LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS review! 42056

this is the Technic 911 gt3rs
this model took Lego designers over a year to design and develop and direct
consultation with Porsche itself it took me three long evenings of careful
concentration to get through the more than 500 pages of instructions
assembling over 2700 pieces is a terrible shame then that the
overwhelming majority of those pieces went into some fantastic drivetrain
assemblies that you now can’t even see all the good stuff is buried deep inside
the chassis and covered by layers and layers of beams and panels they were not
even designed to be removed more on that later but for now let’s enjoy what you
can see the body lines of the 991 series car are captured pretty perfectly here
though the right Heights a little bit low more like an r than an RS the
tailpipes are definitely too small and widely spaced a brand new wheel was
designed specifically for this model and they also introduced a new large fender
piece you’ll see the fender again in future Technic sets though not the
exclusive printed versions used up front here the wheel hubs are exclusive
printed tiles but the yellow brake calipers as you see those have stickers
the suspension works though with the low clearance there’s not much range of
motion it’s a little bit better at the rear I don’t like the gaps on the sides
of the trunk lid but that does all open up and inside they actually include a
piece of fitted porsche design luggage with stickers on both sides at the rear
the wings angle can be adjusted and of course you can raise the hood to reveal
the engine well a tiny sliver of engine it’s just like the real thing in this
sense with frustratingly limited access but unfortunately you just have to trust
me when I tell you there are a full six horizontally-opposed cylinders in there
with moving Pistons and con rods in the middle of the car you can adjust the fo
side mirrors and of course open the doors to reveal more of the interior the
bucket seats are built with the black and lava orange microfiber option style
and there’s a partial dash with stickers as well as a center console display the
sticker sheet also includes an option to show a map of the Porsche test track
that’s three be at the right rack and pinion steering of course
works from the wheel but the maximum steering angle feels a little bit
limited in both directions I really miss all of this though this is
footage I took after just the first of four major phases of the build to see
any of this again now would require a ton of destructive and just
heartbreaking disassembly the most fascinating thing in the entire build to
me is the working paddle shifter setup SEC labeled double couplings get Reba
won’t s East wunderbar so many types of mechanisms are integrated into one
system it’s miraculous they fit into such constrained spaces there’s also a
working forward neutral reverse unit attached to the front of the gearbox I
temporarily hooked up a power functions motor to the back of the engine to
demonstrate everything in motion it only has four speeds not seven like the real
thing but it’s still awesome to me check it out here’s forward neutral
reverse back to forward so this is first gear here now switching second third and
fourth now you can downshift so here comes
third second and first again and back to neutral there’s a great speed range and
everything just works well there is an error in the instructions though on page
193 you’ll see this this actually switches 2nd and 3rd in the gear shift
order you want to swap the black and gray pairs of gears across the center
line like this this makes everything work perfectly with no extra friction no
downside whatsoever again this is what’s in the instructions it’s wrong this is
what you want I’ll credit and thanks for this fix go to technic fan Flags NZ who
author the written review of this set for brick set comm so be sure to check
that out as well now getting this many years to run smoothly did take an
exceptional amount of time and patience not only do you need to preserve a
little bit of play on either side of every moving gear and bushing as usual
you also need to carefully align every Technic beam assembly to make sure
everything is or perpendicular the tiniest bit of
twist or bend can cause gears to grind and shifts to stall build on a flat hard
surface and don’t move forward in the instructions if anything feels or sounds
off in the second phase of the build you assemble this layer of frame structure
right here and before you even apply the first body panel the transmission is
sealed away for good you need to get it all right the first time
backtracking would be somewhat of a nightmare then again does it really
matter Lego makes no mention anywhere of power
functions integration for this thing I’m sure a master Technic fan could shoehorn
the necessary components in while probably kicking some other stuff out
but Lego surely hasn’t made it easy in the final product here so no automated
movement no ability to see the mechanisms even sitting still this
almost may as well have no drivetrain at all almost have they actually built this
thing I know intimately what’s inside and how amazing it is when I look at
this car I see not just a pretty shell but all the engineering that went into
its now hidden core I feel it and it gives me a sense of pride in owning this
thing it’s similar to the sense of pride when you drive a real Porsche even
though you can’t watch the inner workings of the full-size transmission
behind you as you run through the gears and in most cases you can’t really see
the engine at all unless you put the whole car up on a lift I am happy with
this set very happy I feel like I got my money’s worth there are already a lot of
complaints out there that it’s overpriced due to licensing fees and
corporate greed but the fact is the price depart ratio on this set is right
smack in the middle of the entire 2016 technic lineup in spite of all of the
lower value sets being unlicensed having no exclusive printed parts and featuring
none of this fancy deluxe packaging it’s actually pretty slick all that said I
would have been significantly happier if I could a hookup power functions to it
by design be remove some panels from the back and
actually watch the Pistons popping in and out in the cylinders and see just
sit there and watch all the gears and the transmission going around as I work
the paddles as it is I have a very cool looking huge display model here and very
fond memories of building operating and watching the drivetrain
once upon a time that’s it for my thoughts on this set please share a
comment with your honest thoughts regardless of whether you agree with my
opinions I thank you for watching and look forward to your input I’ll talk to
you again soon you


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