LAST to FALL ASLEEP at Grandma’s House WINS!

– Wake up, wake up, wake
up, wake up, wake up! Wake up! (groans) – Were you asleep? – Not me, I’m just resting my eyes. – In today’s video we
do Last to Fall Asleep in Grandma’s house. But, before I get started,
subscribe to our channel, give us a big thumbs up. – Hi SOTY family! So guys you may think
this is a little strange that I am starting this
video obviously at night but, it’s important because guys today, we are going to be doing
Last to Fall Asleep at Grandma’s house, wins. – Guys, Grandma’s house is pretty crowded. Look at all these boxes. – So guys, honestly, this
may be one of the last nights that we can do a video
like this where it’s Last to Fall Asleep at Grandma’s house. Guys we’ve been staying
at my parents’ house for weeks and weeks now but
our house is getting so close to being done. – This is a mirror, this is a mirror, and this one’s a mirror. These three are desks. Three over there and three over there. – [Mom] There’s some chairs over there. – Yeah. – We have bed frames in there, we’re getting tons of stuff shipped here, sorry Grandma and Grandpa, we’ve taken over your living room. – And now we will stay up all night. – And guys, I have my money on Blake. Seriously, she’s gonna
win this competition. – I win. – Blake, you wanna go night night? – No. (Blake laughing) – Yeah sorry Taylor, Blake’s gonna win. – I’m gonna win. – I’ll win. – [Mom] SOTY Family don’t go to bed yet! – Say what? – Guys it’s one of our last nights at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. – So the last one to fall asleep wins. – So, uh, what do we win? – Something pretty amazing. – These giant cheese
balls, if there’s any left. (cheese puff crunching) (laughing) I can eat cheese puffs at
a pace of 25 per minute. Mathematically, it may be
impossible for them to stay awake before I eat all of the cheese puffs. (cheese puffs crunching) – [Stephen] I’m ready to go to sleep! – Stay awake. (upbeat music) I got this. (upbeat music) Eat healthy kids. – So let me get this straight, if we’re the last to go to
sleep, we get the cheese balls but Dad’s gonna be eating them, so there’s hardly gonna be any left. – Exactly, and guys, if you
get off your mattresses, you’re out. – So we have to lay on our
bed and not fall asleep? – That’s gonna be so hard. ♪ You better turn up ♪ ♪ You better be there when I shake ♪ ♪ Watch me rockin’, if I can’t stop ♪ ♪ If I should fall, just go ahead ♪ ♪ Go and catch me baby ♪ ♪ Oh, I live it. ♪ – (yawns) Guys, keep it down
out here, I’m tryin’ to sleep. (sniffs) Are you guys eating cheese puffs? (sniffs) Goodnight guys. – Holy cheese balls, what was that? – Uncle Derek is out of the challenge! – Guys, look at my eyes,
they’re getting red, it’s getting late, I’m getting tired, and all these kids are still awake. – If you eat the cheese puff you’re out. Is it worth it? – No! (upbeat music) – Well, I don’t know about you
but I’m stayin’ up all night. (upbeat music) – All right guys, so, before some of these kiddos start falling asleep, hopefully
soon, we have something that we wanna share with you guys. Something that you guys
have been waiting for, for quite some time. – Have you watched our
last to leave video? Well, we’re giving away
$1 thousand dollars. – All you had to do was unscramble all of the letters in the video. – We got lots of comments and emails. – And guys, our next video that
we are going to be uploading to this channel, we will pick a winner. – So we might as well give you
the answer to the challenge. – It was Uncle Derek! – So, if you guys happened to unscramble Uncle Derek and emailed or commented
on our video Uncle Derek, you guys could be winning
a thousand dollars. – Speaking of winning, we’ve got some kids that look like they’re
about to fall asleep, let’s check in on ’em. (lullaby music plays) (Blake babbling) – Wake up, wake up, wake
up, wake up, wake up! Wake up! (groaning) – Were you asleep? – Not me, I’m just resting my eyes. – Um, I think we’re really close to losing a contestant guys. – I don’t want to be right here. – These kids really need to go to bed, I’m getting sick of eating cheese puffs. (cheese puff crunching) – Shh guys. (Blake babbling) All right guys, one going
to sleep is a good sign, but, these kids are not
going to bed fast enough for my liking. I am getting kinda
tired, so I think we need to come up with some kinda plan, so that they can fall asleep quicker. – We’re always up for a good bribe. – Hm, that gives me an idea. (piano music plays) (upbeat music) – Blake why? Oh, your idea definitely didn’t work. I need to take over. Once upon a time, there
was a family with six kids, and they called themselves
the SOTY family. (yawning) – She’s going to the bedtime story, it’s working. – Is it? – They had been out all
weekend, camping and swimming and doing fun stuff in the
sun, that they were exhausted. – It’s not working. – Their eyes were so tired,
they couldn’t keep them open. They just needed to get some rest. – Tell me about it. – That finally they
couldn’t resist it anymore, they just had to go to bed. (soft piano music) (Blake babbling) – I got someone else to go to bed, but this is not acceptable. Wake up. All right guys, so now this is
when things get really tough. We have four girls still awake and doesn’t seem like they’re
going to bed anytime soon. – No bed. – Um, why haven’t I
thought about this earlier? (upbeat piano music) (laughs) I knew it’d work. – That was way too easy. – I’m not going down that easy. (laughing) – [Mom] And neither are they. You’re getting so sleepy. – I’m getting so sleepy. – [Mom] Super sleepy. – Super sleepy. – [Mom] Your eyelids are getting heavy. – Eyelids are getting heavy. – [Mom] Go to sleep. – Sleep. (fingers snap) – I really did not know that
that would actually work. – It didn’t, but I can’t
stay awake any longer. (upbeat music) – Did we just win? – Yeah. – Finally, no more cheese puffs. – I’m the champion! – I like winning. – Me too. – Subscribe to our channel. – Give us a big thumbs up. – And we’ll see you guys next time. – Bye! (upbeat music)

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