Keep A Straight Face Challenge !🗿

yeah, first of all first first first
first first hello mother fucker I just got new i-20 X yes now I am going to
unbox it surprise motherfucker that kind of heard
me though cause it’s like why would you think that me
are you sorry to know me like you know I ain’t going for that you have two options option a is to stay
with your wife for the rest of your life option B BB B I choose B new bathroom a to do the forehead cuz I feel I can be
easier are you almost here at man up Sonia keep right there don’t move this is how
you never lose your baby it was at this moment Jackson knew he fucked up slap your white the black Bruce Lee three four five six seven let’s get it
together sweetie we had a show this weekend you look like Freddie Mercury
honey 1 billion dollars will you shoot those
bad boys dad you drink that many beers already yes yeah see this this is this is
alright please tell me I’m not crazy look seriously is anyone else seeing
this there’s a there’s a delay watch this do you see that like I just I I just saw myself what the
heck oh my god I make a wish what is george w bush’s
first name Isis slept off this bitch said Edmund what this pH scale for a bit
what kind of dumb shit Ari on America good good what do you do well I’m a
stay-at-home mom but I’m about that money
so I do sell drugs Bear Grylls here on haven’t had ass in three days water
supplies going down 24 and it’s likely one of those international cities hey reduce support gay marriage you so
you’re saying it’s alright man you get married but no come back I want to marry
you me joking you the gates it y’all ready no man it’s just a regular
day out here with my son money what’s up bro
niggas thought you was a myth broke niggas thought you wasn’t really out
here I got you powdered donuts – my nigga is lit yeah it’s that good shit
it’s that good shit money eat that up damn bro diem antlers looking clean you
just got the most cut today say I’m fresh here you go eat that yeah I’m
gonna yeah what’s up it’s gang shit around here money I don’t know so

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