Lifeples Playing GTA SA #3 | Getting fatter + first tat

i’ma get me a happy farmer kid, shower sit down son your mom’s used to choose your style looking like a player Nardo hope you
stick around long at this time come on just pick something have a nice cheesy day we stack them hi
sir have a well stacked day we’re out of napkins nice and cheesy does it instead my new max Brenda noloty one man thanks man appreciate that shot you hey you got to keep it real man nobody
give a shit about the hood I do not Li do a cell ya ruin a place no crack ever
made of game time oh no man sup y’all what’s up CJ what’s crack man all they
care about is smoking in mud you can’t not the homies hustle sweet
and mark st. soldiers the idiots trying to be business yeah but they down with
us man all they down with his money CJ go down there show these fools who
mean business these chumps from the balls are sweating the whole scope of
pressure Stuart we’ve been putting time in the hood but we got to get the homies
back together like the old days Yeah right
you a writer go handle your business man their slang today on mama
l care about nothing you’re naive my friend we got to keep our focus we need
some backup you seem beat-up ah put him in the homeboy beard they good
to have on our side Oh Big B yeah then bass slang is gonna
be sorry now hey beat up is only a couple of blocks away your hood is all
messed up huh yeah you try to get any of these crackheads to help you out
one of the families ain’t up on the park and smoked sweet and you know yours
truly bro Street don’t bring no more here just
get blow but show Julie Crestor sweaty crest your choice
sir watch it it’s hot here next enjoy sir Griego and joy I bust the weight up take a Pew amigo make your choice man okay do you’re
wearing it okay come back with more money and we’ll do this got plenty more
designs man don’t you bust on me what’s wrong what you mean I don’t keep up wait up CJ hey come on man I thought we was paying
food up fool hey slow down fool
you even know which door it is whatever man this said yeah this is it right here
open up you sure he’s still living fool I told you this open up who the fuck is
it CJ fuck you want the fuck out of here wait hold up man what happened to for
life nigga the only thing that matters is the hood homie but you’ll never
understand we’re getting this money it’s like you know what get the fuck out of
here for you be laying on your back big bag come check this food hey there big
beard that’s you are you still from the hood honey huh only big bag give a fuck
about it smoking and keeping my house clean
ain’t that right big bitch – hell yeah hell hear what hell yeah sir let’s go
make that motherfucking toilet spa spirit come on everyone likes to party
sometimes CJ I’ll see you around stay the fuck from rallying oh hey nigga
fuck you I see what you mean now man if crack can do that to Big Bear turn him
into a base slave the average motherfucking gotta change damn dope
fiends and drug addicts everywhere in the city
miss New York look like it’s up to us man let’s just cruise through the hood
and finding somebody selling hey check it out somebody’s selling to
one of the homies hey Barton I’m working man what you need what you need up dog I
got quality shit right here get me to your heart hey man you touching me up a stump man I know this cat here Punk
used to run with a frog your ball of OG from idle would I know his place
it’s just across the tracks did let’s check it out hey ain’t that front yard
turf man are you a buster nah I’m down homie hey grab hold of that
bat over there my way man Sears missing now and I’m
sweat it home everybody in the hood no bottles of pussy hey man you could smell
it cracked in a mile away yeah let’s shoot doing introduce
ourselves good afternoon ball of dough pusses
Grove Street oh geez come do damage fuck them crow Street food Grove Street
going down fuck don’t block me homie I should get the hell of party out of my
way now ball does no gross treat families on
they way back up but show home and with smoke he went out on me
times change oh man they gonna be mad at us and I warned the gang later from them
this is bass in the silence of victory motherfucker not at the base and getting
pushed up in they faces maybe these fools should be up for some
real banging yeah Grove gonna get back on his feet now for Shoto later home


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