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Every life. Okay. Awesome So guys welcome to today’s webinar where we’re gonna be talking about how to create your own wildly profitable six-figure business online now We’re using multiple cameras today. So let me know if the audio and visual is working Alright, if you guys can hear me just put it in the comments Say yes in the comments if everything’s working. Alright, and Yeah, just put yes jo-lynn People saying yes Awesome good cool. So So come over here. So I’m working with my my assistant is Joe Lynn is actually going to be Giving you guys giving me all the questions today now So my goal for you today is by the end of this webinar to have everything you need To go start a marketing business and start earning hands off commissions Starting immediately and this is doing it with that even if you’ve never you know recommended or marketed products online before you have no technical skills and Without being you know in congruent with yourself, like pushing slimy or salesy online, you know anything that would offend, you know people with marketing wise now I Want to make clear this training is the real deal I’m not sure if you have seen me on you know Where you found out about me, if you’ve seen me on TV or if you’ve seen me and you know The news magazines or you know, just online on YouTube or Facebook? but if you’ve done any research on me, you’ll know that I’m the real deal and you know, I’m respected by some of the top internet marketers and I know my stuff so You’re getting you’re getting the best information here that you possibly can and I’m gonna be showing you the exact Strategies that I’ve used to grow my own marketing business to doing where the point where it’s done over 3.9 million dollars in just four years so in today’s webinar, we’re going to cover a few things so Number one is we’re gonna cover. Why marketing is the best place to start right now as an entrepreneur Number two is we’re going to go over the only three things that you need To make six figures or even seven figures per year as I am as an internet marketer Excuse-me knows where We’re gonna go over I guess Drink drinking a little beer. I’m having some fun in Vegas. What can you blame me? We’re gonna go over how to pick a niche and you know create your first Commission’s today. Now a lot of people have problems choosing where they start and we’re gonna totally Obliterate that you no excuse to not starting your online business and we’re gonna figure out your niche in today’s webinar that’s that’s why he needs your notebook and It’s gonna be congruent with you and it’s gonna be something that you’re gonna make a lot be able to make a lot of money with and stick with We’re gonna go over how to get your first few consistent campaigns quickly. And this is my favorite part about things because my Having a hands-off income is the power of internet marketing is compared to any other area in In you know any of the area of business you know stocks or real estate because having the hand ability that be hands-off allows you to be wherever You want in in in the world and to be able to be wherever you want? Location freedom and also have freedom of time I don’t, you know unlike you know, I have stock trader buddies They have to wake up at a little alarm clock each day. That fucking sucks so The hands-off part is my favorite I’m going to show you how to determine what’s worthwhile to market and you know the math to making a hundred thousand dollars a year Marketing things online and at the very end we’re gonna have a live question and answer session So throughout the webinar, please feel free to type in your questions. My assistant. Jolin is jotting everything down and she’s gonna select the best questions at the very end of the webinar to uh, To you know to send to me and I’ll answer anything questions you guys have So if you and again if you stick with me to the end of the webinar I’m gonna give you guys a pleasent So I’m gonna give you guys all the slides to download all of the templates and the swipe files I’ve used throughout this webinar and these are you know Very costly things it took me a lot of time to put together and they’re gonna help you out a lot so if that all sounds good type in yes, and We will start going So who this webinar is for now this webinar is for Anybody you know anybody who’s you know, starting out as an entrepreneur and looking to make their you know, you know They want to make a big income online and they want the best possible path to earning just having their online business and This is also for you know, entrepreneurs with existing businesses who want to supplement their incomes You know people who are already doing will already run an internet business or you know who are affiliate marketers and they want to learn how to make more money and This is also and this is also for employees that are looking to quit their nine-to-five jobs and start a business of their own and You know, that’s that’s really important. I have a really, you know, soft spot in my heart You know for people who are in the corporate world And I really geared this program around people who want to quit their jobs for good Because I came from the corporate world and I worked a nine-to-five job and absolutely hated my life Hated waking up each day Hated being living in in the city that I lived in you know, I loved the freedom that internet businesses afford you so this is for you now a Few house rules today. I want to make clear. This is not a get. Rich easy You know system that I’m going over this is this takes hard work This is also not a do-nothing But you know, here’s a magic button or a glitch or a loophole or or you know some some sort of trick there You know this this is this is riu know this business take real skills. It takes real work It’s a real business and it makes people real money So, you know, it’s it’s it’s a very legitimate thing And also I have to say this, you know but neither mine results nor my students results are typical the people you’re gonna hear about are hardworking and You know they put in the effort So again, nothing works unless you go out and apply it so nothing works unless you do so We are experiencing one of the most perfect transitions in the history of the world right now, so The job market is changing So right now over 53 million Americans are doing freelance work and that’s about a third of the US workforce Now Forbes estimates. This is going to increase from 1/3 34 percent to 50 percent Before 2020 which is in just three years. Now. What does this mean? You know this means full-time jobs are becoming rarer and harder to find and harder to keep and Marketing jobs are becoming much easier to get and more popular Now the marketing opportunity is massive Whereas jobs are going away, you know marketing is increasing, you know Right now Forbes estimates the marketing industry to be 189 million billion Sorry billion dollars a year, and it’s predicted to grow 78 percent by 2022 336 billion dollars now The Internet has broken down all of the traditional walls of marketing Anybody can start a marketing business working from home or with just a laptop and the cell phone? Now we can reach literally anybody through channels such as Facebook YouTube Google For nothing. It doesn’t cost anything to use these platforms and modern day technology means that we can run a seven-figure business from home without any staff or any expensive overhead and I run I got my business to the point Rose doing seven figures a year without any employees and all all you to know is you know, what systems and software to use To get things to that right level and have the skills to make it happen So I’m gonna go into a quick story right now. So You may not know much about me. But you know, I’m marketer from Santa Monica, California, and I you know I recently moved and I now live in like semi rural Ojai, California which is a town about an hour to north of LA and Beautiful town of 8,000 people really beautiful and pristine now I grew my marketing business from nothing to almost five hundred thousand dollars a month in less than three years time Now this is where I used to work. This is what I call my cubicle cell I used to work in a corporate job a corporate nine-to-five and You know it I thought working in a cubicle was hell and it was awful and you know I quit my job, and I tried you know I moved here. This was this was my office. And this was my apartment where I worked trying to get freelance Freelance clients and do freelance marketing for people now it may not look like it but that couch is actually my bed and That little table you see there is where I worked each day. So and I lived I lived with a drug-addicted on’t know what he was on but you know I was doing it to save on rent and it was awful now I Mean that so this picture the slide right now, you know, that’s me That’s me. So, that’s me without a beard That’s me when I was working the corporate life and I I hated who I was back then I hated my job I hated my boss. I hated waking up each day to do work that I didn’t enjoy it and fulfill me and The old me, you know had two failed companies You know a tutoring business and an info product business, I’d been trying and failing I the old me, you know You know finally quit his job and you know was living trying to do this freelance living in the spare room of drug addict To save money the old me had spent all of the money he had and more Trying to get his businesses working and the old me had his family and friends constantly nagging Me to get a job, you know saying I needed to get a job You know and and give up on this this this freaking dream of of working for myself and having freedom give up on your dream of freedom is just the most Ridiculous thing because what we’re doing at the day, I don’t mean to go on a rant but what we’re doing at the day end of the day by starting our own business is creating freedom for ourselves and somebody saying that you should get a job is basically saying that you should give up on your freedom on your ability to obtain freedom and I saw that as a mark, you know I said I’m I said base. I said fuck you. I’m doing this now This is what happened when I started my own marketing business now out of this Couch I was working on 2012 I did $100,000 in 2013 I did for hunt almost half a million dollars in 2014. I almost doubled that to doing about 900 I remember exactly the number nine hundred and fifty four thousand dollars in 2015 I did 2.9 million dollars and in 2016 I did three point nine million dollars and my life has changed so Dramatically from the point where you I was when this picture was taken now I’m sure and and and maybe you’ve read about it or heard about it recently I you know, I’ve been featured in you know on the news on Fox on CBS. I’ve been featured in magazines such as Forbes You know who covered my story who said I was going in Inspiration to other people trying to create their own businesses out there. This is me Doing the biggest bungee jump in the world. I love extreme sports So this is me in New Zealand at the Navis bungee jump the biggest one in the world. It was amazing here’s me with a bunch of us students of mine and friends of mine in Morocco and We’re just all eating a big traditional Moroccan dinner of tagines. He was me visiting the pyramids in Egypt Just amazing. That’s the Sphinx. You know, I never It was almost hard for me to believe at certain points that I’d be able to do this stuff And and and in the last few years, you know, here’s I I met my wife that’s that’s her She’s pregnant with our child and you know, this is this is actually you know, I sorry I cheer up because this is this is very you know recent we just I just had my first child and this is baby Lilly and she’s she’s three weeks old and she’s absolutely beautiful and she’s the love of my life and you know, I I You know, I I still travel sometimes but I miss her so much when I travel So, you know I and what’s great is I you know, I work I work from home I can bring my family anywhere I want and it’s fantastic so, um you know my wife’s at home right now for family obligations though, so This is the and and also we we got our dream homes so this is this is uh This is our dream home that we we bought or we just put money down on in Ojai And it’s absolutely beautiful. These are oak trees. This is the pool right here, and this is from my front porch This is the sunset over the saddle mountain it reflects off the mountain and it looks red and it’s just amazing and you know, I personally feel like I have climbed to the top of my Mountain where Everything the old me would have wanted, you know I have I’ve accomplished and it’s been absolutely I feel so fortunate to have been able to do this now in just four years time I’ve been able to go from this, you know to this and You know I want I want you to Imagine for a second. I want you to do a little exercise but but sitting in your chair look around look around do a 360 if you’re in a swivel chair, but around and a Matt, you know and and and smell What do you smell crinkle your toes? Feel what you feel in your toes? What are you hearing? um, you know, soso you right now and Now is the time to close your eyes so close your eyes and imagine yourself four years in the future Where can you be? What does it look like? What do you smell? What do you taste what is on your feet? Is it a is it a shoe? Is it a is the sock is it is it a flip-flop is it’s and is it dirt? What is it? You know, where are you? Are you on hammock in a pool in a couch with your family? What is it? Now I want to make clear that It’s all possible and and what’s happened and what can happen to you is, you know, this hasn’t been just my results I’m not here to talk about myself, you know, here’s Carlos Valiente He went from working a job making thirty five hundred dollars a month to making twenty five thousand dollars a month And I’m sure he’ll be at fifty thousand dollars or more per month in no time flat. That’s his that’s his girlfriend he reconnected with and flew out to Europe after During a European vacation after he started doing better for himself financially. Here’s Louise Nakamoto really cool kid also lives around in Los Angeles lives in Los Angeles, California Peruvian Japanese kid he went from making 40,000 a year working for a Working for a nutrition company to making forty five thousand dollars a month using my systems on his own and I’m sure this kid is so You know is a hustler and I’m sure he’ll be doing seven figures a year in no time flat Here’s Tyler Ellison. He made one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in commissions ninety days and he lives in Brazil and he’s he’s a pastor at his local church and You know, he’s been able to give back a lot to his local church in Brazil And you know his his uh, his wife actually, you know, there’s a weird problem to have but made him stop, you know, stop Stop making more money because she thought it was greedy and she didn’t understand it And and she just she said he should he should just be giving back a long story. And here’s here’s another guy Ray Duke he’s he was a freelancer and He was able, you know, he was writing, you know he did writing for content for clients on a freelance basis and After going through my training and learning about how he could you know, do do writing for you know Create his own internet business and make money doing it He wrote a sales letter that made over five million dollars and started traveling the world here here Here’s a picture. He sent me from the Netherlands and a last person is you know, this is this is a John Walton and you know He owns a trailer park and and hundreds of other people have done this as well You know my this week I get testimonials every single week of Positive results and that makes me so excited So why marketing? Now now I like to summarize this, you know, why to create a marketing business. So one day John Lennon’s wife was Looking at their yard and she mentioned she wanted a swimming pool and John said, okay Let’s let’s get one now when John’s wife responded, she said you know, how are we gonna do that? And John Lennon said I’ll just write us, you know, I’ll write us one, you know, I’ll write a song for one and you know, the moral of this story is you know, just like John Lennon could write a song and Make enough money to buy his wife a swimming pool You can have that for marketing, you know, you can have marketing as your way to get anything you want in life. So You know, imagine having that power to just say I will You know, I want a swimming pool and you can manifest it just by doing a song or a marketing or something you know recommending a product or something like that now where others obtain things through a lifetime of savings and You know just being frugal you can obtain everything you want in life by just writing a few good marketing pieces just Recommending a few products to people online and you can finally stop worrying about where your next paycheck is coming from or if you’re even gonna get one at all now You know So what so again? Why why internet marketing? It’s Amazing because you can start immediately with just a laptop and a cell phone You have you know with mark internet marketing, there’s no need to you know, spend years building prototyping and building a product and dealing with Manufacturing or you know building up goodwill and you know word-of-mouth, you know creating a network you know networking with people and all that, you know jazz that most traditional businesses take There’s high profit margins and there’s tons of cash flow from day one in this business. It’s super high Super positive cash flow business and it’s also a massive confidence booster so You know and you can get started with your own marketing business right now using the skills you already have You can work and this is my favorite part You can work from anywhere in the world on your own time and have freedom You know true freedom is not waking up to a freaking alarm clock because you have to buy a stock or look at a house true freedom is Being able to be anywhere in the world you want to be and I think that’s amazing You know This is also a business You can put your name behind and be very proud of I’m very proud to talk to anybody about my internet business not everybody Understands it yet, but that’s what this webinar is about now you might be asking what if what if you’re not cut out for marketing now here are some misconceptions that people have about Marketing is to be a good marketer you need, you know, you need a college the college degree and you know, lots of quote unquote Experience and that’s complete hogwash. You know, it’s it makes you know you you you don’t need anything You know, I don’t have a college degree and when I started I didn’t have a lot of experience And other people say to be a marketer you need an office, you know, you maybe you need you know Have your own marketing business you need an office or maybe you need out sourced employees not you know You don’t need anything. I started with nothing Also, you know some people will say, you know, you need you know to do do marketing you need to know program and you need to have technical skills and If you know you don’t need any programming you can create your business Completely with everything you have right now If you know how to turn on a cell phone if you know how to turn on a computer you’re gonna be able to do marketing and You know, some people say marketing requires you to spend lots of money on software and paid advertising and you know the systems I teach don’t require to spend any money whatsoever on software or paid advertising and It’s completely free and marketing doesn’t require any of that stuff. So, you know just to get rid of those misconceptions now Here here. Here are the only three things you need to have a 7-figure marketing business so This is where if you are watching, you know, you’re gonna want to take out Take out your notepad Take out your pen and start writing this down so You’re gonna want a niche, you know you a niche and an offer, you know, and these are related So you’re gonna want to choose your niche, whether you’re you know do it, you know, whether you’re you know Rec the products that you recommend to people so maybe you’re recommending, you know people, you know gambling sites Or maybe you’re recommending You know types of Mouse’s people can buy or computers or lamps or whatever you are Recommending to people you need to have a niche you work and specialists earn all the money number two is You need a marketing system to consistently generate visitors to your product recommendations If nobody can hear you, then you’re not going to be successful you are by the number of people you reach and I’m gonna go over all of this stuff how to do this in a second and the Third thing you need is a marketing is a funnel to take those people who are viewing your product recommendations and turn them into Sales and to prop, you know people that are purchasing products So first of all, you know, people say oh I pick a niche, you know, a lot of people say I have you know, I have a lot of things I’m interested in or I have a you know I have a lot of I have a lot of things I want to talk about and you know, I don’t I don’t want to Pigeonhole myself into a niche now to be clear Specialists earn all of the money they get all of their respect and they have the most fun So to use this example, it’s you know, the general practitioner doctor who earns $35 an hour versus the brain surgeon who earns 350 dollars an hour. Who would you rather be? Would you rather be a doctor that does everything you? Know in $35 an hour or get the brain surgeon who earns 10 times that amount for the same time You have to pick a niche be Focused in one specific thing. And so you can be one of the best of it now also your marketing is more powerful Conversations are more meaningful and it’s easier to create winning campaigns if you know exactly Who you are talking to don’t try to talk to everyone and It’s hard to be the best in the world at a range of things you know, I’m not gonna you know be the best home builder in the world, but it’s easy to Be the best at something very specific So we’ll go into this soon. Now, you need to define your mountain to climb to the top of it You need to set your goal. You need to pick your niche to be the best It’s but you need to make decisions and then you can get to the top and offend so So what is it? Like when when you become the king of your mountain or your niche, whatever that is? What’s great, is that marketing ideas come to you Instead of you having to chase tricks or loopholes or you know constantly trying to learn new things You know generalist market, you know never are no longer your competition because they don’t stand a chance, you know you know compared to the specialist companies will literally beg you to come work for them at any price you choose and You know, this is this has happened to me, you know This has happen to any other person who? Specializes and also you get to choose when you want to work and I love this because I’m one of the best in my field at a very specific niche, I’m You know, obviously I do whatever the heck I want and it’s you know, it’s kind of cool, you know, so So, let’s define your mountain right now Now what I want you to do. This is the part so during the next 15 minutes Don’t blink. I don’t want you to blink during the next 15 minutes now take out your notepad and take out your pen and Start open up to a new page and write this down. So draw three circles Now the first circle is people that you know, okay, these are types of people that you know So examples might be mothers or lawyers or you know, what types of people do you? Understand, okay might be video editors or it might be you know, you know, uh, Graphic designers or juice smoothie makers whatever that is write that down. Taxi drivers, etc Now in the second circle, this is where you talk about the market needs and desires So the people you know that you’re talking about What what do they? What do they need or what are they? What do they want? Maybe it’s to lose weight or maybe it’s to find a relationship that they’re truly happy with or maybe it’s That they want to learn how to play pool better or they want to learn how to you know perch you know Clean their horse better. Whatever. That is, write it down And then in the third box, we’re gonna pick a skill that you have. So what’s a skill you have is motivating people or it’s you know, it’s being you know, helping people make decisions or doing research for people or Whatever that is write down skills, you have woodworking, you know skiing etc Now When you know, this is basically we’re going to research the markets needs and desires so once you know the people and the skills you offer the next step is to look at the Problems pains and desires of the market so and to do this, you know what I do You know is I write a day in my prospects diary So if we’re talking about maybe your skill is motivating people and you’re the people that you know are mothers So write a day down, you know and and write you know in that in that diary You know, what? Does she think when she wakes up in the morning? What does she when she when she goes to take a shower? You know She looked maybe she looks in the mirror and she notices that she has a little flab around her belly from the post pregnancy Wait, you know what what type of you know, is she using makeup or not, you know, is she You know cooking food. Is there are there any problems with the food? Maybe she wants gluten-free cookies, but she they don’t have any gluten-free cookies in her town, you know, etc What are these little problems or pain points or desires that your target person? has and maybe this person is even you and You know to do this you need to you know, really really kind of sit down and write some of this down So this is an exercise. I like to complete researching my niche and you know so by basically What we are gonna do is we are selecting a niche what we have done With drawing these three circles is actually we have selected a niche We’ve discovered the pain points and desires of the market and we have learned about the niche so we can speak their language now So here’s how to You know define what you do and who you help as a marketer. So now we’re going to piece it all together here So this is the most thing so you have to write this write this down right now as I helped blank to blank by blank Okay Now I help blank to blank by blank Now what this is so we’ll fill this in and what this means is you’re gonna say I helped your this niche you know mother’s or lawyers or skiers whatever that is to Blank which is their problem So in the case of mothers, it might be lose post-pregnancy weight in the case of skiers. It might be ski better Or you know or or you know train their children how to ski or or it might be in the case of lawyers It might be get more clients or in the case of you know, people who work jobs, you know, maybe you know it could be help them get you know, better business result, you know create their own business and you say buy blank and that might be what marketing you do whether that’s motivate them or Research the best products in their niche or you know anything else. So here are some examples people of use You know, I help mothers lose post-pregnancy weight by posting motivational images on Facebook Another one is I help college students to learn how to start an internet business by reviewing the best and worst educational programs for internet businesses or another example might be I help lawyers to generate more leads for their business by sharing the best social media tactics Okay, so I help blank This is your niche the people you help to This is the problem or desire. This is the problem or pain point they have by This is what skill you have motivating or Researching whatever that is, okay Now I Want to give a quick recap of our sessions so far. So we’ve gone over Why right now is the perfect time to start your own marketing business? We talked about why having a marketing process is one of the most valuable assets you can have because it means you’ll never go hungry We discussed misconceptions people have about marketing and why you can start your own marketing business right now using the skills you already have and we also went over how to pick your ideal niche and we defined it what you do and Who you help? Okay, so we chose your niche we figured out how you’re going to do it and if you completed the exercise You know exactly how to go about it Now I’m gonna show you how now that we’ve decided on your niche I’m gonna show you how to get your first few big marketing commission checks, and you’re not gonna want to miss this again You know blink now because Over the next few minutes you’re gonna want to watch and make sure you take notes on Every step of what I’m about to go over Okay So what I’m about to share with you is the same strategy that my sis my students and me use to make massive Commission’s every single month and This is our process from start to finish So if you guys have been following me so far if you could make sure in the comments you type in. Yes Or all clear so if you guys are following and everything’s making sense just type in type in yes, or following or all clear in the comments area and Just so I know everybody’s on the same page because because this next section I’m about to move on to which is the process is Is is very very important. So jo-lynn What are people saying Good thumbs up Call awesome. So I’m gonna go over my process right now. Now. My process is very simple So we did the we did step number one Now step number one is pick a niche specialized number two is we’re gonna create a youtube video Number three is we’re going to review a product. That’s what our YouTube video is gonna be about We’re going to review a product whether you are reviewing the best note books are the best lamps. It doesn’t matter We’re going to review a product step number four is then after you review a product you recommend a Product you don’t have to recommend the best product Maybe you review this notebook and you hate it, you know, so you recommend a different product that you know will work for the customer step number five is we’re going to Paste a link we’re gonna give people a link they can click on in the description of the video or in the video itself If you know how to do that or just on your you know You know right there so in the description of the video and then step number six is you get the sale know So number one step number one is the niche now right now the number one way to make commissions for your marketing business is Amazon so Amazon has all of the products there and It has the best affiliate biggest and best affiliate marketing program in the world now There’s never been a easier time to find the perfect product to market because almost everything is hosted on Now, you know the best the best way that I you know really type of kind of select things is You know, I look up the keyword search volume in in, you know to figure out what product I actually you know I’m going to review I look up you know The search volume and I always look for the most important thing is I look for five thousand searches Per month, so I’ve tried to find a product as around that or maybe you add some things together But it needs to be around five thousand searches per month now here I did a search for vacuum cleaners just a simple household item and vacuum cleaners, you know if the Kirby vacuum cleaner gets searched about 5400 times so you can give or take five, you know A couple thousand doesn’t a couple hundred doesn’t really matter But as long as you have, you know, five thousand ten thousand, whatever that’s fine As long as it has at least five thousand searches a month Now so five thousand searches is a good place to start Kirby vacuum cleaners now about of that five thousand people about thirty three percent will actually click on your link and Visit your site Step number two is you create a YouTube video. So YouTube is the number one place to get traffic For your marketing business, everything’s moving to video, you know look, you know Hey, you know you’re looking at a video so The number one place is YouTube because everything is moving there and there’s never been an easier time to get High-quality traffic online and for so cheap, you know YouTube it’s free, you know You don’t have to pay anything and your videos are on YouTube. So You create the video and here’s an example of you know a video somebody shot, which is curvy Kirby a Valier That’s the type of their vacuum review. So they’re just reviewing a vacuum cleaner now step number three You know and again creating a video it shouldn’t take you more than 60 minutes. You know, I left my phone over there But basically you can just use your phone, you know to shoot a video That’s all you need. If you have a phone, you know, you can do this Step number three is you review up the product so you want to start by talking about the problem? You want to answer common questions people have about the product and then talk about the solution So, you know if the product is, you know, Kirby a Valier, you know look up you know Some people will post questions about it in Amazon and you want to answer those Then you want to talk about whether that product is a solution or not, but we’ll get into that But you want to shoot and upload these videos and it only takes minutes and you don’t need any tech skills to upload a video Literally just take out your phone Press play and then just press the YouTube button and it goes automatically now the amount of people that will view the product after seeing your video is Going to be about fifteen percent Okay, so about fifteen percent of those people that visit you that view your video will click on the product Okay Now here’s where it starts getting fun is the recommendation now You should recommend something that the person is thinking about buying So if you’re reviewing kirby a Valier vacuum cleaners you want to either recommend if you liked that vacuum cleaner you want to recommend people buy that vacuum cleaner or You want to recommend people buy another vacuum cleaner, but you want to recommend a vacuum cleaner if people are searching about vacuum cleaners Right. Does that does that make sense? Does that make sense to everybody? if somebody’s searching to buy a vacuum cleaner Recommend a vacuum cleaner Easy so and another thing is your recommendation can be based upon the product that you like most in the market or you could base your recommendation on the product that pays the most Commission’s it depends on how much money you want to make so You know, you can recommend the cheapest vacuum cleaner but you’re not going to make as many as much money or you could recommend the most expensive vacuum cleaner and you’ll make more money and You you know What I recommend is you always pick a product where you can make at least or about forty dollars commission for a sale. So again Key here is you want to make forty dollars? Roughly Commission, you know you could it could be twenty dollars It could be a hundred dollars, but you want to make something in that general range as a commission for each sale The next step is you provide a link so what we do is in the description of these videos we link we give our prospects of link you know URL if you’ve ever clicked gone to google you click on links and this is called an affiliate link and It’s a unique link that’s given to only you for a specific product and when people click on that link, that means that that person When they purchase the product you earn a commission So people who click on this link, you know Will these people will become commission checks for you and the rate at which people buy products? From our recommendations using you know, applying you know my system of doing this is roughly around 20 percent So here’s an example of getting an affiliate link From Amazon. Okay. So you go to Amazon and if you find a product you like here’s the Kirby a Valier vacuum cleaner All you do is see it says get link at the top see that you click that and Then you just copy the link You can right click and copy or you know Ctrl C. And you’ve got the link and you can put it in the your YouTube video for people to click on very easy So if you’ve been following me from start to finish and doing the math Basically, we start out with 5,000 searches. We spent 60 minutes doing this You know, we we after 33% of people visiting we moved to 1600 visitors 240 clicks if 20% of people purchase the product you know, as I said 20% of the people purchased that ends up being about $2,400 a month. So on average would get about 48 sales, okay? It’s about 1% of all of our searches are gonna turn into sales So let’s let’s just do the math real quick one product review $2,400 a month Now that’s $600 a week and that’s $100 a day Now, what would you pay to have a marketing campaign that generates you? $2,400 per month in marketing commissions What would you pay? You know, this is something you know now when you execute this correctly the end result is 5 10 20 even 20 new marketing campaigns every single month and Some of these campaigns will create Consistent income for you. Now. I want you to imagine it for yourself is every day you have new campaigns you set up new product recommendations you make and this is you growing your marketing business and finally being able to be financially and location free now Not a single day goes by where I don’t make ten thousand to fifteen thousand dollars per day And I get to keep all of it Now you basically have two options here So option number one is you go it alone. You spend hundreds of hours or thousands of hours and probably at least thousands of dollars figuring this stuff out on your own getting Frustrated and wasting three to ten years of your life Trying to make stuff happen for you option number two is You learn from a proven system That’s somebody who has not only done it. But from somebody who has actually mastered it and is the best in the world at it? So I’d like to introduce to you what I call internet jet-set and this is the training course I’ve put together and In this training course, I show you how to create a wildly profitable Six-figure marketing business and get your first revenue producing marketing campaign in just two weeks I’m also going to show you a to our social hack that will have you earning your first marketing commissions by tonight, even if If you if you go right now and apply it and it’s already night here. So, you know you see, you know If you’re gonna work hard you can make that happen Now you’re going to get access in this product. You’re gonna get accessed over 12 hours of recorded training to help shortcut your success You’re gonna get recorded videos. You’re gonna get templates You’re gonna get swipe files So that you can shortcut your success by years and get what’s working right now instead of just looking around for free information on the Internet You know and and fight, you know There’s there’s tens of thousands of hours of free videos and free blog posts and forum posts about this So, you know if you want to go through tens of thousands of hours of material feel free, but you know you’re not gonna find any shortcuts there and You know with this internet jet said you can log in and access the content anytime you like from anywhere in the world And here’s here’s what we cover in my program so module one is you get the minds I go over the Introduction I go over the so the social hack the to our social hack and I go over the mindset of the entrepreneur So how to have the correct mindset to kind of get out of what I call? You know wage slavery or you know set, you know wage being a wage prisoner or a salary slave You know module number two, I go over how to choose your niche and your offer and we did that exercise today But for anybody who had any questions about it I just hammer this in because the biggest thing that holds people back is really Choosing their niche and just being locked down rock solid in it. So I keep going on get make sure you’re solid on that Portion of things module number three and this is the best one Obviously, it’s your free traffic machine how to get free traffic from you know, the different places and then in module number four It’s a copywriting course Then you get jet set live, which is monthly webinar training with me And sometimes I’ll bring up do more webinars with my friends And then you also get a number of bonuses, which is really cool You get the entire Rich Jerk course Which was the course that my mentor? That I learned from that my mentor created and the retail value on that is almost two thousand bucks So in module number one, we’re gonna go over the entrepreneur mindset and You know, I’m gonna show you how to get approved for your first affiliate network or net network So I’m going to show you ten affiliate programs. You can join today no matter how little experience you have Sorry, excuse me. I’m just gonna burp you get the social hack to make money within two hours and also show you how to remove Shiny object syndrome and this this destroys most business owners before they become profitable because most business owners. They you know, or want to entrepreneurs is what I call them is they jump around from thing to thing and I’m gonna show you how to just Get rid of that destroyed. So it’s never a problem that affects you in business from here on out You just you’re on a straight line and you’re gonna make millet hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars I’m also gonna go over the top reasons people fail in this industry how to identify the red flags and stop them before they even happen to you and I’ll give you a 24 minute exercise that will force you to Overcome any of your limiting beliefs that have held you back from being successful with online marketing this exercises the single most powerful Exercise you will ever do in your life. I’ve been through it Six or seven times now and it’s it’s very emotional very hardcore But it’s it’s effective in module. Number two. I’m gonna be choosing your niche in your offer so obviously we already went through this but I’m gonna give you two more exercises that will really help you nail down your niche and I’m gonna show you the differences between you know to find the products that you recommend I’ll show you the difference between high and low Commission affiliate networks and also show you seven high commission affiliate networks five of which will actually pay you more than The product owners even make themselves and you know selling the product so they affiliates actually make more money In module number three, we’re gonna go over how to get free traffic from YouTube I’m also gonna show you how to get free traffic from Google’s search engine and I’m also gonna show you how to get viral traffic or free traffic from Facebook. So All of you know, everybody in the world almost everybody, you know uses you know some combination of YouTube Google and Facebook and all of these places have tons of free traffic and I’m gonna show you exactly how you get those people coming to your you know, viewing your product recommendations and Actually, you know, basically, you know, so you can make money I’m gonna show you how to write, you know You know video descriptions that sell people how to really use YouTube and Facebook and Google etc To really work the system in your favor In module number four, you’re gonna meet you’re gonna meet my buddy. Ronnie Sandlin. He is a he’s a wizard He’s a crazy fucking nutjob and he’s a copywriting guy and he’s gonna show you how to use you know How to write words and sell people he’s gonna show you how to use advertorials He’s gonna show you how you know examples of famous copywriters like Napoleon who you know he’ll go into that will show you how to hack people’s trust how to speak to the reptile brain inside every person and This is what a lot of people like the most actually is jet-set live So you get live webinars with me every single month. So you have access to me and ask me questions Have me go over your different You know campaigns or what have you and you’ll also get the opportunity to have me review your marketing materials your copywriting Etc. And you also get our entire archive of? all of the webinars I’ve done up until this date with every single question or hold up or Everything that’s held anybody else back. They’ve asked on the webinars and We’re good, you know you get access to that whole archive So, you know the chance to talk to me live people pay, you know People have offered me tens of thousands of dollars for but you’re gonna get that Included with this and you’re gonna get a whole archive a lot more material and you’re also gonna just all the most current and up-to-date stuff and You’re also going to get the you know some cool bonuses you’re gonna get the rich jerk 2.0 course from my mentor and these are all the strategies that made me successful and As you know having a mentor is a very powerful thing. So you’ll learn where I learned from You’ll learn about launch jacking which is a guide to seven-figure SEO strategies You’ll learn about you know, and and you’ll learn about launch jacking you’ll learn about A few other SEO methods and you’ll also get a free 30-minute strategy call with someone on my team as long as we have availability. So this is kind of a limited thing but so so this is not guaranteed but you should be able to get a 30-minute strategy call with someone on my team if you are some of you know, if you are the first basically hundred people to purchase and So here’s your timeline. Here’s what your timeline might look like is week one. We’re gonna work on getting your mindset, right? We’re gonna choose your niche whether that’s lamps notebooks, whatever and then we’re going to get your offers What are you recommending to people? What products are you gonna recommend to people? Week number two is we’re going to implement the systems from my free traffic machine Soho your you know, this is all about getting as many people to view your product Recommendations as possible because more people viewing your product recommendations And if you’re applying money systems for recommending these products the more people are gonna purchase the more sales you make the more Commission’s you make the more money you make and the more freedom you are gonna have and you’re gonna continue to do this through week six just Hammer more free traffic. That’s the name of the game in week seven We’re gonna you’re gonna start learning about launch jacking and on Authority review site techniques you know having your own website and you know, I call it creating the The traffic typhoon effect which is when you stack all these free traffic methods together You know having your YouTube channel, you have your your Google Blog you have your Facebook page, you know And maybe even other things as well but you start stacking these and you create a traffic typhoon and you start make you have multiple streams of income and week number eight is You know reinvesting your prop your profits into You know more education or into Advertising, you know, or you know, whatever that is, you know But continue to build your business so that you keep keep growing and get to the place you want to be Now we’re gonna achieve more in eight weeks Than most people do in ten years most people struggle and fail and jump around from thing to thing for ten years and It’s sad. So you’re also gonna get here a few extra goodies So, you know, I’m I’m continually trying to make this as good as possible for people. You’re gonna get a community forum You’re gonna get access to a private mastermind and a community of like-minded people Pursuing the same goals and doing this all over the world And get lifetime access to this you’re gonna get access to a private Facebook group So you’re gonna get a private Facebook group from members of this program so you can learn about the latest in developments in affiliate marketing Now one of the side notes is I’m actually throwing a party here tonight I’m out here for a conference in Las Vegas called Affiliate Summit and it’s a conference that happens every year and I’m throwing a big party in my suite so anybody who who was has become a member or a student of mine has been Invited so we’re gonna have a lot of people here later tonight just enjoying themselves having fun and You know loving life. So, you know, these are examples of things. We share in the private mastermind group that aren’t open to all people You’ll also get a chance you’ll also get a chance to team up with an accountability partner inside the forum to hold you accountable for getting results and You’ll get real-life examples of how all this is done So you can model off of what is currently working Instead of starting from scratch and just having to learn through trial and error which really sucks So let me summarize what you’re getting you’re getting the entire internet jet set 12-hour program It’s about two thousand dollars. I could easily sell that for You’re going to get lifetime access to in a community or mastermind of other people doing this which would be about a thousand dollar value You’re gonna get access to the Rich Jerk course, which is my mentors course. It doesn’t even sell anywhere anymore, but it retails for 2,000 bucks and you’re gonna get real-life examples of how all this is done so you can model off of what’s working, right? Now without having to start from scratch or learn from trial and error and you’re also gonna get a community of like-minded people people just help each other obviously and you’re gonna get regularly updated material So about every month we’re updating the material Now let’s do the math Okay You could spend three years of your life with failure waste trial and error you Could test hundreds of things to see what works and what doesn’t You could get demotivated by just failed marketing campaigns never making any sales going with people who have zero Reputation, you know and just never making any profits and you could waste just endless amounts of time researching Online because you you want to do it yourself, right? and you know you know just leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table every single month because you’re not applying my systems and Making things happen for yourself okay, you could try doing that and You know So here’s again in summary of what you’re gonna get so I could charge five thousand dollars for all of this and I have and People pay it, but I wanted to make this accessible I wanted to make this, you know, I thought of the younger the younger version of John, you know What could the younger version of me? afford, you know broke, you know, nothing and I wanted to make this accessible to everyone I Wanted to make this available to chip. I want to change as many people’s lives as possible as you already saw. Oh Man, I’m losing my voice so That sucks but as you already saw I’ve Been able to do every in my life that I’ve ever wanted to do, so I don’t need your money But I do need you to make a commitment you Know because all of the hosting everything costs money to upkeep so I’m what I’m doing today what I can do today and this is crazy is I’m gonna offer this whole course to you five thousand dollar value for forty seven dollars today and forty seven dollars a month thereafter for monthly student coaching’s Now I want to give you my action based money-back guarantee So if you do this program You will learn how to create your own marketing business If you do this program and take action and do not create your own marketing business I will give you immediate refund and I’ll let you to keep all of the course materials as my way of Apologizing for wasting your time and I stand behind this program 110 percent which is why I’m not afraid to make this bold guarantee so you know in summary Forty seven dollars, you know, so to get started go to John right now Go to John crostini comm backslash go So if you’re ready to change your life If you’re ready to take your life to the next level and start your own internet business today To have your niche to have your business that runs on autopilot Behind the scenes allowing you to do whatever you want John Kristine backslash go so do that right now Make sure you do this right now Because again, you know, the the calls are Limited, you know the strategy calls if you want a strategy call We are not going to be able to give strategy calls to everyone so if that’s something you’re interested in go right now John crostini comm backslash go and Join the jet-set today, so Again, I want to make clear. This is what you’re getting. You’re getting the internet jet set online program You’re getting live monthly coaching webinars with me I’m going to be sitting there teaching you guys you’re gonna get access to a community Mastermind you have a hundred percent money-back guarantee so there’s literally zero risk for you a hundred percent money-back guarantee and So, you know this will this has changed? hundreds and hundreds or thousands of people’s lives and It can change yours if you let it remember Believe in yourself and all things become possible So I want to share a quote from somebody who’s been a important, you know a figure you know or teacher of mine, which is The easiest thing I ever did was make a million dollars Again, I’ll repeat the easiest thing I’ve ever did done is make a million dollars The hardest thing I’ve ever done is believe it could happen to me Again the hardest thing I ever did was actually believe that that could happen to me You know I’ve been Through the shit. I have been through the muck I’ve you know living in in a shitty apartment with a drug addict Sleeping on a couch being completely broke Being completely ostracized by my family and friends who thought I was crazy Not having not having a girlfriend or or any sort of you know relationship action in months, you know because I’ve been pursuing some crazy dream of living, you know of being free of obtaining freedom for myself and Everybody’s against me so I’ve been through the muck But I’ve come out on the other side the hardest thing in those times when everybody was against me was Believing that it could happen to me now I’ve just made you in offer that no one in their right mind can be able to refuse For 47 dollars you get access not only to the my magnum opus my wealth of knowledge to help you create your own internet business, but you get access to Live monthly coaching’s that are gonna keep you on top of anything that you have questions about So get started right now you have a decision to make it’s I’ve made the price so Unbelievably low that the only decision you have to make right now is do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your self and if you do get started right now Now if you have any trouble purchasing go to support at Jean crostini comm for whatever reason if you have any Problems purchasing we will my support team will assist you if you have any questions now is the time to ask them I’m gonna get with you in a few minutes and Answer every single question So Give me the questions and I’m gonna sit down and answer all of them very soon. Okay, so let’s talk about results now Because I don’t think that anybody has created this level of success for themselves and others in this time frame I’m personal, you know, like look at my results personally. First of all, I started as a college dropout I didn’t mention this earlier, but I have no college degree and I was working out of my apartment in California within the first year of doing this I made 25 in the first when I was 25 I made But one hundred thousand dollars Within one year of doing this. I was making four hundred some thousand dollars And this was at age 26 when I started traveling and this is when I started traveling the world full-time Within two years of doing this I made nine hundred and fifty four thousand dollars. I’m just gonna put this here At age 27 and I was still traveling the world and I have visited so many countries. It’s amazing and my life is So fantastically rich because of these experiences that I’ve had in Just the world, you know, I’ve been to you know, Morocco. I’ve been to Brazil. I’ve been to Colombia I’ve been to Dubai have been to Belgium Netherlands Germany Austria, you know all over the world and It’s been you know fantastic within three years I was making 2.9 million dollars This is at age 28. This is when I actually ended up marrying my wife, which was awesome you know having a family is really just one of the things I’m that so grateful for and I’m I’m so grateful that I was you know I’ve been able to Live my life in a way where I can do anything I want with my wife, you know if she wants to work or if she doesn’t she she can do that. I’m you know, I’m You know, I’m so I’m so fortunate to have these things within four years. I was making 3.9 You know this this this year this last year 3.9 million dollars at age 29 and we moved to our dream home now. I Literally went from broke Corporate slave to traveling the world and living the dream Within four years I went from this cubicle, which I showed you in the first You know in the first bit of this to living in my dream home Within four years a transformation that most people believe would never be possible in an entire lifetime I’ve been able to do this before the age of 30 and Absolutely. Do you know just just amazing things and you I’ve created something that you can do it, too So within four years I’ve created multiple millionaires I’ve helped over a hundred people make six figures per year, and I’ve helped hundreds of people quit their nine-to-five jobs and start their own marketing business and As I said before, I’m having a party here later tonight which I Will film and I will show you you’ll get to meet some of my many hundreds of students who have quit their jobs and Who run their own affiliate marketing business and you’ll see you know If this doesn’t convince you how powerful this is So show me anybody else in this industry who has created this much success not only for themselves by applying the techniques they teach but also for their students and You know here here’s some here’s some testimonials from a few of my students so this is uh, you know, this this person says, you know, it’s like, you know, The transparency the fact that he holds nothing back. He lets it all. Hang loose It’s like riding shotgun with John looking over his shoulder step by step Here’s some testimonials from a few students of mine This is Bruce Carlson. He’s a he’s an educator He said he likes that I you know, everything is very defined. Here’s gourbin DeVries. Here’s Kent Sayer and he’s uh, he’s all he’s a millionaire affiliate marketer, but he’s made millions more applying my applying my techniques Here’s a here’s a recent student of mine Dominique hi You know, he just got his first sale. This is this is right after he joined the program Congratulations to him we are having so many people getting their first sales online using our program. It’s unbelievable Here’s some more students of mine. Here’s some more students of mine. Here’s Brian Pfeiffer, he’s actually a student I met up with recently in Vegas Here’s her nan somebody who another person who quit his job because of me Cetera et cetera and as you see, you know, I’ve I’m in some of the biggest news magazines in the world You know, here’s me in Business Insider. Here’s me in Forbes, you know, and I want to make it clear I don’t hide behind my computer either You know, I’m you know, everybody who make six figures with their marketing business It’s a personal invitation to come hang out with me in Santa Monica You know, which is close by to Ojai it’s down in LA but you know, or you can come up to Ojai but this is uh, this is this is a squad of Successful six earner and six-figure earning students that came to hang out with me for an event in LA all very successful people very exciting so If you’re ready to make a change in your life If you’ve sat through so at this point you’ve sat through over an hour of You know of this webinar of this training to learn how to be an affiliate marketer to learn how to start your own marketing business so you obviously Have the willingness and the passion to become an affiliate marketer if you’ve gotten to this point You owe it to yourself Press the Go button go get started right now there’s no other excuse what the only action you should do at this point is to Go to your web browser and type in John Kristin e-comm backslash go believe in your self Don’t watch There are two types of people in this world There are those who watch life happen to them and There that those who make life happen Don’t watch don’t you’ve sat in your chair too long and Watched life happen to you make things happen for yourself and take action now type in John Chris Donnie dot-com backslash go and get started today for only forty seven dollars and forty seven dollars every month thereafter For the monthly student coaching’s and if you aren’t interested If you don’t see the value of this Coaching’s after your free trial period you can cancel the monthly student coaching’s at any time With no problems whatsoever So again, this all comes with you know access to a community a mastermind and a hundred percent money-back guarantee now If you have any questions right now now is the time to ask your questions So I’m gonna open this up. I’ve gotten a number of questions and I know Dillon if you could just send them to my Messenger that’s a Skype. Yeah. Okay. Great so if you if you guys have any questions, make sure to type them in now and You know send them I’m gonna go through a few questions a few of the comment or questions right now and Answer any questions you guys have about the program. So So, how long have I been doing affiliate marketing I’ve mentioned this it’s four years. So I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for four years and But I want to make clear My four years was spent with great amounts of trial and error and I spent tens and tens of thousands hundreds of thousands In fact to get to the point where I am at now, so there’s no reason For you to have to do that as well Can you get the bonuses if you buy later no, you cannot get the bonuses if you buy later The bonus is you know, I’ve I’ve dropped You know a you you aren’t even Garant you and and you definitely aren’t even guaranteed the same price if you buy later So this forty seven dollars. It’s a ninety nine percent discount off of the retail price of this program. So I want to make clear You must purchase now if you want to get this price if you want to Get this price you have to purchase now if you want the bonuses you have to purchase now So if you if you do not want to have to pay five thousand dollars purchase now I’m trying to help as men people this year 2017 as freaking possible But I only want people who take action and invest in themselves if you’re not willing to Trust your gut if your gut tells you no then click off this webinar right now There’s no reason for you to be watching if you but my guess is if you’ve been watching for an hour or whatever you’ve been watching for your gut says yes, trust your gut and Go take action right now and invest in yourself, okay What if there’s not an offer for your niche Everything on Amazon can be sold as an affiliate. So if there’s if there’s not a product on Amazon that quote-unquote fits your niche I Don’t think you have a niche you Know my III if you can’t buy it on Amazon it probably is You know, I I don’t think anybody’s buying it. Sorry, okay What sort of support do I get great question deshaun? So the support you get is You you get you get access to 24 or not 24 hour but five day a week email support So we have email support we have great help desk with all of the common questions I’ve you know, I’ve been running this program for four, you know, I had I’ve been through beta test of this program so I’ve seen hundreds of questions and we have all we have answers for any possible thing that You could possibly have a question about and we’ve we’ve shot a lot of videos we’re constantly updating our material with new videos based on questions that You know my students have you know? my role as a teacher is to always make sure that my students are fully taken care of and have Every single chance to succeed as possible That’s my role in life right now. Three weeks ago. I had my Wife gave birth to our my first baby girl I’m in a point in my life right now where I am trying to pass Things on to the new generation. I’ve reached the pinnacle of my mountain and I’m trying to pay it forward I’m giving I’m giving love my love to my daughter now and I’m giving you know I’m giving my knowledge and information to you now, but if you aren’t willing to make that forty seven dollar investment in yourself then who is Okay, let’s let’s go forward new question Jillian, can you send me another question Thanks Yes, I live so the question is do I live in California and can we meet up Yes, I live in California. Oh, hi is in Southern, California? it’s close to central California, but I don’t I you know, I I said Anybody who? Takes my program and earn six figures can meet with me. So, you know takes my program applies the system and You know can meet with me. I’m I’m looking to meet with people just you are the summation of the five people you surround yourself with so surround yourself with people who take action and fulfill their dreams and to make things happen so that’s that’s one of the reasons why I love meeting my students who actually apply my my Trainings because those were the ones that become successful and I want to meet you. So yeah, we can definitely meet up you know just make sure you know take my system apply my teachings and you know, you know, hopefully I Really? Look forward to seeing you someday Of course is updated monthly Okay Am I teaching blackhat methods No, none of this blackhat as a term for saying things that are are in legal gray zones Nothing, I teach you know, everything I teach is you know, I mean that that’s that’s a horrible thing to say. I everything I teach is Is considered white hat first of all everything I teach abides by you know We’re not we’re not pulling one over on Google YouTube or Facebook. What we’re actually doing is working with Their systems. So, you know remember I said, this is not a glitch this is not a I’m not selling a glitch a loophole a Secret some some of that any of that mumbo-jumbo that it takes hard work. This is not a get. Rich easy thing This is not a magic button you press and take advantage of some glitch and money flows out of your computer This is this is a real business. This takes hard work this takes effort and You know if you have an hour a day You know, all you need is forty seven dollars and an hour a day nothing Nothing beyond that forty seven dollars a month and an hour a day and you that’s all you need to take advantage of this system You okay so I guess sup, you know Somebody’s having problems pain from Nigeria I Don’t know contact contact my support and maybe we can figure out an alternate payment method. Um my uh My bank probably just does not processing credit cards from my Giri ID, you know, there’s lots of scams down there Okay, somebody’s from Egypt is having they’re wondering they don’t have a bank account and So I live in Egypt and I don’t have a bank account. Can I still get paid as an affiliate marketer? Yes, you know, so they’re you know a lot I know lots of companies do checks or Western unions or what-have-you PayPal PayPal is very common a payment method for affiliate marketers, so The answer is yes What’s up, Ronnie? Okay. How is my daughter do it my dog? My my daughter’s doing fine? Cool I Keep so, okay do I so do do I just teach how to market a particular niche? No, I all the the the Techniques and tactics that I teach were in every single vertical So this is if you know Google Facebook YouTube all of this is free traffic methods So we’re we’re not even talking about ads here. So none of this involves advertising none of this involves paying for any expensive software and It works in every single niche, you know all products all of these products are bought, you know people find out about all of the products on Google, you know, Google YouTube Facebook, so That’s you know, they all work. You know, these are websites that people do research on for, you know blogs videos You know social media, so it all works So, you know If you still haven’t bought by this point listen I’ve spent over five hundred thousand dollars on my own training I’m a member of Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership I’ve been to I’ve been to dozens upon dozens of seminars around you know around the world I’ve Wasted over three million dollars on dumb Dumb ideas, I’ve hired and fired employees. I didn’t need I’ve launched hundreds if not thousands of marketing campaigns I’ve rented offices. I didn’t need I’ve chased shiny objects and business plans that You know for years and I left millions of dollars on the table. I’ve made horrible investments I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of business books I’ve a tent, you know, I’ve and I’ve burnt many years of my life Obsessively Working to figure this out. I’ve ruined relationships. I’ve lost countless friends I’ve lost numerous girlfriends and I’ve pissed off a lot of people Trying to figure all of this stuff out up excessively It’s not been fun I treat business like war in the last few years of my life The last five years of my life, I feel like I’ve been at war constantly to figure this out for You and Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that will change your life forever This cubicle I Would say is one of the lowest points in my life, I Dreaded hate waking up every single fucking day That I had to go to work at that goddamn job And I won’t, you know But sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever, so it’s your time now Let’s let’s just do this Just say yes Link is on the page John Chris Donnie comm backslash go. I Look forward to Seeing you someday truly and sincerely and I look forward to seeing You realize your full potential and hearing about your story someday soon. So if you haven’t made the decision I’ll let you make it and until we meet in the future We’ll see you next time

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