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Welcome to Motomobi Channel Jeep, is a special brand. Very strong brand even in Indonesia This is just like Odol, which the origin of it, is a Toothpaste brand Jeep, In Indonesia it means SUV “Jip” , taken from word “Jeep” For you who already paid for your car, or Bought a car with car, you could take a look at “BPKB” This is Jeep Wrangler JK In This Video we’re not talking specifically about Jeep JK Rather, we will discuss Jeep In general Jeep is a nickname taken from GPV (General Purpose Vehicle) Which became Jeep Short History About Jeep In 1940, American Soldier finding a way to replace the vehicle used for hundreds of year Which is “Kuda” *Not This Kuda But Real Kuda (Horse) They Finally open tenders for this project But Only Willys-Overland and American Bantam who responded But at the end, Ford Also participate, since its a big manufacturer The one who succeed earlier to submit the specs that requested is Bantam Even Though Bantam just a small manufacturer who almost out of business They Submitted Bantam BRC With The Right Dimension Small, Wheel-Based, and pioneer in Off Road After being tested, turns out American Soldier loving it But they worried that small manufacturer like Bantam could met their needs Afterwards, they ask Willys-Overland to build with Bantam’s Chassis So it’s official, that Bantam BRC is the 1st Ever Jeep Ford also been asked to build with design of Bantam’s Chassis Each Manufacturers (Ford, Bantam, & Willys) been asked to build 1500 unit to be tested in Battlefield Bantam BRC 40 Willys M8 Ford GP All from Basic chassis of American Bantam That Design differently for each cars overall With the weight as requested, Lightweight At the end, big main order taken by Willys Because they like Willys Engine, which powerful and reliable Model MB became design standard for American soldier at that time So the name changed to Willys MB For got the 2nd Order, which is Making exactly the same as Willys That Called Ford GPW For Bantam, they only got order to make trailers Which is a project with big margin All the soldiers love their Jeep Also very suitable to replace Horses Even made with a variety of functions Felt like a tank, to carry heavy firepower Felt like an ambulance, to contain injured soldier Felt Like a watercraft Or even emergency boat Felt like a Train Felt like an Aircraft But the Aircraft one is a fail project Grills that became Jeep’s Symbol is originated from Ford Design Later on patented by Willys With 7 Grills, while ford is has 9 Grills. They made it slightly different, so it could be patented Willys-Overland is a manufacturer founded in 1908 Before manufacturing for Jeep, they made car like this Had Become 2nd Largest manufacturer after Ford After 2nd World War Willys stop all cars production, and focused only on Jeep Naturally, with all kinds of Jeep But in this video we will only discuss Jeep that were descendant of war Using the Same chassis from World War, Which is MB Which Is CJ (Civillian Jeep) In 1945 in the year that Indonesia gain independence Simultaneously with the start of mass production for CJ 28 With Godello engine (That also used in World war) But this one is for Civil The Civil one the design slightly different. They required bigger lighting source So the headlamp has “Big Eyes”, which makes it weird Continue to CJ 38 in 1949 With minor changes. Mitsubishi also manufacturing for Japanese coalition In 1952, Willys-Overland trying to make different species other than Jeep In 1953 , Jeep continued with CJ-3B License for CJ-3B also distributed to Mistubishi To produce this until 1958 And Mahindra from India Perhaps this is the origin for Jeepney Yes, Jeep is Public transport in India In the same year, 1953, Willys-Overland sold to Kaiser Motor A Manufacturer Led by Kaiser In 1954, we introduced to Jeep CJ 5 With more modern Look and many options available for the engine The Model continue to CJ-5A CJ-6A, CJ-6 CJ-7, CJ-8 Scrambler CJ-10, & CJ-10A There’s so many variant for CJ But also other model than CJ But in this video we only discuss the CJ models In 1970, Kaiser Bored with Car Industries, and sold Willys Motor Company, which already changed to Kaiser Jeep, to AMC (American Motor Corporation) Which later on AMC bought by Chrysler Let’s turn back a bit This is CJ 7 This car brought joyful memories in our pastime And we would like you to know, what CJ 7 Feels like Before We Tested CJ 7 Please Stop This Video and give us a thumbs up. Subscribe if you didn’t yet This is CJ 7 Produced from 1976 – 1986 This car is popular in its era and became manly symbols Drive with this car in its era make all women sticks like a glue CJ 7 that we tested is built nicely If you want to have C7 but lazy to build one, buy this one instead (If not sold yet) See contact info in the description below With Inline-6 engine, 4200 CC, and like most American cars This car have a big torque for its era With Big CC, this car known to easily thirsty Can’t see an idle gas station But this wasteful can be tricked , because of the simple carburator And this CJ 7 gearbox already changed to Automatic Even the shifter placement changed It feels like real Jeep This is CJ with perfect condition But it’s quite troublesome to drive it Your driving Skill is tested here No matter how good CJ’s condition Because combination of Chassis, Body, suspension, engineering’s design in it’s era Make it quite hard to drive this car If CJ not in good condition, you’re gonna have a bad time even drive straight But this one is good The Tricky part to fixed CJ 7 is The brake, but this CJ 7 is have a perfect brake Don’t need to keep distance with front vehicle, which found commonly when driving CJ Suspension just like old car, Hard enough If you accustomed to modern car You’re gonna tortured for sure with CJ 7 Just like driving Kuda *Not This Kuda Remember, if you interested in this CJ 7, please see the contact info in Description below This is the best CJ 7 that we ever tried Also reminding us in good old days Because of CJ 7 Popularity, in 1986 continued with Jeep Wrangler YJ Almost look the same with CJ 7 with Squared-Front-Lamp And Using proper Dashboard And lot of improvement in Suspension, so not as hard as CJ 7 In 1996, there’s a new model called TJ The first time we seen TJ, the most beautiful Jeep But we’re not quite like the dashboard, is too modern TJ also have different steer, since its using airbag If you want this car, you might change your mind after look at the price tag In 2007, Changed to JK Many seen on the street, and most of it already modded They Introduced long wheel base with 5 doors (including trunk) First time we this long wheel base it looks …. weird It’s seems forced to stretched, because we already accustomed with short Jeep But we will get used to it With Grill and Lamp Design typical Jeep And latched hood And using “Konde” which increasing length of this vehicle Frankly, this Konde is suitable in this car Because from time to time, jeep is always “hairpinned” Now is time to test this car Entering this car is match with Jeep’s Atmosphere Filled with roll cage which give narrow impression inside JK With Power-Window Switch which located in the middle We will not discuss further about detail, since we eager to try this car Suspension is soft enough for a Jeep But car this expensive supposed to be more softer Because still using chassis and Can’t be more softer since this car has ability for Off-Road Obviously not designed for softness Power is sufficient enough But terrifying enough at higher speed, since this is a Jeep And no Need for speeding, since mostly this car usage is inside country Might be not used for Off-Road And Most of it using it for its look There’s some modification that give an impression that its like to play in the mud And then we try the door Backseat door to be precise, because not seen much in CJ Generation Entering is much easier compared from Flipped-Front Seat Because this one have side door Very Uneasy to sit here Upright and Hard Not Comfortable at all in JK no matter what which “style” that we use to sit in the backseat This is hobbies car Can be proved with how rare car with “standard” condition If you’re Jeep Fanatic and have lots of money JK is the right choice But if i were you I personally prefer CJ7 Because that one feels more like “Jeep” among the other This is all my personal opinion We Don’t Get Paid or Affiliate with this Brand Thank You For Watching


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