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hello everyone this is the Lego Marvel
superheroes Thor’s weapon quest set from Avengers infinity war there are spoilers
in this set related to the infinity war movie so don’t consider yourself warned
you have actually been warned about that and be sure to check out the pinned
comment and the video description if you haven’t seen those already the main
build is this pod that’s intended to attach very well to the main M ship for
this series I’ll show you how that works in a minute
I like the shaping of this it’s a little bit different it has some nice lines
some nice smooth lines you know it’s not that frequent that we see concave curves
on ships especially here just in general really with with Lego build so that’s
nice to see I like how they extended things out with the spoiler or wing
pieces done in the sand blue color at the base just all of this shaping along
the side I really just enjoy putting together with different types of pieces
used to create that effect I think the stickers work really nicely in there I
like how the the dark grey and the light gray kind of interface to each other as
you look at it from front to back or back to front and I also appreciate the
inclusion of this shallower it’s like the TIE fighter canopy piece shallower
dish piece on the back it allows you to have that wide open viewable space
without it taking up the depth of a larger canopy part like this and it went
together pretty quickly no no real crazy special techniques for sure and you can
get into this by taking the roof off here and by opening up this and opening
up this this actually opens down and you fit three people in there so I’ve got
all three of the figures of the set in there at one time the only problem here
is that the accessories do not fit with them so you know what to find some place
to put those I guess you can kind of throw them in there but they don’t have
any clips or anything that that is one thing that’s a little bit missing here
but it’s nice to actually be able to get three folks
into such a small build rocket does have to stand up but I mean he’s gonna have
to stand up because he’s not able to bend his legs anyway they give you two
stud shooters one on either side up here they’re easy to get to I think they
don’t look bad at all the color just fits right in I think the shaping fits
just fine so this doesn’t have much in the way of negative stuff going on for
it oh one other thing that I really like about that design of this is just that
large fender piece now that little bit of curve just sticks out as viewed from
the top doesn’t look as great from the front but as you view it from the side
from the top that’s nice just a type of shape that you don’t frequently see that
you know a little bit of incursion there just a slightly different radius I liked
it now let’s finally check out how the pod attaches to the EM chip from the
Thanos battle set and it’s actually really simple
you have these two locking flaps here in orange that need to be turned up and the
flat flaps in gray just need to be raised up a bit other than that this is
just gonna slide right in uses that extra space and then use the few
technican Ector x’ down at the base it’s actually much better than I expected a
really good use of this large specialized fuselage bar look at that
just slides right in and that’s pretty much it now you can bring these down to
help lock it together and it becomes even more solid I mean I can actually
hold the entire ship from the pod that’s how well those simple connections go
together that’s really good design and I think that looks so much better now so
so much better than just leaving the flat surface on the back this really
really adds this makes for in my opinion one of the best combinations most useful
combinations that Lego has come up with for two different sets in a long time
and in quite some number of years that I that I can recall really just adds
doesn’t take away at all gives you the extra space to put three more figures in
there the the main ship itself will hold four so you know it’s it’s a significant
in prease proportion-wise percentage-wise
yeah it’s smooth it’s slick the add-on is not a particularly expensive set the
lines go together the positions of colors go together kind of flows shaping
the shape of the pod to me just looks really good for that section of the
universe you know the design work that they’ve done for the guardians of the
galaxy stuff has had a certain a certain flavor and this preserves it so I think
it goes really well with the EM ship design yeah I’m really really happy with
this what about taking it off maybe maybe taking an office not as easy well
they give you these – asking me one by two newer style of modified plate pieces
with the bar at either end so that’s easy to get your finger under there and
then pull this straight out now no sweat no problem at all I think you have these
separately you can get this to come down yeah it all just works very nicely
really good design there and then the second build in the weapon quest set is
this Forge or piece of a forge from nidavellir I’m sure I’m pronouncing that
wrong but it’s the same place where Muller was originally forged and the
idea here well I think this is a dramatic simplification of what we’re
actually going to see in the movie and it might not be entirely accurate but
the way that Lego has set it up for the sake of play is that you approach this
and Thor needs to use his you know his energy his electrical power to either
manipulate this device this power device or power it up in the first place to
create something or he can unlock it somehow so that it can release the
weapon and there are two action features the first one is really simple it’s
really basic it’s just a drawer that will reveal the weapon inside the other
one is just to spin this up you know another of those is particularly
interesting I think this looks cool and it helps to support some play patterns
the drawer is maybe a little bit too simple I don’t know I think it’s I think
it’s okay but just not great you know it’s it’s just so simplified with so few
pieces probably because of the budget they just kind of throw the infinity
stone back here the power stone it’s just on a little pedestal I don’t know
if you need to bring that to this to act as one of the elements to help power it
up maybe that’s you know just a story that you can use there there are
definitely possibilities for imaginative play here even if this doesn’t line up
exactly with what happens in the movie which is which is all good actually you
know given that it’s a toy and kids should be encouraged to go beyond the
you know just the story that’s already been written and create their own story
so I’m okay with this it’s just really simple and really limited I think
there’s a look at how Lego did that particular weapon I think that even
without the other leaks that we’ve seen it would be pretty obvious from this
with the use of the twig piece which is really like a a carrot top piece that’s
been recolor to brown we’ve had that for a while but it’s pretty obvious that
that the handle is supposed to come from Groot so that’s where you know Cruz is
gonna really bring his value into this scene and why he’s important for this
this is half hammer and half X and it’s essentially the new Mjolnir for now on
here’s a closer look at the new version of Thor which to me looks a little bit
more generic and simple and plain compared to previous versions you know
it doesn’t look as unique to me and that’s not a lego issue that’s just kind
of the MCU design just personal opinion about that though I think that Lego
perhaps could have put a little bit more depth into the printing by going between
the gray that they used and a different shade or maybe bring you in just a
little bit of gunmetal gray or some silver just to create yeah just just
depth and more shape or illusion of shape there but the designs that are
placed there I think look good this does use the same head as the Ragnarok
with the the lightning coming out of the eyes and he does have both eyes lit up
there and his hands have right now just a little adapter it allow you to attach
the splat and blast pieces so you can create different looks of the
electricity coming out of them that one’s actually backwards there it
actually doesn’t look bad look at it it’s an interesting different way of
doing it but yeah you can attach any of those types of things and they give you
a full set of those in this set including some of the regular power
blast pieces while the second generation ones that don’t actually fire off but
just give you the illusion of a little ball of electricity just coming off a
hand rocket racoon as far as I can tell is exactly the same version as the
guardians of the galaxy 2 version I don’t think anything has changed other
than the blaster but you know it’s something that can always be swapped out
to me this one looks like it’s printed better than the one that I got from
guardians of the galaxy – so everything looks more crisp especially with the the
shoulders with the dark red printing there and also the smile on the
underside of the the snout just looks it’s more clean looks like it’s done
better to me a perfectly good figure I think it’ll be nice to get something
different but it’s it’s not bad as it is you can reverse the tail although if you
do point the tail down then you need to be standing on top of something because
it’s taller than his short little legs and there’s just the rest of print on
the torso on the back lastly here’s the teen angst Groot the nobody understands
me edition version of them I think this looks pretty good it works out just fine
in my opinion just doing a minifigure of this surprisingly so you know we went
from from a full built-up action figure brick-built action figure of them down
to micro fig single piece thing and now they come just right to the middle and
I’m surprised at how well I think this actually works I think the shaping of
head works well the proportions are actually pretty appropriate for an a
Lego a vacation of the character yeah I like it yeah really no complaints
here they only give you one of the the twig style pieces the branch pieces to
show the extension coming out would be nice to get a spare of that as well but
overall pretty well done I think I think one of the most interesting things about
this set is that it is not conflict based it’s not about battle at all there
are no bad guys here there’s nothing to fight against I’m I’m pretty sure that
Thor is going to work with this device here to create his new weapon so it’s
all just a very positive and constructive thing again I don’t think
this looks that great and rocket enemies pretty much the same actually think that
the Thor figure is not that great either Group teen group teen angst group I
think is really good the pod I think is a really good use of pieces and gives
you some some interesting shapes interesting building techniques that are
simple but cool to look at and cool to put together and adds a lot of value if
you get the hem ship also adds a lot of value to that in play and also display I
think both so yeah I think this set is not going to be for everyone I think
it’s not a must buy for for fans of infinity war unless you’re on a quest to
get all the gems and stones in which case you do need to get this one to
complete the collection but I think that if you like what you see if you are into
using your imagination a bit beyond just the exact things that are provided and
the exact story that’s that’s told officially this can provide a lot of lot
of value for kids I think that by itself does not give you a lot of value for
display or collectability unless you’re really just going for the completionist
route but that’s it for my look at this set so thanks for watching and I’ll talk
to you in as soon as I can you


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