Leadpages Affiliate (or Clickfunnels Affiliate?)

Leadpages affiliate vs. Clickfunnels affiliate: what’s the better choice? Well, we could give you a long, drawn-out huge video about this, but really it just boils down to a few points. Clickfunnels pays a better Commission… ten percent more. You can have thirty percent commission or you can have forty percent commission. Both are recurring. Which one do you want? Clickfunnels gives your customers a more flexible product. While leadpages has added some amazing page builder functionality, at least as of the date of this video being created, you still have much greater control over your pages using clickfunnels… and the new clickfunnels page builder is even easier and faster than it already was. We’ll demo the new clickfunnels page builder and one of our other videos. Use the link in our description to get auto notified. Clickfunnels puts it all together for the most part. You can integrate with a bunch of other services for webpages, memberships, emailing, autoresponder logic, webinars, api’s, affiliate systems, etc., but you may not need to since unlike leadpages where you have to chain together a bunch of separate services to achieve the whole package, with clickfunnels you get a lot closer to the all-in-one solution. And for those of us who prefer the all-in-one solution, clickfunnels gets the advantage on this one. Leadpages will do a special webinar for you ,which is pretty cool, but only if you have a big enough list or audience. If you do, this might be for you, so advantage leadpages on this one. Both leadpages & clickfunnels have excellent support. When you need help promoting or if you want to ensure those you serve are getting a great product and great support, both will be there for you. We’ve had success with both but our personal experience has us favoring clickfunnels. After you sign up via the link in the description we’ll tell you how to get a free trial for both clickfunnels and leadpages so you can try it out for yourself. Well, we can do that for clickfunnels anyway. Leadpages doesn’t appear to offer a free trial. Both leadpages & clickfunnels have excellent online communities, but to our knowledge only clickfunnels has a 100-day challenge consisting of some of the very best marketing education you can get today, even compared to courses you’d have to pay a lot of money for. Its all for free, and complete with an extremely active, engaged community of peers and experts who make money daily to bounce ideas off and ask questions. Add to that the very real possibility to have clickfunnels buy your dream car, this free “100-day plan to give yourself a raise every single day” makes for a great way to start changing your life for the better. Use the link in our description right now and get all the details.


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