Korean Sexy Monkey Lip Patch?

hello everyone and this is Alena miquelina and today I’m going to be reviewing a three-step lip – wow this is the lips patch that I’m going to be reviewing and so this lift kit has three steps and it has a lip peeling patch volume lip bags and a honey life essence and what it’s supposed to do to your lips is supposed to exfoliate it it’s supposed to give it a volume and make it look like a funky I suppose or and add some essence fearless and moisturize it with the honey lips essence so yeah I was like okay 1/2 dry lips why don’t I try it and today I’m going to be trying it out this is the step number one okay and it looks like it has a look badge wow it has like a whole like layer I’m not sure if you can see it but it’s it’s like oh yes I’m kind of fake feeling looking stuff so I’m going to stick it on my mouth okay so I think I may have made a mistake you’re not supposed to stick it this it has like stuff on it and I went ahead and I try to read it again cuz flowing Korean my Korean is not forward and apparently I think you’re just supposed to take the sheet and just rub it on your lips so I’m going to do that it doesn’t look bad it says it looks like I have stuff on my mouth now but I think it does exfoliate live yeah I think the more you rub it the more of the dry skin and like dry stuff comes off your lips okay so now it has like white stuff all over it and I’m gonna put this away and I’m gonna use the step number two and I’m gonna rip this ah ha ha ha ha so hard to resit I’m gonna use my key the DS trick didn’t work but come on you all guys do it alright that’s how it looks like it looks like this jelly patch on the inside is this jelly like piece and I ripped it off right here I’m not an issue you can see the hole right anyway [Music] actually you’re supposed to keep this on for about 15 minutes but I felt like it was burning my lips so I took it off by the end of like four minutes mmm you know overall feeling of this gel it’s actually quite nice and soothing it was nice because I get so soft but the thing is it started burning my lips so that’s why I decided to take it off a little earlier not a nice feeling but perhaps it will you know me my lips nicer oh yeah I feel the burning step number three yeah yeah Thank You mr. part no problem and this is to moisturize your lips and with this Honey essence and the funny thing when I was reading the instructions it says fuck you Mateo so which is funny means and creating means don’t eat it and I like who the heck is going to eat it but I don’t know let’s see let’s see if it perhaps smells really good to the phone where you want to eat it oh oh there’s nothing in there I thought that was gonna be like another thing but it’s actually just the essence so I guess you just stick your finger and apply it oh no wondering if you don’t eat it because it’s like a syrup yeah it does have a soothing feeling and it smells really nice it does smell like honey and yeah the burning stuff ever like after right after I applied the essence so I guess the essence is like the best part of this alright so I tried the tree step a monkey golden monkey glamorous lip patch from Holika Holika and I can’t say that I loved it I do you think that the step number one did help to exfoliate my lips and it did help to make it a little more clean and to actually in a way moisturize in Alden but the step number two was a little bit too painful for me because it didn’t start burning my lips although the jello patch was quite nice to put on your lips I guess you guys can try it if your skin isn’t as sensitive as mine but mine is so I didn’t really enjoy the step number two but the stuff that I enjoyed the most was actually step number three with the essence I mean I understand why they say why to say don’t eat it it smells really good and it actually absorbs really quick this is the look of my lips before and after so if you think that my legs really did get better than what they were and if you do think that now I was like the sexy monkey on the picture subscribe to my channel and this is Alina luckily no with my Korean makeup lip patch review so see you next time bye [Music] you


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