Landing Pages That Convert [SERIES 2of2] 400% More Affiliate Sales

landing pages that convert that’s what
we’re all after here and it doesn’t matter if we’re doing affiliate
marketing or e-commerce or lead-gen we all want to make sure that when we’re
driving organic or paid traffic to a landing page that we meet our goals so
today I’m gonna go over my 12 step formula for high converting landing
pages and I’m gonna start that right now now I created a little landing page
formula checklist that we’re gonna run down even with some bonus tips down here
at the bottom but I want to when we get this out of the way I want to first kind
of talk about what we’re starting with this is the second video in my series
the first video and I’ll put a link to it here above was all about setting up
the right hosting you got to start with the right foundation so I set us up with
super inexpensive three dollars and fifty cents a month inexpensive Amazon
aww hosting and it is lightning fast and totally scalable to your needs just at
an instant so Amazon AWS is where we’re going to have our landing pages secondly
I’ve built a wordpress site on in that video on the AWS hosting and I installed
and talked about this theme this Divi theme it is a super easy to use
functional theme by elegant themes I put a link in the description of the first
video and I’ll do the same thing for this video it is a paid theme but well
worth the money it’s you can create anything with it it’s just amazing so we
have Amazon AWS hosting we have WordPress and a Divi theme now I want to
show you what I really one of the things that I really like about this is Divi
has all kinds of different plugins and modules and things and they have a right
here an ultimate free landing page layout kit so I downloaded this and I’ve
uploaded it into the library in the Divi theme and I’m going to show you that in
just a second it makes it super easy but another super great thing about this and
if you’re building landing pages then you know that we have to do split
testing so Divi has it built right into their system and it tracks impressions
and gives you all conversions varying and all kinds of stuff so it is built
right into the system so quite literally divvy can start to do all of what you
need in terms of creating landing pages and your e-commerce site and you know
much much more there’s another thing that I use it’s a Divi booster buy
didn’t booster comm it’s a plug-in to Divi that really helps you make
additional modifications to it and I’m gonna show you this little trick here in
just a second but let me jump back over now that I’ve kind of gone over all of
that in the first video I did show you how to install the Divi theme now let me
open this back up and I just want to talk for a second about our twelve steps
twelve step something like a twelve step program here for a second I want to talk
about our twelve steps and how that relates to and I’m going to point this
out on the landing page that I’ve put up here so the first element on a landing
page is the headline and it is absolutely by far the single most
important element on a landing page it is the call to action if you’re going to
split anything split test anything on a landing page it’s going to be the
headline not the color of button not the there are the little nuances that people
talk about it is going to be split testing the content of the headline so
let me show you real quick here’s the homepage and then like I said I loaded
this so I have Lander 1 here in the menu now you can see real quick I’m going to
jump ahead for just a second but there is no on this landing page there is no
menu and I did that by adding this code and adding this code to the page so that
it would remove it we want to remove all those distractions but I’m kind of kind
of jumping ahead here so anyways the headline we want the headline to be big
and bold we want the headline to really call out to us now this whole entire
example is pre this is exactly pre loaded from stock from installing this
so I haven’t made any modifications at all
so your your headline you’ve got to perfect your headline if you don’t do
anything else make sure that you nail your headline number two is the sub
headline the sub headline is really something that reinforces the headline
and typically it is in a smaller type font and I would normally have this down
here below but and something that is just one sentence and reinforces the
main headline so number three are bullet points so as we move down the page we
want to have some bullet points and I would probably remove some of this stuff
and have my bullet points right up underneath my headline and sub headline
but you just want you know these are really the supporting cast if this was a
go away okay if this was a play on Broadway your bullet points would be
your supporting cast you want them to reinforce the message maybe show a
benefit or how easy something is you want them to show that and reinforce the
headline all right the next thing on my list our call to actions call to actions
need to appear everywhere they need to appear everywhere in content in every
section that you’re dealing with so right here I have an email address
collection form and a submit button so right up in top I have a song call to
action I would have a call to action just below the bullet points here’s
another section and you can see we have a call to action built in right there
you have a learn more call to action button here so basically as somebody
Scrolls down I don’t want them to have to go back to the top or all the way to
the bottom to actually click my button you know do what I want them to do so
put a call to action everywhere everywhere in every section don’t make
it hard for somebody to submit their form or buy your product number five is
a background image so background images are great because they convey your
message they can really visually reinforce your message the thing about
it is you want to be sure a lot of these are really big this is you know really
big on the screen but you want to have it be low resolution it is not the
background image it’s not the hero it’s the headline as the hero but the
background image is can play a key role but you want to have it just this one is
nice it’s kind of grayed over has a gray overlay to it
so I can still see the message that is trying to send me but what’s really
great is I get to have this image in a low resolution which means my file size
is smaller and my page load speed is still good so keep those things in mind
number six on my list is video to have video or to not have video is the
question so I’ll tell you that my general rule of thumb is I don’t like to
have video on a landing page if depending on your offer your product
your niche whatever it is that you’re doing I say a rule of thumb is if you
have further explanation that needs to be done a really further reinforcement
that needs to be explained in a short amount of time then perhaps video will
be a good thing but the nice thing is you will split test it with and without
video to see what the winner is all right number seven is a logo I’m a big
fan of having a logo I would put a logo up here I would not have it be a
clickable logo that would take somebody back to the homepage but definitely
having a logo in here or somewhere throughout here or maybe at the bottom
would definitely add business credibility to your landing page number
eight is footer links let me see if this theme has anybody default so it doesn’t
but well here’s Terms of Service so you definitely want to have some footer
links like privacy policy Terms of Service these kind of standard links to
pages and I would have them open up a new window and not take you there I
would not have it redirect away from your Lander but open a second window or
a second tab so that you still have your Lander in front of them or at least they
have to come back to it but a lot of platforms like Facebook and Google Ads
YouTube etc they’re going to require that you have these things in place
before they approve your ads so you don’t want to get in trouble with trying
to run ads and not have the appropriate ad policies in place
number nine is above the fold so I’m sure you’ve all heard this but above the
fold it comes from way back in the day when people still used to read
newspapers and that first fold the first fold was where the biggest stories went
and on a desktop computer above the fold is right here everything
that you can see without me having to scroll down so this is where your
biggest your headline is this is where your biggest impact occurs on desktop
now this doesn’t apply to mobile because people are gonna have to scroll and
scroll and scroll and scroll and I’ll show you I’ll just make this down so
people are accustom on mobile to really scrolling down so you can be sure and
have some more impactful sections below the fold although you know same rule
really applies make sure your most impactful stuff is above the fold let me
go to mobile-friendly so that kind of plays right into what we’re talking
about I guarantee that the majority of your traffic is going to come by way of
mobile so test your website on a mobile device almost be a mobile first minded
design to make sure that you are having your elements in place and nothing is
overlaying on call-to-action buttons and that really really really is working
number 11 is your overall appearance of your landing page geez don’t make it be
ugly don’t create ugly landing pages people
have such high expectations in today’s online marketing game have something
clean and modern looking here I saw on Facebook we’ve been looking to take a
cruise to go on a cruise so I was targeted by a cruise company and I
clicked on their ad and it took me this was cruise calm and it literally took me
they dropped me on to their homepage so this is their Lander just look at this
oh my god I don’t know I can click in a hundred different areas like probably
above the fold click in a hundred different places you know do you mean to
click do I reserve do me to call like what is it that you want me to do this
is a great homepage for your website it is a horrible horrible landing page
for a number of different reasons so make sure that you have your overall
appearance be nice clean and modern loading speed loading speed I’m going to
say go to GT metrics when you have your landing page built go to GT metrics and
test your landing age also you can go to Google PageSpeed
that’s a big one but go to one of these things and you have to get the fastest
page speed that you can that’s why we built all this on Amazon AWS to begin
with in the first video that I shot so you want to make sure that these things
are running blazing fast because especially on mobile devices people
don’t have any time any time to hang around for a loading loading wheel also
your ad platforms are going to judge you on your page load speed and the cost of
your ads are going to be affected by that too so page load speed super super
important google just announced this month in July that it was considering
page load speed as equally important as an SEO ranking factor as the content on
your website so man if that doesn’t tell you something I don’t know what will
so for my bonus tips something that we saw a 3 to 400 percent increase in
conversion was when we started with engagement I’m going to go back to this
Lander so engagement would be something if I asked a noninvasive question if I
got my audience to start to engage with me and it could be something as simple
as maybe putting up a few you know two images or two blocks of information and
say you know do you prefer this or do you prefer this whatever it is however
your design style is getting people to engage is something that will increase
your conversions another thing is if you can I don’t even put this on here but it
kind of goes along with this if you can create a form that is maybe made out of
those blocks or different elements where people just select it if people don’t
feel like they’re filling in a form they’re way more likely to answer more
of your questions and engage with your form and then you can put an email
address and a submit button at the end and you will you can collect all of that
information a great place to go is lead quizzes lead quizzes has a great
back-end or a system and I think they start at like 37 dollars a month and you
can create all sorts of interactive quizzes and engagement pieces that you
can copy the code and embed right into your WordPress site another bonus tip is
to IP geo content and I pulled up this here this is a great plugin for
WordPress that helps you if somebody here you know what I noticed in the
dashboard of this WordPress site here it’s saying Sacramento Sacramento
Sacramento so they have used IP geo content on inside here’s what WordPress
is doing IP geo that’s what I’m talking about is if somebody lands on your site
you can say hey hey you know did you know that in Sacramento and then just
replace that piece of content that you know nine out of ten homeowners whatever
whatever it is you’re trying to do but you can do so much with geo targeting
and it makes people feel easier like you’re right around the corner like
you’re their neighbor like you’re not the guy that’s living in on the moon
trying to market to people worldwide right so it makes that super
personalized super personalized touch also increases conversions really well
all of these things do all of these things do the third of my bonus tip is
check out pumps if you have something where your landing page is a sales page
where you’re trying to sell a product or a service or actually make a sale and
you’ve talked people into doing that to put a checkout bump down right below the
the ad card or the checkout button on your site works tremendously well you
want to do some sort of this will be for an upsell and kind of the rule of thumb
is that I would put an upsell in a checkout bump somewhere around fifty
percent of whatever the price is that they paid for whatever the price of your
offer is if you’re selling something for a hundred dollars then don’t put
anything more than about fifty dollars in the checkout bump and you’ll see some
crazy results and then the last tip bonus tip that I have is to really
personalize your content speak in terms of you and I and we you want to make
this feel you want to make your audience feel like you are very personal with
them and make them feel comfortable in that what that does is that gets
people’s guard down so when their guard down with their guard down they’re more
likely to click the submit button so anyways that is my list
I’ll put this down in the description and you can take a peek at it also where
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