LEGO City Donut Shop Opening review! 60233

hey everyone this is the lego city donut
shop opening set yes everything that you see on screen right now is one single
set a lot of people have been looking forward to this since the initial
pictures of it were revealed I’m going to get in and show you all of its
components up close but first of all this comes with a bunch of minifigures
so let’s get through some of those the donut shop that’s opening in this donut
shop opening set is technically a coffee shop so they give us to coffee shop
baristas they use the non gender-specific
torso which works perfectly well for each of them and I really like the
medium nougat color of hair for the one on the right no alternate faces there’s
also a toy store in the set so they give us a couple of patrons for that parent
and child and the kid also comes with a skateboard which is just a plain one and
an orange color but it’s nice to get you know one extra thing to do in this set
once again no secondary faces a news van has come
out to cover the opening of the coffee shop or donut shop so we get a reporter
and a cameraman there are two light gray colored plane microphones between them
one of them installed on the camera and the other one just held here’s a little
bit of cops and robbers action on the left is a new named character for lego
city for 2019 it’s duke detain i do not know what the inclusion of this new
character means for the classic chase McCain but Duke detain is going to be
the new main police star for 2019 and possibly beyond and this one actually
does get an alternate face let’s see what that looks like with the hair
framing it up very thick eyebrows and in the city maybe writing a police
motorbikes so for the sake of safety he also comes with a motorcycle helmet and
lastly these are two driver figures on the left is the driver of the truck and
operator of the crane that will be hoisting the big donut you see in the
background up on top of the new shop and on the right is a taxi cab driver of
course if you want you can make either of these people be anything you want
them be all right let’s take a look at this
donut shop but first Tony Stark me anything here not included right so this
is not a bad little shop it’s way bigger than Lego usually does for small stores
like this it’s a clever use of the extra large LEGO Technic Fender piece for the
awning for this and I think the highlight here is the donut itself the
inside you know the hole is a bit large but I really like the pieces I like the
color and I like the prints that’s right all four of those those pieces there
those quarter pieces in the dark pink color our prints no stickers they needed
to do this because you know they’re curved pieces and they don’t like
forcing people to put stickers on curves especially if they’re compound curves
and that actually has some thickness to it it’s not just a facade they actually
have the same shape around the back so it’s a fairly complete ish donut with a
very large center hole and it has a little bit of an action feature to
explain that first I need to show you the ATM which is going to get robbed by
this dude supposedly it’s a nice little ATM it’s one of my favorite ATMs that
they’ve made to date and I know that I’ve said that before with other ATM
builds but this is just right I like its size maybe it’s a little bit tall but
you know uses one sticker and one print and it’s pretty proper and you can open
up the base of it and the idea is that you would you know try to get into it
you can put some money in there they actually have one single extra $100 100
currency unit piece right there it’s so 1 by 2 tile that you they have you just
slit in between it’s kind of weird to get to it you really have to pull this
apart doesn’t really want to slide out on its own because there’s a lot of
friction in there that will hold it in place but I guess if you want you could
just have it kind of like that but at any rate the criminals gonna try to
break into it and you’re gonna have just some random minifigure come along and
when you start anything believer back here which will pop the donut off and
donut goes rolling around and if the person is in exactly the right spot
he’ll get squished by the thing and this isn’t very consistent and where it rolls
I’m going to try this one more time right here based on just where it rolled
that time will it actually hit him oh it did it did yes so yeah that’s the spot
right there where you want to put the dude and then this will just roll off
and it actually rolls pretty well it has some some heft to it and it will keep
going so that’s that’s kind of cool for some scenarios that you might want to
come up with although it is very cruel if you really think about it I mean it’s
just robbing an ATM you’re gonna crush him with this giant what two-ton donut I
don’t know about that it seems like some brutality kind of thing the inside of
the shop is decently sizable I mean it’s not cramped at all there’s plenty of
space to put figures in there including seating a couple of customers there at
the booth and this is a very large little display case that they have for
showing off some of the sweets and treats that are available so they have
different types of prints and glad that they use those and you know didn’t just
then just repeat a single design or something and behind here I mean there’s
even room behind the counter so you can actually have both of the barista
figures working here at the same time and actually in the place and there’s
just a counter back there got the coffee machine a couple of coffee mugs and
above using a single sticker is the menu and then check this out this little
three wheeler it’s like the old-school version of a mobile app it brings the
service right to you I like this it’s compact but it has enough stuff on it
there are some treats you know four individual pieces there plus a couple of
coffee cups the disposable kind and the dispensers are on the front they’re a
little bit low that’s where the coffee is supposed to come out I do wish that
was set up a little bit higher because it feels like you’re gonna be reaching
down out and I just doesn’t feel clean or proper that way it just feels like it
should be up higher also there’s a little bit of false advertising going on
here they show that they sell croissants but there’s not a single croissant to be
found in this set so I’m not happy about that I might
have to talk with the City Council about who they’re letting in to this city but
check this out the white piece it’s a new part I’m sure that the Lego
designers tried to use the existing Lego bike frame and it’s single stud
attachment point on the front to make something work but they ended up
ordering up a new part and this is very secure it actually is not able to steer
the way that it’s attached right now you can attach it in a way that would allow
it to articulate it at the center if if you like but yeah it’s very effective
and it sits just above the ground so the stand there is not actually in contact
so you can still roll this back and forth there using a regular traditional
style of bike wheel at the back and then these up front are the newer style of
wheelchair wheel which are compatible with standard LEGO City style axles
here’s the toy store and I’m sorry this is just not as good as the donut shop
not at all I like the lime-green facade portion of it
stickers are really really important they add a lot of the visual interest in
what you’re seeing here you got a couple of balloons up top I don’t know
what type of toy that net is supposed to be it doesn’t seem like it would
necessarily be a safe toy or something that would be good for kids in general I
mean it’s a net what and that size I don’t know
sticker over here okay so they check this out there they show that they’ve
got this new crime-fighting bear right stuffed bear with the hat and the badge
and everything but you look in the window there’s there’s the bear does not
have the badge or the cap again false advertising what is going on in Lego
City in 2019 I feel like there needs to be some other type of investigation and
not just going after robbers with Donuts anyway also have a swimming at a toy
guitar back there it’s in just a dark as your color you look around the back of
this or you side it’s it’s kind of plain I don’t
know just compared to the donut shop it’s it’s just not as good the little
propeller spinner is new on top of the cap there so you can buy that and that
just uses a mini peg attachment so it fits into anything that has a mini pig
hole on it including an inkwell piece if you want to make your own micro scale
helicopter with it or airplane with it that’s probably its best use and then
they have a suggestion of a toy steam engine back there as they usually do and
here’s the checkout register which customers can get to maybe you can do
self checkout or something I don’t know this is supposed to be the mom figure
but you could use her as an employee of the store I suppose if you want I don’t
know this is just kind of blocky and plain and kind of feels 2010 ish to me
Oh almost forgot there’s also a little sign you put outside to advertise the
cap with the propeller on top the semi rigged with crane is pretty impressive
quite a lot of the parts of the set actually go into building this and it’s
sort of just an accessory the whole idea with this and why it’s included with
this set is that this would be used to transport in the donut that has been
just just manufactured so I’ll show you how the crane works here it actually has
a worm gear with the gearbox there so it’s able to raise its boom up and you
also can extend that out so you can get more length out of it they’ve got a
fairly long Technic lift arm in here sometimes they don’t do that I’m glad
that they did include I think that’s as far as it’ll go and see one more yeah it
still goes and that’s getting kind of dicey yeah so just put it right there so
that’s the that’s the maximum reasonable extension for it but it’ll go up pretty
high to have just a chain here that you can wrap around your cargo this can
rotate around full almost 360 degrees if you move this out of the way then it’ll
go farther but it has plenty of range you also have outriggers here that come
all the way out which is great and angle down and that goes on both sides
so I can bring those all the way this far forward see the thing just just
sprawls out more and more and more it is definitely pretty impressive but the
idea is that this would be transporting the donut so you would just be carrying
it along that’s what this receptacle back here is for and it holds it
securely enough also includes a couple of tools got the wrench here and hammer
on the other side this is set up as a lowboy so it’s nice and low to the
ground or as low as reasonably possible there I think and this is not using a
preformed large trailer piece you build all of this up and it’s one brick thick
but made with plates you can see the sandwich chain over there of the
different plates to give it its thickness there’s a little bit more in
the back you fully build up the cab section here you know the actual proper
truck part of it has a slightly different design for the front that I
like I like the angles there like how that all goes together got that sticker
there as well which definitely adds a lot to the look yeah it’s it’s not that
different in its overall construction from things that Lego has done for quite
a number of years now in the city lines but I think it looks it just looks
pretty good to me and it does have open of old doors
everybody loves OpenAL doors even though they don’t do anything you can’t really
get a figure in and out there but it’s it’s all good and to get access inside
the cab just remove the roof as usual and inside seating that is offset which
is good and they have the all-important coffee mug and if you run out of coffee
of course once you get the coffee shop opened up then you can get your refill I
don’t know if they’ll refill in two mugs but you can just get a coffee in a
disposable cup and then just empty it into your mug looking around the back
the truck also has taillights and license plate but they did not make it
easy to detach the trailer that is on a turntable there so it’s intended to stay
together this news van is actually pretty nice
the front end of it the absolute from the grill section is not that
interesting you know it’s it’s flat and kind of plain but all around it looks
pretty good with the use of the the notched in angled one by twos and
there’s a little bit of interesting shaping going around the running board
area they actually use the two by six double rounded plates there so you can
see what rounds in to the side it’s just giving you a little extra little extra
texture with the the shadows that are formed there a little bit of open a bowl
storage space there’s not a whole lot that you can put in there but at least
your your microphone can be placed in there the individual one there’s plenty
of space inside of this so opening this up you can actually do some broadcasting
from within there you see that they’ve got some consoles over there printed
ones old-school ones but they’re good and you can raise the transceiver here
to get some good reception and all of this opens up so that’s really how you
would get your access in there to put figures in but closes up nice and neat
as well this is the ladder to get up on to the top to raise this up or change
its angle I’m assuming nowadays that would be either automated or at least
remotely controlled from inside but still you know helps to offer the option
for the sake of play no OpenAL doors on this one but I’ve got a centered driving
position nothing fancy there and just a steering wheel that’s that does trick
you know and looks pretty cool it’s definitely something that can be used in
most Lego cities and well outside of the context of this specific set the taxi is
just a taxi you know nothing special about it in fact it looks kind of old
and it’s designed because they use those off-road style tires that they used
years ago in Lego city I wish they would just switch over to the narrower wheels
if they’re going to use these fender flares and everything just looks so much
better if you don’t have them so large like that but the taxi will hold one
single passenger they’re just barely just behind the
driver and you know as usual you open up the roof to get access in there and
there’s nothing else to see except for just the steering wheel this does its
job but I really wish they had done different wheels for Tony Stark
minifigure not including here’s the last thing it’s Duke detains motorcycle and
it’s just using the most recent version of a sport bike faring from Lego
typically these bikes aren’t very useful to me just in my own opinion especially
compared to the older larger ones had more attachment points but they’ve done
a decent job here of at least including the lights and a couple of accessories
that can clip on to the sides here are the spare parts left over from zet and
I’ve kind of moved some of the more interesting things off to the right
including one each of the different types of treats that are served at the
donut shop or coffee shop the light gray colored microphone and
also it seems that Legos policies to always include two spares any time they
have at least one of these micro propeller pieces I’ve seen that in two
sets in a row now it feels to me like Lego has made a big summer season lego
city set that’s really expensive here but that is actually worth the money I
mean I did a little thought experiment on it just figuring out you know what I
kind of would feel the value is here and I went really really super conservative
like $20 $25 for all this here 20 for all of this including the donut 15 I
don’t think a $15 of value over there I figured the news crew with the van would
typically be a $20 set just based on the size there I gave this five bucks and
then you know you do another 5 bucks for some of the other stuff if you’re
keeping track there and you did the math that’s $90 that I came up with in value
based on what I see here and what do you know
it’s $90 u.s. I think the value is there and I didn’t try to do that I did not
try to you know make excuses for the price the actual price I
started just like I just said in the same order even and just ascribed value
based upon what I see and what I think is is fair although I probably wasn’t
fair to the tourists door but then I feel like it’s not quite fair to us it
needs to be better get better toy store so I think that Lego has actually done a
pretty good job here of putting together an interesting set with some interesting
things that’s interesting that’s interesting that’s really cool
this is done surprisingly well it’s one of the highlights of the set that needs
to be better sure this is good enough just the tires are old don’t do those
tires wheels like that anymore if you’re gonna do them put them in narrower
talking to you Lego you well you’re not a oh well
anyway I wish that I could make that go away overall though pretty fun set right
lots of useful stuff good looking stuff at a reasonable price if you want to see
how this all went together I did record the build as usual and I’ve got the
normal speed real time build with no musical accompaniment and no steps
skipped whatsoever it’s the whole enchilada or the whole donut weight
donut hole now that’s the hole in the donut is too big anyway I also did the
speed build version so if you don’t have an hour and a half or so to watch this
being built in real time they have already sped it up for you and there’s a
little bit of music for that one but that’s just more of the traditional
speed build style check out whichever one of those is your speed and I will
talk to you again soon in my next video thanks for watching


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