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(lighthearted music) – Hi, guys, it’s Audrey,
and I’m here with– – Jordan, from the channel Just Jordan 33. – And today, we’re gonna be
making some slime aquariums. And Orb sent us these Jelli Worldz, super cool, so thank you. So we’re gonna be trying all these, we’ve never made slime aquariums
from these products before. So we’re gonna make a regular, and then the next round
we’re gonna make blindfold, or one of us can do blindfold, and one of us is gonna have tiny hands. – Oh man. – So it’s gonna be a challenge. Let’s get started. All right, so let’s start off making it, let’s just see if we can
make it regular first before we go crazy.
– Yeah, I’m gonna… – So which one are you gonna do? – I’m gonna do this one. It’s got a little pineapple and mermaids, and a little squid that’s
dancing, it’s so cute. – I’m gonna try this one. It looks like little
dog and cat astronauts, that is so cute. I’m saving this one for the next round. – Woo! – What’s inside, what’s inside? – Oh my. – Wow, it’s not comin’ out. – This is us opening up
every package though. – Oh, I gotta cute little charm. – Look, look, yeah, serious. Look at that. That is adorable. Oh my goodness. – It’s a little doggie. (gasping) – And it even comes, oh my gosh. – I love mermaids and dogs. – Oh my gosh, I can’t. It’s too cute for me. – Well, you’re gonna
have to for this video. – Oh, no. Okay, so we have our water here. – My gosh.
– Oh my. Then you’re supposed to
pour in the Jellifetti. – So, wait, what am I supposed to do? I’m not readin’ the instructions. Oh yeah, I know what it is. That is the Jellifetti. – Woo, it’s goin’ in. – So this is called the Jellifetti. Jelli Wandz, Bubbleton, Jelli Palz, Jelli Worldz, Jelli Cap, and Jelliquid. – Jelliquid? – Jelli liquid. – Okay, so I’m pouring it in, and you’re supposed to
shake it for 20 seconds. One, two, three, ah, it’s spilling. Okay, I’m opening mine
and using the stirry stick because this is too much for me. – Oh, that sounds just like soda. What concoction are we making? Ew, it’s thickly. – It’s very thickly. – What is this substance? – Jelly, slime. You know what this feels like? Hand sanitizer. – Yeah, warm hand sani.
– Lift up your hand and rub it like this.
– Ew, it does, it does. – It’s like hand sanitizer but it’s not. – Vaseline hand sanitizer DIY. – Ew, it’s just not soaking in. Ew, it’s the exact
texture of hand sanitizer. – Here we go. – Why is yours so gelatinous
quicker than mine? – I know, it’s hand sani. – Oh, yours is even more. Did you have more powder than me? – I don’t know. I think we got the same amount. – What? – It kinda looks like clouds
in the sky, doesn’t it? – Yes. Okay, wait, look. There’s so many more in yours. – I feel like I got rid of
mine way more than you did. – My method works. – Maybe if you let it sit it’ll work. So what’s the next step? – Okay, next step it says pour
Jelliquid into Jelli Worldz. So, Jelliquid. – Oh, yeah, the whole thing? – I think so. I’m gonna go with the whole thing, ’cause go big or go home. – Go big or go home. – Whoa, wait, is this water? Or is this… – Oh, yours is pink. – Ew, wait, look, look. Ew, you can squirt it
down into the jelly stuff. – It looks so cool. It looks like crystals. Okay, it’s time to mix-y. Mine’s not wanting to mix-y mix-y. – Oh no. – It’s ombre. We’re goin’ for the ombre effect. – Once again I want to
go in with my hands. – Once again, just saying, this probably works
better for most people, but we’re failures when it
comes to DIY arts and crafts. Except for making regular slime sometimes. – Okay, so now you’re
supposed to wait ten minutes for it to jellify. – Okay, we’ll be back in
ten minutes and clean up the top part of our containers. – Yes. – Okay you guys. So we let them sit and
we cleaned the top off, and now we’re going to add
in our little Jelli Palz. I’m super excited. In addition to our Jelli Palz, we also have grabbed some
extra things to add in. Look how pretty this flower is. I guess it’s not a flower. We took this from our real aquarium. – Yeah, we took this from
our fish tank downstairs. – I’m adding the fruity pebbles thing. Oh no, face down. – I’m adding in the plant first. – And then you stick in with the stick. – I know I’m like… Carefully. Carefully. Okay I don’t know what you did to yours, but mine’s looking good. – I know, I like yours. Mine’s looking good,
too, it just needs to, I feel like, guys, it’s me. It’s not the product, it’s me. Anything I touch, literally I ruin. – I feel like, look, that’s cute. It’s actually surprisingly not that hard to get the items in there. I thought it’d be harder, but it’s easy. – Says the girl who’s
still working on hers. – Except for Audrey. We don’t know what
happened to her aquarium. – I’m just not DIY skilled. I used to make DIY videos on this channel. – That was a fun time. – I did it. One small step for mankind. We’ve got our first one at the bottom. Now to get 365 more. (laughing) – Here goes the mermaid. What’s her name? Katrina. – That was fast. – Oh man. Oh she’s cute. Look at that. She’s cute. – Aw. – You can actually see
her face really clear. – Meanwhile, I’m on the third pebble. – Third pebble? Oh, Katrina. Sit down, make yourself comfortable. – Comment down below if
your name is Katrina. – If it is, we’re bestie-friends. (laughing) – What’s this other mermaid’s name? – Sally. – I was gonna say Suzanne. We’re gonna put this little rad pineapple. I almost said strawberry but
it’s Chad the Rad Pineapple. He’s going towards the front because he is the center of
attention and he’s a queen. – He’s a queen? – He’s a queen. – All right, so we’re gonna
finish decorating these and come back and you guys can vote which one you like better. We’re back. – Yay, we’re finished with
our little Jelli Worldz. – So cute. Okay, so this is what mine looks like. ♪ Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh ♪ – I actually think this would
be super cute in a bathroom or in your room on your nightstand. – And that’s mine, ta-da. So there you can see that’s
Chad the Rad Pineapple and Mr. Smiley Face. – All right, so comment down below. Whose do you like more? Space or– – Mermaid Land? – Woo! All right, so now we have
our good quality ones we need to try to recreate the same blindfolded and tiny hands. – I call tiny hands. – All right, so we have
decided by consecutive vote, AKA Jordan, (laughter) that she’s gonna have the tiny hands, and I’m gonna be blindfolded. Okay, so here’s your tiny hands, Jordie. – Yes. – I’m gonna keep my eyes closed because blindfolds ruin your face. Seriously, they take off
all your makeup, and– – Audrey has to be
places after this video. – I’ve got things to do. So I’m gonna be like eee the whole time. I won’t be cheating and you guys will know because it’ll probably not look the best. – You’ll be able to see
if Audrey’s going… Or not. – Okay, go. – And we’re back. – Woo! – The next day because
we had some things we had to do real quick. Another video actually. But guys, look what happened overnight. – Yeah, serious. – They look so much better. – Look at that. Basically, all the little jelly bits that didn’t fully dissolve in and most of the air
bubbles actually came out. I bet if you left this
for another two days all the air bubbles would be gone. – Yeah, all the chunky
stuff that we were trying to crush at the beginning,
they’re all gone. You can see all my people perfectly. – I think they would have been gone if we had done it properly ’cause we were just sticking our hands in and trying to crush them with our hands. – I think the tip here is
to let your Jelli Worldz sit for awhile and it looks
super cool at the end. – They’re so cute. – Everything just has to settle in. So now we have to recreate this blindfolded and tiny hands.
– Oh no. This is gonna be so difficult but so cute. – So I’ve got my Jelli Worldz unicorn. – And I’ve got Jelli Worldz dinosaur. – So I’m gonna be blindfolded,
you’re gonna have tiny hands. You ready? – Yep. – Three, two, one, go. – Okay, oh no. – I kinda forgot how to do this. So I’m gonna try to
remember from yesterday. Okay, I think these
are little Jelli people and here’s the tank so
I’ll open this one first. – Oh my, these tiny hands make it impossible to get things out. – You’re the one that said
you wanted the tiny hands. – Oh my. Got it, okay. These charms are so cute. They’re the little dinosaurs. – I wish I could look at my charms. (Jordan screaming) Where’s my stuff? I just hear you struggling
so much over there. – Yeah, mine’s a struggle. I can’t get the aquarium out. – Aww, it’s huge. Is this the unicorn? – No, that’s the dragon. – There’s a dragon? – Yeah. – What? Okay. I think this is the tail. Is this the fire? (Jordan screaming) So I have like a fantasy box. Okay, I’m gonna start
by pouring the water in. I hope I make it in the container. – Got it, finally! Oh my. – Okay, here it is. – Oh no. – Am I doing it? – You’re actually doing really good. (Audrey screaming) That’s perfect. – Ta-da. I’m gonna dye the water first, because then I feel
like it spreads evenly. – I’m gonna do the same thing. – I’m smart. – Except instead of pouring the water into the little container first, I’m gonna mix everything
in the original container that we have our water in. – Oh I should have done that. – Oh no. You gotta improvise
when you got tiny hands. – Okay, I think mine’s all in there. Right? – Why is this so difficult? – Ta-da! – Hey, yeah. (laughs) You got an extra charm in there, too. – I did? I put a charm in there? – Charm.
– The cap? – Oh, it’s the cap? Well, where’s the cap? – There’s another bag I
have to open, you guys. – I’m gonna stick the powder in now. – Honestly, I’m just
gonna go in with my teeth. – Here we go. Is it going in? – I can’t… Uh-uh.
– I don’t hear anything. – It’s kind of. – Oh my gosh. – Can you open this for me, Audrey? – Wait, am I getting this everywhere? – No, it’s just that– – Is it all in?
– Oh no. There’s a lot of clumpies on
the edge of the package now because you kinda dipped the
entire package in the water. (Audrey groans) – Can you open this for me, sister? – Not right now, I’m busy.
– Right here. I can’t open it by myself. Can you open this? Thank you. Thank you. There was no way I was
gonna get that open before. – Okay, I’m gonna stir mine. Where’s the stirrer? – Oh my. This is so difficult.
– Right here. – I’m getting it. Improvise new ways. – What are you doing? – Using my chin. – What? – Oh no, ‘m gonna drop it. It’s goin’ in.
– Don’t drop it. Don’t drop it, don’t drop it. – Oh now I squirted it everywhere. – Okay, I think I just have
to wait for mine to be ready ’cause it’s not doing
anything right now, so. – I’m trying to pour in
the Jelli World Powder. I mean, the Jelli Powder into my water. This is extremely difficult. Oh my, it’s in the water. – Oh no. Wait, isn’t that where
it’s supposed to be though? – No, the entire package is in the water. – Oh. I think that’s what happened to mine because it started clumping at the edges and I had to try to squish it off. – You know, I don’t need the stir-y stick ’cause I’m not gonna be
able to grip that, so– – Just use your hands. – Yeah, I’m just goin’ in with my hands. – That works. – Hey. I feel like this one is
actually mixing a lot better than our first trial. – Yeah, mine mixed a lot better, too, but I feel like it didn’t react as fast. Maybe ’cause the temperature
of the water changed? – Yeah, this water’s a bit colder. – It’s colder but it’s supposed
to be at room temperature and our mom said it’s at room temperature but if I got in a swimming pool with this temperature I’d be freezing. (chuckling) So I’m just gonna wait
for mine to transform. – Ew, you can see it clumping on the hand. Can you see that? You can see the jelliness forming. It’s cool. – What’s cool about these is that you can’t make a
huge mess, ’cause watch this. Bloop!
– Bloop! It’s all jellified. – Yeah. – It’s so cute. I don’t know how I’m gonna do this. Audrey would you like to do it for me? – Uh… What am I supposed to do?
– Help support the bottom. No, move over towards my side a bit more. Support the bottom of this
container that I’m moving. – What am I doing? – I’m trying to guide you. – Wait what am I doing? – Pouring it into the– – No! – We’ve got to. Ah my. The container’s overflowing here. Pour it all the way. Oh man, pour it more. – Feels like you have nothing. – Yes, it’s going. It’s working, whoa. Okay, all the jelly’s at the bottom. I’m stirring that again. – Okay, you guys. Nothing was happening so our mom decided to microwave it for us. And it’s jellified now. So if your water’s not warm enough, just stick it in the microwave with your parents’ supervision
and, yeah, it’s jelly. So I think we start
adding our decorations. – And I just wanna make a note
of look how clear mine is. – Yeah. – There’s literally nothing. No little clumpies. This is just so clear and magical. – So I suggest putting in the dye first so it spreads around. – And then mixing it, yeah. – Unless you want ombre effect because then the top if you put the dye in after the top will be more dark than the bottom. – True. – I don’t know. On a personal preference. – Personal preference. – So I’m gonna put the little
beads again at the bottom ’cause I think they’re really cute. – I’m gonna just try to get
the charms in, honestly, because this is going
to be a struggle for me ’cause my hands, although they’re tiny, they’re kind of big for this aquarium. So I’m gonna go with the
T-Rex on the skateboard first. Oh man. This is gonna be a struggle, ’cause it’s gonna make
a lot of air bubbles, but it’ll be fine. – I don’t think I can stick
my thingies down in here. It was so perfect before. (lighthearted music) – Friend, are they mostly down? – No. – Are you kidding me? Do I have any of them on the ground? – Yeah, you have a few. Here is my aquarium so far. Woo! Now I need to add in extra decor, which I’m gonna go with pebbles. (pebbles dropping on the table) Oh, I missed. – Okay, I think mine are all
pretty much on the ground. So next I’m gonna add in my charms. Did you like that song? – I loved it. – Okay, I think this is the unicorn so I’m gonna stick him right here. (lighthearted music) – The cloud is my favorite. – Okay, I think I’m done– – Oh, the cloud’s upside down. – No! Okay, where is it?
– He’s cute. Just leave him like that. – No. – Leave him. – I turned him. – Well, that works. – Okay, so where’s my cap? I’m done. Should we reveal it to each other? – No, I can’t get my cap on. You know, I’m just gonna
put it on that way. That way works. All right, I’m ready. – Three, two, one, go. – Ta-da! – Yours is so, whoa, wait, is that? What is, is that a pearl? – That’s like a little bead. That’s the one bead that
actually made it in. – Oh, I love the cap.
– Here’s mine. Yes, the cap, I couldn’t
get it on properly. And the background story is
that these four dinosaurs are best buddies and
they’re playing a game of catch the orb in the middle. – Cool. – So they’re all racing to
get that orb in the middle. (Audrey gasps) – And it’s by… – Orb! Did you do that on purpose? – No, I just realized. – Wow. And here’s mine. (laughing) – Yours is kinda cool. It just needs the pebbles
moved to the bottom and then it’s good. – Yeah, so mine, the
pebbles haven’t really moved to the bottom yet because I couldn’t see. I feel like they all were at the bottom, but apparently not. Which one do you like more of yours? – I like the first one I did. The mermaids.
– Me too. – Just because I could see. And I was able to make it, it’s just really clear and
the mermaids look so cute. Just everything about it. It’s my favorite. – Yeah, I like the astronaut one, but… – And it’s more detailed. – Yeah, I like both of them. So, comment down below
who did better this round? Jordan with the tiny hands,
or me with the blindfold? It’s a hard one but I think
you kinda did it better, because you had your sight.
– Yeah, I could see where everything was going. – But you had the tiny hands. Thank you guys so much for watching. Remember to like, subscribe, and share. And– – Hit the bell! – And we’ll see you guys next time. Bye!
– Bye!

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