July Garden Tour and 500 Subscriber Celebration Giveaway!

Hello everyone and welcome to The Hippie Geeks! Did someone say giveaway? Watch until the end of the video to see what
we are doing to celebrate 500 subscribers! It’s been a little over a month since our
last garden walkthru and we wanted to update everyone on the progress. We are using the small coop again, as we have
four blue cochins living on this side of the yard and this is where they spend their evenings. You can also see the mugwort growing like
crazy, and the lemon balm in the background under the hives is also doing well. We grow medicinal cannabis on this side of
the yard, and it has been doing really well with all of the recent heat that we have had. After throwing four seperate swarms this spring,
the bees are doing amazing. We did a hive check in the afternoon and found
the queen! She looks amazing and has a fantastic laying
pattern, we have high hopes that they will be able to overwinter again this year. There is a pan of honey collected out of our
solar wax melter that we have set out for the bees to feed on. We have a nettle and fern in this small shaded
planter that the cochins love to hide in during the day, nestled into the cool dirt. Our wisteria is climbing the porch lie crazy,
though we didn’t get a lot of flowering this year. We have set up a half barrel to aerate water
and nutrients this year, and it allows us to PH adjust large amounts of water at a single
time. You can see our solar melter that we use to
get the beeswax out of old comb, and a bunch of strawberries, herbs and another cannibis
plant where our fire pit used to sit. The worms are still doing great, and we should
have another tub full of worm castings in the spring. Walking past the pool, trampoline, barbeque
and chicken coop is the rest of the garden. The cattle panel hoop house is doing great,
our sugar snap peas are climbing up one side and we have zuchinni growing on the other
side. Along the fence we have two beds full of carrots,
and there is the porch that we put onto the cabin last year. Along the far fence, behind the clothes line
there are two more beds full of tomatoes, bell peppers and pumpkins that Noah started
at school before it got out for the summer. Our pond is as wild as ever, providing some
much needed frog habitat, and next to that is the chicken / duck coop. Next to the hoop house is another large bed
full of tomatoes, and next to that is a smaller bed with milkweed and a small ceanothus. That’s just about everything, and we are really
thrilled with how it is all doing, especially on the cannabis side of the yard. It was a lot of work restructuring everything,
but I am glad that we did it. What about the giveaway I mentioned? Well, last week we rolled over 500 subscribers
and as we love celebrating milestones, we wanted to have another giveaway! This time we are offering up a handmade mug
from a local artist, that we picked up from the Eugene Saturday Market. We are also adding in a four ounce jar of
crystallized honey from our very own treatment free hive! Head on over to the Gleam link in the description,
and comment below to let us know what your favorite content on our channel has been. If this is your first time here on The Hippie
Geeks it would be wonderful to have you subscribe! This channel is all about creating a magical
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