Let’s Fix These UGLY “Joggers” Together!

I am a huge fan of sleek well tapered
workout joggers. But uhh, you know what I’m not a fan of? Spending like 40 bucks on em. So
because of that if you want some workout pants at a decent price, you were gonna
get this dumpster fire! No bueno! I’m SD we ain’t got time for that
let’s sew! Let’s start by flipping these bad boys inside outside that we can
measure and pin them. Wait, what? Yeah, I’m gonna measure them and I’m gonna pin
them inside out because it’s a lot easier to do it that way and it still
gives you a really good idea of what the finished product is gonna look like.
These pants, these pants are just hideous! Honestly, whose idea was this? Whose idea
was this to make these pants like this? I want names! And the worst part, UHH! The
worst part about these pants is that ridiculous rise! The rise is gonna be
that distance that’s between your waist and your crotch. And on these pants? It’s
wider than the Nile River! Seriously look at it! It looks like I am wearing a
diaper. Let’s uhh, let’s let’s change up that whole depends look we got going on. Now
these pants are 31 inches from the crotch seam all the way down to the cuff. Which
is just another way of saying the end of the pants. What we did is we put a pin
that’s an inch from that crotch seam, and then another one four inches down. And
then we put a pin every four inches until we get to the bottom. But wait wait
wait wait wait, SD slow down, how do I. How do I know where to put the pins? How
do I know how much I’m supposed to measure? And do I measure from the seam
or do I measure from the end of the pants, like I dude I don’t get it!
Well as far as measuring goes you can kind of sorta do either or. You can
measure from the seam or you can measure from the edge of the garment. But you
just want to make sure that you’re consistent and you want to be aware that
if you measure from the end of the garment that seam is actually they add
like a quarter of an inch so heads up. If you think it’s an inch and a half, it’s
actually more like an inch and three quarters. Yes!
Math! Said like no one ever. And this is the part where you just get creative
with it. Test out different widths and see how you feel about it. See how it
looks, start with taking an inch off and just kind of work your way up from there.
Or even work your way down from there. Once you start doing this for more
pairs of pants they’re gonna kind of sort of develop a baseline as to what
you like to take off of your pants. But since you have never done this before
here’s what I did. I’ve got these pants pinned from the waist down to the knee at
an inch and a half. And then from the knee all the way down to the cuff it
comes in to two inches, which is really gonna give me a nice taper. After you
pin them up try them on and see how they feel. Is it too tight? Well just move the
pins out by about a quarter of an inch to a half an inch. They’re too loose? Then
just go the opposite way in those same increments. Keep watching till we get to
the sewing part because I messed up bad! When you are done measuring and pinning
and trying them on and spinning in circles on stools like I usually do. Make
sure they look exactly like this. All that fabric will be on the left side
well out of the way of our sewing machine so that it doesn’t get all
bunched up under there. And we can just feed our pants through that machine like
a hungry hungry fabric monster. Oh and I wonder why I have no friends. We are
going through the whole thing in one shot. One line all the way from the cuff
through the crotch on down to the other cuff. Don’t worry it’s easy. And if you’ve
sewed a shirt before you got this but hang on there’s there’s kind of a big
difference. We for the first time ever are going to be using the safety stitch.
Bloop! Now it’s very similar to a straight stitch. A straight stitch is
going to be going forward indefinitely, whereas a safety stitch is gonna go
forward twice and back once. Forward forward back, forward forward back, dun
dun chis dun dun don’t do oh oh no no no no no I don’t want to get too close to that
song I’ll probably get demonetized. And because of that stitch going backwards
once it creates an incredibly strong stitch.
And yo I got a squat butt so I need all the protection down there that I can
get. And look at that we are at that crotch seam but we’re just gonna keep
going straight through. No stopping at all and now what we did is we just gave
our pants a lower rise. We got rid of that diaper butt! Man the things that I
thought that I would never say. Oh wait for it, wait for it, here it comes BOOM!
I lost it. My thread it got all frayed and then it broke. Just like that I was
almost done and I lost my top stitch. Oh and uhh that that actually happened three
times. But really I’m kind of glad that it happened because it might happen to
you too. And if it does just don’t panic it’s not a big deal all you got to do is
cut off that bottom stitch from your bobbin. Set everything back up. Line your
pants up where that seam left off or were broke and then just keep going. You
are done and cut it up, throw a nice zig-zag stitch on there so it doesn’t
get frayed and you’ve got yourself some forty dollar joggers for sixteen bucks!
Off the Target you go, SD out, deuces!


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