life is a roller coaster | natalie nightwolf weekly vlog 2019 ❤️

life is a roller coaster | natalie nightwolf weekly vlog 2019 ❤️ what are yo u doing in there dude i have a strong desire to
pick up like a plum and just eat it just like I own this world just like mine mine
mine new packaging I need to talk to a manager what’s the
difference oh my god what are these
stop it says Black seedless grapes but why are they so long stop
no I’m in like a not a good place right now so everything I say is going to be
like have a negative spin on it and I hate that you know because I know soon I’ll just be my positive self again but this is how I’m feeling right now I feel like
I shouldn’t travel because I have health issues I feel like I shouldn’t eat
badly because I should eat healthy like I just I can’t like some times I can’t
like exercise or go to the gym like oh I’m and being like really really
dramatic right now because in this moment I think I could go for a walk and stuff
and I could definitely shoot videos I feel ok right now so that’s like really
I know that I’m exaggerating when I say that I’m just scared I’m just really
scared that I all of a sudden have like a medical problem and I never had one
before and that this is going to be like something that lasts for a very long
time or like the rest of my life and derails my life my plan was to get my
youtube channel in order make it a business make a decent living at it
travel explore new things along the way meet interesting people animals and find
love at some point and and just have a good fun life living it to the fullest I
will still try no matter what I just if I’m I guess I’m trying not to worry but
right now I kind of am worried I’m still standing yeah yeah yeah target time where the heck is a hand sanitizer like
what aisle is that what does it fall under hand soaps well this is the hand
soap oh this is body lotion oh this is hand
and body lotion, i feel so stupid that’s what I wanted. oh a lemon one I want this for my car like after I go
for a walk I seem to get into some dirty little mischief on my walks and then I
try to rub my eyes and well this is just gonna make it burn
but at least they’ll be clean I guess look what Adan sent me! Adan thank you so
much Adan sent me this gift card from my Amazon wishlist oh so now I’m at
Whole Foods and I’m going to get some actually healthy foods I’ll show you
what I got also I stepped in something while I was
at Target in one of my I’m wearing flip-flops and one of my feet is like
extremely sticky which grosses me out times a million like what did I step in
mm-hmm what have I gotten myself into oh I could use some of the hand
sanitizer on it I’ll lather up my foot I’ll just stick
my foot outside the door here in the Whole Foods parking lot you go ahead and
lather it up with some hand sanitizer just because it says hand sanitizer
don’t mean it can’t be used on feet ok google what nuts are good for squirrels
I’m sure everybody wants to know what I got at the store so I’m gonna spill the
beans right now I got oatmeal two avocados
soy sauce not good for my diet but I wanted anyway
green tea dry shampoo I can’t be washing my hair every week I don’t have time for
it I’m a busy lady the beans i spoke of earlier three silk yogurts
pumpkin seeds I’m sorry but I did buy these for the squirrels I also got a
couple nectarines ones for me well actually both are probably for the
squirrels at least one is for the squirrels I did look up what they can
and can’t eat or what they should shouldn’t eat three of these beyond meat
plant-based burgers love these these are really really really good
whole wheat spaghetti and some red lentil gluten-free spaghetti so here’s
my dinner back at the butt doctor so the doctor is gonna put me under I’m gonna
make an appointment I don’t have one yet and he’s going to get a better look at
basically what’s going on and hopefully fix things if he can are you serious i’m
really scared okay oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god they were
all hissing at me whoa that is absolutely frightening let’s set up shop here in the park I’ve
got two favorites that squirrels apparently like but I’ve got a problem honey because there’s no squirrels here not happening they’re not going to eat it I’m going to
eat it all right oh that’s a Milford Oyster
Festival in Connecticut Subway’s the sponsor of this event and
like people have these like subway sweat rags I’d like to get my hands on a
subway sweat rag God is like showing me things so all the
time he tried to show me so many things and I turned away so many times that
he’s taking drastic measure to be like no change so it turns out I need butt
surgery I’m gonna get some surgery on my butt on Wednesday this is like ye olde
trashiest beach because i’ve walked over a ton of condoms and every single person
here is a smoker but I ain’t never seen it in years
smokers so the ambience is wonderful so I’m trying to remain like calm and my
air conditioning sound sorry that you hear that so basically I have surgery tomorrow
might have like this butt problem I just gotta think positive I guess but I do I
just want my regular life i’m honestly freaked out again I feel like I’m in a situation
where I’m rushing into a surgery perhaps I don’t know dude but surgery went well


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