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all right we are live I’m coming to you
live from Denver Colorado you’ll notice the scenery is different here I’m
actually outside it’s pretty nice out here it’s I mean I have my laptop so
it’s a little more difficult to hold this but I can see the maleness from
here so I hope people can hear me and you can actually see a few mountains
over there funny thing is right when it hit 9:59 georgie who’s sitting right
next to me started bark so we have that going for us there’s no one out here
we’re sort of like kind of a way away from things we’re not like in the city
proper we’re actually Parker so hopefully she won’t bark fingers crossed
on that and today of course is the Q&A session so we’re going to be answering
some questions I’m going to pull up the chat here and today we’re gonna run it
pretty tight so I think I’m gonna I’m gonna need to end at 11:00 because I got
some other stuff to do so let me look at the chat here we have
J and K we have fur hand Charles and anneal what’s up good to have you all on
and I think I had interestingly I had a number of questions come in via email
several people just hit me up on the on the contact form on my site which is
slightly unusual but I’m going to answer some of those questions here and here’s
a very specific one so zoo bar sent this and you’ve seen a lot of videos about
the key word golden ratio and you have a question that you couldn’t find an
answer for so an example is best shaver for men with a bald head this is a good
keyword golden ratio and it suits the requirement but you found another that
is best shaver for men with coarse hair now both keywords target a common
keyword about a shaver or for men and the products may be the same in that
case what do you suggest well here’s how I would do it I would publish two
different articles because you have to think about the visitor and the searcher
so if you think about the searcher those are two distinct different
types of like people searching for stuff so you don’t you may think you could
include them together and you can’t right there’s no issue with it
but if it was me personally I would probably keep them separate because it’s
a different type of user a different type of searcher so eat lunch and fishin
as here Tao is on creative diversity from Kenya Walter what’s up good to have
you on so that is the answer to that question and feel free to add other
questions in the chat here I’m sure what happens is they start coming in hard so
you’ll notice as people are joining up I am in a different location I’m going to
try and move around so that you can see the scenery a little bit better but of
course I don’t want to go outside the range of the Wi-Fi or drop my laptop on
these stones here but somewhere we can get to the mountains
they’re back there trust me so it’s pretty cool the mountains here in Denver
are much farther away than in Bozeman but you’ll notice there’s no snow here
it’s gonna be like 60 degrees and in Bozeman there’s like a foot of snow or
more and it’s chilly so it’s a nice change of scenery Georgie and I drove
all day yesterday like 12 hours on the road so that was our first big road trip
she did good she did well everything’s fine alright I see John is on – so
another question came in from Palestine sorry if I pronounced your name
incorrectly so let’s see he has a site that’s three months old you have five
money keywords and there’s 18 posts total you can’t overcome the keyword
position so I you need help for me please help me
okay so quick note if you do send questions just as a matter of course
either if you’re sending it to me or if you’re sending it to like anyone else
it’s pretty good not to sound needy so when you put in stuff like please help
me it comes off a little weird so just you know
note that for future questions coming in or actually that holds true for like
dating advice too you don’t want to seem desperate it’s
not a good thing to put off but so your sites three months old
just be patient publish more content get links three months is nothing
so just stick with it and you should be fine then we have a Hamby what’s up good
to have you on your collar shooting you’re about to graduate and make your
own agency you’re about to go with affiliate marketing business model
Amazon sites to be specific where should you start tips okay
I would I would start small and try and figure out how to do stuff yourself
before and in my head like when someone says agency it makes me think of you
know a service business model where you have either contractors or employees
working for you but I would say you need to figure out how to do this stuff on
your own yourself in a successful way before you scale it out and have a team
my interpretation of an agency may be wrong but my thought is if you’re doing
services and you don’t have a team working for you then you’re just a
freelancer but it could be wrong because I’ve never had an agency or anything
like that but overall you should figure out how to do stuff on your own yourself
before you bring other people in because if you start scaling it and you don’t
have your systems tight you’re just gonna scale an inefficient ineffective
process and you’ll just have a mess on your hands it’ll explode okay so
hopefully that helps and then the other part is just be patient if you’re a
college student and you’re of the like the average college age you have plenty
of time I’m 38 and I didn’t get started with marketing and stuff until like four
years ago I had no actually I hardly have a clue what I’m
doing right now and even lunch says you lived in Parker for five years how long
ago I think we’re gonna go on a hike here shortly to like Castlewood Canyon
or something like that and Lance is on what’s up we have a room and Marcel all
our moderators doing a great job appreciate it and let’s see yes J and K
yes I saw the email that you sent me and I because I traveled yesterday I didn’t
have a chance to email you back and I just sort of like disconnected so I’m
probably going to it’ll probably be a couple weeks before I get back to you
but yeah it’ll be awesome to chat your results are fantastic it’s good to hear
from you and I saw that you’re from Idaho I may be driving through that zone
in a few months but thank you for the information andrew is on Graham what’s
up good to have you on yeah it’s really nice it’s gonna be like 60 degrees I’m
in the shade right now so I’m slightly chilly but it’s great fit Egyptian
what’s the perfect formula for keyword research the keyword golden ratio
there’s a link for playlist in the description so just check that out and
Peter yes this office is not bad and Georgie is being cool right now I’ve
there’s there’s plenty of space in this on this lot here so I’ve been throwing
during the ball with the chuckit she’s been going crazy she did a good job in a
car but it was rough being in the car for that long all right even lunch
what’s your name I forgot your name in you found a keyword golden ratio keyword
he wrote a post the next day it was on page three day after that you couldn’t
find it never have that happen normal yes totally normal and in general
I would say your problem you’ll probably need to publish like about 20 keyword
golden ratio posts because what I find is maybe about five percent do terrible
they won’t even ring maybe 15% right a handful of them will do terrible so 3
out of 20 and then the you know maybe the majority of them say like I don’t
know 13 of them or so are going to be 13 14 or gonna just rank somewhere in the
top 50 and then you’re gonna maybe have a couple that are gonna do awesome and
if your site’s young you just published it it’s going to bounce all around so
the best thing to do is publish like 20 and then that usually will take you a
few weeks or a couple months and then you’ll things will stabilize when you
publish a new post it tends to bounce around because Google’s testing it they
literally a bee test like what what’s going or what the searcher appreciates
right so you just have to be patient Lila says hey Doug are there any other
alternatives for adsense for a website that has 2,500 monthly visitors or
should you not put ads up at this point I think there are probably a lot of
alternatives I don’t do much with like paid ad placement or Adsense or anything
like that so I have no idea I’m assuming that you don’t want to do Amazon
affiliate stuff maybe there’s not a product fit which is you know normal for
certain that’s like niches I guess but I would take a look at yeah I mean I don’t
know my answers I don’t know you could potentially try and get people to place
banners by contacting them directly and then trying to sell them ad space and
cool Castlewood and the thing is I think Castlewood is a place that I’ve been to
before because my wife and I spent we’ve spent a couple months in this area
actually I’ve probably been in Colorado for almost a year of my life or so
various times right but we were up in Denver for a while and I think we drove
down – Castlewood we didn’t like our friends
didn’t live here then they lived in the university area so anyway I think I may
have been there before but I’ll remember once I pull into the drive it should be
awesome and I think Georgie should really enjoy it so and Richard what’s up
40 viewers yeah here’s the crazy thing I don’t know how many folks were on but I
did a livestream on Wednesday there were like 80 people for the majority of it
I’m not sure what happened exactly but something something happened I took
known and I’m gonna do some research because it was a live stream and yeah
all right we got a J and K knife I forgot your name in the email I’m sorry
bad with email basically JP is on good to have ya
mark mark lived in Parker okay I should be able to remember that and Graham
wisely says you have to be patient with this stuff the Google dance is real give
it a few weeks or a few months but the kgr works yeah for sure and the thing is
like the bouncing around and stuff when you have a new site you’re eager to look
at the match like the analytics often and basically it’ll drive you crazy
because you you’ll think that you need to make decisions based on this like
really incomplete data set basically you’re trying to figure out what to do
when you only have like you know two three visitors going to your site a day
so yeah just give it time things normally will level out and it’s through
you know publishing more and more content it it works out Peter says when
looking at a keyword golden ratio do I take into consideration the number of
non entitled results no I don’t Angeles you started implementing the keyword
golden ratio and you’re amazed with the results oh thanks
good to hear that Angela if you wanted to shoot me an email at Doug
administrate project com I can not reply to you like I have with
several other people but I will get back I will get back to everyone I’m very
interested in the results and what I’m gonna do basically is I’ll probably have
people on the channel and we’ll just do like a short interview what you’ve done
the results you’ve seen in the amount of time and I’m very interested in like
putting more of that out because it’s coming sort of like full circle where I
kept talking about this keyword golden ratio for a long time and everyone said
it didn’t work and then people started doing it after I kept telling them about
it and now there’s some services being offered by my friends at human proof
designs so people are paying money for it and then there are people that have
that are implementing it and they’re getting results and that’s super cool
and Mark says the site’s young a few times a week okay yeah yeah
keep at it gen K says if you’re at a great post about a topic and then you
find a similar topic and it has some crossover would it hurt the initial post
to publish another similar one it might and this happens a lot with the keyword
golden ratio or the potential for it to happen is out there it’s called keyword
cannibalization there’s a video on it so if you have a look on the channel if you
just search on the channel for keyword cannibalization you should be able to
find the information on that and basically again you have to be patient
and I like the public I would publish it and then see what Google does give it
like two to four months and then you can make a decision on what to do after that
the thing is like there’s not a huge consequence to do this especially when
you look at the fact that like you know you’re probably not getting like a
massive amount of traffic from any to any one of these posts so it’s not a
huge deal if you know one post is ranking and another one is what you
ten not a big problem overall and by the way if you are if you’re enjoying this
please give a thumbs up I see we have like forty six people we only have
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replay leave a comment just say hey I
appreciated the livestream or something like that or if you have a question
leave in the comments and I’ll do my best to try and integrate that into
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that’s why maybe that other video did well although a lot of people just
hopped on like right away I think there were like 30 people on on Wednesday when
I joined up which is actually pretty unusual there were only like 15 today
if anyone’s keeping notes hamdi says you like the videos and I’m always giving
value and freelancing agency with a small group and outsourcing that work
cool yeah so I would say handy just make sure you have your system tightened up
pretty well before you get into it and then I actually shot a video with my
assistant Mackenzie the other day actually we did a couple videos at one
for my channel one for hers and we talked about how we published all this
content in February which was like I don’t even know how many hours it was
but it was a lot of content was 60 videos and basically we slowly over time
built up so we like refined one area I went to another area worked on that went
to another area and worked on that and I mentioned that it was actually I’m
giving away one of the punchlines in the video but it was like The Karate Kid
anyone like the Karate Kid in the in the comments in the chat let
me know if you remember that movie I’m showing my age which you know you should
be able to tell that I’m you know have no hair so I’m already showing my age
very visibly but basically mr. Miyagi if anyone doesn’t remember miss him mr.
Miyagi taught Daniel like all these skills by a show
him how to do you know paint the fence he was waxing cars there were a couple
there were a couple of things I don’t remember them all but it didn’t seem
like it was going to be helpful at all buying warrants unrelated mine weren’t
that unrelated but basically we went through and refined each piece of the
system and then we push hard on it and we met like each week or multiple times
a week along the way so that we could adjust so if something like broke under
pressure we figured out what to do with it so anyway hopefully that’s helpful
andrew says you’ve written a sort of a guide around 5,000 words should you keep
updating it yeah you should keep updating it hi hi says good morning
what’s up good to have you on our case says after you make a new post what do
you do to get indexed quickly well I usually don’t do anything but if you’re
really in a hurry you should go to the search console and fetch it as Google
and then index it it takes like a minute I made a video on it so if you search on
how to get your like post index quickly on my channel you should be able to find
it all right Thomas says all right now who’s my spot but people do remember the
Karate Kid yeah for sure and you know the the original is really
really solid but you know the second one not bad I didn’t watch the the newer
ones I don’t think but yeah sweep the floor was that another one oh yeah cuz
that’s like a lower blocking yeah yeah so I think it’s a classic I haven’t
watched in a while but is one of the videos that we had one of the movies
that we had on video a VCR it’s like a cassette tape for the people that don’t
know what that is we had a VCR and yeah we we wore the tape out all right
next Thomas says your post get inconsistent views using
10kg our words the day I host I got like 30 views but 1 or 2 the next day do you
think I’m not writing enough content about each keyword well I’m not sure
because maybe I don’t know how long it is so I don’t know how much you’re
writing on each keyword so I can’t comment on that
but I’m gonna read into your question it sounds like you’re trying to put
multiple kgr terms into one post and that’s wrong so you can’t do that right
the if you look at the formula Thomas you’ll see that you’re looking for all
entitle results and I may have I may misunderstand your question here but the
way you’re writing it sounds like you’re using your post get inconsistent views
using 10kg are terms so you need one post 1kg are term that’s how it works
you must target it in the way that you’re checking for other people
targeting it what you’re doing is just writing a big post net that can work a
little bit and a lot of you know what I think there are other courses that
actually teach that stuff my course 5 for your niche site we take a different
route right we do it in a we do it my way right we do it my way we’re using
project management we’re using the kgr very methodical very systemized and the
way you’re describing it is like a big post and I’m not saying that’s wrong but
it’s just different so if you want to do it that way keep at it it can work right
other people do great at it it’s just not the way I’m teaching it umm Gyptian
Rose says do I do one on one on one don’t do I do one on one coaching
yes I do if you go to niche type project that come slash hire – me you could
check that out if you want me to validate a niche in keywords I can tell
you what I think but I can’t really give you a go ahead and say like this is
gonna work I can give you insight because I’ve seen you know thousands of
keywords in many different niches and I have you know I’ve seen stuff that I
like and stuff that I don’t like it so I do that but I won’t say like yes this is
gonna work because I feel like no one can actually say that so if anyone tells
you that they’re just I don’t know they just can tell the future you should ask
them something different like lottery numbers okay oh and the rate is 247 per
hour at this time when we’re shooting this live video right now hi I says all
in title does searching with just some word equate to the same as all entitled
function no it doesn’t and I read it out but there were quotes around the word
then you’re just searching for that word so it’s different there may be other
ways to do it but I’m not really sure Angela says you definitely and you would
love to talk more about the kgr and its results oh thanks Angela appreciate it
Jane kay says you had your first 500 organic page views days yesterday and
it’s the site’s about three and a half months old you’ve been using the kid
share to pick the keywords yeah I mean the results that you’re having is I mean
they’re great Cronus says oh what’s up I read from I am about Amazon sites that
is now the best time to have one before it’s too late
what do they mean too late hey you know what you should check with whoever wrote
that because I don’t know what they mean but really the best time to start
anything is like as soon as possible because if you wait then you’ll be
further behind in the future you can’t ever you know go back so you may as well
start for example you know I I said since 2014 I wanted to shoot more
YouTube videos and I didn’t do it until last year and I wish I would have
started more in 2014 but I was like too nervous
start I didn’t know what to make videos about but if I would have had like three
more years of experience I would have figured out tons of stuff way sooner and
if you go back to my very early videos you can see how you know just how crappy
they are yeah so Cronus I don’t know what people mean I can’t comment on what
other people mean hiking gear what’s up how much time oh and ask YouTube says
how much time do you take did how much time will it take to rank a brand new
site it depends if you’re using the keyword golden ratio it can be pretty
fast we have J and K mentioning 500 page view page views in a day yesterday and
it’s only three and a half months old I think those are pretty good results but
we have multiple people telling us that those kind of results are out there so
when you say time to rank a site I don’t really know what you mean so if you want
to be more specific I can give you a better answer I have a video where I
talk about the timeline to your first 100 dollars and kind of the timeline
over the first six months and twelve months so I would suggest you check out
that video because they go deeper into the question I think you’re trying to
ask another question seed excels do you think articles related to the product
niche from YouTube yes I actually I have no clue what you’re
asking and I apologize it’s hard to go through the chat sort of keep up with it
so I’m just reading them literally and I’ll try and answer the question so I
think you’re asking do you put products or is it okay to put products if it’s
related to the niche sure you can if you want to do it go for it there’s nothing
wrong with that Shantanu uh sorry I think I always mispronounce your name
how many words should we start with one site like 20,000 or 25,000 sure that
works you can start with however many you want there’s no right or wrong
answer I recommend you you launch a site with ten posts you could make it as long
as short as you want Joel says what else can be used in combination to rank SEO
Facebook ads well I mean if you’re just looking for all this stuff that’s
possible I don’t recommend that number one you’ll kind of drive yourself crazy but yeah you can do I mean I would focus
on SEO angle but you can do social right you can go all Instagram all Pinterest
all Facebook you know wherever it’s active you can maybe read it maybe
you’re a big time on reddit as far as Facebook ads I to my knowledge
that’s not gonna help you rank at all and if you’re you’re trying to do an
arbitrage situation you really need to be good at it so I wouldn’t recommend
gnats so I would say pick one Joel whatever you think you want to do just
pick one and stick with that for a while until it’s working and then you can add
on something else I could tell you though I don’t know anyone doing Amazon
affiliate type sites these sort of sites that isn’t doing organic SEO like
everyone is working on ranking in Google no one that I know of is doing Facebook
ads literally no one so they may be out there but they’re not in my like circle
of friends or anything like that maybe it’s self selecting Phoenix says
do I think articles related to the product niche from Clickbank but not
buyer intent will convert yes but I don’t I don’t know if I would spend any
time on it but I’m sure that they could convert I mean it could be a really low
percentage and I would imagine it may not be worth at the time shin tanu
I think that’s closer what’s better to write should you go for a golf site
which writes all about golf products or golf pushcarts only I would go for the
broader topic so that you could add more products right and even eaten lunch
fishing okay you got to get to work I’ll check out the the canyon and let’s see
you recommend the lower trail if I haven’t been if it’s not too wet cool
thanks man good to have you on pizzas are making a
Karate Kid TV show was what they they’re making a Karate Kid TV show with the
original actors Daniel and Johnny but not mr. Miyagi of course yeah that’s
crazy that’s really cool I’ll have to check
that out man it’s a decent idea hiking gear now you’re missing the days where
okay nowadays you’re missing the webinars how do I get links for the
webinars so I’ve took a little break from doing the webinars for a few weeks
but I’m kicking them back off I’m actually next week so next Thursday I’ll
be doing a webinar and I think I figured out an easier way
for me to get the information out so that people can attend now these
webinars if you are newer to the channel or to me in general I do webinars which
are hosted on webinarjam so they’re not on YouTube and it gives me a little bit
more control it helps me build my email list this is
why I do it I can get people’s emails and I want people on my email list and
by the way if you haven’t joined the email us if you go to a niche site
project comm hook on the green button just put in your name and email I’ll
send you fifteen thousand keywords and a bunch of templates and guides and you’ll
be notified hopefully if I remember to send out the webinar notifications about
the webinars so yeah they’re there starting back up next week and I try and
I try and not go crazy oh I see I see squirrels out here Georgie’s gonna
really enjoy that we don’t have many tree squirrels and in Bozeman there’s
not many trees around especially in our like neighborhood their ground squirrels
in those so in the winter it’s too is too cold so the ground squirrels like
they go hibernate like underground to stay warm this is the the wildlife
portion of the of the live stream so yeah I think Georgie
sees some of the squirrels in the trees but here in Colorado there’s a lot more
trees at least where I’m at right now and there’s fat there’s fat suburban
squirrels around here okay Peter says the Google dance you published a kgr
article a month ago it took a about a week to appear in position 100 and then
a few weeks later it’s now mid-20s yeah so just takes a little time and you know
potentially as your you know maybe adding internal links or maybe do some
blog commenting to get a couple just sort of related sites even if
they’re nofollow just to get some traffic on the page can be helpful or
add more content to it Legolas says what conversion rate should I expect you get
2500 visits per month but your Amazon conversion rate is horrible last month
you earned about $10 okay so it’s really hard sorry for the wind it’s really hard
to predict a conversion rate if you’re using oh you know what I’ll just say a
lot of times the average that I see as reported on Amazon it’s between like
four and six and a half percent or so mine typically is around ten to thirteen
percent something like that just because it’s a lot more targeted so that brings
me to the point is either you’re not getting you’re probably not getting the
right kind of traffic 2500 visitors per day is getting to sort of like the right
range it’s a little bit less than 100 per day so that’s good but you you may
need to get like a little bit more traffic additionally it’s you know if
you’re not getting the right kind of traffic that could be an issue to music
vial this is great content keep it up Thanks thanks for saying that appreciate
it Thomas says it’s a good answer you were
writing 4,000 words per post and incorporating related keywords so too
many keywords and not enough posts yeah and if you’re using the kgr like you
literally have to use the title that like your keyword is the title so terry
says you only discovered me about a month ago oh cool good to have you on
you watch the keyword golden ratio and subscribed
you’re retired CEO oh and boy do you miss challenges you love the trades with
an income school awesome good to have you on and it’s interesting
it’s it’s interesting overall what Terry hey what industry aren’t were you Missy
oh oh and just curious mmm a music vial you know you could take it could take
three to twelve months to rank pages 4kg ours but what point should someone be
seeing the first signs of traffic well I would say it depends on if you’re doing
like any sort of promotion so I do have a course so for the new folks I have a
course called five figure niche site I only open enrollment four times a year
it’ll open up again in the middle of April so keep an eye out for that I’ll
talk about it a lot so you probably won’t miss it but if you’re doing like
you know the proper amount of work and you’re publishing some content you know
ten pieces of content and then you’re promoting it immediately after that you
should be able to get traffic as soon as you start promoting it it’ll be a
trickle of traffic the first sign of traffic four to six weeks it shouldn’t
take I mean in in six months you should probably give or take make about a
hundred dollars your first hundred dollar month if you time it just right
like if you’re starting your site right now like you could make quite a bit of
money over the retail season right just because of the timing you can hit your
first hundred dollar month and you know October November time frame and then
December could really jump up so it’s very you can get traffic quickly but you
you have to you have to work on the promotion of it as well Joel says it’s
all review site right um you know I’m not really sure can you give me more
context 100 percent sure what you’re asking Metiria says thanks for the free
education you plan to start a site in a month or two thanks again you’re welcome
good to have you on like I said and I’ll see if you put the industry
oh so you did diction treatment 1600 pages patients 160 employees Wow
yeah that’s a big pretty big company to be a CEO uh awesome well good to have
you on Leila says the older videos were funny and a good way to see how it’s
good to see how much progress I’ve made yep you know what it’s the same like for
for anything for like creating the niche sites or you know doing the videos or
writing if you read my early post on niche site project I didn’t know how to
do it right I didn’t know how to write it well and I think it definitely sounds
a lot more like me now and when you look at the videos even from just one year
ago I was much worse much worse and Sharon
is just joining up you just arrived I’m not in the guest bedroom yep I’m in
Colorado yeah so if you’re just joining up I know people will hop on it
different times so number one I’m in Colorado visiting a friend it looks like
it’s colder out but just there was a bit of a breeze is actually gonna be warm
it’s gonna be pretty warm we’re going hiking later today I’m gonna shut this
down at the top of the hour so if you have your questions I’m gonna have to
talk faster and stop rambling on so much so I was gonna mention he the fact that
I’m not in the guest bedroom I’m in Colorado and I’m looking forward to
going through some of the bottle shops here there’s a lot of beers that I
cannot get back home so I’m gonna probably bring enough beer
to potentially break some you know state liquor laws you know transporting too
much just kidding just kidding of course but I do have a lot of room in the car
though and then the other thing is if you haven’t hit the like button that
would really help mean if you’re watching the replay just leave a
comments like hey really enjoyed it it looks nice there or something like that
or next what do we got Neil says how
important is it to air sorry how important is the website name and SEO it
does does it matter I don’t think it matters too much these days I mean I
think there’s some small value and having like the keyword in the URL
somewhere but I don’t think it’s like a huge massive thing so not that important
I don’t put too much weight all right and people are saying that the new
Karate Kid is pretty solid people also like my glasses Thanks
people are on the email list which is awesome what else do we got what else we
got Rowe says if you have a budget for an
SEO campaign do I recommend to go hard on it to rank faster sure yeah there’s
no there’s no problem with that in fact in a couple weeks ago I think I was
mentioning you know I’ve seen a few sites like ranked superfast and it was
through you know having a budget knowing exactly what to do and getting like
links and I mean there’s no issue with getting links early on with your site
I wouldn’t recommend a scholarship campaign even if you’re offering a real
one people should be offering a real one anyway but with the issues that came out
in recent months in December there was a bunch of sites that were penalized so I
would stay away from it all right and our press release is helpful I don’t
think so some people say they are but I don’t
think they are well Marcelle says am i hold on hold on well everything’s cool alright George you got a little spooked
for a second there sorry about that am I able to expand on how I get over 10
percents you mentioned highly-targeted and it’s partially do okay so basically
I yeah I can expand on it and maybe I could talk about it more and like more
videos and stuff but I mean I think it’s mainly having the right visitors there
are so many things that I don’t do that many people say are so important so I
don’t use buttons tables are good but I only use tables on like very small
percentage of my post because there was sort of a training issue with like
training my editor to add tables so I was like you know what let’s just skip
the tables all the calls to action our text calls to action and there’s only
like four per post for a lot of posts so overall I’m not too aggressive I think
you know a lot of the questions that I get are how many affiliate links can I
put on to one post indicating that someone is trying to put as many
affiliate links as I can and that’s not really I mean the point I mean and I
know Marcel by the way I know you’re not trying to add too many links you know
but you have the right kind of visitor that’s interested in the product and
you’re not trying to aggressively push it I’m just you know putting the
information out there and then you know as far as the calls to action I get a
lot of questions like what’s the best call to action I don’t know I haven’t
tested it I mean I think one of the best things you could do is introduce
curiosity so someone wants to go learn more right you want to want them to go
check it out and once you get someone on Amazon Amazon converts pretty well you
know and many people are just saying thanks
yeah appreciate it and shin tanu says you make all the money right what do you
do with all the free time well you know what I end up I don’t know I’m a
busybody maybe a little bit like Terry right so he’s like looking for a new
challenge I’m doing a lot of work all the time so
with my additional free time I like to do stuff outside I usually end up I
probably go to the gym or do some sort of cardio or something like that for I
don’t know probably four to seven times a week for two hours each time I go so
I’m pretty active and when the summertime comes around I’ll be spending
a lot more time outside so I do active stuff and then I read I try and read a
lot although honestly in February I didn’t read nearly as much because I was
publishing so many videos so trying to read and Joel says the competition is
low competition keywords yes in general and Joel I’m trying to read between the
lines and your questions so I apologize if I’m not answering exactly what you’re
asking but yeah low competition keywords usually a good way to start and then you
can do higher competition later max says for every kgr term should I add over
five products on every article sorry I don’t think I get it
no you could put however many are or however many products you want so you
can put one or fifty so I don’t know if that helps but I’m not sure what you
don’t which portion you don’t get if you need help on like what the put in the
post there is video if you search for this max if you search for max
you could find a video and it’s like the perfect Amazon review it’s like a full
it’s one of those webinars so you could watch the whole thing and it’ll tell you
how to shape the article you can put one product in there or five or whatever
whatever you want Peter says if you have a good kg are like best pen for writing
on paper would I add when wet if the local monthly search volume drops
significantly will goo use the first part for shorter okay you know what I
haven’t tested that specifically but what I’ve seen is yes I would add the
like more specific search term and it’ll serve a very specific set of visitors
and then potentially you could rank for the broader search later but as far as
the second part of your question Peter does Google use the first part for
shorter searches not necessarily I don’t know that for a fact but your approach
is solid alright music Val says imagine you have pillar
content that’s six or seven thousand words and let’s see okay so the example
is how to get rid of xxx has 49,000 monthly searches but getting rid of xxx
has 4,000 monthly searches which one would I target so for that and by the
way if I answered any of your questions or you found anything helpful please hit
the thumbs up that helps other people find it yeah so I would appreciate it
and I know a lot of people said thank you I I appreciate you saying that it’s
nice here’s the deal what I would do music
file I would google both of those terms and see if the results are the same
because it may turn out that even though the lower search volume would seemingly
be less competitive because less people are searching for it so maybe there’s
less money in it I would my gut says that Google probably treats those the
same so even if you’re searching for both if you look at the top 10 in like
80 80 % of them are the same results then like it’s probably not going to
matter it’s probably very competitive either way D cards on what job okay and
Shan Shan alright dad this easier and we have Bastion what’s up good to have you
on and Marcel mentioned you got twelve and a half on the conversion rate in
December but it drops so you’re trying to figure out how to increase it for the
rest of the year and I think like my I can’t remember exactly I think my
conversion rate was like it was like 16% December I mean it goes up in December
quite a bit because people are buying just a lot more products and stuff and
cute hug says I look cold yeah it’s like it’s warm in the Sun but I’m in the
shade and then the wind will kick up every now and then so yeah I am slowly
getting colder Joel says do I use YouTube to rank my niche site or do I
put affiliate links I don’t do that but I think it’s a solid approach you know I
think it would work fine and you could put your affiliate links in the
description I think if you if you put you know what I heard that the income
school guys do YouTube videos for their niche sites which in my opinion is a
form of building so I’ll mention that but yeah I
think that would be fine to do Joel Jeff’s on what’s up saying I looks like
is it just the glasses I because sometimes in my house where I have the
big window and it’s so bright in there I want to put on sunglasses so if it works
I’ll stick with it plus you know what you can’t tell that I’m not looking at
the camera either I don’t think so maybe I got to stick with these glasses all
right what’s a good bounce for a any tips for improving the bounce rate all
right so the bounce rates a good one I would say is probably like under
seventy-five percent but other people will tell you way different things for
most of the sites that I work on it’s like eighty six ninety percent so I
wouldn’t worry about it too much anything to improve it I mean the you
could try and get people to click to your other articles right to stay on
your site longer but yeah I wouldn’t worry about it too much Jeff bill says
Neil Patel recommends H Russ instead of semrush could I do a breakdown of the
features and which is better yeah so I’ll just mention I think age roughs is
probably a better overall tool I think at this point they’ve caught up to some
rot and like surpassed some rush as far as like the keyword information that
they could provide and then their backlink database is awesome so I mean a
draft is really good they’re both fairly expensive and I you know the other part
is there’s so many features in a h rest that it’ll be difficult to do like a big
overview but yeah I mean if you have the budget a trust is probably more thorough q doc says when you look at competitors
backlink profiles you only see a few referring domains like under 10 to 20 do
follow links it seems like it doesn’t take that many links to ranks do I find
that to be true yeah if there were good links yeah it maybe doesn’t take too
many to rank and the the project a white hat site by the way this is the site
that my friend and I Rob she sold for two hundred and thirty five thousand and
that was a 20-17 and it funny thing I’m just gonna digress and it’s not really a
complaint just an observation so I got an email from someone actually multiple
emails I guess they they liked the channel it
sounds like they watch a lot of the videos but they were upset with me
because I keep saying that Rob and I sold the side for two hundred
thirty-five thousand which is why I’ve already mentioned it twice here just to
sort of sort of poke at them that because it seems like they watch a lot
of the videos but here’s the interesting thing with YouTube we don’t know but
like at any point in time any video could be the first video that anyone is
watching now I know I have you know there’s a lot of people that watch
multiple videos and that’s great and some of the stuff ends up being like a
you know I hope it’s not too repetitive and stuff but I mean the worst case
scenario I mean I should be so lucky that you’re hearing me tell a similar
story again and again and what I’ve realized what I realized cue dog and
I’ll get to see the answer to your question in a second when I realized cue
dog is you know heard me say T I’m thinking a couple of his courses I think
he’s he’s great right he comes off abrasive tip for some people but I think
he’s awesome and one thing that remand he was like oh you know I can’t remember
who he got it from but now the point is he tells the same stories over and over
again he has a handful of very good stories that make
points that he wants to make so I listen to him on podcast and interviews over
the span of multiple years with many different guests there’s the same story
over and over again and he does it because he knows that it works now I’m
not saying I know my story’s worked that well but I’m continually refining them
and I know Rooney 20 like tell the right story and refine it and deliver in the
right way the reason why I mentioned the project
go white hat is that site only had like 40 some-odd blinks and we we were
getting like crazy amount of traffic it was making five figures a month it made
30 K and one like 32 K in December of 2016 it didn’t
have that many links the post that was making the most money the majority of it
like 90% it only had seven links going to it so when you look at that it was
more about like the full the full set of SEO on-page and off-page SEO how
everything was put together the content on the site the types of links the
anchor text all that stuff all the little details so in general yeah a lot
of times it won’t take as many links as people may think it just takes like good
links and patience let’s chat says when using the keyword golden ratio do you
need to keep using the term and the article multiple times now you know it
would be weird if you did and let chat says how do you like your video on
a phone thanks for all the help what do you mean exactly in any other
last last minute questions here coming up to the top of the hour and I think
we’re gonna be had now here shortly my friends on a conference call right now
he’s supposed to finish at 11:00 so I was gonna finish it 11 – I think we’re
gonna fetch with Georgie and I think I can here I’ll show hey Georgie
hey Georgie yeah you stretching out oh there we go
okay okay you want me to pay attention to you now you me to throw the ball with
you all right let’s see what other questions do we have here one or two
more all right Marcel is out of here thanks again moderators we’ve had good
luck with the lack of trolls lately and so he’ll says under $50 products with k
gr is good or should we keep the search for over 100 that’s totally up to you
you know what for me I go for anything I don’t care how much it costs here’s why
yeah I literally I’ll have articles written where the products like a dollar
or something right anyone think that’s crazy and anyone in the in the Chad you
let me know or even in the comments right if you’re if someone’s actually
watching a full hour like if if you think it’s nuts let me know in it and
then I’ll tell you why it’s good if Google’s sending you some traffic and
people are liking the content so if I can get you know people to or sorry if I
can get Google to like my site and send traffic there that’s great you know
informational articles you may have these other short you informational
articles or for products that are just cheap so I wouldn’t limit it to 50 or
$100 so and people do enjoy we have Charles and
Chuck and Thomas like the outside video everyone have a good weekend really
appreciate it and you know I was gonna I was trying to see let’s chat to see the
video on the phone yeah again I’m not a hundred percent sure what you’re asking
but I’m actually on my laptop right now just so I can so I can see the chat a
little bit better alright well thanks everyone we’ll catch you next week and
there will be webinars kicking off next week by the way I started doing a few
videos on keyword research tools so I’ll probably publish a couple of those next
week hopefully more than one I have to do the other some of the other admin
stuff before I publish them there on the basic side so I am curious and I should
probably prompt you for questions and say like hey what do you want to know
about the tools so I’ll put it in the comments but I’m really interested to
publish more on keyword research tools alright everyone have a good weekend and Sahil asks went on next week Wednesday
and Friday Wednesday and Friday at 10 a.m. same time 10 a.m. mountain time
which is the same time it’s tonight by the way alright cool everyone have a
good weekend we’ll see you later


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