JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Tutorial, Make Money On JVZoo

in this video you’ll find the jvzoo
affiliate marketing tutorial using the methods that I’m going to show you I’ve
generated over one hundred and forty five thousand dollars in commissions on
jvzoo and using these methods complete newbies have managed to generate their
first jvzoo affiliate commissions as well you can implement all of these
methods with zero upfront cost and no paid ads involved whatsoever my name is
Greg Kononenko you might also know me as the caffeinated blogger and anis channel
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tutorial let’s get into the details so we’re going to be talking about these
things today in these jvzoo affiliate marketing tutorial we’re going to cover
how to start making money on jvzoo as a newbie affiliate even if you have
zero current subscribers you have no online assets at all we’re going to go
through step by step how you can start making money there is no paid traffic
involved it will all be free traffic so I know there are a lot of tutorials on
YouTube and in other places that show you how to buy solo ads how to get
facebook ads and everything else but it is risky especially when you are new
when you’re just starting out to invest money in to pay traffic without actually
knowing that you’re able to make the money back so my tutorial is actually
going to show you how to do all of these without spending any money at all to get
started and also we’re going to learn how to actually find the products that
are the easiest and most profitable and then how to make money from all of this
so first of all I wanted to address a common question you might already be
familiar with jvzoo if you’re watching this video however you might be thinking
well is it actually even possible to make money is there any proof that this
works and I am a premium jvzoo I feel it I’m just here inside my jvzoo dashboard
on the refresh the amount of money so for today I’ve made $40 today so far I
mean the day is only just starting here but if I go into quick dates and I go
all time and I hit refresh you’ll be able to see my lifetime earnings on
jvzoo so I’ve made a total of 145 thousand
four hundred and eighteen dollars and six cents in jvzoo just to miss
Affiliate Network since I started promoting on jvzoo which was a few years
ago so jvzoo can definitely be a very very profitable platform now let’s get
into how we can actually do this so how will we get the traffic what’s the sort
of outline of this method I like to get a bird’s eye view a high-level view
first before I get into the details so in general what will happen is as soon
as one of the products on JV zoo opens for sale there will be a lot of people
that will be researching this product before they buy so let me give you an
example a recent product of ours that we launched was called Bloggie alright and
this is the sales page of the product and when people started getting emails
from affiliates and notifications from various places that this product has
gone live they started typing this into the search engine into google they
started saying bloody review they wanted to learn more information about our
product and as you can see for blog e there is a ton of reviews okay so people
are doing an exact thing that I’m actually going to show you guys how to
do they have created reviews of our product on YouTube there are video
reviews on Google there are websites that have published a review of our
product blogging and people love researching products before they buy
them you know if they get an email from someone saying hey this is a great
course go ahead and buy it it’s called blog e often what they will not do they
will not click on that link and buy it right there and then they will actually
go into Google and I’ll start researching the product to make sure
that it’s a good product before they buy it so that’s where you come in okay will
crew I will show you how to create a review of the products that are launched
on jvzoo that have not actually been launched yet and the reason for why
we’re going to be doing this is because there is currently zero competition for
this particular keyword or for this particular product search on jvzoo sorry
on Google so let me show you how this works so a good website to use would be this one here called
mantra so mu and CH e y-t-dot-com mantra calm this is a launch calendar of
various products and all of the jvzoo products that are kind of worth
considering to be promoting and considering for this strategy I listed
here on munch I so as you can see there are several launches on jvzoo every
single day so on the tenth you know there are several launches you need to
work at least 10 days in advance seven to ten days in advance
because it will take a little bit of time for you to prevail prepare the
review get your link approved and so on so we need to skip ahead to about the
17th or the 18th of December so let’s use this particular product as an
example it’s a product called V dads okay now if I take V dads and I type in
V dad’s review into Google you will actually see so I’m just going to enable
my Mo’s bar you will see that there is literally zero competition right now in
Google and the new tube for this term V dad’s review simply because it’s the
tenth the product is going live in a week and nobody has made reviews yet so
if if if you were to make a review today and publish it somewhere you would have
an extremely high chance of ranking your review here on the front page of Google
or on YouTube and we’ll get to that in a second you can do both if you can do on
YouTube and you can do it on your blog or on your website okay so there is
literally no competition if I have a look here the top ranking result is on a
domain Authority – which is basically nothing it doesn’t have any backlinks if
you’re a little bit new to all of this stuff like PA and DA what this means
essentially the thing that you need to understand for now is that all of these
websites they don’t have any authority and there is literally zero
addition right now so if you had if you make a review and if you post your
review you’ll have an extremely high chance of being one of the top ranking
reviews now what will happen is let me show you another review so traffic
rebirth is a product that will launched in January you will now see that there
are some reviews here so someone who is researching traffic rebirth that would
click on one of these results and they might read a review okay they might read
a review here and if they’re like what the review says and they think that this
product looks interesting they would click one of these buy buttons here and
this is each of these buy buttons is an affiliate link okay if they buy through
these person’s affiliate link this person will make an affiliate Commission
okay so let me just show you here there’s another example of a review so
there’s a Buy button here learn more about this product and these buy button
links via the affiliate link to the JV zoo sales page and if a person browsing
this review buys it then they feel it will get paid a commission okay now what
we will do it is like I said there is currently zero competition for this term
and we will get our aim is to intercept all of these researching traffic and get
them to buy through our link not through someone else’s name okay so the first
step that we need to do is to find the product to promote I already told you
about mine chai which is a great website to find the upcoming launches the next
thing that you will need to do if we were to promote this be dads would be to
open it up and open this thing here what’s called a JV page so V dad’s com
/jv so we’re gonna check out the JV information JV stands for joint venture
it’s basically a page for potential affiliates that want to promote this
launch now you can get all the information about this product on this
page but what you should do pretty much straight away if you’re considering
promoting this is to find a link somewhere that says request link or
affiliate link something like that you will
need to have a jvzoo account if you don’t have a jvzoo account here then you
need to go and register and then you will need to click this button here
request affiliate approval put in the notes in here that will explain that you
would like to promote this product that you’re going to promote this using one
of the methods that we’re going to be talking about in this video I’ll get to
that in just a second and click request the feel it approval okay
so you will need to request the link the next thing that you’ll need to do is to
contact the owner and ask for review access and ask to approve your link so
here is how to do that generally at the bottom of the page there will be contact
information so you can see there is Skype information and Facebook
information for the vendors who are launching this particular product so you
will need to contact ideally all three of them because one or two of them might
not reply and you need to contact every single person and send them a message on
skype add them on skype add them on Facebook and send them a message and
tell them that you’re going to promote through you’re going to make a review
you’re going to promote on YouTube you’re going to promote on medium.com
whatever your method is going to be and ask them to approve you this way they
will know that you’re a real person you’re a genuine affiliate you’re not
some kind of a scammer and you will have a high chance of getting accepted even
if you are a newbie affiliate okay so that will deal with finding the products
promote now what are the things to actually watch out for as you’re looking
for products to promote generally what you will want to do is you will want to
promote the launches that are blue so blue launches are from recognized I feel
it or frum recognized vendors I should say who’ve got a strong track history of
releasing products that convert very well okay so blue launches are always
worth promoting the other ones is as you’re considering them it’s a good idea
to do your research on the vendor so for example the ferris alarm a I just I know
him I know that he’s had a lot of launches before but one of the ways that
you might be able to find out whether he’s a reputable person is to click here
on vendor and see if he’s had previous listing on
my chai before so you can see that he’s actually been involved in several
launches before okay so this is a good sign
you can also research them online so type in things like theorists Allah may
launch and get an understanding of whether they’ve actually launched
products before or not and the third way to confirm that this is a launch worth
your time is to look at who the vendor is alright so here it says theorists and
then you would go into I feel let’s find products and then you will need to type
in this person’s name and see how many of Radiesse launches they had and how
those launches have actually performed I think it’s spelled with an H I’m not
sure yep okay so here nothing is actually coming up the launch could be
under a different person’s name so let’s just try the other person’s name there
are generally there may be want more than one person involved so there is
missing Morrison as well so let’s try Morrison okay so you can see that Misa
know maybe it’s my son I’m not entirely sure how to pronounce this missin
Morrison has had several launches that have done well they’ve sold into
thousands of units so that is a good indication that these product is
potentially worth your promotion so you need to do a little bit of due diligence
because last thing that you want to do is invest a lot of time and effort into
promoting a launch by person where this is their very first launch and they’re
not going to be able to generate the buzz so that people will not you know if
it’s a low bars launch then nobody’s going to be searching for that product
on Google okay so we’ve gone through all of the
steps here let’s just talk now about the three
methods how you can actually get the traffic to your product review and what
do you actually need to do so method number one will be super simple jvzoo
money method and that’s to create a review of an upcoming product on
medium.com the reason why this is completely newbie friendly is you don’t
even need your own website all you need to do is just to use a platform called
media calm and you would need to create a
review at the bonuses and deliver the bonuses inside jvzoo so let me show you
what I mean by that here is a good example
traffic revival is another product of mine that I launched earlier this year
if we type in traffic revival review into Google you’ll notice that there is
a website here called medium.com and often the reviews that are published
on medium.com will rank very highly in Google as you can see here it’s right at
the top of page one or in the middle of page one the reason why the ranks are
well is because medium.com actually has DEA which is domain Authority of 93 so
it’s an extremely reputable site with a high authority and pretty much any
review that’s published on medium.com has got a very high chance of ranking on
page 1 let’s see what a review looks like so this is a review it’s very short
ok it will take you several minutes to write this review you know maybe 10-15
minutes to write this review if someone buys this by clicking on one of these
links then if you’ve written this article if someone finds your review
clicks on this and buys through it you will make a commission from every
purchase this is extremely simple guys you know I just I can’t stress how
simple this actually is all you need to do is just to create a review of an
upcoming product add the bonuses and deliver the bonuses now this particular
review does not even offer any bonuses ok it’s just literally several sentences
about what the product is now if you wanted to add bonuses here is how you
would do this so just check out some of the Glen review is an excellent site to
model your reviews on they go into a good amount of detail and then they
generally publish the information about the bonuses ok so if you were to get it
through my link see it says he a special bonus my same exclusive bonuses so
essentially what they’re saying if you buy through my affiliate link then you
will also get these bonuses to deliver the bonuses to anyone who buys through
your affiliate link you can use this option inside jvzoo once you’re
approved for the product there will be an option here called add bonus and you
can add the bonus URL I usually use Google Docs to delay with the bonuses
anyone who buys through a link in the backend area once they’re accessing
their purchase then will be able to get your bonus through here so all you need
to do to deliver the bonus is to simply just insert the bonus URL and the bonus
name in here so very very quick and simple to do so let’s recap all you
would need to do is to Rick create a review of this product on medium.com to
get an idea of what a good review looks like look at some of the reviews on Glen
review.com website this is an excellent guideline for how to create reviews they
don’t need to be long like I said to publish something on medium.com
it just needs to be maybe 500 words longer so but Glen review will give you
an excellent example of what a very very good product review actually looks like
now let’s talk about method 2 the other thing that you can do is you can make
reviews on YouTube there are a lot of people that I know who’ve made six
figures or more by starting up with nothing in just creating reviews on
YouTube the reason why this works so well is because once again people just
like they do with Google they will often get onto YouTube and they will start
typing things like blog II review okay and you can see that there are a lot of
people that are looking for blog II review so here it says blog e reviews
this is an actual search term that people type in now if they do that
you’ll notice that there are lots and lots of review videos and many of them
have had hundreds and even thousands of views it’s just the video format so
instead of making a post you make a video explain everything there is to
explain about the product and include the bonus information and include the
link to purchase within your description here so here people are saying check out
my blog your review plus exclusive bonuses or often what will happen is you
can also just put in to buy it through my link click here to get all of the
bonuses etc etc etc so it’s a similar kind of idea but
instead of making posts you make a youtube video review this works
extremely well it’s often very easy to rank your review
in the top three or top five searches on YouTube so benefit is that you will also
be growing your audience on YouTube as well so if you are thinking of God get
growing a YouTube channel this could be for you if you are good on video or
you’re confident you like to be in front of the camera or maybe you prefer making
videos as opposed to writing text this could be for you this is something that
you can start implementing doesn’t cost you anything and you can start making
these reviews and making the Commission’s now method 3 will be for
you to publish a review on your own site okay
so method 1 we dealt with medium.com method 2 was YouTube’s method 3 is your
own review site so when I say your own review site what do I mean so your n
review site would be similar to what this Glenn review.com brand actually
does so they have a website that is pretty much completely dedicated to
making reviews of various products on jvzoo and on other networks now the
benefit of doing this is that you can grow this into a six-figure per year
income because you know it does require a website with some Authority so if
you’re completely brand new maybe this is not the best model for you guys but
if you do already possibly have a website or a blog with some Authority or
maybe you would like to start a website and grow at long-term you know grow it
into an asset perhaps you know a lot about blogging or a lot about building
websites this could be a great option for you because it does require you to
you know build backlinks and do various other things but with time you can
definitely grow this into very sizable asset there are many of these types of
review websites online that are just making so much money through ranking on
page 1 of Google for these review related terms ok and if you already
possibly have a blog in the online marketing niche maybe it’s not a review
specific blog but just by starting to do review posts on your site you can easily
add extra income to your site that’s it these are the three methods
that I recommend for everyone to start making their first affiliate
Commission’s on jvzoo if you enjoyed this tutorial and you’d like to get
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I’ll see you in the next video


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