Keyword Research Search Volumes for Amazon Affiliate Marketing – A Deep Dive

hey I’m gonna talk about keyword search
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for a few minutes here because I guess I’d like to hear myself talk so keyword
search volumes I’m gonna give you my own impression and I think there’s probably
gonna be a lot of questions about it so I’m not going to go on my normal
meandering you know very long-winded explanation I’ll try and be concise so
you can ask questions and then this may spawn a lot of other videos so a couple
things to note that these are purely my opinions and
these opinions have shifted over time part of it is fueled by the keyword
golden ratio and by the way if you’re unfamiliar with the keyword golden ratio
I put a link to the playlist so don’t leave right now but check out the
playlist later and you’ll get sort of like an intro to the keyword golden
ratio plus some advanced information about the keyword golden ratio if you’re
just joining in thanks a lot I am talking about the search volume so I’ve
given what looks to be one two three four five different ranges and it should
be enough to make some you know smart decisions about the keywords you’re
gonna target now the thing is I mentioned my opinion
has shifted over time and it’ll probably shift again in the future so as of right
now which is let’s see it’s March of 2018 this is what I think and it’s been
this way for roughly about a year and a half but prior to that you know I went
for different ranges of keywords so let me tell you what I used to go for cuz
this is what you know I learned from my mentors from afar when I got started in
2013 and these were people like pat flynn of smart passive income
we have Spencer Hawes at niche pursuits and it’s kind of what they were doing
there are a couple other folks but I can’t remember their names I mainly
followed those two guys when I got started and they were aiming for sort of
like larger search volumes probably in the like 5,000 local monthly searches
per month up to maybe about 10,000 or so so I was aiming for that too I sort of
liked the thought was you aim for those bigger keywords and then maybe you have
like some secondary keywords that were a fraction of that maybe a thousand per
month at a minimum so like we were going for fairly high search volume keywords
now you would naturally rank for some other keywords along the way but like
you weren’t intentionally trying to rank for him so you would write some big
posts for best ballpoint pen right very large
search volume potentially I’m just gonna make it up I have no idea what this urge
volume is for that but you would just write a big post for that maybe like
three thousand words maybe it’s ten thousand searches per month and then you
would rank for a bunch of other longtail keywords that you weren’t even trying to
rank for and you know back in those days even Spencer and Pat Flynn we’re using
you know grey hat techniques and you know buying links stuff like that link
networks things they don’t do now so that was back then and you really
wouldn’t go for anything with lower search volumes now as things have
shifted and as I developed the keyword golden ratio I’m starting to go for less
competitive stuff and the big value in going less competitive and I’ll get to
the five ranges in a second less competitive stuff is great for either
you know beginners or people that want to rank with a fewer number of links
which probably is most people right I don’t know anyone that is just like I
want to go build links there are some people out there that that are good at
it and they sort of strive to build links but it’s a rare breed so anyway
the five ranges are these again these are my this is my opinion on the ranges
and it’s in the description if you want to get a little bit more information see
it written down so the very high range is what I’m calling like nine thousand
and above local monthly searches I’ll say LMS from this point forward and if
you have questions put them in the chat I’ll try and catch up later so nine
thousand or more and basically I don’t even play in that range so I’ve I have
ranked a couple keywords that are in the eighteen to twenty thousand local
monthly searches per per month range just once or twice you know not too
often it took quite a few links to get there and quite a bit of content so high
quality links high quality content long-form content probably some social
components one of those host actually went viral on Pinterest
and had you know 20,000 plus shares believe me they brought in quite a bit
of traffic but it took a lot of work and the sort of risk when you put all that
work into one post is if you drop just you know from number one to number two
your traffic can go down by a lot like you know 30 40 50 percent just moving
from one position or like number one to number two so it’s a big impact if
there’s any sort of ranking switch so it takes a lot of work to get there and it
takes work to stay there I’m not saying it’s bad I’m just saying it’s not my
thing the next range another big range is sort
of like the high range this is a little flexible but I’m calling it twenty five
hundred to nine thousand so it’s a big range but those are you know sort of
like a higher search volume obviously you know 2500 to 9,000 covers a big
spectrum so of course there are there’s some overlap right so these aren’t hard
and fast like delineations between each of the ranges so that’s sort of high and
I would say you know it’s gonna take you some time to rank you know these days
2018 and moving forward 2019 2020 it’s gonna take some time to rank and I would
say on the lower end of the search volume you could probably rank sooner I
would say you know potentially in six months right if you’re doing the right
work if you have high quality links high quality content you probably rank in the
top ten within six months you probably do it sooner if you’re
doing everything right you’re focusing really well you could do it sooner if
you’re on the higher end of the spectrum the 9000 range it may take you a year or
18 months of you know dedicated effort high quality links high quality content
to rank high so I do think there is you know some difficulty level in the you
know sort of inherently in the search volume right so if it’s a higher search
volume it’s a little harder to rank part of that is there’s more competition
because more people are going after it the medium range is 720 to 2500 smaller
range and again the same sort of rules apply as far as like being easier to
rank with a lower search volume that’s kind of a sweetstuff spot for me like
that 720 to 2500 is something that you can rank for a little bit sooner you
could probably you know rank in the top 5 potentially in six months if you’re
doing the right things maybe sooner if you’re doing it the right things well
and that’s kind of the the spot where I like to play and then when you look at
the low range we’re talking 250 to 720 when I started in 2013 like we wouldn’t
even touch anything in that range we didn’t even look
I would filter my my keywords by the search volume and I wouldn’t look at
anything under like 900 or a thousand searches per month and it was it was
just a little different back then you could rank sites faster we were doing
things you know a gray hat way so we could get away with a lot more back then
things were different you could literally like rank a site within like
two to three months and ring it like number one for like a very high search
term next is the ultra low and long tails it’s under 250 in the ultra low
sort of like LMS is sort of a you know an idea that I have it’s really just
longtail keywords but the key word golden ratio comes into play so just
because you’re in the ultra longtail range doesn’t mean it’s a kgr term right
so you still have to do the math for the keyword golden ratio again there’s a
link to a playlist where you can basically get a full education about the
keyword golden ratio so check that out if you’re interested and that is my
opinion on the keyword ranges if you are you know if you’re less experienced I
would aim towards like the low range and the ultra long tails under 250 right
trust me it’s much better to like get on base you’re not trying to hit a homerun
if you’re just getting started I don’t play baseball I don’t watch
baseball so I don’t know why I gave a baseball analogy but it’s a thing that
people do so it’s much better to like learn your skills right hone your craft
as you’re getting started and you know I know everyone thinks they’re very good I
think I think I’m good at stuff and I think I can outwork people but it turns
out that there’s a lot of other people that are good and people that are going
after the higher ranges like the very high range they’re probably more
experienced and they probably have a bigger budget and it’s probably not
their first sight so in a lot of ways it’s better if you start small like get
better your skills learn what you’re trying to do and then you can refine it
as you go you can always add those more difficult
keywords later on and that’s what I suggest so I’m gonna head over to the
chat and see what’s going on so we have a quite a big crowd today
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we have John we have Isla Michael R K we have Stefan we have Pete it’s a snow day
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right alexander’s on Neil what’s up all right
D says please kindly upload this valuable webinar as you have to go now
hugely appreciate it you got it it will be I mean these live streams are
automatically uploaded so you’re good to go
just look for it it’ll be the most recent one we have Pranay asking do we
need to target more keywords apart from your main target keyword include include
them in the post not really right if you just write it
naturally you should be in good shape my friend Rob told me about a tool called
like LSI graph the other day there’s a video on like our favorite SEO tools
check that out pernais but I would write naturally and then from there you can
include some of those LSI terms if you use that tool if not I mean you
naturally use synonyms if you write naturally so you should be good to go
and I usually don’t try to be too formulaic around like the right number
of times to use a keyword and stuff or targeting keywords so not really just
target the keyword that you’re targeting and you should be fine Sean says
whereabouts did you rank for the high-volume keyword the first or second
page and how much would you earn from said keywords okay so the high-volume
that’s the 2500 to 9,000 range so where did you rank for the high-volume keyword
like first page number one how much would you earn it’s so hard to answer
because like it depends on your niche it depends on you were like the product
price and a number of other factors but I could tell you that potentially the lost my train of thought
okay potentially you could make this is a such a wide range it’s almost a
useless answer but if you ranked number one for like a term that’s like 2500 I
would kind of expect you to at least be making like 5k a month but you also like
if you’re on the high range and it’s like an 8,000 local monthly searches you
know it could be twenty-five thousand per month right if it’s a high priced
item then you could blow it out of the water right so if it’s a low priced item
you may be only making like a dollar for each one you know like it really depends
but a lot if you rank number one for a term that’s like in the medium or
greater range you’re probably making a lot and honestly I’ve been getting some
feedback from some people that are actually in the chat right now and
they’re making multiple hundreds of dollars per month on purely ultra
longtail keywords someone recently emailed me they went from making very
little to like over 2k a month within like six months or something I may be
getting the exact amount of time wrong but like very fast purely on keyword
golden ratio terms no backlinks right they just published a lot of content so
Allah says you have a strategy of creating a big pillar coast with post
with 3,000 words and build links only to that post all the other posts will be
keyword golden ratio so they will rank without backlinks what do you think
that’s a pretty good strategy there are many factors involved but I would say
not all of those kgr keyword golden ratio posts are gonna rank but a lot of
them will a lot of them well and you will probably get a lot more traffic for
roughly I would say 15% of them then you would have imagined so I love please let
me know how that turns out hiking gear what’s up I am fine today doing pretty
well had quite a bit of coffee today so that’s good like that as we see we have
Sanjay you’re making a product comparison site where you post multiple
affiliate links for a single product so should my post be like top 10 best
gaming gadgets or just make a single product review well I would leave it I
mean I have to defer to your editorial prowess it sounds like you have an idea
of what you’re trying to do anyway so just you know you could do that it’s a
fine theory right if it were me I would probably do multiple products versus
like a single product review but that’s just my own style right and I see we
have quite a few folks on so thanks for joining really appreciate it
if I answer your question or if you find me at least somewhat pleasant and polite
give me a thumbs up would really appreciate it helps other people find
the videos and by the way I’m gonna give a little sneak peek I’m planning on
shooting a bunch of videos on keyword research tools so if you do me a favor
and even in this specific video if you just leave a comment to let me know what
tool you want me to review I’ll go into it and if you have specific questions
about certain tools that’ll be great too so I have you know up until this point
kind of stayed away from like reviewing keyword research tools but I should I
should test more out and I should actually be able to answer the questions
that people ask me about keyword research tools more thoroughly so let me
know in the chat and thanks a lot for joining up folks
all right tis me says Shawn you think the question would be difficult to
answer blah blah blah yep totally thanks tis me for saying that and you
know we do our best to try and answer but it’s hard sometimes
Kendall what’s up from Arizona you got the notification good to know thank you
thank you and Steven says just because you have a spiky spiky hair doesn’t make
you a troll nice and Austin I’m answering questions right now uh so I’m
working on obviously I’m working my way through the chat her rats good to have
you on Alexander tells me that you were reminded by YouTube cool other people
got the notification Toki’s on what’s up good to have you in the productivity
class by the way we’ll be chatting soon what’s up ten fact is me says I’m
producing great content so I’ll continue to grow thank you for saying that
and I hope I hope so I’m getting good results so far and actually just
recorded a couple videos with my my friend and assistant Mackenzie probably
gonna be publishing that in the next couple weeks so we kind of go behind the
scenes and talk about working together and all the stuff that we did and by the
way if anyone gives me a compliment in the chat
I’ll always read those out so thanks tis me for saying that D card good to have
you on Austin what if a term gets a thousand searches per month with only
four hundred and fifty pages indexed with all in title so if you have a more
specific question let me know but I would say that’s cool
go for it it’s there’s many factors involved and I believe if you’re going
for something in the 1000 per month range right you should probably do some
competition analysis and see what’s out there right so it’s important to check
that if you’re applying the kgr the keyword golden ratio to that 1000 were
the 450 is point four or five you know that’s okay if you have an age site
Austin may have some capability to rank even though there are 450 pages out
there Thomas what’s up you you’re you’re real not a troll awesome
thanks for saying that about the keyword golden ratio Kendall says what does LSI
stand for again that is latent semantic indexing and you know what I haven’t
done a lot of research on why someone gave it that name you know but it’s just
synonyms right I mean am I am I crazy folks it’s just synonyms and like I’m
not sure I’m not sure why they said that some engineers got a hold of it all
right Martin says you always get a YouTube a notification for live video
best time to watch oh this is the best time to watch cuz you’re in Latvia cool
awesome thanks for joining up Pranay says should external links be due follow
or nofollow if they’re just a regular sort of like link they should be do
follow right in fact I’ve linked out to my competitors before I used to not
linked out to compare like any sort of competitor but I was like you know if
they have good content why not link out to them so I linked out to a bunch of
them and turned out fine so I think if it’s a good resource
and it’s something that someone can find useful or if you use it as a resource to
write it you may as well link out as far as nofollow you should check out like
the Google like guidelines but if it’s like a sponsored post you should like
nofollow it and a responsible sponsored link or something like that no follow it
and the general rules so if you google that but if you’re thinking you’re gonna
get like better SEO by know following all your links it’s not going to happen
okay Toki says you also love the keyword golden ratio you have multiple keywords
on the first second page it made 23 dollars last month congratulations the
site is almost 5 months old fantastic Sean says that thanks for the answer is
that you have a site around the bottom of page 1 in the top of page 2 for a
high keyword range ok so the cool thing that’s gonna happen Sean as you move up
right as you move up it will shock you when you I mean because if you’re at the
bottom of page 1 you’re probably not getting too much traffic but as you move
up like if you go from like spot number 5 to spot number 2 I mean you’re gonna
get like 4x more traffic if you go to like number 1 from spot number 4 I’m
just making things up it’ll be like 8 X more it’s very
surprising how much more traffic you get and I would say you did announce the
question Sean but if you have the opportunity to add more content to that
post you should write I think adding more
content will be a good thing Kendall says how long is an ultra long
keyword versus a longtail keyword so it is purely the the range right so and I
made up the terms and sort of a sort of sort of like started applying different
things so technically I’m saying like the long tails are like 250 to 500 and
unless that out in the description and the ultra long tails are like under
something like that it’s a little arbitrary it actually it’s completely
arbitrary and when you like the long portion right watch the video Kendall
but the long in the long tail doesn’t refer to the number of words it’s
actually like the graph so it’s the tail of the graph so the long tail of the
graph not the number of words although there’s a high correlation between the
number of words and you know where it falls on the graph so bill says you know
it’s off top topic but you need help with tags for your post do I have a
video on methods for that no but I could tell you right now you could just ignore
them you can completely ignore tags unless you’re somehow using it to do
something else but unless you have a specific reason to use tags you don’t
need to so I don’t have a video for that because it’s not relevant Barry what’s
up good to have you on our K are there niches you stay away from you found some
k kgo are keywords for birthday gifts and made a few post but you can’t crack
the top fifty the kgr is well below 25 so a couple things I would say what you
can do right is just google the term or terms in which they have like the these
favorable kg R’s and see what ranks if it’s all like e-commerce sites or it’s
all like authority sites of like like WebMD and Mayo Clinic which probably
wouldn’t be for the birthday thing but if it’s some other big Authority all
Wikipedia and New York Times and LA Times and all that stuff then you’re
probably not going to be able to rank for it so you could you can sort of just
check by just googling it after you found it sometimes Google really favors
ecommerce next part of that are there some niches I stay away from yes
anything where there are like models coming out all the time like new
products usually in the tech space this happens for example like action
cameras is an example that I’ve given before so action cameras there’s always
new models and new things happening and I don’t want to have to update too much
stuff for just like logistical and management reason so I kind of stay away
from that portion that said anything where you have to do frequent updates
other than that you know there’s probably a couple others where I don’t
have too much interest for example the other day I published this tear down for
a hair dryer site so me personally I have low interest in a hair dryer I’m
not passionate about hair dryers although you know maybe I should look
into it just kidding but if I have like zero interest I may as well stay away
because I can choose what I want to work on so okay okay says big sites without
keywords and titles or ranking okay and let me know if you have a follow-up
question on that Mike Fincher is on whatsapp Thomas has a question how do I
handle very very similar kgr terms how similar is too similar for creating
different posts here’s what I think about think of the the searcher think of
the like person looking for it and if it’s the same kind of visitor or sorry
the same kind of searcher then I would combine them and if it’s a little bit
different then I would you know do different post and then see what happens
so for example let’s do like I think I gave you this example before but let’s
say best electric shaver for bald heads you know something that hits a little
closer to home for me so the the thing is like it’s someone who wants an
electric shaver for a bald head now something that could be similar but
slightly different would be like you know best straight razor
four bald heads now that’s a little scary to think about using a straight
razor to shave my head but I’m sure that’s some keyword that’s out there so
there’s someone that is a real purist and they want to use a straight razor
that sounds insane to me and now I’m losing my train of thought I can’t think
of a good example but if it’s best electric shaver for shaving your head
I would probably combine that with the first one that I mentioned because it’s
someone who is bald probably real real handsome man like myself and then it’s
probably someone who’s looking for an electric shaver because you know they
use electric shaver in both of those and then the straight razor well that’s a
different kind of searcher right it’s someone who wants to use a straight
razor someone who’s a little crazy because that sounds real dangerous
so Thomas let me know if follow-ups I hope that example made sense all right
who you says in aah refs review I’m gonna write these down so thanks folks
kW finder Michelle thank you so ok they’ll be a finder and then we have SEO
quake all right I think I have a video on SEO quake already bill give it a
search on the old YouTube and if you have questions I can do I mean I could
do another one thing is I think my videos are getting a little bit better
not all of them but some of them it’s a little tighter so Crona says greetings
from albania what’s up all right good to have you on Cronus you want to ask what
budget you need to start from zero and get into internet marketing from se owes
to outsourcing and a hundred percent for content writing so for all that stuff I
would say budget about a thousand bucks and that all should get you through say
the first four to six months there’s many factors involved alright there’s
many factors involved and that would be sort of a minimum
could you do it for cheaper sure could you do it for more expensive yeah I
could do like 10,000 bucks in six months as well but a thousand would give you a
little bit of leeway and should be enough to get started and then start
reinvesting from there so hopefully that’s helpful and Stephen says a 90s
reference yeah I’m so far behind in the chat I don’t even remember okay
Neil says you have a kgr with less than 0.25 twelve Ahlan title results you
created a website through google sites two days ago and one blog with 350 but
it’s still not ranking so I don’t know what Google Sites is you only have 350
words how long do I think it’ll take to rank soo I don’t know right even though
you told me those details I don’t know it’s hard to say I think 350 words is a
little short I would bump that up to you know eight hundred or a thousand or so
and then be patient the other part is you should probably go ahead and publish
like ten articles right so if you just try one your I mean it may or may not
work so it’s pretty good right it’s pretty good there’s people in the chat
I’ve already said they’re doing they’re not only ranking but they’re making
money but if you just do one and you’re trying to short the content and yes it
may not work that well so try a little harder be a little patient a little more
patient France says you watched the rounding sound site tear down on one of
the large review posts I said there was too much text on the page isn’t that a
good thing rather than pagination yes it is
so I perhaps I misspoke but yeah in general I’d rather have just like really
long-form content I usually hold true to that across the board versus you know
anything else and by the way if if I answered your question or if you found
this helpful please give a thumbs up I see we have we still have like 78 people
on and we only have 31 likes so if we can get it up a little higher would
really appreciate it I know some people are in mobile stuff like that so if you
are you know maybe you come back later and like it leave a comment okay and some people are giving some tips to
anneal shared on social media and wait yeah so anneal go watch the playlist and
I think your contents too short also and like I said try a little harder wait a
little longer I mean you said you did a two days ago so yeah just be patient it’ll says you have three new post
titles to meet the k gr and the hopper right now oh thanks appreciate it let me
know how it turns out and yeah Neil you should be in good
shape just keep pushing forward Pete says kid jars legit you got a brand new
site with 10 to 15 post and got one of them on page one with over a thousand
monthly searches and another on page two with 27,000 Wow
that’s pretty good Pete Thank You Kendall awesome the help Alexander says
when updating your when updating your content is there anything you recommend
not doing for example can you change images and all Texan picks so it’s kind
of a broad question the main thing that I would avoid doing is like deleting too
much right so I try the sort of guideline that I give is like if you’re
going to delete portions of it make it no more than like 20 to 25% that is
arbitrary just sort of something that I like made
up so in in editing you may delete some but you’re keeping mostly the structure
the same and when you’re editing usually you’re like improving grammar improving
clarity if you’re doing you know if you’re going through and reading it and
you’re actually like trying to improve it that’s what you’re aiming for so that
said if you delete everything and like replace it that could be bad you could
like lose rankings and have a bit of a an issue on your hands however if you
change only you know a portion of it mainly edit and add to it and then when
you’re adding to it that’s great you could just add you know bunch to it and
that is super helpful a lot of times you’ll be able to rank for more keywords
you’ll bring in more traffic even if your rankings don’t improve however your
rankings could improve if you add more Hammad says you started your kgr journey
today now that’s really cool congratulations let me know how it turns
out and Jane cases peep how did you use the kgr for a term with twenty seven
thousand you thought it didn’t work with terms with a high volume yeah so here’s
the thing it can work but it’s not really a keyword golden ratio term if
it’s that high the problem is right if you take twenty seven thousand and you
find the 0.25 that’s gonna be let me do math quickly in my head here 28 4 that’s
gonna be like 7,000 if I’m doing the math right about 7,000 all in title
results so you’re still competing against 7,000 pages just like 6,800
something like that did I do the math right hi hi says morning what’s up good
to have you on and as we’re scrolling down hi ice is what tool should be used
to find key word numbers totally up to you it doesn’t really matter as long as
you’re getting you know some search volumes
just use one tool I typically recommend word keg because it’s yeah pretty
economical but I just mentioned before he came on hi hi that I’m gonna be doing
reviews on keyword research tool so I’m gonna I had the ones on my list for sure
kW find your longtail Pro I’m gonna look at SEMRush potentially I’ll look at H
rest that’s a whole other like it’s a suite of tools some rush is a suite of
tools also but there are certain like really cool things you can do with each
of them but there are a few other tools out there there’s a free tool called
keywords everywhere that’s pretty solid you could do like bulk searches and just
like copy and paste a bunch of keywords into the tool and then it’ll spit out a
CSV where you can edit and filter and sort and do whatever you need to and oh
and Pete mentions a cool thing so if you do go after informational posts that are
not buyers keywords people sometimes ignore those those are kinda nice ones
to go after Tommy says is the keyword golden ratio location-specific when I
get the same results a few searches in the u.s. versus India it is specific you
would not get the same results so you should you know search locally or
whatever you’re targeting make sure you search for what you’re targeting Barry
says you’ve been posting on your site once a week since you started that’s
very diligent good good on you if you were to do guest post that frequency
would suffer as you do all the writing will it affect the traffic and SEO
potentially it’ll probably improve it because you’ll be getting links and
that’ll help your rankings potentially a little referral traffic but the
frequency of you posting has really nothing to do with your traffic or SEO
so it’ll probably move up mike says the kid yard is working perfectly
awesome update on your situation currently you’re getting 418 per month
but that’s only from three articles you’re in the first page for all three
and each keyword had about sixty two hundred searches awesome good to hear
is it a if it’s a question that a reasonable person would ask but has no
monthly search volume would you still take time to answer it probably yes that
was J&K severe says for long Toki would have been looking for an all-in title it
shows only three results and you and the search volume is 170 the kgr is good but
when you search for that keyword in Google you saw high competitor any tips
give it a shot see what happens I’m not sure I followed your question 100% but
you know there’s no harm in publishing and then you know checking to see what
happens if it is mostly ecommerce sites you may have a little issue or if it’s
mostly like all YouTube videos or something and you may have a little
issue ranking so kind of take the guide of what you know Google is telling you
and then it kind of gives you an idea of what they favored by the way thanks
everyone for hitting the like button really appreciate it we’re at like 47
which is cool I know some people just join so if you haven’t liked the video
and you find it helpful I’d appreciate it if you hit the like button alright
and if you’re watching the replay feel free to ask questions and stuff next row
Heat what’s up good to have you on how effective our informative keywords
compared to buyers keywords at converting and what percentage I have no
idea it totally depends on the type of information keywords so yeah there’s way
too many factors involved and it’s not a the if we knew the answer to that
question it wouldn’t necessarily be helpful so there is value in having in
formation keywords because if you’re ranking for keywords and Google likes
your site that overall that’s a good thing and if you have good calls to
action on your information articles you can get people over to your you know
other articles and they’ll spend more time on your site so all this stuff like
it matters but in an indirect way so it’s an interesting question too many
variables to answer but even if we knew it wouldn’t really impact
I don’t think row he’d I don’t think it would impact your decision so much our
case says with affiliate links on a blog how do you check for sold out Amazon
products I don’t I just don’t do it I think there are some tools like
technically via the API I think you could check that but for me I don’t
worry about it so and I’m working my way so appreciate the patience everyone and
Wow we have like 85 people this may be the largest live stream that I’ve done
so congratulations we’re all a part of it
Anil says Google Sites is a free website service through Google okay and what is
page nation so basically pagination is for hand mentions splitting very long
content into like different pages so you can say like click here for page two and
then it’s like a to be continued but I would just put it all on one page blue
fuse what’s on that’s other dug off-topic question from Mike do I also
get logos designed on up work I don’t do logos but I would probably go
to Fiverr if I was doing logos they would probably do a pretty decent job I
would maybe get like three or four different logos if that’s the thing you
want to do but I would say don’t don’t worry about that
your logo doesn’t matter okay you can just put like the name of your site in a
font and call it good and move on how do you
content for a post I hire someone on up work and then give them some guidelines
and tell them what the title is and then they write it I have many many training
videos on that so so he’ll just search for like outsourcing content and hiring
content writers on the YouTube channel and you should find like probably ten
videos on it Sharon asked do I use a plugin like ultimate to nofollow I do
not know Ravi’s on what’s up Alexander says you liked it thank you for doing
that hi hi so you bought your first domain
you’re in the research phase now you’re at a point where you’re scared to start
as you feel like you’re going in the wrong direction using the kgr is that
used as the article headline yes you should use the kgr as the headline and
sort of like err on the side of like making sense so don’t use like awkward
phrasing or bad grammar additionally hi I will tell you it’s all
about expectations many things in life are you know expectations so we’re
disappointed or frustrated or upset when our expectations don’t match up with
like reality and the reality is you are definitely going to make some mistakes
we all do right you’re definitely going to make some mistakes you want to try
and make small mistakes which allow you to or like aim for smaller mistakes
which allow you to correct course along the way try not to make a major huge
mistake that you have a hard time recovering from but don’t be scared
everyone makes mistakes and just the key thing is when you make the mistake don’t
freak out try and learn from your mistake and then don’t do it again I
know I think I mentioned this the other day
failure is you know people are saying like fail fast and like failure is great
and then it can be right but you have to take the failure and then like
evaluate it later figure out what went wrong where it went wrong when it went
wrong so that you can not do it again otherwise it’s just a failure that you
didn’t learn anything from so high you will make mistakes but don’t freak out
we all made mistakes I shared often my little timeline of my
journey and there are some low points in there there are several low points and
they continue to happen right it’s just different than it was and I’m making
different mistakes now there’s always room to make a mistake but like I said
don’t be scared just if you’re using the kgr you’ll definitely be in better shape
than not using it Betty says hi thank you for the tutorials you’re welcome oh you’re just saying thanks well thanks
for saying is that cool okay dee says do shorter URLs rank
better than long ones not necessarily because of the length but if it’s
something that people can read more easily in like the search results it may
get a higher click-through rate because they can see what they’re going to so a
shorter URL doesn’t necessarily rank better but it might so
Roshan says is it a must have search volumes less than 250 yes just move
forward with that what’s wrong with google adword tool
well you know what I don’t use AdWords so like you don’t get the actual search
volume anymore they just give you like the range so there’s nothing like wrong
with it and if you’re using it to run ads I don’t think you are sharing but if
you’re using it to run ads then like you know it should be fine and Roshan just
going back to your question I mean I mean you’re asking is it a must to have
a search volume less than 250 and then you’re saying it’s not working so yeah
dial it back father would exactly try that a little bit and then you know see
what happens so it definitely works and I know we have even heard examples from
the people in the chat today who have said I’ve done it with multi thousand
searches but we don’t have all the data right the site could be older
it could be ultra low competitive like we don’t have all the data and every
keyword is different the keyword golden ratio works well but it’s not perfect
but you do have to follow the metrics that I give you right Betty says your
latest site is less than three months old purely kgr and it’s ranking several
articles you don’t do keywords with more than a Tollan title and this makes it
super easy that’s awesome Betty are you making some
money on it already and Anil says just for everyone Google
Sites and Google site templates you can create a good kgr small site for free
and it’s very nifty it has a lot of flexibility but it works ok cool world
traveler says how do you find out what number of pages rank you for I use a
tool called what’s it called SERP labcoat UK pretty economical I think
they have a free plan where you could rank like or check the rankings of like
a bunch of keywords so that’s what I use and I actually have the paid version I’m
not an affiliate I’m not affiliated with a site at all I think I pay like five
bucks a month and I track everything I need to we’re going sandy says what volume shall
we target if we want fast results the lowest volume that you could find
so even zeros so he’ll is asking for the outsourcing of content so yeah I think I
answered it before but yeah just search on the channel I’ve talked about that ad
nauseam Josh says do I use the Amazon API images or stock images when using
alt text typically I will use like Creative
Commons images so stock images not the API images typically Barry says should
Amazon affiliate links be nofollow technically yes but it doesn’t matter so
at some time in the past Google like didn’t like Google was like hey make
affiliate links nofollow but if you read the documentation that Google publishes
and like web like the webmaster guidelines I think it says Google can
understand what affiliate links are so it’s not an issue so I don’t usually
worry about it but technically yeah like if you made them nofollow but you’re not
in any danger to my knowledge by the way if anyone knows differently let me know
in the chat mica says your site’s all over the place number one to number 15
it’s switching sounds like the Google dance so let me know if you have an
actual question there Stephen says should the URL match the title when
using the kgr it’s up to you you can follow what exactly or you can you know
take out the stop words it’s a very popular thing to do I do both a lot of
times shorter is better in the URL like the previous question mentioned okay
three you’ve become addicted to buying domain names and then not doing anything
with them sometimes you bought two names for one niche idea because you’re not
sure which to use do you need help k3 yeah I think we’ve all been there
before best thing to do is to uh you know make make yourself a project work
on one site just build that thing until it’s making the money that you want it
before you move on to the next one stop doing keyword research – most of the
time we spend more time doing like the prep and the pre and there’s you there’s
work to do right so slight digression away from keyword volumes and all that I
published a lot of videos and I was talking to my friend McKenzie and
basically we did a lot of work like we planned it out and then we did a lot of
work over the course of I don’t know like 40 days or so so at some point you
have to stop playing and stop researching and then do work and then
evaluate afterwards so we’re like in the evaluation period for our content work
that we did on YouTube okay and another question about the nofollow affiliate
links yeah you don’t need to worry about it and yeah a lot of people are are
saying they they’ve purchased a lot of domains – hey I did the I did the same
thing we’ve all been there I remember when I first bought my first domain I
think like within a week about like five others because I was like oh I got this
Bluehost plan and I can host as many sites as I want so I was like launching
other sites and putting other themes up and blah blah blah and wasting all this
time and within a few months I was like what am i doing like I’ve only written
I’m just distracted it’s just a pure distraction and other people are
reminding everyone to hit the like button so we’re up to 55 which is
amazing so thanks everyone and if you haven’t hit the like button I answer
your question if I’ve answered your question or helped you in any way please
hit the like button really would appreciate it
does the kids you are work on two to three thousand search volume the answer
is no because technically right so since I made up the keyword golden ratio term
I can dictate the formula and I try and keep it simple right I could do some
sort of weird weighted average for search volume and put other factors
domain age and all this other stuff but the the powers and the simplicity and
it’s very aggressive and it’s aggressive so that it’ll work for a wide range of
sites for different keywords search like tools right keyword tools that give
different volumes it’s very aggressive for a specific reason
because I only wanted a small number of factors in there so the answer is no by
definition two to three thousand is outside the range and you could probably
find exception cases so okay Cornus said so you said you need at least a thousand
bucks to get started so I think to buy a done-for-you Amazon site that cost less
than a thousand so what’s better to get started from the bottom or by had done
for you well I say start from the bottom but I’m biased right I sell a course on
starting Amazon affiliate niche site so that’s my preference and I like control
I think you could tell by the way I’m answering questions there’s a specific
way that I am trying to do things and I think you know my way works well however
I have some friends over brand builders and at human proof designs I know both
of the folks the owners personally they’re good guys they do good work they
have good customer service so if you I’m in affiliate for each of them if you
wanted to buy one of the sites I would check out those two first now I mean I
don’t think you’re gonna get like a big shortcut or anything like there’s
different areas the issue is when you buy those sites I know I’ve there’s a
whole video on this whole video I’m buying it done for you site you can
search for it Kronus and get like a longer answer but basically if you buy a
site you’re gonna have like a site that you won’t necessarily know how to get
traffic to so you’re still like in a spot where you need to learn things and
it a lot of people do buy the site and then they end up taking the course
because they you need to know the background right they get the site
started for you but if you can’t do some of these foundational basic building
blocks of a site then you may have a little bit of an issue you know
forward and that’s that’s trouble right like if you want to grow the site you’re
gonna have trouble with it but I know people that have done really well with
the done-for-you site and usually it’s after they get the course from me but
like I said I’m biased so you know check out what DOM and brain builders have to
say on their sites I mean they sell a lot of those sites okay Lance says let’s
say kgr is product eight versus product B but another kgr is product a pros and
cons can you make the title a versus B and the pros and cons and target both
with one post I would probably make them separate you could do it but it may not
be quite as targeted you know obviously if you’re intentionally doing like each
one of those four separate articles that’s gonna pan out a little bit better
it’s gonna be more clear all right and let’s see bill says I think maybe I
missed something in here okay so Micah and I see Bill and wok has said
something and I’m not sure if I missed an answer or something like that
Micah says why is your page jumping from ranks number five and then it changes
how would your site I don’t know why it’s doing that
basically that happens sometimes if it’s a young site that’s pretty typical it’s
called the Google dance and the rankings just jump up and down while Google’s
trying to figure out where it needs to go if it’s an older site sometimes it
just happens so it’s hard to say I would say you know maybe add some
content to the site make sure it’s good to that page Micah Duke says sort of
backs me up and says Google is being a B or Google as a/b testing your article
come on says how many articles should you post with kgr words you watch the
200 articles video but you don’t have the money to invest but is 20 to 30 good
for starting out yes 20 or 30 would be fine that is the exact test that I did
when I was researching it for the first – like iterations I published like 20
articles a couple times and check to see what happened tis me thanks for joining
you’re out of here Anthony said you would call making me as you recall I
making a suggestion of a content writing company that I mentioned in one of the
videos but you can’t remember what was the company that you’d recommend human
proof designs and I can’t I’m gonna Philly it for them and I can snag a link
for you actually here really quick I think I mean as I’m looking that up up
i’m wrong i can’t snag it for you quickly yeah so if you if you search for
human proof designs you should be able to find them and appreciate it if you
use my affiliate link but if you know hey what can you do let’s see Neal
check out the rest later and you’re out of here thanks let’s chat says how many
affiliate links do you normally have per post okay that is here’s the real
question that you you should have asked by the way asking good questions is a
skill everyone should work on it so it helps you like get better information
because if I answered your question and I’m not criticizing you specific I’m
just here’s a helpful observation if I told you 23 right 23 affiliate links
you’re missing a very key piece of information which is how long is the
piece of content so the real question that you should have asked is how many
links per thousand words do you have that’s better because it gives you a
little bit more of a perspective the answer is about 4 to 6 something like
that something like that less is better right
so if you have the right the right kind of content then you’re better off or
sorry if you’re getting if you’re getting the right kind of traffic then
you’re better off with fewer links so I’m sure and says you’d like the video
on a thousand days oh yeah thanks that was fun doing Charles says what’s my
estimate based on my experience of how many people actually follow through and
end up with a successful site in general terms I’m no idea man
it’s probably like half a percent or something like that a lot of people just
kind of bounce through and don’t do anything the people are that are on this
it’s like a high percentage right the people that are watching these videos
and in this chat right now it’s way higher so it makes it sound like
everyone’s doing great but I know like the number of people that are like
reading my blog and on my email list and watching these videos a very small
percentage actually move forward Barry says you’d like my no BS approach thanks
Zach what’s up good to have you on human proof designs set up your site with a
home page with a lot of info and a lot of review content you’d love to improve
the content and make it a separate buyer’s guide how do you do it without
screwing up your SEO for the first page the site is 11 months old okay that’s a
little tricky you may have a little bit of an issue
ok so you may have a little bit of an issue but I would say just move it right
move it to another URL I would try Zach to have the you know the slug the URL
slug to be keyword rich and then from the home page to link to that new URL
using you know a good anchor text like a solid pretty may be exact match anchor
text and then see what happens you may have to do some additional link building
to that page because presumably you have most of the links going to your home
page and that’s part of the reason why it’s ranking so you may actually as you
say mess up your rankings a little bit but I don’t think it’s like like your
recoverable or not recoverable whatever word is the proper one I think you can
do something with it and you may have to work with it a little bit maybe do some
more interlinking and yeah okay and Zach you’re saying you’re working on a new
site with with the course so you don’t mind waiting for this one to heal itself
and get some links later yeah so I would say perfect timing to pull the band-aid
and move I haven’t done this but the reality is
it probably will drop and you will have to do some stuff to try and recover it
but you know from what I’ve seen you should be able to do it if you ranked
before you should be able to rank again so let’s chat says do I ever link
affiliate links at the bottom of an informational post yeah sometimes but
you can put them wherever right you could put the affiliate links at the
beginning if you want to so naive says thanks for these super awesome videos
and the PMP stuff is helpful awesome thank you and what else do we have we
have 63 likes that’s pretty good we still have 72 people any other questions
out there pretty solid a live stream today so one thing I did and I will
continue to do it because it seems like it kind of helped I did a trying to say
here I put a link to this in the email that I sent out this morning for a post
that I put on a niche site project so that could have helped other people you
know realize that there was going to be something happening today at this time
and on Friday I do a general Q&A so hopefully you know I have a few seeded
questions early on hopefully and then I just field questions the whole time high
flyer says hi Doug what’s your advice on this you read somewhere that for search
volumes more than 250 any all entitle value of 62 and below will also work
because 62 corresponds to a kgr of 0.25 yeah it’s cool that was this is fun
right so I did the kgr thing somewhere I’ve actually said that in a previous
video but there’s too many for me to actually figure out where that is but yeah so that was at it was written
by I think Brad from human proof designs and it was published as a guest post on
dumb passive income my other friend Matt Allen so it’s cool that they simplified
it in another way so sure that could work
but I stick to my 250 it seems to hold pretty true and 62 is a good guideline
they call it like the rule of 62 or something like that but or maybe it’s 63
is 62.5 technically alright so yeah high-flyer give it a shot I’m not sure
lisa meg says you have a flu but you were at home today oh hope you feel
better but you’re happy to be sick because you get to see me alive thanks
for hopping on appreciate it hope you feel better bill says what anchor text
what does anchor text and cornerstone content how important are they for a new
site how do you pick which post to use for cornerstone content okay so anchor
text is like the link the the text of the link on other sites or your own and
it’s a hyperlink it’s the hyperlink text they are indeed important not so much
for new sites cornerstone content is a term I think by the Yoast SEO tool so
it’s just I have no I don’t know what it is you could go look it up there I
wouldn’t worry about it so if you go read about it it may give
you more information bill but I don’t know let’s chat says where do I
recommend to get free pictures for a post I like creative common
but if you search for a video like free pictures on my channel like images maybe
there’s a whole video on it so check that out let’s chat says what is the
slug on Yoast SEO it’s like the it’s the URL and quick tip don’t ask questions
about specific plug-in like I am not good at like WordPress or plug-in
support and I have a low interest in doing that so my suggestion would be to
ask me about project management stuff or like marketing stuff you get better
answers and if you have a question about a plug-in just go look it up on the
plugins support so I I hope it read that reaches everyone with you know respect
not trying to be rude but you definitely don’t want me giving you tech support so
don’t ask tech support questions it’ll be better for everyone which free theme
on WordPress do I suggest because we need to rank only as I don’t have money
to spend on themes any of the WordPress themes should be fine sure and says can
a URL be different than the kgr yeah it should probably be close to it Hammond says what motivated me to start
a niche site project and the YouTube channel there are so many people who
would not share info you were the income school channel shares so I did a video
on this there’s a whole thing on why I started it but basically there’s a
couple reasons one the people I was following had blogs right so it’s a
weird thing it’s like a selection bias where like of course the people were
following have a otherwise we couldn’t follow them so it
was interested in that part of it but I was selling a product so right off the
bat I was trying to sell a product which I mean everything has been hard I’ve
been doing this for four years which isn’t even that long but most people
make it sound very easy and everything is very hard trust me like the email
list the marketing part writing content writing original content doing videos
everything’s hard going on podcast writing guest post everything takes
longer than you think but I I was trying to sell a product and I was interested
in getting started and then once you do like find an area that you’re sort of
doing well at you want to do it more so that’s part of it and as far as like
sharing the information like I think it’s it’s very valuable to like share
the information and I think you know a question earlier someone asked how many
people actually do this what’s the success rate a lot of people don’t take
the action or they get started and they quit so if you watched the video on the
thousand day rule which is super interesting like if you can get past the
first year you’re probably going to be successful now the level of successful
or the level of success could vary and it depends on what you’re aiming for and
all that but basically if you could push past the first year you’re probably
gonna be alright Duke thanks for the suggestion on the Astra theme Adam says
good beer advice then well soon I’m taking a trip down to the Denver area
I’m looking from looking forward to getting a lot of the good beer there a
couple on my list that we can’t get here now that I’m trying to think of it I
can’t I can’t remember but when I walk in like the bottle shop or the bars that
I’m gonna go to I’ll I’ll be overwhelmed right there’s so many like small micro
breweries and stuff like that but yeah shoot I’m trying to think I know off the
top and I’m probably gonna bring back a
handful of Belgian beers cuz I can’t get that many of them around here in Montana
we’re like the end of the supply chain there’s only like a million people in
the whole state so we don’t get as much beer as other places even though
Colorado is only you know a couple states away they don’t send us that much
beer say he’ll says what’s my strategy to promote kgr products on the web 2.0 s
I have no strategy on that John what’s up you just logged in and yeah good to
have you on any other questions about keyword research and search volumes or
anything like that otherwise I’m gonna close it up and by the way we are right
on the edge of we have 69 likes it would be oh you know what I haven’t liked it
yet I’m gonna click it we clicked over to 70 by the way if you just joined up
or if you’re some you know if you’re watching the replay and you’re in this
like almost 75 minutes in or so thanks for watching this long be sure to give
it a thumbs up leave a comment if you have a question or anything like that
all right cool any other any other questions if not I’m going to get out of
here in just a recap the very high search volume range is 9,000 or above
the high range is what I’m calling 2500 to 9,000 it’s a big range and you know
there’s a lot of variation in that range the medium search volume 720 to 2500
that’s sort of the sweet spot for me this one I like we have the low
competition it’s 250 or sorry the low search volume 252 720 and then we have
the low low search volume and the ultra long tails under 250 and then we have
the subset the classification of the keyword golden ratio in the 250 as well
so definitely check out the keyword golden ratio playlists
there’s a lot of good information in those videos watch from a double speed
get through it faster John says how do you choose when an article should be
long or short usually based on the search volume so the lower the search
volume George’s dream in the dog stream in the end they’re just kicking her legs
if the search volume is lower it can be shorter but usually my minimum is like
800 words Daniel thanks for hopping on shared as well hiking gear lab says when
making longtail keywords it is difficult to avoid stop words any advice don’t
avoid them don’t worry about it you stop words and Mike you say great stuff thank
you appreciate it Mike is this how much do I charge for a
website review so I do consulting occasionally not always I want to make
sure I can help you but my hourly rate is 247 currently right now so if you
want to set something up you can go to niche site project comm slash hire – me
and then you can get a little more information and I can get more
information – so it’s like I said I only do it if I can help you I turn more
people away because a lot of times I think I could just point them in a
better direction all right thanks everyone for joining up we’ll catch you
next time and thanks to all the moderators again really appreciate it
last question I see Andrew says what’s the benefit of
having loads of niche sites why don’t you just put them all on one site sure
that that’s an option if you want to do that
there’s no wrong or right way to do it there are just different ways to do it
so I have a broken record but I have a video and a whole post on what’s better
like ten or one site I prefer fewer sites so I don’t have a
lot of sites like that I think that it’s I think that the overhead of starting a
site is a lot so for me I say I have fewer sites as far as putting a bunch of
content from different niches on one site I would be cautious about that
there’s some pitfalls I see more people fail by trying to do what you mention
Andrew because they’re unfocused they’re trying to compete with like the wire
cutter or thoroughly reviewed or something like that
so I appreciate all the support hopefully we’ll have big turnouts like
this enjoyed it everyone have a great day we’ll catch you next time don’t
forget on Friday we got a Q&A just like this alright see ya


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