Launch Products To The Top Of Amazon In 2019 Using Influencers

hello James Greaney here from and in today’s video I will be talking to you about
influencers and how they can benefit you in 2019 I’m gonna be explaining exactly
why you should be using influencers to increase your sales or to launch new
products in 2019 and I’m also going to be telling you what type of influence
are you should approach and how to go about approaching them so I’m first
gonna just jump straight into us and explain to you why you should be using
influencers if you haven’t watched yesterday’s video I announce that I’m
closing the unique private labor course one of the major things that I’m going
to him for my business is contacting lots of influencers giving out my
product to as many influencers as possible and this is something that I
haven’t done enough of I’ve done this in the past but I simply haven’t done
enough of this and this is really a golden time for use and influencers to
promote your products and your brand going forward you know you can massively
increase your sales and simply launch products very easily on Amazon if you
are using influencers and I’m gonna explain exactly how to do all that just
a moment but first I’m gonna explain why you should be using it so influencers
are still massively underpriced you know if you look at advertisement whether
you’re advertising using Amazon PPC whether you’re advertising using
Facebook Ads Google Ads however you’re advertising your products its cost is
constantly going up and again this isn’t going to stop and the same with
influencers the cost of influencers are constantly going up but because there is
such a stream of influencers around at the moment you know you only have to go
and look on the major channels whether that’s Facebook Instagram YouTube you
will see so many people put now content these are usually influencers once they
gather enough followers and the followers are actually following them
then they are counted as an influencer again you can look at different metrics
in deciding what influencers are right for you but basically anyone with
following of over 20,000 people who are actually active and listening to them
that these are sufficient amount of followers for an
influencer to be considered an influencer that can actually move your
products and the simple reason why influencers work so well to sell your
products and any product is because they have a following and they’re following
wants what they have so if they show a product that you won’t – they’re
following they’re following a good majority of their following will go and
want to purchase that product and that is massively untapped at the moment yes
the big influencers like the Kim Kardashian’s out there you know they
have a high cost to get them to promote a product but there are still very small
influencers and by small influencers that’s anyone from twenty to fifty to
even a hundred thousand followers that are still very low costs and even free
I’ve managed to get my product to a number of different influencers without
paying them a penny to promote my products and the way you can simply do
this is by having a great product that you believe in and going out there
searching for someone who has your ideal customer watch and then then once you
find that ideal customer then you go and look at what type of content the
influencer is putting out to engage with that viewer that is what you really need
to tap into because simply if your product isn’t a fit for them no matter
what incentive you try to give them they’re not gonna want to promote your
product and they’re definitely not going to want to do it for free whereas if you
can create a connection with that influencer so if your product has a good
benefit for their audience then they’re going to be a lot more likely to want to
promote your product for you for free and you know influencer marketing is set
to explode in 2019 there’s been a lot about it in 2018 17 but at this moment
in time you know there are so many influencers out there so many people
that have grabbed a lot of attention that are still looking for ways to
produce new content they’re constantly looking for new content all the time and
no matter what platform you know they’re promoting things on whether it’s
Instagram whether it’s YouTube they’re always looking for new types of content
to put out there and if you can give them
product that they actually want and that they actually like and they know that
their audience were like then they will have no problem creating content around
this product and then when the audience sees this content they’re more likely to
purchase your product ahead of your competitors product and this works so
well with Amazon FBA because simply anyone can become an affiliate with
Amazon and they get a percentage of any sale that’s made through their link so
basically if you can find Amazon Associates someone who’s signed up for
Amazon’s affiliate program and get your product to them then all they simply
have to do is take a picture or take a video using your product and leave their
link in below it so that when their audience sees their video or their
picture and they click on the link they make a commission on the sale and the
best thing about that is you will be sending in a lot of outside traffic from
Amazon which again massively increases your ranking if you’ve noticed turn 2018
Amazon made a lot of different changes to their algorithm and one of them was
massively changing the way that they rank products that are sending outside
traffic so the more outside traffic that you can send to your listing and then
the customers go on to make a purchase the better because the higher Amazon
will push your ranking all sales do help your increase your ranking and increase
how high up in Amazon search they show you but if you’re sending in a lot of
outside traffic that’s converting well then your listing will jump up to the
top very quickly and this can happen even if you’re just launching your
product have no reviews on your product if you send in a burst or traffic from
outside that converts at a good conversion rate then your listing will
go straight to the top of Amazon and be out on page one and making a lot more
organic sales and that is basically why you should be using it so now I’m just
going to jump in and explain to you how you go about using it well simply you
can find influencers on any different platform so you can look on YouTube you
can look on Instagram on Facebook wherever you’re consuming content or
wherever anyone is consuming content there’s going to be influencers
influences are the people that are putting out the content and have the
viewers watch and their as mentioned already
you simply need to find an influencer that your product will benefit their
audience once you find this influencer you simply contact them you can contact
them a number of different ways but usually they have links in their BIOS
whether it’s their email address or to their Instagram account where you can
direct message them and you simply contact them explaining who you are what
you’re about and how your product can benefit them and their audience then
simply don’t be pushy at this stage because you know if you do try to come
across pushy with them they simply won’t have any interest in doing business with
you you know just think about it from their point of view a lot of them are
getting a lot of different messages on a daily basis from people wanting
something out of them so again you can’t come across want and something out of
them you have to be given them something so again explain it to them about your
product why your product is better why you believe in your product and why your
product is better than your competitors product and simply just try to get your
product to as many of them as possible and this is a lot easier than you might
expect like simply if you have a good product that you strongly believe in and
it’s matched with a few different influencers like you can get 10% of the
influencers to take your product and again out of that 10% maybe not all of
them will even produce content around us but if half of them do you’re gonna have
a lot of content directing people to your Amazon listing directing to target
your people because again if the influencer is showing you something it’s
like celebrities celebrities endorse products all the time and when they
endorse a product it gives that product all the proof
that’s needed so again this works perfectly if you’re launching new
products because you don’t need a ton of reviews if someone comes along and
endorses shows them self using it you know says how good it is what the
benefits are of it then you don’t need any reviews to do this for you they’re
there audience would simply go over to your listing and make a purchase without
even reading any of the reviews on your product so this is a great way to get
initial sales out to gauge is by simply going out reaching out to influencers
who are interested in your product make sure before you do go out and reach
out to them that you actually spend time to get to know what they’re about
because doing this you can create a message that’s a lot better and that’s
going to connect with them a lot better then if you simply just go and reach out
cold copy and paste in an email out to them or a message out to them if you
actually consume some of that content see what they’re about especially if
they’ve vlogs or you know to see what their interests are so that you can kind
of relate your message around to something that they’ve interests in then
you will have a lot higher response rate and you know you can contact them on any
platform the platforms that I mainly use to contact influencers are YouTube
youtubes amazing it’s the one on tapped one that you know simply a lot of people
aren’t use them for whatever reason like a lot of people are using Instagram to
find influencers but I find when an influencer on YouTube promotes your
product it’s a lot better because they actually create a video around it
your video can rank in Google for your search terms and you can simply get a
lot more traffic from a YouTube video then you know other ways that you can
contact influencers but again you can use other ways like I have used and will
continue to use Instagram as well because you can find a lot of Instagram
influencers that have good engagement and this is something that you have to
check if you are using Instagram influencers you have to check their
engagement if no one’s engaging with that content or if they don’t post that
regularly then again you should be cautious before you know jumping
straight into a deal with them and you should see that they have produced quite
a bit of content and they do this regularly and that they actually get
engagement on their content and as well as this you can use sites like shout
Cart these are sites that will connect you with influencers and these are
influencers who simply have signed up and say if someone pays me you know $20
$50 $100 I will promote their product so shout crack is the more simple route
simply go there make a payment and they will promote your product but if you
actually put in the work and go to youtube go to Instagram you can find
these influencers we’ll promote your products you know
doing this manually as well I will leave a link down below to shout Cart this
where I have connected with influencers in the past and I will leave my
affiliate link below so that you can go and check it out and I make a tiny tiny
Commission if you do sign up through that link and go on to use shout caret
but again you don’t have to you can use just go direct to them on Instagram
YouTube or any other platform that they’re putting out content on and yeah
I just wanted to put this video together because I did put a video together
yesterday announcing that the unique private labor course is gonna close this
Friday and that’s simply so that I can focus a lot more time on doing these
tasks from my own business and actually grow on my own business and yeah I hope
that this video helped you I received a few questions kind of can you go into
more detail about it so I said I put together this video where I’d explain it
in more depth but again if you want kind of click by click way of how I do all
this stuff whether it’s connecting with influencers whether it’s setting up chat
BOTS whether it’s you know grow on my chat pass audience then you can check
out the unique private-label course I will leave a link below to the unique
private labour course and you’ll see all of the videos that you get inside but
please do note that I am closing this on Friday and I’m not gonna take on any new
members after that so if you are interested then definitely sign up
before Friday and again we will have a call as soon as possible when you do
sign up and yeah I just hope that you have got some value out of this video
and I look forward to speaking to you on the next one
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you on the next one bite


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