LEGO Aquaman Black Manta Strike review! set 76095

everybody this is the Lego DC
superheroes Aquaman Black Manta strike set this black manta sub looks very
elegant in an evil way to me until I turn it like this those protrusions
there look really weird and it’s kind of blocking around the sides this was very
striking to me upon seeing it from this angle from these lower angles for the
very first time having the thing actually in person because all the
pictures show it from angles that don’t let you see that weird shape I don’t
think that’s Legos fault I think that’s just part of the cinematic universe
adaptation of the thing that remains to be seen as of the time the recording of
this video the movies not out yet but other than other than that I think this
looks really nice and the thing about this is that yeah it’s supposed to be a
submarine but it looks like it could be a stealth based aircraft it looks like
it could be a spaceship so I think this is gonna be a very versatile toy for
kids to play with it’ll switch this around and pretend to be flying with it
and not just using it in an underwater setting that’s a really cool thing about
this this type of fanciful design it doesn’t look like it has to be a
submarine I think it’s gonna just help with imagination a lot this has the six
stud shooter on the front you rotate this manually to fire off the studs one
by one there’s no gear to mechanism going through it and this also has the
the spring-loaded shooters one on either wing if you will which is good because I
think these are much more useful more accurate and less frustrating than the
six stud shooters these you know fire off the studs and the studs just go
everywhere they give you they give you spares of those but I mean especially in
grey for a lot of surfaces those will simply get lost
whereas these are just brighter easier to see and they work better they knock
minifigures over very effectively they shoot fairly straight I like those
if you don’t want to use them you don’t have to but I think it’s a good play
feature this actually looks whoops haha this actually looks pretty respectable
from the underside there are no weird colors exposed down here the
use the red color for the inverted tiles on here and I think that’s good it’s a
little bit weird that they didn’t put any of those inverted tiles on the on
the very base on the lowest surfaces so if you’re just kind of scooting this
around on carpet these corners will get caught even though even on some harder
surfaces those will get caught but yeah it’s just there for structure but I’m
glad that you don’t get a ton of Blues stole a little bit in there but I’m not
gonna complain about that you can see a little bit of yellow from the back
that’s actually not bad but you know it’s not one of these cases where you
have lots of green and tan and stuff is showing through I hate it when they do
that so I’m glad they’re being a little bit more thoughtful about that and this
has a cockpit that holds just one single figure of course they’re took the hatch
off so you can see in there a little bit more easily
I like the trans red colored windscreen or just front window piece for that not
necessarily a windscreen if it’s being used underground underwater right but
there are a couple of consoles one on either side just a small sticker sheet
for this whole set and you don’t need to apply the stickers if you hate stickers
it really doesn’t take anything away to leave them off and I’m glad that there’s
an actual compartment there for black mantas weapon you know it’s always nice
when they consider that so just in general I feel like this is a very
considerate build it just thinks about or the designer just thought about the
kids that are actually gonna have this in their hands and be playing with it
it’s very very switchable doesn’t have any small items that’ll break off easily
it’s just a good toy I think and then there’s just this one side build with
the shark on top of a bit of seaweed and get a couple little outgrowths of
treasure down there golden color and this to me looks way better than it
should I mean it’s the simplest thing but I really like the use of the dark
blue I don’t think Lego has ever used dark blue for a seabed element before
like that you know and it just I don’t know it looks really grown-up to me and
with the use of the dark green color for the seaweed piece rather than like a
bright green you’ve moved to brighter and brighter
colors and using these darker colors I know it just feels yeah it feels more
appropriate for the current cinematic DC Universe or just DC universe in in
general but especially relatively more recent stuff I don’t know it just looks
it just looks good to me here’s the Momoa Aquaman complete with
his gunmetal gray color Trident with just a little extension for the handle
and a power blast piece in the transparent light blue they have a total
of three of those power blast pieces in this set and I think they’re absolutely
perfect for these characters and they also work well you just aim where you
want pull back push back on on the little extension back here and then
it’ll just fire off they fire fairly straight and it’s just another very
useful item for a play you can actually shoot that you can actually aim and hit
a target with them nice prints for this guy for sure top to bottom
I think and you have pretty good quality overall you do see some seams in the the
pattern for the goal that’s just something that’s always gonna happen
because they have the gold flakes and they kind of flow into the mold and the
print on the back of that torso is very good the alternate face is very good let
me show you what that looks like with hair on it yeah that’s that’s actually
excellent really really captures Jason Momoa and captures the the essence of
alcaman here I think that that torso print with those scales looks just
fantastic with the two different golds and the different amounts of printing on
them that’s that’s so well done it almost looks three-dimensional there I
love that and just looking at the front let me take this weapon of wages so you
can see that a little bit better from some different angles really appreciate
the scales and how they almost appear iridescent yeah
that’s that’s really good stuff and then here’s Mera actually Jang it should be
pronounced “Mair-a” actually it should be pronounced “Mair-a” but it’s pronounced “Mee-ra”
this figure looks great as well not just because of the scale detailing on this
one which features the blue color actually I believe that’s a blue color
printed over silver you know with a transparent coating on that but I might
be mistaken they may have actually mixed the colors together to get the metallic
blue but whatever it is it looks good but I just really appreciate the teal
here the turquoise color and the use of so much of it and it makes this whole
figure stand out this when was the last time you saw a Lego minifigure made with
that much of that color I mean they’ve only recently
reintroduced that color period for use at all I don’t know about this this face
and I might I might see in the movie some some cases where that face shows
through I can imagine Amber Heard making that face but I don’t
know if it quite fits but I guess this one’s okay as well I think the faces for
this one just don’t match as well the character as portrayed in live-action
form as the Aquaman did but still a very good figure a good toy figure
fortunately for Lego they already had this this mold for the Black Manta
helmet you know full head set up and breathing
apparatus and everything so they just needed to set this figure up with the
color scheme and print for the movie adaptation and they were done I think it
looks fine I think it looks pretty good definitely close enough the the prints
on the torso are good I think they could have been a little bit better if they
had gone with a finer print for the black they actually printed black on top
of the black plastic which is a technique that they’ve used a number of
times before I think to better effect than this there is no actual minifig
head beneath there but yeah just if you use finer lines for the black on black
you can create some interesting that when the light hits it right it
really looks interesting and brings in some some different depth and here they
just used really thick outlining around all of the the prints that are already
there which is is okay but yeah I think it just could have been a little bit
better but it’s not bad it’s definitely not bad and I think it’s again pretty
appropriate for the live-action adaptation overall I think this is a
very good set in every way to be honest I’m not even an Aquaman fan not at all
I’ve never been interested in anyway in that character but I can still
appreciate everything that they’ve done here including with the Aquaman figure
itself the price depart ratio is not the best here but I think that’s okay
because to me the price to volume of stuff ratio here is is very appropriate
it just seems right for for the amount of stuff that I see in front of me and
also considering the quality I mean I’m not putting too much weight on the fact
that you know that figure looks looks really nice it’s still just a figure old
really but I think the size of the sub is good the number of figures is good
and even that little side build is nice and usually you know they bump up the
price quite a bit when they include include an animal as well but I feel
like even beyond that just overall this set gives you a proper value and good
quality through and through there you go those are my feelings and I’m sticking
to them thank you very much for watching and I will talk to you in as soon as I
can you


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