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hello everyone this is the lego starwars
the last Jedi first order Star Destroyer set the first thing I need to get out of
the way is the fact that this does indeed come with a minifig of Snoke and
it’s official he’s totally not the new Emperor Palpatine for the sequel trilogy
he’s just some random very old very physically deformed decrepid looking
mysterious ultimate overlord of the not empire but first-order and master
wielder and master teacher of the dark side of the force totally not the new
Palpatine but he does have a cool figure I like the two different Gold’s that
they layer up to give the nice shimmer a nice shine to his outfit it got a lot of
folds into his skin not quite as nasty looking as the actual dude in universe
but I think a pretty respectable Lego a vacation of him no alternate face of
course because he doesn’t have hair to cover it up but they have continued the
print pattern around the back which again looks good you just have to kind
of turn it to make sure that the light hits it right for you to truly be able
to appreciate what they’ve done I’ll come back to the rest of the minifigs
later in the video like I usually do but for now I want to focus on the main
thing you actually get with this set officially it’s designated a resurgent
class battle cruiser and I believe this one in particular is supposed to be the
finalizar although I don’t know if there are any specific design cues that you
could tell from the outside that particularly make this the finalizer
other than the fact that it has kylo Ren inside of it and suddenly Snoke as well
most of the time I think Lego has done a really good job of capturing its shape
and the things that make it unique and stand out from the original trilogy era
Star Destroyers the assembly was really good
went together really well has a lot of different texture it’s not a boy
build-it also has a lot of very useful interior space we’ll get to that in a
minute one of the major themes that sets this
apart in its design from those original trilogy our Star Destroyers is the use
of a lot of hollow space which was specifically made to allow star fighters
to to fly through there to give you a little bit of the taste of the trench
run from the Death Star but just going up against Star Destroyers so the
designer has tried to show that tiered design and some of the hollow space by
leaving open areas and creating kind of bridges between different levels using
single stud pieces where possible leaving dark areas behind in many areas
they do use these stud shooters here which I think in general are fine to
include but in this case they can’t even be turned and I don’t like that the fact
that these are just static they will only fire essentially down at
an angle in one direction I think that’s that’s a poor choice there they really
didn’t need to add anything there in terms of action features because in this
case they don’t really contribute much to play since you cannot aim them
basically you can just try to do ship-to-ship
battles with these in broadside formation the bridge area uses some kind
of micro scale style design and just good use of parts to capture the overall
shaping there is a little bit of break to the design and the type of part
texture is used towards the front because once again they’ve included a
retractable handle to allow you to pick the whole thing up the entire ship up
with just one single finger so that actually works well I think that black
axles here would have been much better served but fortunately at least those
are easy to replace if you decide to display this above eye level I think it
looks pretty decent from the underside you’ve got the tops of plates showing
around the sides so that’s much better than under sides of plates for such a
visible area especially just from the side it doesn’t have as much detail as
the top obviously but then the the bottom most level does have the
undersides of plates and those actually don’t look too bad to me I kind of like
their configuration I just don’t like that one red piece that’s a little bit
too obvious there towards the front but that’s another one that’s easy to
replace if it does bug you and I think this thing looks pretty decent from
around the back not too much in the way of poor color choices here you have that
one tan piece there but I don’t think that stands out too much and some of the
smaller Technic elements in blue and red don’t really bug me so much here I do
like the arrangement of the engines but this could have used a little more
detail for the sake of display to open this up you flip the bridge back first
to give some space for the side panels to open up and all this just folds out
in two large assemblies per side now none of this is intended to look good
and therefore it doesn’t it just exposes exactly how this was built with up to 11
plates of thickness at the tallest part the actual minifig accesible interior
space though is really good very generous with plenty of spaces to seat
figures and to stand them most of the walkways have three stud width and some
areas have more than that you know when they take things down to a 2 stud width
that’s absolutely the minimum really makes it difficult to pose your figures
the way that you want they do use some stickers here to really good effect I
think they’re absolutely critical and important to just really make everything
pop but you see also a bunch of printed console pieces down there in the pits on
either side of the the walkway there there is a pretty stickered console
piece towards the front but look at this over here in the middle little stairway
that’s nice it looks appropriate with just that stack of the spoiler or wing
pieces a bunch of stickered console pieces over here again that I think look
really good and again there’s plenty of space you could put three figures into
this one room without them banging elbows against each other you know it
actually looks useful and usable a couple of clips off
to the side to hold on to some minifig accessories and then the other side over
here is not exactly the same they’ve got a conference room table there alright
again more space another console back here
that could be used for controlling something I don’t know what exactly but
it looks pretty good that’s a droid we’ll look at with the figures but this
is kind of a working turbolift I mean it’s absolutely minimal and there are a
bunch of red Technic pieces around here but the idea is that you can put a
figure on to that brick right there right to simulate the operation of a
turbo lift they’ve got just kind of a track for this guy to move up to the
next level now regular stormtrooper probably
wouldn’t be going up to talk to Snoke but suddenly this is snoke’s
throne room right where he’s done his holographic projections from that is not
very impressive itself you know it’s really really minimized and maybe a
little bit disappointing maybe they’ll eventually do a throne room set just
separately we’ll see but the set does include an additional one of those
little holographic pieces that was originally used to represent Palpatine
but here it’s representing kylo Ren or is it when you close this up you can’t
have figures standing absolutely everywhere there are kind of some unsafe
spaces around the edges but you can leave figures in fairly realistic
positions throughout much of this you just have to lean Snoke back and then
all of this is able to come together nice and safely and securely to store
all your figures or just to fly them away we’ve already looked at Snoke so
here on the left is a first-order officer unnamed and on the right is a
first-order shuttle pilot just he’ll be one of the pilots taking Snoke and or
kylo Ren back and forth in one of their limos guy on the left is all gunmetal
gray as his primary color and loading the hat just has a very nice
insignia on it and they did the visor section of it in black with a paint
application and I think the the prints on the backs of these torsos are
appropriate no alternate face for either though looking at the droids on the left
is an uncredited I’m assuming like a dr. droid medical assistant droid something
like that could be an FX 9 FX 10 or something but they don’t even list this
on the minifig panel on the box but it is built and processes with the thing
and they have a little spot for it specifically to stand and then on the
right is officially bb9 II but I’m calling them Darth ball because that’s
what he is and thank you all he will play a major pivotal role in not only
this coming movie but after that in episode 9 I think that he’s gonna end up
being one of the major spoilers of the entire universe last and least are the
two first order stormtroopers the one on the right is just perfectly normal and
planed the one on the left is just perfectly normal in playing plus he has
a white colored pauldron which officially should make him a squad
leader though Lego I think mistakenly he called him hey sergeant nice to get the
pauldron piece always a little bit of extra collectible and display value for
those but otherwise just a couple of regular troops which are good to get you
know you can’t get too many of these guys one thing you can’t get too many of
though is personally and subjectively I actually feel the value here for this
set is pretty respectable having built the thing having seen the interior
detail having lifted it up and feeling just how much bulk there is there I
think the minifig selection is fine the price to part ratio is within a normal
range it’s lower than many unlicensed sets there are a lot of 1×1 pieces you
know smaller parts in this set but there are also a lot of large
and larger still pieces I feel like that all balances out and the size isn’t
tremendous but the size on the on the exterior plus the size of the usable
interior space together I think give you some good stuff for your money from a
lego model design perspective I don’t think there are too many things here
that could have been done much better realistically reasonably given the
actual real-world constraints of designing a model for the public to
actually buy and build what I definitely do not like though is the choice of stud
shooters non moveable stud shooters for the turbolasers on the sides there I
think that’s that’s a real serious miss and they just don’t provide much value I
think they actually don’t look all that bad from any kind of distance but you
need to be able to aim those in some kind of way and that does it for my look
at the first order Star Destroyer aka the finalizer resurgent class battle
cruiser hope you enjoyed this video I’ve got many more on the way so I’m gonna
keep working and I’ll talk to you again very soon you


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