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(inspirational music) – The problem with that there’s only ten listings on page one but every SCO guy will
tell you how to do it. I’ve been doing Internet marketing since, professionally since 2003. The first time Google
did their first shake up, I was with Perry Marshall in Chicago. We woke up, got out of bed, and we found out about
the big Google slap. And that’s the thing, Google reshuffles the deck continuously, and you’re listing, one of the guys there, he had 18,000 pages on his website, 18,000, right, this guy was big. He ran a rehab agency in
the States in North America. He went from page one
to, I think, page 20. So having all your eggs
in one basket with SCO, I don’t think is a great idea. You can do 80/20 with SCO, though. Just do the most important things on it. I can give you a list
of what the 80/20 is. ‘Cause basically if you did the 80/20, you would definitely get traffic, but to get the other fine, there’s a sort of law
of diminishing returns. Get the 80/20 and you’ll
get so much traffic, but to get a lot of
traffic, you gotta buy it. When you do run an eBay business,
if you’re doing keywords for lose weight, make
money, that kind of stuff, it’ll cost you a fortune,
six, 10 bucks a click. But when you’re going
for these other products that we’re selling, the traffic is much lower, so
the keywords cost a lot less. And don’t forget, when you do keywords, when you’re buying AdWords
you wanna make sure it’s got an ROI greater than one, so if you spend $1, you wanna
make more than $1 profit. So don’t think of AdWords as
a cost, it’s an investment. I’ve spent over $1 million
on Google AdWords in my time, well over $1 million, and it makes money. You get back more than a dollar. (audience member mumbles) – The more you collect,
the less people will go. The more details you collect,
the less people will stay. – [Audience Member] So
are you doing, basically, are you trying to collect
details at the side, or are you just trying to sell? – Well, if you can collect a name, then otherwise they’re
gone if they don’t buy, so if you wanna collect names, you’ve gotta have some
kind of auto responder top series to sell your items. That works with some
products, some businesses. It doesn’t work with all. Have a look what your competition’s doing. (audience member mumbles) Sorry, can you repeat that? (audience member mumbles) – [Rick] Something in their cart and then gets distracted and wanders off. Their email, a couple of days away– – Exactly, yeah. – [Rick] Shopping cart,
come back and buy it. – Yep, you can do that. What Rick’s talking about is
shopping cart abandonment. They get to the end of the
shopping cart and they leave. But if you’ve captured their email address you can keep on targeting them. And so capturing email
address is, of course, is a brilliant thing to do. And many, many businesses out there won’t work on the AdWords
model unless they do that. But selling these kinds of
products that we sell on eBay it’s a lot easier than selling a lot of the digital products out there. Digital products is tough because the competition’s out there. Selling physical products
a lot less competitively. Many, many items. All right, any other questions? Yep? (audience member mumbles) – [Man] And they have slightly
different configuration to the product so they
kind of offer some bonuses, like components, e-board
(mumbles) useful kind of package. So that’s like, you need to do
in order to compete as well? – Well, it can be, yes. It depends, you’re probably talking about some kind of particular niche. You’re not talking more of a particular, like a general eBay business
sells anything and everything. You don’t normally do that but if you’ve got a particular niche that’s offering to do it, I’ve done that before with niches. RC Hobby estore, which I
sold earlier this year. That one, I wrote a book for that called, what was it called? The Essential Guide to RC Cars and by writing that book, you can write the book, and then you can write
all these bullet points about the book. But that’s why it’s all keywords. So it looks like you’re
just telling everyone that you’re gonna give
them this book for free. But what you’re doing is you’re actually writing
a whole stack of keywords to generate a whole stack more traffic. And that’s another great
reason to write a short ebook ’cause you can get all the keywords. And you can stick it on every page. (audience member mumbles) Yeah, generally, that’s more
of an Internet marketing. (inspirational music)

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