LEGO Hidden Side Shrimp Shack Attack + AR App gameplay & review! 70422

hello everyone this is the Lego hidden side shrimp Shack attack set wanna see something cool check this out
regular Lego set more than just a regular Lego set we’re gonna take a look
a little bit more at the augmented reality angle of hidden side with this
specific set a little bit later on in the video I just wanted to give you a
little tease of it but first let me go through the main stuff the usual stuff
for me of just looking at the physical product itself including the builds and
the figures these are the two main protagonist figures with Jack on the
left and Parker on the right they have all new prints as well as two new molds
one each for the head gear got the dual molded on the left the dual molded hood
for the hoodie with the cap built into it and on the right got the kind of I
guess knit cap that’s supposed to be a little bit loose fitting and the
lavender colored hair also like I said new prints for these all through and
through each one comes with a mobile device phone with a unique print on it
the one on the right is printed in the new well relatively new coral color and
these also have alternate faces for them I’ll also show you how that gets framed
up by the headgear like so and there is that there’s only one thing that I don’t
like here between these two it’s just a little bit cringing I’ll let you see
what the rest of the face looks like but just on her jacket the little thing it
says yo like come on and then these are the shrimp shack employees chef Enzo on
the left and Sally on the right and you got that bright light aqua color for
Sally a little bit of sand green for chef Enzo including the hip piece going
into tan pretty nice prints on these also brand new prints for them and one
alternate print between them they also get some alternate headgear and then
more stuff for when they get possessed by ghosts so the chef gets extra tall
gains an extra set of arms as well gets the special piece that is the
like bright spring green colored cleaver there and then Sally gets also a new
head the heads are separate and this special hairpiece I can still come off
and expose the special head underneath which is the neon transparent greenish
yellow color well quite a quite a difference there and then here’s a
patron named Ronnie I don’t think there’s anything new on him but
completely new is the single piece Friendly Ghost dog named Spencer has a
single anti stud on the underside that allows them to look a little bit like
he’s floating dual moulded with kind of marbled in white with the trans clear
base color for it looks a little bit crystalline around the back and just
kind of looks like he floats around and I mean it’s a dog so of course it’s
gonna be Fran lean dogs don’t don’t hold any evil in their hearts so let’s take a
look at this main build then this is well it’s a little bit of terrain and a
small building and a nice large sign that’s fully built up now hidden side is
a very specialized and stylized theme however everything that is here in my
opinion could be dropped right into a city scene or a town scene you know a
realistic setting this is designed to be at least as realistic as some of the
best stuff that they’ve done in the the city line possibly even even better and
in my opinion at least you know I think it’s up to par with some of the creator’
stuff so I’m the Creator expert stuff this is really designed to be very
realistic much more realistic than it truly needs to be and I appreciate that
because it’s going to help it to appeal to more different types of people who
want to buy LEGO sets for different reasons and this is all just regular
stuff here you know another then the monster related stuff none of the
haunting none of the ghosts related stuff is here look you can
flip these up to open the shop up and then a person can go up to the window
and they can order and it’s all just pretty normal and then looking around
the back inside of the shack I mean look at this you got a tiled checkerboard
style floor you’ve got some realistic ish looking furniture you got cooking
equipment there again this is just good-looking stuff with some nice builds
it’s fairly basic but more than well detailed enough even a little bit of
stuff outside again detailed it’s really not necessary but I mean you’ve got
different types of food in here with the poultry leg couple of fish and then a
you know just assume that that’s a delivery or something and a little bit
of foliage going around the outside that you can see from the other side with
some some roots that are going down into the the swamp or whatever is supposed to
be supposed to be back there the only thing that is obviously haunted or
haunted looking or spooky around the back is the sign and there’s also this
eye up above the idea here is that when this place gets haunted the sign gets
rotated out and then the eye gets rotated around in the place of the open
little sub sign and then things are starting to look a little bit weird a
little bit off the eye itself by the way the eyeball that is a printed inverted
to a two round tile now let’s keep that theme going let’s make things even more
haunted I’m just gonna pull these halves apart I’ve got some some weird-looking
stuff going down there with a couple of teeth and I don’t what is that like the
surface of a monster tongue or something it’s looking pretty weird behind this
sign is also hidden in a small eye so that can reveal itself and then over
here there’s a small action feature that’s just it’s a basic thing but it’s
built in with a small thing you turn around the back and this flips up and
there’s another mouth more of these bright green colored teeth red inside to
represent the inside of a monster II type mouth in all it’s not a very
dramatic transition definitely not as traumatic
as in some of the other hidden side sets but when you point your phone or tablet
at this with the hidden side app which is a free download through the Apple App
Store or the Google Play Store it’s not available on every single device
unfortunately there are certain requirements minimum requirements for
your your device you have to look those up on LEGOs own site to check or just
check in the App Store your App Store itself but once you use that then you
get into the augmented reality experience which works pretty dang well
it recognizes the set and then it allows you to really move around you know it’s
looking through the camera and then just adding to what it sees and you can
really move around the space and experience this as if you’ve basically
just added a free backdrop behind it now the actual gameplay experience is not
all that interactive with the model honestly most of what you do is with
your device in your hand you move it around and you look for a predetermined
spots where you can find different different elements and different items
and things that you can that you can open and you can scan or you can get
different rewards and every once in a while
well actually pretty frequently you will find a ghost and that’s again just a
purely virtual experience it looks like it’s a round thing but you don’t really
have much interactivity with the model itself there are just a couple things
that you can change on the model to affect what goes on in the app first of
all in the kitchen in the corner here this little round bit can be rotated
around and it has different colors on it and you need to set that color and then
scan it with your device in order to basically it’s like choosing an element
it’s similar to what they had as one of the things you can do in Lego dimensions
you know you choose a color to match the activity and well that’s just that you
really don’t even need to need to do that I mean it didn’t need to be
designed that way I could have just had you flip through he don’t select a
different element inside of the inside of the app itself
and then over here at the oven and stove there’s actually a I guess that’s like
an exhaust pipe is what it’s trying to represent it’s hooked up to the barrel
up here and you rotate the barrel and then that will reveal the green color
right there which can be scanned again it’s just a special activity thing and
then also the inside of this cabinet is red and that’s another color that the
app can recognize in certain situations and you can actually have a virtual
ghost to fly out of there however I did find that it has trouble seeing that red
you need to kind of pick up the whole thing and make sure that you get enough
light actually going in there for it to even recognize it you know all the app
experience is not too deep of gameplay but it definitely has some repeatability
to it as you upgrade your items and your stats and unlock one major boss fight
there’s also a whole other side of the app where you get to play as the ghosts
and for that you do not need to have any of the physical products and again the
app itself is free basically its development cost was rolled up into the
price of the sets far as I could see there are no micro transactions or
in-app purchases the last physical thing in this shrimp Shack attack set is this
well they call it a go-kart it looks like a pretty large and heavy and well
developed go-kart has a blaster on it a big ol turret for busting ghosts or
blasting ghosts yeah that’s just something that can be man independently
and this one just helped to contribute to your in person physical imaginative
play so come up with your own scenarios or use this however you want uses that
that very old classic car center you know main main body part right there
recolored into a very modern color dark Azure there are the leftover or spare
parts and there are some nice little things in there you know nice colors and
or part molds but you know it’s not a large volume of stuff as you would
expect it’s not that big of a set I like this set
in its normal form without any of the haunting related stuff that’s built into
it and without even the app integration is it worth $50 u.s. well with upwards
of 600 pieces I have to say yes and there’s definitely much more usefulness
to the main build than any other many other $50 sets from from Lego I would
love to see it marked down a little bit but it doesn’t need to go very far to be
in what I consider to be a very reasonable range of price here’s
something that I hate to own I’m gonna repeat this on every single hidden side
review that I do it’s the packaging it looks on a store
shelf like it is a cardboard insert a temporary replacement for products that
aren’t actually there and especially the way that this is done over here I mean
it looks incomplete it looks like a prototype it looks like a coming soon
little insert I literally grabbed for this on the shelf at Target expecting it
to be either empty well to be empty and or attached to the Shelf because I
thought that there was gonna be a slip somewhere where I would you know if I
wanted to actually purchase it I’d have to ask somebody to pick it up from from
the back or something but no that’s the actual packaging looks much more
interesting around the back where you can actually see what you get
so no disrespect to the graphic designers who worked on this I’m sure it
was a rather large team if he was like there’s a little bit of designed by
committee going on with this between the app people app branding people and the
regular physical toy branding people but whoever won out was not the right side
because this does not look like a Lego box to me at all doesn’t sell the
product I don’t know what I’m looking at I think that ultimately this is just
terrible package design check out the build of this set if you’d like to see
the speed build I’ve got that already up and published for you I will link to it
momentarily along with the other option of watching it in real time if you just
want to see that with no music nothing sped up nothing left out whatsoever
choose one if you’d like to I’ll talk to him as soon as I can


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