Kindle Publishing vs Affiliate Marketing

Kindle publishing versus affiliate
marketing we’re gonna talk about their come on hey guys it’s K-Ninja herer and
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talks about and let’s get into it Kindle publishing versus affiliate
marketing so I’ve done both I’ve done Kindle publishing and I’ve done
affiliate marketing and if you’re new to making money online and you’re asking me
which is the better way to go then I would tell you that Kindle publishing is
most definitely the better way to go and I have many reasons for saying that
first and foremost Kindle publishing is where my main stream of income comes
from now don’t get me wrong affiliate marketing is great but you really have
to know what you’re doing in order to get into affiliate marketing if you’re
coming from zero the learning curve to be able to get into a position where you
can profit from affiliate marketing is gonna be very high for you because
there’s a lot of things to figure out you’ve got to figure out how to build a
list which means you have to figure out how to put up landing pages and not only
landing pages you have to figure out how to create lead magnets because no one’s
gonna give you their email unless you offer them something so you have to
figure out what to offer them and how to create it then you’ve got to figure out
how to use an autoresponder service which you’re going to use in order to
send emails to your list and emailing your list it’s not something you can
really outsource and there’s a lot of competition out there as far as
affiliate marketing goes so you’re going to want to read a lot of psychology
books especially business related psychology book
or you could just take an email marketing course but you basically need
to figure out what’s going to trigger people to click on your link in the
email and then hopefully click a Buy button and not only that you also need
to figure out how to get traffic to your landing pages now if you’re really sharp
you could maybe figure out everything you need to know in order to run a
successful affiliate marketing business in a week’s time but the reality is for
most people it’s gonna take a year to figure it out unless they take a really
good course on it but most of the courses on it teach you a bunch of
nonsense and even if you figure it all out the income that you could get from
it it’s very unstable unless you just happen to have some magical traffic
source and you happen to be in a niche with very low competition well then
maybe you’re gonna do really well with it but most people who try their hand at
affiliate marketing fail and fail miserably he definitely can’t expect it
to put money in your pocket right away it’s gonna take time because the
learning curve is huge especially if you’re coming from zero now I’m not
saying it doesn’t work it definitely works it’s just not that easy anyone who
tells you it’s easy is not being completely honest with you but yeah it
definitely does work if you know what you’re doing but you have to know what
you’re doing and that’s kind of the trick as for Kindle publishing you don’t
need to know that much to do Kindle publishing now don’t get me wrong to
make a lot of money in Kindle publishing it’s not easy but it’s easier than what
it takes to make a lot of money in affiliate marketing as for me I’m a
full-time Kindle publisher I’m not an affiliate marketer though I dabble with
it and yes there are ways to integrate affiliate marketing with your ebooks and
I’m actually pretty good at doing that and it works for me
but I understand that for most people it does
work for primarily because most people don’t know what they’re doing with it
they do it wrong and if you want to know a little bit more about my publishing
success story then just click the little card right there yeah come on click it
so I’m pretty much all-in on Kindle publishing like I don’t really do
anything else and I don’t really see anything else worth doing because from
all the different things I’ve tried Kindle publishing is the one that
consistently pays me a passive income month after month after month nothing
else has done that for me but you want an edge you want an edge over the
competition I’ve got some courses that can maybe teach you a trick or two about
it and you can find the link to them in the description of this video but
whether you’re successful or not that largely depends on you like I don’t know
you and I don’t know your work ethic being a publisher does not mean that you
slap some pieces of crap together and then upload your crap sandwich and the
money just rolls on in I’m sorry it doesn’t work that way I know a lot of
people would like for it to work that way but it just doesn’t work that way
not in the long term of things now if you’re putting together a quality
product and you do all the other things right then yes you can expect to do okay
and perhaps even make it your full-time thing at some point like myself once
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