it works this time………….okay that’s much better see here shift it out I
can’t shift it out my foots on the brake turn my Key to on…
and it shifts out! and then look, I can’t take my key out until I
put it park and I can so I was that one little mistake now you know!
Don’t lose that part like I almost did I’ll put everything else back together
and I should be done, overall not too bad okay plastics back on again this whole
and this one over here we really need that torques 15 bit or screwdriver and
I’ll get the okay that’s a kick plate in position
I just got that’s in see there’s a pop in tab there, and a pop in tab there it’s all back together, complete. um
alright thanks for watching hope it helps you

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