LIST of 10 Passive Income Sources – Get Paid $100 PER DAY LIFETIME

hey friend question are you curious
about what it means to have passive income residual income or an alternative
sources of income that doesn’t depend on you putting in work hey my name is Chris
from all right and this exciting episode very excited we’re
gonna talk about I’m going to share with you list of 10 passive income sources
that you can use right now that will put in and help you generate more income in
your lifestyle in your pocket in your in your household and don’t necessarily
require you to always be working for this so we’re gonna talk about what that
means and these list of 10 best passive income resources that it’s gonna help
you pay you put $100 per day in your pocket lifetime so stick around for that – so hey welcome hey you don’t know this
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about that alright so i want to drop this video because it’s funny an
interesting to me that about the concept of passive income and residual income
that a lot of people don’t quite understand right now and in terms of its
importance and significance and how it can make your life a lot easier like a
lot of the troubles you may be experiencing don’t have to happen if you
think ahead and start creating sources of passive income that can help
supplement you in a tough times you know so if you don’t know what I mean by
passive income I mean it stores up an income of money being generated into
your household it’s your pocket right it’s your family
that doesn’t necessarily require you to be working for every unit of that dollar
okay now a lot of people may think that that it doesn’t exist or it’s not real
or or suggesting that people just never heard of it it’s just right they’re like
oh that doesn’t that’s not for small people like us that’s for big-time
people in corporation or it doesn’t really exist and that’s not necessarily
true with a lot of everyday people that are doing tons of passive income from
their many different resources and different sources a lot of them I’m
going to talk about most of these are online I’m gonna share with you sort of
a get started with there’s a lot a lot of obstacles for you may need to learn a
few things you may have to put in work but that’s what it’s the same kind of
work you’re putting in at the job you go to it the career you go to every single
day so think about this all right think about the fact that when you go to work
you only get paid for the hours that you put in this is not right if you don’t
clock in you get paid don’t think so right so you only get paid for hours
that you work and that’s it when it comes to passive income
residual income imagine getting paid for the work you put it on Monday but that
work continuously generates you 10% 10% 10% every month every day for the rest
of your life yes that’s very possible I want you to think about people for
example let’s say Michael Jackson right so Michael Jackson created music right
that’s awesome do you realize that he and since he’s been passed he’s long
gone now but his family still continues to see money residual income every time
his music is played it’s called royalties my friend every
single time BAM he gets paid right think of Elvis Presley for example all these
music he left every time his music is played anywhere on TV radio anywhere he
gets a percentage on his family and his family’s family gives a percentage of
this cut every single time do you realize how powerful this is how an
income source is coming into your life that doesn’t depend on you fucking every
single time for a significant it is I know a lot of people especially right
now who have lost jobs because of the economy who have been just laid off be
given severance packages and say we’re sorry right or people who have gotten
hurt at the job people who’ve had sick family members and all of a sudden the
bills is piled higher than the income that’s coming in and they don’t know
what to do so this is what I’m very passionate about is this topic this idea
and concept of passive income because what it does it creates in my opinion a
buffer for any event that can occur in life and gives you more Mis freedom and
for more security to know that hey things will always be okay no matter
what happens to you you’ll be okay you can take care of your family for me
that’s probably the reason why I like the most in the number-three can find
your degree of freedom hey if you can’t make it to work and if you love your
work I love my work it’s great but let’s see if you can’t make it you don’t want
to anymore you’re not stuck there you’re not at the mercy of your employer you
can do which you gotta do for you and all your
family all right so let’s get down into these ten list of ten passive income
sources that I think are gonna be really helpful especially at the beginning I
can put $100 per day and mind you even more okay all right and we are Regis
resources for beginners all right so let’s get started with that all right
number 10 is real estate all right so you’ve obviously heard of real estate as
and as a legitimate source of income that you can put in your pocket okay
well I’m gonna go into super huge detail but essentially there’s only two really
ways you can make money on real estate and that’s either you’re buying property
and then you sell it for profit you can either do that short term flipping it or
it can be more of a long term investment over the course of three four five years
or you’re buying and holding it right and so you’re renting it out and
creating a residual income from the renters who are purchasing who are in
your property essentially generally they’re gonna pay more rent then what
the mortgage is on the property that you owe and you would keep the difference as
your profit that my friend is a source of residual income every single month
that’s coming in now it’s not as easy to get started in for beginners a lot of
times you might haven’t you need a certain amount of cash or a credit score
so one of the best ways that I know that you can get started that a beginner can
very easily is through what’s called real estate investment trust now
essentially what that is is a company that has already decided that there are
acquiring properties there’s a company that acquires properties and they can do
it in particular niche it can be in health care for example
so they’ll acquire hospital buildings and office buildings and nursing homes
and they have tenants in there these tenants pay them rent every single month
now the good us the government basically says hey because you’re a real estate
investment trust here’s the deal and you will let you pay less taxes if you give
the majority of your income to your investors that’s right so essentially
you can be invested in like a risky investment trust and make between five
even up to fifteen percent return on your money every year and guess what all
you do is invest in the in the in the in the stock in the particular company you
have to worry about doing with renters and problems and
and bringing in new ones and expelling anyone or you know having to remove
tenants out of property doing a collection I mean I love it great way
for a beginner you started in real estate without actually ever having to
touch any will speak ever awesome awesome way to make some passive income
if you want to learn more about that we’re gonna talk about a little bit more
of this concept in further on but we’re counting this down so I’m gonna talk to
you a little bit more on a later later on a list all right
number nine ways makes a list the past in our list of passive income sources
would be to create an online store so one of the best ways you can do that is
through Shopify has a really good set up in terms of how you can create an online
store essentially what it allows you to do is create something something you do
have that you’ve created that you can sell the weather there it’s it’s good
that you write you know pottery goods or handcrafted goods or trinkets that you
have or maybe you sell hay or you paint change or maybe do photography whatever
the case may be you can sell these things on an online store right and one
of my favorite ideas right now is t-shirt because it’s so simple come up
with a concept create a t-shirt essentially what happens you can create
an entire online website was shocked by where they’ll take your design put them
on to put them in the web site and they do everything else for you so once it’s
all set up cuz there’s work involved right you can have a supplier who
creates t-shirts for you it’s linked to your shop by site a customer comes they
click the button a button they look at your awesome shirt they buy on the order
go straight shot by tear ball film another order and the transaction says
it you supply or supply creates this shirt and then directly drops it for
your customer without you ever having to look at its feet or deal with it that my
friend is the source of passive income that is amazing right now that a lot of
people are killing with but not a lot of people know but the people who know I’m
killing it a great way to make passive income yes a lot of work in the
beginning right guess what the amount of work you put in a job anywhere what’s
gonna continue paying you all her dollars per day and even more lifetime
alright my number a in the list of passive income sources that can pay you
$100 per day lifetime is sponsorship so let’s run decisions
pretty cool essentially what it is is that you can work with a particular
company it’s kind of the same way you see LeBron James and Kobe Bryant and Tom
Brady they get all these sponsorship deals right to represent a particular
company but guess what you can actually do the same thing too right
well the best way is I know you can do this through YouTube and video marketing
but you can do them a lot of different ways especially what it is that you work
with a company to come up with a particular deal and in terms of how
you’re going to promote their products and services and you can get paid at the
same time so here’s an example of where you don’t have to have created the
product yourself you can represent another product and by promoting it you
get paid for it was a little bit different from what we’re gonna talk
about another source of making money online another marketing source and you
keep it secret but you probably already know what it is but essentially the way
sponsorships which you can have either where hey listen create a video and
promoting their product and then a certain number of people watch it don’t
pay you buy how many people have viewed a particular video I’m gonna use you get
how many engagement you get or maybe they’ll just pay like a straight flat
rate like I’ve had sponsors reach out to me say hey we’d love to pay you a flat
rate – just sponsor to my dual view on this
product you know and until I tell people how you think about feel about or in
fact give me even give you free products – that’s another benefit just one
sponsor give you free product it’s all you’re gonna do with you on you got this
two hundred three hundred dollar product for free you just review on tab and
they’re good to go so there’s a lot of different ways to do that in terms of
sponsorship deals that I think is really awesome and you can even work out
something to the to wait and continue paying you want that the month for you
to produce a certain amount of content for them if you keep the point where
you’re getting a long-term deal which is basically what I mean basically what big
timers do – what you’re doing at a smaller scale but guess what putting a
little bit of money in your pocket from work that you do just one time a prime
number seven in terms of list of passive income sources you can consider is
basically YouTube ads right so YouTube is like awesome there’s so many things
you can do with just video marketing in general but if you create enough videos
right and you get enough movement and attraction and influence
and growth on YouTube you can get to the point where you’re making money on
YouTube via their adsense right so of course there’s the new rules right now
you’re gonna be a thousand seven thousand subscribers and a certain
number of hours rolling hours through the last twelve
months but once you get past that and you do that just by creating more
content building your influence you can get to point where you start monetizing
your videos and YouTube will pay even though it’s actually it’s pretty much
pennies right there’s not that much but you gotta get a bunch of users to get
paid but guess what though hey you put that work in for that video you can get
paid and I’m nice but change from the views that you’re giving that’s just
already coming from the work you did one time in your videos of course you had to
create quite a bit of beauty videos just to be able to get a decent amount of
income and there’s other ways to make money from your youtube vids as we’ll
talk about later but it’s obviously a great source of income that you doesn’t
want to consider it number six I did idea that I think is really great in
that and our list of passive income sources is ebooks specifically Amazon
Kindle I think people are sleeping Amazon Kindle I recently learned about
it and how powerful it is I write a ton of ebook content from my elite magnets
anyway and then didn’t realize that hey you can literally go on Amazon Kindle
and publish ebooks right now folks that you’ve written in any particular niche
of subject and actually he didn’t syndicated through Amazon’s massive
network and people will buy your books I mean I’ve seen people that are making
passive income of well more than $100 per day several thousands per month just
from ebooks alone it’s a great way to make money online and create passive
residual income especially if you’re smart within one of the best ways I can
recommend is looking into a particular niche when I try to find a niche where
there’s a problem as a specific problem very specific problem and answer that
question in as deep as much detail and as much
efficacy as you possibly can of course there’s always ways to do this without
actually writing the book yourself yeah so you want to learn more about of
course seeing as legal on that I’ll leave it
leave it in the description below so you can check that out but that’s a definite
great way a path of sorts of passive income from work as you continue
building it I can continue to put dollars in your pockets for life number
five for a list of passive income sources that can you really check out
right now especially in the beginning as Google Adsense
alright so Google will basically pay you for having their ads on your blog and
our website and whatever numbers package do you have flowing through these ads it
can pay you right so they may pay you for a number about a click so the amount
of traffic whatever the case may be but it’s a great source of passive income
that just makes sense if you’re building a blog which i think is one of the best
ways to really grow an online business online these important starting now yes
even a blog is very good and so hey you could monetize it by having Google
Adsense and having their ads on your blog and just promoting stuff that you
can make money off of and even put other ads on there that can monetize your site
and put more passive income every month that’s coming in every month creating a
security in your life creating even a full time income mind you if you’re so
cheese and to decide to go that direction number four and a list of
passive income sources to consider for beginners you can start right now is
network marketing all right so network marketing if you’re not familiar with it
is essentially the act of becoming an affiliate or distributor or
representative for a particular company this is an example where if you don’t
have an hour product to sell or create yourself you can actually leverage that
of other people’s or other companies as you become an affiliate or distributor
and you sell their products and when you sell their products you retain a
commission from every sell that you made alright so never marking is just is a
form of direct sales and it’s been out there for a long time and one of the
things about that is yeah much like all the other industries is that it has its
disadvantages and advantages right a lot of times there are a lot of companies
that masqueraded Network marketing companies
but they’re really pyramid schemes and which take advantage of people so you
don’t want to be careful I actually gonna create a resource that’s gonna I
think will be helpful because I’ve made money and network marketing as well
hope you’ll be able to identify companies that are that are high quality
that have high culture and things look for the certain things that help you
make more money oh you can also check out a lot of people too that talk about
network marketing erotica sake Grant Cardone air glory and people alike but
even though it has its disadvantages and it’s not perfect I still do like network
marketing it’s a great place for people to start because hey you don’t have to
have a lot of money to get started you don’t have to have your own product you
don’t have to fulfill anything you really just need to just get involved in
a company to a supplier that you like and then start promoting a great way for
you to start building those entrepreneur skills being able to connect with people
and communicate with people and get people your vision and message so that
they can buy from me which is incredible no matter what it is you promote it
either it’s your own product or your own stuff so definitely a place that I think
it’s breaking beginners and if you do it right and create a nice team with a good
culture the passive income residual income that compliment is one of the
best that I’ve seen all right number three for our list of passive income
sources that you can check out right now especially as a beginner put $100 per
day life in your pocket is creating your all products okay and so I can’t speak
on this enough the power of creating products and creating all forces is
tremendous right now we live in a day and age where people are pretty much
sick and tired of paying tremendous amount of money to colleges and
universities for skills and training as really not paying that much in the
marketplace anyway so people are starting to get smart you know people
are starting to invest more in online courses online training to do the things
that can make them way more money and so if you have skill sets and things like
that like me I say online e-commerce online shopping or you have skills and
marketing affiliates Network right or you have skills and ads and Facebook
YouTube ads or whatever it can even be skills and other things
like hey pottery you know how to cook not bake not invest know how to plant
whatever I’m telling you you have a skill of some sort there’s someone
looking for it you can make income from your knowledge okay
create a horse create a product that helps people to share the knowledge and
value that you know it have that will impact someone people will pay my
and continue to buy these courses this could be a source of income for you long
term more you can even imagine people have been making six figures alone just
by creating a horse’s that’s it what was what we’re doing is you’re
serving a particular need in a particular market people are always
looking for this type of information of course like all these things it requires
a bit of effort a bit of time a bit of focus on your part but hey could you not
do something like this you come back from work every day and spend 30 minutes
to an hour working on your project working on this course creating the
videos created a diagram cream overall the summary creating everything
resources and the training and the tools and everything that goes along with it
could you not do this if you could yes you could but I like products cream your
own products and creating courses as a great source of long-term passive income
especially when you’ve done it right and you served the market well you will
never go wrong and one of the added benefits is the authority and influence
that you acquire by doing this which can make it easier for you to market other
things and sell other foods down the line alright my number 2 way we’re
getting down to it all right a forum list a list of passive income
sources that can put money in your pocket residually without you putting in
the work and every single day is affiliate marketing
alright so affiliate marketing if you don’t know it’s very similar to the
network marketing all right and it’s in the idea that essentially you partner up
with a company a product or service it can be anything it could be a company
like a target or a Walmart it can be like at Amazon Associates Program Amazon
or it can be an affiliate network like a Clickbank or a peer flyer CJ affiliate
right you’re partnering up with programs networks different people are companies
matches to have products services tools and you’re partnering up with them
becoming an affiliate if you promote their product their service and someone
buys from you they give you a commission it’s as simple as that simple is that
you make money from promoting other people’s services now similar network
marketing X you don’t build a team with network
marketing it with their affiliate marketing but an affiliate marketing all
you do is just your come on the product and the beauty about it once again you
don’t have to create your own product right you don’t have to do the own
fulfillment of your orders you don’t have to worry about the research and
design and construction of the product you don’t have to worry about let me say
don’t worry about anything like that you simply promote you simply find a
product and promote so all you need to have is some decent marketing skills and
communication skill and that is it of course one of the best ways amyl
Associates Program right you can get involved with Amazon and promote their
junior products that they have on their online store them being one of the
largest online commerce stores on planet and you can make tons of good money just
by doing that and the way there becomes passive is that you can find different
programs that will pay you recurring Commission every single month there is a
ton of them right that I like especially especially when they’re talking about
services that people will need every single month you can find tons of those
types of things right it could be subscription-based program with someone
getting involved in a health care and a health related you know you trician
product that they need every single month or it can be someone and that’s an
online marketing these tools for email marketing that didn’t mean every single
month there’s a ton of different ways you can do that as an affiliate marketer
and promote products and services that that you don’t own yourself that we use
paying you every single month even examples of them could be like web
hosting as well right if you have a blog or someone needs a blog on and get it
from you you get paid a cent just change every single month well they’re gonna
keep that blog every single month they keep that behind you get paid so it’s a
bit crazy security of income in your online business that’s not easy to find
what’s one of the best sources of not only passive income so digital income in
your business alright and then my number one way to make in terms of my list of
passive income sources but I think is great for beginners is investing
investing in stocks alright so yeah like most of the other things you mentioned
the stock market people have a bad about it they don’t trust it they think
it’s great things in nature like that and my thing is this much like the stock
market much like real estate much like network marketing all these are the
different ones that I mentioned they have the advantages disadvantages and
the idea is like I remember someone saying I think it was Warren Buffett or
who was he said that money is a game you have to think of it as a game all these
different ways to make means a game you have to understand the rules of the game
okay it’s not understanding the rules that gets people hurt all right and so
once you understand disadvantages you can be an but your way right past the
disadvantages of all these different ways to make money residually possibly
continuously and confidently I believe that investing in the stock market is
one of the best ways for beginners to make passive income right now okay
because why because you’re making money already from your job okay and you can
put away a hundred two hundred three hundred dollars every single month
people do not realize how incredibly powerful that is okay there’s so there
is a concept and I won’t get too deep in there but there’s a concept that’s known
as compounding interest essentially what it says is that is that as money creates
interest which means more money there more than more extra money and the money
together the next year will create even more insurance to add to it and it’ll
continue happening until this thing that happens where is this exponential curve
of growth because the money that is being added each year is helping to
bring more money the next year this is the essence of passive income right
residual income this is the very essence of it where your money is the work doing
for you you go to work at at your job you pray you put in the work you make
that income with the sweat and tears and blood of going in that day and you take
some of that money you put it out there in the stock market to work for you so
that a breeze in money for you with the beauty about your money working for you
is it never gets tired it never complains it never needs a vacation
it wants 24/7 I don’t need sleep it works tirelessly
for you you cannot do that but your money can you see and that’s what’s
beauty but investing in the stock market anybody can start right now I read a
book by a gentleman that basically worked at McDonald’s who was making $15
an hour and became a millionaire in 20 to 30 years investing in the market
stock market yes you can do this too all right
if you want to know some recommended resources that I have there is a good
book that Tony Robbins has called a master in the inner game of well faster
you get mastering money right that I’ll leave a link for that in the description
below you can check out its grateful to read wait for getting started and
understanding investing learning resources I can recommend is what’s
called a website that I like to build you called seeking alpha and they have a
great list of resources there of people just like me and you talk about money
talk about their ways and about developing passive income the best way
to make passive income with the stock market is through what’s called dividend
income okay finding dividend stocks in other words companies that will share
their portion of their revenue with you automatically in the form of dividends
okay so what’s beauty what’s beautiful about this is that hey the company is
making money right they and when it what’s called revenue then they have
bills to pay right they pay their bills and what’s left is called their gross
income okay and if you buy a certain number of shares or ownership in the
company that’s called stock then the company one day will say you know what
we’ve got a lot of extra money here we’re gonna reward our investors like
you which was called at giving you and that dividend could be 10 cents 20 cents
30 cents for every share that you own so if you own a hundred shares of the stock
and they’re paying a 30 cents dividend all of a sudden you get paid thirty
dollars right thirty dollars be a hundred shares that
doesn’t seem like a lot of money but guess what that can add up do the power
of compounding interest over time but nonetheless the beauty buddies that no
matter what the stock market does you still make money you still get that
giving all right so that’s a sort of passive income that I think is
tremendous that anybody can get inspired with right
now you can start making money right now that I encourage you can take advantage
of all right that’s it my friend I started there is my list of ten passive
income sources that’ll put 100 oz per day in your pocket lifetime that most of
them are making money with right now and you can – not very difficult get started
with that encourage you to start taking us seriously definitely put something
together plan B for you and your family so that hey in the event you don’t have
to work you don’t you can you could you can be okay you know some hope you
enjoyed it hope that was hopeful alright hey definitely get the video like
definitely subscribe to the channel and hit question of the day hey what sources
of passive income are you generating right now in your lifetime in your
household right now and you take your sort of share whatever you got so we can
help each other out all right and oh by the way hey just coming out giving my
buy a best recommendation for making more money online because hey that’ll
help you with your passive income generation and that’s going to be in the
description of below I assume we’re number one recognition making money
online even for beginner even if you’ve never had my silk so till next exciting
episode of my friend be blessed stay hungry I see on a next one who’s


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