Keyword Research Tool: SEM RUSH DEMO

we’re looking at SEMRush as a keyword
research tool now what I’m displaying here is estimate of the traffic and sort
of the overview of a domain for a site which I’ve done a teardown for so put a
link so you can check it out but a lot of times when I view some rush I’m using
it to estimate the traffic for other sites right these sites that I do the
Tyrion’s for so in this case it gives us some idea of the traffic I wanted to let
you know that you can get fifteen thousand keywords if you go to a niche
site project com that’s my blog I’m Doug Pennington I do a bunch of stuff about
Amazon affiliate marketing so check it out if you want to get some awesome
keywords plus all the templates and tools that I use and let’s get back to
some rush right now now I’m going to show you how you can use some rush as a
keyword research tool it’s a little bit different than some of the other tools
and if you haven’t seen the other demonstrations and demos of these tools
check check out the playlist there are quite a few out there so first of all
SEMRush is really like a full suite of tools
it’s an all-in-one marketing tool kit for digital marketing professionals that
said it pretty much covers just about anything you need to do whether you’re
like a paid traffic person or an SEO like organic search person or if you’re
in the content area today we’re really going to focus more in the content area
and the SEO side but just quickly I’m going to mention what’s inside so in the
SEO side I’m not gonna read everything out but it does a lot of things on the
SEO side an SEO audit can do position tracking and ideas for gaining more
organic traffic that’s kind of the area we’re gonna play in I’m gonna skip the
paid traffic I don’t care about that I don’t care about social media content
and PR that is kind of cool because you can sort of figure out where you want to
you know focus your content so if you’re starting a site it can be a good way to
get an idea about what’s going on now one thing I’m gonna try
do for these demos and the different keyword research tools is look at the
same keywords and see how they turn out so this is best fly fishing rods and I
remember when I first got started with niche sites back in like 2013 like fly
fishing and fly fishing rods were like a prop a very popular sort of example so
that’s what I decided to use here and you can see this is like a full
accountant by the way if you want to check out semrush you can typically get
at least a seven day trial for free I’ll place my affiliate link in the
description I do get a commission if you buy through it which I appreciate but if
you just want to test it out for a few days maybe you can get a bunch of data
and test it for a few days and then you’ll cancel it when the seven days are
up and then you can move forward with your life you do have to provide a
credit card but I think when you see how powerful some Russia is you may want to
keep it maybe for a month at least until you do a bunch of keyword research and
competition analysis so number one we’re just looking at you know best fly
fishing rods I went to the keyword analytics section here and then overview
you can see that here and then I put best fly fishing rods here that’s a
buyer’s keyword which indicates someone is interested in you know making a
purchase at some point so we can see here it’s the keyword overview the
organic search volume for that specific term is 720 I did a little research
because a lot of times I’ve seen the keyword search volume for
SEMRush to be a little bit off from what I expected so I went in the
documentation this help section here and the volume is the average monthly volume
over 12 months so different tools use different algorithms and in this case
this is a 12 month average so if it’s something seasonal or something trending
as they mentioned here it could be lower or higher in certain months but it gives
you a good baseline and I’ve said this multiple times but I’ll mention it here
again and I’ll say it again and again is when you you know when you use it
cool and you get a search volume and then you use a different tool and it’s
another search volume that’s okay no one is intentionally trying to trick you or
anything my advice is to just pick a tool and stick with that one because in
a relative sense the keywords and the data that you get and the search volumes
from a specific tool in a relative way those are fine right you could tell that
a certain term is searched more than others and vice-versa and if you switch
around from different tools you’re you know relative rankings may be a tad off
as far as a search volume so just pick a tool and stick with it you should be
fine now a couple things about the information we see here so the organic
search tells us the search volume is 720 the number of results is 27 million the
paid search doesn’t apply to us doesn’t apply to me so you could generally
ignore it same with a CPC this is for people
buying ads hence the paid search and we shouldn’t really care as far as the
trend it does give us an idea over you know the twelve months like when it’s
most searched for so that gives us an idea here and you know this is kind of
seasonal favoring sort of the summer it appears right as we scroll down there’s
two different areas so it’s a phrase match keywords of which there are
thirteen so not too many it holds pretty true to the best fly-fishing rod of
certain types but there’s only thirteen here now when we look at the related
keywords there’s 906 obviously a lot more so what we would do here is take a
look at the full report of the related keywords right that’s kind of where we
would aim and probably the full report of the phrase match now I’m not a
hundred percent sure if the phrase match are included and they’re related I would
suspect so but it looks like maybe not so we’ll quickly check so I’m gonna take
a look at the full report over here and at this point you have similar data of
course at the top as it’s a summary and then we see the related percentage
the search volumes and some more information which we’ll talk about in a
second so right here it’s it’s ranked by the how closest related so I’m gonna
flip it around and rank it by the search volume so we see different information and I
just wanted to double check in the 720 range if best fly fishing rods was in
here so indeed it is not so that means that we would need to you know grab the
13 plus the 907 here but it does give us a wide range of course 907 keywords is a
lot so a couple things I would do right so at this point you have the option to
export so you can immediately click export pull out the data you want in an
excel file CSV or a CSV you with semi-colons it doesn’t really matter
whatever tool you want to use I usually do a CSV just because it’s a smaller
file and you can sort from there however a lot of times what I will do is I’ll
apply some filters first now I’m just going to show you real quick how to you
know do a quick filtering method here so I would just probably put best and then
that would filter out everything that doesn’t have best so we could just look
at buyers keywords right this is the assumption that you’re looking for
buyers keywords alternatively if you were looking for informational keywords
you would maybe put it in like how-to and then that would pull all the how-to
keywords so you see at this point 112 of them are using the word best so it’s
filtered pretty well and we can see it’s filtered by search or sorry sorted by
search volume we only have keywords that have best in there and you know you
again this is probably a point where I would export it a couple things I’ll
mention real quick of course the key word is listed the related percentage is
listed which isn’t super relevant at this point we just want related keywords
which is good the search volume is of course how many times it’s searched in a
month and then we have the k/d and that is the keyword difficulty and it’s an
estimate between 1 and 100 now I haven’t tested this extensively
but it looks to have a pretty good correlation on how difficult it is to
rank for these better than I would say longtail Pro with a Casey number I find
a Casey number is quite unreliable in I think it was very good sometime in the
past but I think longtail Pro that I don’t know for whatever reason the KC
number doesn’t seem to be super helpful for me as I mentioned before the CPC in
the competition here does don’t really apply to us as SEO types not paid
traffic types the number of results doesn’t really matter the trends are
interesting but not super important for us it does give you some information as
far as the SERPs you know it’ll tell you like what’s ranking over there so if I
clicked on this so we tell me you know the top ten in fact let me just show you
here I open that in a separate tab so it would give things up so it actually
pulls a cached version from Google results and then we can see you know
what’s going on on that sir now when we export it we we don’t get that
information there so the main things I would look at here the search volume and
the keyword difficulty score the KD just as a reference point now I wouldn’t hold
the KD as like you know gospel and assume that it’s correct but it’s a good
way to rank keywords especially if you’re using something like a keyword
golden ratio or something like that okay so from here you can see it’s fairly
useful to get the search volumes in a meaningful way now the really cool thing
is what I’m about to show you so at this point so we had the related keywords
here and go back to the overview so this is the overview section for the keyword
that we’re using for these samples and then we have like organic search results
here so I’m just gonna arbitrarily pick one and Big Sky fishing dot-com
I’m actually in Big Sky Country here in Bozeman Montana so I’ll pick that one
arbitrarily and see what’s up so we’re gaming search only seven hundred eighty
eight per month so not a time for total backlinks at a time I will say the
backlink information here is not awesome on some rush there are other tools that
are better I think SEMRush I
in the sort of like or gaming keyword information and what I’m about to show
you so here’s where SEMRush is really powerful right we picked this side that
was ranking for what we were looking for here and actually quick note I noticed
that I searched for a specific URL which is why the search volume is a little bit
lower right the organic search traffic is a little bit lower than I expected
but it’s for this specific page so the thing that we’re able to get here is the
keywords that this page is ranking for of which there are 556 so I could export
all of those keywords that this page is ranking for so that gives me a ton of
ideas for keywords that another page is ranking for right another site is
ranking for further you can like look at you know the competitors which it
doesn’t look like there’s too many listed just right here but what I’m
gonna do is get rid of the specific URL and get the overall domain information
okay this is more like what I expected to see 34,000 per month for the overall
site and it’s highly likely they’re getting way more traffic than just this
now what you can’t do like I said is export all the keywords are ranking for
over twenty eight thousand six hundred and then there are main competitors here
so visit Montana this is a you know Montana oriented site I could tell
because the Big Sky information there so what you can do is look at these other
sites and the domain overview for the other sites and then you can export
those keywords to and you can see we’re going to add a different rabbit hole
where it’s really just about Montana and stuff so not highly relevant to niche
sites or affiliate marketing but all the principles hold true so quick overview
of what we’ve looked at here so you can go
the keyword analytics for semrush and get keyword search wipes you can do
solid keyword research and then take it one step further by looking at the
organic keywords for you know bigger sites in your niche outside your niche
but maybe they rank for it and as I talked to more and more very successful
Amazon affiliate marketers I find this is like one of the main ways they get
ideas for keywords now they get a ton of data right if you downloaded 660
thousand keywords for this site and then 28 thousand for this site you find you
have an issue with too much data right so you have too many ideas now the trick
is to be able to navigate through all this data in a meaningful way so you can
sort through it and what I mentioned before you know if you’re looking for
affiliate type articles you want to go for like best type articles or maybe
reviews or something like that right so I have other videos that tell you how to
find buyers keywords but you could aim towards that on the other side you can
certainly find informational topics in the same way right you could find topics
that other people are you know ranking for but they’re not even trying to rank
for them and in that way you could look for these informational keywords by
filtering using how-to so again if you’re interested in checking out
SEMRush as a keyword research tool you can
create like a free account you don’t get too much information but if you use my
affiliate link and get a small commission but you get like at least a
seven day trial sometimes it’s a little longer I’m unsure what it is at this
time but do check it out if you have any questions about using some rush leave a
comment and I will check it out thanks for watching


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