Lifeples Playing GTA SA #2 | I had to vomit, ngl

no shit,
sweet hey what’s up there she’ll get away you didn’t change around here
grocery fairies ain’t big no more severe bull of our family that simple I found
these are beefing that split with the grow now we so busy set trippin balls
and Vargo’s I’ll take it over so watch yourself out of it
yeah I hear you thanks for the heads up don’t mention it and then what you won’t
see in my home stop with you it’s good to see you back no homie love no huh
I’m for show for show my Nick my back it’s cracking with you hey man what you
strapped for man some piece of place he’s paid no more hit up man
shit is beautiful teach Donna less a fucking Broad Street yeah I’m always
damn let’s go bitch hey show me how to drive
on the East Coast home Hey oh we still run the barber shop like a
raggedy ass motherfucker he popped his membrane years ago the way I left that
old fool in my head yeah I think I I get cut up whatever you got five minutes
I’ll be cutting you like a DJ so when you running off again I’m not I’m
thinking of staying walk my friend the home is here we’re always here fool
yeah but now I’m back and I know what I’ve been missing
Tony expect me to kiss your ass nut you still a Buster to me yeah okay
dang tell me don’t mention it sit down CJ I’m still on top of my game man I’m good but nice to have your back son I told you he
was crazy man you jacked up man what’s this shit look ridiculous Oh respect for
the hood all clean is shit looking through skinny cj1 get us something to
eat I’m gonna finish this they don’t take
care of business no way home y’all here’s a blend of
cheese in fat sir here next enjoy sir Griego and joy enjoy your meal sir give up the money that’s a way writer
not this again getting me fool no one else does that
small I feel sorry for your dad shit you crazy let’s get apart here same
old CJ buster straight buster oh shit fraud this pizza parlor is no pushover put you way in fofoo take us back to the
chrome Oh fucker I’ll be a CJ I’m moving you hear me corrode better job I see sweet you’ve been
yapping on about that graffiti to later home would you take you back on the set
I told you that bro word don’t mean shit around here come on
man give me a break we gotta go hit up the hood hey CJ they
don’t know you back a little set the Johnson Brothers rolling again take this
paint and go hit shit up start with our own set first later we spread out take a
whole hood back you already spread now fat man that’s play let’s see what you
got for a shot hey wait up ah thought you hang with your brother huh oh he’s
up low man come on it’s been difficult you wanna drive yeah for sure did
somebody just say milkshake watch for those rollers as I tagged to
sir there’s another to Paul attacks in the
hood you go get them and I’ll keep the engine running come on let’s cruise in the brawler’s
territory you hit this up here and I’ll go up and
do another look look what the fuck you dare motherfucking quickly get us back to the loo CJ smallish crashing CJ like riding bike a deport it all comes
back how are you doing on the Fetty I’m kind of shocked you know crash took all
my paper man left me with numbers small change hey
get yourself a beer or something I’ll catch up with you


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