LEGO Star Wars Battle of Endor promo set review! 40362

hey everyone this is the Lego Star Wars
20th anniversary edition Battle of Endor set a gift with purchase that Lego gave
away with qualifying purchases directly from them from shop Lego com and
physical Lego stores around the time of the triple force Friday reveals and
merchandising event for the second half of 2019 this little set is kind of funny
but also kind of cool if you had two tiny AT ST’s here which are built with a
nice level of detail I’ve actually posed mine a little bit more like they show on
the box which is more like they actually appear in the movie with one that
participates in the capture of the rebels momentarily and there’s always
one that’s just walking by in the background going from right to left and
then eventually walking away so I just put that one back there but these are
really nice and actually pose them up a little bit you can rotate the heads and
you can move the legs a little bit to make it look like they’re actually you
know in motion a bit you can also rotate the cannon on the side which is actually
supposed to have represent a grenade launcher that is a print on the front
the same print that was used on the other similar set to this which I will
compare this one to you get some shrubbery you get some small trees
there’s one big tree back in the corner that we’ll see in just a minute those
are supposed to represent stormtroopers there
I’m sure the designer tried many different possibilities for how to
represent little troopers and I think that the decision made in the end was
pretty good that looks pretty appropriate for the size and all and
then this is really cool over here because that’s Han Solo and chewy
on the right with the all Brown Han Solo with just the black and the brown
just getting caught just surrendering themselves outside of the little bunker
and the bunker actually has some texture behind I’m just going to remove this
roof bit so you can see there’s a little bit of texture for that the door section
of it so it’s not just completely flat or plain inside of there and then
there’s that one big tree back in the back just
have little extra contrast little extra visual interest for this whole set and
all of the terrain is built studs on the side so we are looking at the underside
over here and they just have the anti stud side completely exposed when you go
to the other hand and that and rather than leaving studs just has some tiles
to keep it smooth it’s too bad they don’t have an option for making it
consistent from end to end here’s what the whole thing looks like again and I’m
just going to swing it around to the opposite side so that you can see the
level of detail and the level of finish is consistent all the way around this is
not a particularly camera friendly side just because of the placement of the
trees which now block more of the detail but you know if you look at it from the
side it’s not like it looks unfinished over here the only thing that does look
unfinished is like I said just that anti stud end of the terrain I also find it a
little bit awkward that they use so much of the dark gray I think it’s good to
have some difference of color and texture like these ones here especially
that are blended in and don’t have any surround of the gray that they’re
surrounded only by the dark green those look pretty decent to me but the ones
that are out at the edges don’t look quite so good because you can see
basically it’s like a suggestion of rock going down into the terrain which I can
kind of get but I just think it doesn’t look the best if had just one layer of
pure dark green around the edge at the least I think that would have made
things a little better but otherwise I think I complain about this first of all
it’s a gift with purchase nowadays it’s getting more to the point where you do
pay a bit extra to get these because you do have to purchase directly from Lego
and now that Lego has increased their retail prices in order to stop competing
so terribly or actually so effectively against normal retailers their retail
partners it is cheaper it’s becoming increasingly cheaper to get things from
like Walmart Target you know what Amazon or wherever anywhere
other than from Legos so ultimately now the the old argument of you actually pay
for these is becoming much more valid than it has ever been before so
technically you actually do pay for this but in some regions where discounts
aren’t available at non Lego retailers this is more of just a plain pure gift
here’s what it looks like with the other promotional set like it the previous one
which is representing obviously the assault on Hoth from Empire Strikes Back
and you see that the overall design strategy is the same the sizes are the
same and pretty much everything is is completely compatible between the two I
think the proportions are close enough also when you look at the difference
between the a tsts and the ATAT they’re the ATST s are actually a little bit
more like the Empire Strikes Back versions in their overall height but
that’s mostly because they have to double up with the plate and the the
jumper there to get a little extra which gives them a little extra height in
order to have the center mount for the head if they didn’t have to do that then
they’d be definitely more Return of the Jedi scaled but overall you know these
two scenes go together really well which begs the question where is the other one
where is the first one from a new hope we need something to go over here to the
left I’m sure that has to be on its way but I personally haven’t seen it just
yet hopefully it will be a Death Star trench
run one because that’s something that’s pretty exciting and would definitely be
welcomed by many fans I hope that they don’t go for Tatooine which is another
possibility they could do Tatooine with a sandcrawler you know the Lara’s
Homestead early early movie scene but maybe they could do loss Eisley I don’t
know I hope they do the trench run because that would fit with the theme
perfectly I think and just to close things out here are the spare or
leftover pieces from the return the Jedi it’s a nice little scene it’s a nice
scale I feel like it provides a little bit of inspiration probably some folks
will try to expand upon this theme add more things to it maybe add in and end
or 8080 you know make a larger base a larger space you know a larger bit of
terrain that’s represented by it you know there’s just a lot of things that
you could do with this or you could just leave it alone and enjoy it as he is
which I certainly do know price for this one no price to part ratio to consider
but yeah pretty nice little thing I’m looking forward to the next one and I
hope that they do it right I hope they do it as well as they did these first
two if you want to see the builds you can check out the real-time build or the
speed build on my respective channels I will link to both of those right now and
talk to you in soon thanks for watching


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