Hey guys! It’s Jana! And it’s laundry day be sure to let me know if we are laundry buddies there’s a lot of you out there so it’s really fun that we get to do our chores together so I have a couple loads
here for the kids I also have some for us adults but hubby’s still sleeping so I don’t want to disturb him and grab it but I’ll grab that later when he wakes
up but I want to get this started nice and early and get done with it so I hope this motivates you to be my laundry buddy today go ahead and hit subscribe
thumbs up check all the links down below let’s get all of our laundry washed
folded and put away today alright guys the laundry is done clean
folded and put away so it’s a little bit later than I expected we had a little
detour after school so I went to pick up the kids from school and Emma asked about build-a-bear she’s been wanting the nightlight dragons from build-a-bear since the movie came out like in February and we’ve been waiting and
waiting and calling them and calling them and waiting and calling them and oh
my gosh they had them so we had a drive to build-a-bear and get her her little
dragons because she waited so patiently but she is ecstatic but anyway now I got to
go make some dinner it’s a little bit late but that’s okay they’re happy
that’s all that matters so I hope this motivated you to get all of your laundry
done today go ahead and hit subscribe thumbs up check all the links down below and I will see you next time


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