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Hello, everyone This is the ultimate Batmobile from the Lego Batman movie scene it is a large vehicle But it is not hollow it is very dense inside thus there is a whole lot to look at here so let me dig right in now you can readily [see] that there [is] a lot of Brick built detail in this thing it took me about three [hours] to put this together I was not rushing, but I was not going as slowly as I could it either [it] says on the box recommended for ages 10 to 16, and I really felt that complexity as I put this together There are many small details that need to be aligned properly There are many sub assemblies [that] connect to yet other sub assemblies to create Larger combinations of things and they need to be aligned carefully there’s a lot of studs on the side construction There are a lot [of] techniques of assemblies [that] have to be put together with multiple pins that have to be Kind of coaxed to go together at the same time It’s not for beginning Lego builders this felt like an advanced model it also used a lot of stickers so if you hate those You’ve been warned The good news is that Because there is so much brick built detail here if you choose to leave off the stickers or at least most of them You’re not going to be missing a whole lot. Yes, they add fine texture with some of the signage and the Rivets and such but they’re definitely not necessary [there’s] a lot of both surface texture and just overall shape to this whole thing let you put together with just the parts they also have enough different colors and the Change of color from part to pardon from Angle to Angle to still show you the lines Without having any of those extra decorations at it on the most important feature of this set is that it splits up into multiple? substantive vehicles that make sense you’ve got a batwing sort of thing back here which just Lifts straight up. We’ll look at that separately we’ll look at each of these Assemblies separately once you take that off Well, you could also or even before you can also just separate out the front section. Which is the main part of it and may Batmobile if you will, but this back here is also able to kind of close up to make itself look more Natural now I can pull these things back pull these things back. This is a vehicle of its own it has four wheels and tires and stuff that it can do and It’s one more vehicle. That’s hidden inside of this thing and pull these two kind of engine covers up Slide this right on out, and that was actually [robin] inside of there who you could see inside the cabin he slides Right on out with this vehicle Which can be used as a hovercraft [like] this But the intent is that you would then will take these down to create sort of a motorcycle like things So there you go four separate useful vehicles out of one the main vehicle looks almost good enough to be sold as a set just by itself the only thing that takes away from it is the open hollow space when You remove the robin cycle vehicle, you can see that light just shining right through behind Batman I like the red lines that go down the sides which are continued on to some of the other vehicles as well with the does on the side construction the Stickers do really help with that I like the grill at the front uses interesting parts They’ve got four stud shooters here to actually physically shoot with those fire off silver Studs, and they give you some extras of those and then they’ve got [you] know pretend things as you can shoot from these can be Rotated around a little bit hard, but you can make those turn these can represent some sort of Shooting taking some sort of cannon up there some sort of gun these can come out on the sides to represent guns as well And you’ve got the [finn] get the boosters on the back I like what they did with the wheels again leave the stickers off if you want you still look good you know just the Kind of pinstriping that they’ve they’ve set [up] with this thing and you can put the boosters down if you want to Actually takes up some of the space in the back So doesn’t look quite as open and it all is perfectly fine the way that they’ve set up the axles You can actually cause these things to pinch up a little bit It’s another place where you need to exercise some care, but you know just with standard technique Protocols of putting things together making sure that you have looseness in axles It’ll actually run quite nicely with these semi a pneumatic real rubber tires that are have a good size And it has a decent amount of ground clearance so you can take this over carpet. Yes, those stickers do say Recreational vehicle now this has the backwards x-Wing style Canopy which I think actually looks pretty good like that And they definitely give it a good space here to fit in with the help of these bars that are connected along the sides that Provides just a little bit of framing for the thing so that you don’t get some awkward gaps this just opens forward Batman himself Have to lean back quite a bit But and there’s enough angle there that it doesn’t look like he’s entirely just staring at the sky when he’s at the controls He does have a steering [wheel] down in there And that is way way far away from his his hands unfortunately And there’s no detailed console or anything inside [Robin’s] bike is obviously small and fairly simple So it’s going to be the least impressive of the items here It’s nice to get those quarter around tile pieces and also the trends yellow Kind of tooth pieces used on it. So some nice parts and also this red harness piece That’s used to create a little bit of a roll cage around him it is Unfortunate that his hands have to go up so far to grab on to the handlebar Handlebars there it would have been nicer to have a lower placement for that and it’s got the the exhaust Pipes on the back which are angled up nothing that you can actually do with this other than just drive it around It doesn’t have anything that that shoots off however I do very much like the transformation to this form because this seems like a Better way to actually use this vehicle use it as a hovercraft [use] it as a speed or something that could actually? You know fly around a little bit you just imagine it leaning in turns and especially with how excited He looks it Just looks like this is what he would prefer to do as opposed to writing it more as a bike now this winged vehicle to me is Absolutely perfect this definitely could have been sold as its own thing [I] love Everything about this. I feel [like] they did nothing with this wrong. It has a lot of detail it has nice lines that are consistent from front to back has different techniques that are used you can alter the Angles of the wings if you want them to be up like this if you want them to be down like this [you] [know] it’s [actually] useful for attaching the thing and making it look more more like it fits in to the whole Batmobile itself, but it’s something that you can use in the air And I like you’ve got different thrusters on the back It has two spring-loaded shooters that you can operate from back here as well I guess this area doesn’t look that great, but it doesn’t look that bad I mean, they even added in Some extra texture in this section here which they didn’t need – that really helps with the look of the thing makes it look more like this is intentional all the stuff on the back like angles of these parts here for the stabilizers these small builds were nice [I] don’t think I’ve seen Lego do that before this is a that The core of it is a flick fire missile, and they use this relatively new Space or technics Spacer piece to fit over that give it just some nice shaping nice shaping all throughout nice small details The pilot does have to angle up just a [little] bit, but it’s not too bad Yeah, I mean and again the use of this same type of canopy piece in reverse to give a nice shape that just looks Good to me good use [of] these vertical fins on the sides to help frame that so again You don’t get a lot in the way of gas There’s a little bit of gap there, but that’s perfectly acceptable to me this opens up, and it does have a console That’s a sticker piece right there showing some status of what’s going on with the craft and it has two control sticks as well What more could I [possibly] ask for and then there’s this? Which reminds me [just] a little bit of the arkham asylum? Batmobile because of the whole cab forward structure of it. This is very heavy Surprisingly heavy for its size It doesn’t look particularly interesting from the side But it does have a lot of very intentional shaping That’s built into it and this one has to do the most work of any of the modules To adapt to the ultimate Batmobile form you know you have these parts That get turned in because this becomes the back of the ultimate Batmobile, so these are thrusters for that but in this form you can see them as As cannons or some sort of shield generator array, or some sort of sonic weapon or something you can use your imagination for that? but intended to Be driven like this. I appreciate the inclusion of extra details down here. You know just on the parts that normally are hidden away So that makes it look more complete when it’s in this standalone form this section back here on the roof Moves a lot when you’re putting it into the ultimate Batmobile combination this has to sit on the roof of the front section and it also creates the docking bay for the aircraft and There is a so these two clips here are the things that connect to the the main section? That’s that’s one thing That’s not done [also] Well that those two clips are the only things that connect the main Batmobile main front to this rear So if you try to pick the whole thing up from the back then the front will tend to fall off and is something To watch out [for] but this is able to shoot more than anything else in the set can because it has these two Six stud shooters well not either side, so that’s a lot of firepower that’s available there more than with anything else and It’s it’s valuable in that sense, and it does roll around Just fine. It does have four wheels you know it’s not scraping the back of it has not quite so much Ground clearance especially at the rear but it’s able to run around just fine It’s a nice sturdy structure, and they’ve used that same canopy piece here But in kind of the correct way if you originally intended way, just makes for a different look. [I] think it looks good It’s there’s not a lot for Driving compartment here the entire compartment is angled in such a way that The pilot or the driver here is angled back a lot, but yet. It doesn’t look like he’s looking at this guy again It’s it’s good enough You know it looks like he’s looking out towards the front a lot of these Vehicles and craft that lego does have that driver of the pilot leaning practically on their back, and it just looks silly to me But this actually works and he has two control sticks They’re probably tank style control and you have another console and that is just another sticker plus behind the cockpit in storage for minifig weapons, so a couple of Katanas there a couple of batarangs one of the Batman one for that girl and More stickers of course, but those just represent consoles that’s a place where you could bring some figures in you probably want to remove the weapons first and Remove those clips to actually allow a figure to sit down in front of one of those Might be able to do a little bit of rearrangement to make that work better for you, but again It’s nice to get more small detail inside of this thing one last thing [that] gets built is this bat signal It’s the largest bat signal I believe that Lego has released as an official set it is the third bat signal that we’ve gotten For [the] Lego Batman movies there was this one which was a nice build they also did a really small one as well now These used printed pile pieces to give you the the bat signal itself that that shape This one uses a printed dome [trans] black or trans brown dome piece and it has inside of there a light brick you push on this little button on the back of it and A light brick actually lights up now. That is able to transmit through there and the light brick gives you Light [that] is sufficiently focused to actually project a bat image onto a wall [it] doesn’t have infinite distance Because of just the light itself is only but so bright But it really does working even need to have a room completely dark to be able to see that effect That is very nicely done, and [this] is able to rotate around 360 degrees [you] could probably see this as as a switch for minifigs to actually pull to turn on and off but for us huge figs as humans we use this and It has a low friction gear on the side to keep it from falling down and falling around So this is also very nice, [and] it’s able to even point straight up So if you want to [project] on the ceiling you can do that as well well then Minifig wise of course Batman and Robin are included in this set but they’re really not big deals here because there are plenty of ways to get them in there in just their regular outfits for the Lego Batman movie as is batgirl over on the right there are all nice figures, but this alfred, Pennyworth in bat suit Outfit is a much more special thing to me has that nice print for the hat It’s exclusive has his exclusive face print and has the exclusive torso print makes that a particularly collectible figure in my opinion My favorite that is my favorite out of all three of these, but I also very much appreciate the side printing on the legs and the arms [for] batgirl and also the dual molded legs and dual molded arms for Robin so really Batman is the least Interesting [thing] here to me personally of course that girl gets her Pony tail that is attached to the back of the outfit she [has] her alternate face no alternate base for alfred because he has to Always show his head the back of his head good alternate face for Robin pretty plain one for Batman there this is a new style. Cape. This is a new style Cape in terms of the be soft material, but these are the older style that are more crinkly? And you can’t just flip them up without causing damage So with those removed you [can] see the rest of the back prints for the torsos which are pretty good and I want to especially call out the small little freckled dots on the sides of Robins very very tiny details that are nice to get in it a lot of a lot of texture You know it’s small [and] subtle and here are the normal faces without any pieces of headgear obscuring them I’ve really been looking forward to Polkadot man I think he’s going to prove to [be] a particularly popular figure, and I’m happy that they included the stand for him as well That’s a new piece for Lego. It’s a [4] by [4] by [1/3] modified tile piece with two studs in the center And it’s an exclusive print for this set specifically to go with polka dot man himself the print actually extends Beneath the feet here’s a closer look at just the figure as well as the wicked witch why is the wicked witch included in a Batman set because it’s from the Lego Batman movie which is spun off from the Lego movie, so they’re able to use a little bit of imagination cross themes and Cross dimensions if you will now as far as the comparison between this version of the wicked witch [and] the version that we got previously for Lego dimensions It’s close. It’s very close as a matter of fact it’s possible It’s supposed to be identical, but these were just done in different batches possibly on different machines the way they were printed There’s slightly different thicknesses in some of the lines But I think they’re supposed to actually be exactly the same now polka dot man has printing all over them got printing on the sides of the legs and the the bits of dots that Cross from the front to the sides are lined up very well. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good they miss just a little bit underneath the Lake where the curve comes to an end [there’s] just a little bit of gap there But all told I think it’s a pretty exciting looking figure a pretty cool looking thing I’ll probably be looking for an extra one of these myself just to have an extra set of these Interesting parts even as a nice printing on the top of the helmet Alternate face for this guy is pretty significant Very very expressive, and there is a nice back print for the wicked witch But she does not get an alternate face because of the type of headgear that she wears which would show that alternate face All of the time there’s [queerer] look at their faces with one of them a little bit askew Last but not least there are two flying monkeys included for the [wicked] [witch] to command and surprise they actually came up with two Separate face prints for them so nice little luxury dual molded heads to get the two major colors they’re dual [molded] arms as well with printing on the sides of those arms the colors the major colors there are sand blue and The lighter then medium blue color that I tend to call baby blue or powder blue It’s a bright light royal blue or something like that not medium blue it’s it’s lighter than [that] the minotaur style legs done in sand blue with Printing on the front [they’ve] got the tails there which are reversible but if you reverse them with the wings on They tend to get in way now those are soft pieces so they can bend a little bit and take some of this stuff off And there’s the back printing for the torsos no alternate faces for these heads because they are molded all together as one piece It’s not over a regular mini-state head underneath these are so much better looking than the buildable one They did for Lego dimensions but it does give me a good amount of extra respect for the build of That original one because the proportions are really good and if you kind of blur your eyes you can you can really see what they were going for Given that, it’s made of bricks. That was actually a very good effort final analysis I think this is a fantastic set if you want a challenging build a lot of playability with the finished product and You’re willing to look at things in a silly way. I really feel this is one of [the] most serious Silly sets that Lego has ever made and it’s well done so that’s it for my look at this set and now it is your turn as always to share what you think about it with myself and the [rest] of the viewers by leaving a comment down below With [your] honest opinions including if you like this if you dislike this or you have kind of a list of your favorite and least Favorite things I appreciate your time. Thank you for watching [and] I’ll be talking to you again soon


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