Learn The Platform – How To Get Started In Mobile Affiliate Marketing with Mobidea

Hi! With today´s short video I would like to
introduce you to our Mobidea platform. I hope this small trip through all the available
options and displays will prepare you better to start working
with us and generating some big money! So let’s begin! Every time when you are going to enter
your account you will see your dashboard – an overview
on the essentials: The small icon in the upper right corner
represents the current status of your account if you are standard or VIP affiliate, how much
revenue share you are receiving how much you still have to make in order to
become our VIP. By clicking the tabs above you can quickly
navigate to other parts of the platform. Next to this icon you will see your
current balance. Below, check the amount of signups
together with the percentage growth comparing the number of signups for
the same period in the past month. On the right side you will see your
revenues also with the percentage growth compared with the amount of revenues
from the same period of the past month. On the main part of the page are displayed the best opportunities
for the Smartlink and Single Offers. Use the tabs to filter by countries, carriers
and offers type CPI, CPA or All. On the right side, all the fresh news about what is going on
in Mobidea and the industry are showed events we are going to participate, platform
upgrades, Academy articles and many more. Now let´s focus on the left and more
important part of your account: The Menu. Each tab represents different functionalities.
We are going to discover now one by one: Let’s start with the Reports. Here you can analyse all your performance. Just select the period you would like to investigate. Again, as previously, you can see the visits and
signups together with their percentage growth. Then the overall eCPM for the period you
chose and the revenue you made. The graph below easies a better visualisation
of your performance. Feel free to change the axes in order to
adapt the graph to your analysis. By scrolling down, you will see all the
statistics by: period, Smartlinks, offers, countries, operators, operating systems,
referrals and bonus. Use the filters to target the data for a
more detailed analysis, for example to see only statistics by
country, operator or tracks. Now, let’s move on to Smart Tools. Here you can find all the tools you need
to start promoting our offers using Smartlink. Once you click on it you can see the verticals
Mainstream, Adult and the Referrals section. Let´s choose Mainstream as an example. Inside the vertical you can find your Smartlinks
and codes for each advertising method: Popunder, Overlay, Banners, and
Redirections. In the last tab you can check the current
opportunities for Smartlink that will help you to make a decision and go where the money is! And… Don’t forget about your friends! Enter Referrals section to get your Referral
Link and share it with your friends! Once they create an account, you’re going to earn 5% from their
revenues for the next 12 months. Apart of Smartlink you can also use our
Single Offers – which is the next tab. There you can dig into all the best performing
offers we have prepared especially for you, chosen by our powerful algorithm. Use the filters to target your offer traffic
by country, category, offer type and other options, and apply for the offer once
you’re decided. You can also select to see them by
Top Payout, Top eCPM or Added Date. Once you generate some nice revenues you can withdraw your funds using
the Cashier. As a first time user, you must reach at least 100 euros in
order to upload your documents and start withdrawing your
well-deserved revenues. We support every business day Paypal,
Payoneer, Paxum, Payza payments and twice a week Bank Transfer payments. The last tab is all about your account. Access there to check the basic info and
the details of your account. You can change there your security question,
language, time zone and many more. In the details please fill in your address and below you can manage the notifications
according to your needs. If you need API for statistics or offers you
can also find them here. Right below you can set up the Global
Postback for your account that will apply to all the links you are going
to use to promote the offers. Once you have gone through all the details, don´t forget to check who is your Point Of Contact to solve all the issues and help you with
any doubts you eventually might have. I hope, that after this video you can finally
start earning big with us! Good luck!


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