LEGO Overwatch Wrecking Ball review! 75976

hey all this is the Lego overwatch
wrecking ball set it’s actually fairly compact let’s get right into looking at
its details the pilot of the wrecking ball mech is this super intelligent
genetically modified specimen ate hamster and as a lego model lego piece
it is triple moulded the three colors that you see right here are all
different colors of plastic there’s no printing involved there so you get the
tan the gray and also the flesh tone and that works great and then they also
additionally print on the front for the fur and also of a black color to details
there relative to the size of a minifigure this is more than half the
height of an adult sized figure so it’s like child sized overall and you know
there’s nothing that you can move here there’s nothing you can change but it’s
really really well done I think it’s a pretty perfect
representation of the character in Lego form and it just has a single anti stud
on the underside to connect it to things its seat then has a single stud in the
middle so you just connect that right there and then his head is popping out
at the top if you want to actually put them down into the neck there’s a lever
over on the side here that you rotate and it allows them to just pop right
down or you can extend them up like that it’s a very nice simple little feature
works well you can close up the top of this the mech has the appropriate for
primary gun barrels on the sides and you can angle those in and out these drums
represents the magazines where the ammo would be stored it is unfortunate that
there is no ammo belt connecting into the gun mechanisms themselves but
there’s a reason for that that I will show you momentarily the legs can be
moved around a bit so you can do a little bit of posing
with that to make it angle back and have one just off the ground if you can get
it balanced just right you can kind of move these legs forward and back as well
they are on ball joints an old style of ball joint that’s been around for quite
some time now and it works well I don’t think those have been made in orange
before so there’s a little bit of nice articulation there and a bright color
scheme to go with that none this here opens up Oh most of the
decorations that you see here are stickers
except for this modified windshield type piece right here which actually has a
print on it because it is rounded and were angled on two axes and Lego
typically doesn’t try to make you apply stickers to things that have any any
kind of bend to them or angled to them on more than one axis and this is also a
print back here because it’s a big ol dish and that would be just mean to
force us to actually put stickers all around that and the detailing there goes
actually underneath this plate unfortunately most of the time you’re
not going to see that we do take off this dish here then you see that little
red axle in the center but overall you know the whole thing is very ball shaped
but this is it’s open form and it also is able to fold up a bit to get into a
smaller form so what I need to do here is fold away the guns they just fold
back and I also take the magazine’s fold those up and back
these panels come down that are made with front ends of car pieces and then
the legs themselves just kind of extend back up into the body on either side and
just fold this around now there’s one thing that is a bit missing right here
that needs to be added in and it’s actually a separate assembly bring these
in bring these in the eye oops the eye on the front of the mech
has to get covered up otherwise that’s a soft spot that could be damaged while
this thing is rolling around so you have this just another dish with a small
pointed piece in the center I don’t know if that should be like this or like this
I think it’s more like that it is closer to the proper thing and then just bring
this all up nice and tight and that’s kind of the ball form of it so it’s now
evil supposedly to to roll around let me bring this in just a little bit closer
there yeah close him it it looks pretty proper it looks pretty round but
yeah it rolls the nicest thing here that I was surprised by is that it is durable
enough to do this pieces are not flying off you know I’m being pretty rough with
it this is more rough than you should be with a lego set so that’s actually very
impressive and that I think makes up for a lot of fact that are a lot of feed the
details that that aren’t quite as round as they could be if the designer had
been really just focused on making this as ball-like as humanly possible this is
much more durable than I would have expected especially for something that’s
probably not going to be normally played with – too hard too rough by its target
audience but it allows you and encourages you even to do that to mess
around with it just for the sake of demonstration if nothing else and that’s
pretty cool I have to respect that here’s what it looks like from the
underside if you had any questions about that and this is kind of a hard point
here that will not compress so if you don’t want to worry when the legs are
hot you don’t want to worry about having to pose the legs just right to get it to
look pretty proper when it’s on when it’s on the ground just bring these up
pop that off angle that out like so you can just push it down on the ground and
it’s actually hitting the ground with this point right now just push it all
the way down and then just push the legs down to get it get it a little bit
stable and that’s it you don’t need to fiddle around and get all the legs just
perfect but if you do want them to be up to be a little bit more realistic
then you can take that option and just have it standing kind of on its
tippy-toes you can angle those out if you want to be a little bit more
realistic for the back make it look like it’s a little bit in an action pose if
you want that’s entirely up to you the only one thing that’s that’s truly
missing here my opinion that needed to be here is the ability to angle these
weapons these guns on the sides up and down they they only pivot in and out
they’re not able to rotate up and down that’s just one thing that I think is
slightly missing in terms of how you can pose this up but otherwise I think it’s
pretty successful and that’s pretty much it for this set these are the only spare
pieces left over so let me go ahead and summarize this costs $20 us for 227
pieces and a fair number of those pieces are larger than average it does have a
couple of exclusive and decently large and well done prints it has that
exclusive figure which is triple molded three different types of plastic
very nicely done pretty intricate mold it is to use all three of those colors
and have them sticking out in different places you know it’s not just one spot
where there’s one code in it that shows up so that’s actually really well done
the build is interesting how it goes together you know it’s because it has a
different type of shape than what Lego usually does and then it also has that
durability that’s completely unexpected and the ability to transform which is
not the best you know it doesn’t look completely like a ball when it’s fully
balled up but given the durability like I showed that’s I think they made good
compromises and overall I feel like this is one of the best deals that you can
get in the entire Lego overwatch series at least so far I’m very happy with this
one I think it looks very good on display as well it’s an interesting
curiosity that will make people walk up to walk up to it if they know what it is
they will recognize it immediately if they don’t know what it is they’ll
probably ask and at the very least look at that they’ll look at that specimen
eight there and to find that to be cute and find the entire concept to be cute
which is not Legos own doing but Lego has captured all of that really really
well here so yep thumbs up from me on this set for sure if you want to see how
it went together I’ve got the real-time pure build that I’ve done and also a
speed build it’s much quicker of course you can check those those out on their
respective channels and I’ll talk to you again soon thanks for watching


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