Live Q&A – Keyword Research, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Associates, & Niche Sites

what’s up Doug Huntington here from
niche site project this is the Friday QA this is the free-for-all where you know
you could just ask whatever questions you want and I won’t get upset I’ll
answer the same ones over and over again tends to happen
although speaking of upset this is pretty crazy for some reason like I
scheduled this this session last night and basically when I was sending out an
email this morning someone had already like push this thumbs down and then it
made me sad I thought hey I haven’t even done anything yet I’m just spending my
my free time helping people and they’ve already they’ve already disliked it and
then well I wrote about it in the email cuz I you know sometimes a jerk and I I
called it out and I was like man that’s crazy someone already like thumbs down
to me then when I came over here I had 10 thumbs Dale’s already which is crazy
and I have like my my good crew here we have we got Kelly we have hi hi we have
Kent and Zack and forehand we have cat very cool we have Bob and Duke and the
whole crew yeah so Wesley says the email I sent out gave some geniuses a great
idea alright and that’s cool cuz I love any feedback and it means probably that
I irritated them in some way I have a very thick skin so I’m okay with it it
is a little puzzling but it doesn’t really bother me so it does mean they
are reading my emails and they also really pay a close attention to the
channel so I think that means I have their attention and that means I win all
right cool so a couple things that coming through here so Kelly I think you
sent me an email but it was under a different name let me know your
questions when they come up hi hi is getting the
getting the checks oh hi hi launched a site made sales super quick like a
little too fast before he had I think it’s a he before he had all his other
content so he got rejected by Amazon so welcome everyone I see we’re starting to
generate a crowd if you have the opportunity hit the thumbs up if you
like what I’m doing we have a lot of thumbs downs already so we could maybe
offset that I don’t actually doesn’t even matter
alright Kent is mentioning it’s a tough crowd and let’s see so we had a couple
questions that were sent in Zack said he made his first sale congratulations that
is the start of the whole thing so that’s super awesome let’s see here all right Gil is on in Wesley says from
the from your understanding the thumbs down doesn’t negatively affect the
videos or the channel I think that’s right I have a feeling it doesn’t matter
everything is such a black box anyway it’s hard to really tell so alright see
some questions coming through so I’m gonna hop over there in a second get a
couple of announcements to make so if you are not on my email list and you
want to get involved in the mini course coming up next week go to niche site
project comm there’s a link in the description there’s a three part mini
course comes out Monday July 9th and it takes you through mindset goal-setting
and then finding your niche it’s a really good it’s a really good mini
course to get you pumped up to start your site and or expand your site and
just focus up so the mindset thing is really important I often get questions
about motivation and how I’m able to keep working even though you know in the
face of adversity and you know doing boring stuff or maybe people not liking
my videos how do I stay motivated and part of it
you know I was in and I was in an interview a couple weeks ago and I think
my answer was like caffeine and alcohol right so I’m self-medicating with
caffeine and alcohol you don’t have to do it that way you can take a different
approach and that’s what’s in the mini-course so if you’re interested sign
up for that there are a couple free on-demand workshops one on outlining
content one on hiring writers both were very good so if you’re interested in
getting specific training you can go there you just enter your email address
by the way thanks to all the moderators those are the folks that have the blue
name so we have duke and bob and forehand we have big I thought there was
someone else in there but thanks to all those folks for keeping order in the
chat as I’m going through my little announcements here the big thing
everyone I finally did the frequently asked questions section there is a link
in the description and in fact I’ve listed all the questions which I already
have answered so if we do see some of those frequently asked questions
moderators and other friends in the chat please help me realize that I’ve already
answered that question and I can point people towards it because I don’t
remember all of them so I may end up in a situation where I just forgot that
I’ve already answered it in the frequently asked question and that goes
you know before you ask your question I encourage you to scroll down and take a
look at the frequently asked questions and they’re all there some of them are
really short concise answers so if it’s like hey I found a keyword that has you
know 450 searches per month it looks like a kgr term what should I do that
that question has been asked and answered and it’s written so you can I
mean you can still ask if you have like you know some uncertainty or something
like that but a lot of the questions have indeed been asked already and
answered there’s a keyword golden ratio master class a few affiliate
recommendations alright so if you affiliate links there and I get a
commission if you buy through my link I definitely
appreciate it and you know if you need hosting or a new theme or something like
that there’s a couple recommendations down there in the last little
announcement do you take a look at the FAQ section or
worked hard on it and I think probably needs to be some updates and stuff like
that I’m going to continue to add to it over time my wife and I launched our
podcast there’s a couple links we’re sort of doing a soft launch just to get
some feedback before we release more episodes
it’s called surviving the 9:00 to 5:00 it’s not about affiliate marketing
specifically but more like the corporate life and working through it it’s
interesting if you like hearing me talk that’s another good way to do it okay
now let’s see here the questions that were sent and we have vanch says is five
figure niche site is your five figure niche site website course still works
yes it does there’s actually a number of people in the in the chat that have
enrolled in the course and have found success additionally a lot of the people
that are saying like hey I made my first dollar or something like that they also
are following some of the same principles though maybe they weren’t
even in the course all right Kelly says why are some of my post kgr compliant
but nowhere to be seen after months even though they are 3,000 words somewhere on
page one and two now they’re on page five and beyond is this fixable yes
almost anything is fixable if you there’s a couple areas to look at
sometimes well first off base line is sometimes
kgr posts don’t rank that well so it’s more of a volume play I recommend
publishing at least 20 post and you’re gonna have you know 5 percent that do
exceptionally well exceed your expectations you’re gonna have about 65
to 75 percent that you know perform average the rank in the top 10 most
likely and then you’ll have some other percentage that don’t do
my advice to you is for something that is doing poorly just ignore it and focus
on the stuff that’s doing well because if you go back to the stuff that is
ranking while and you had more content to that then you’ll probably get more
traffic and you’ll get improved rankings so keep that in mind sometimes you’re
just not going to be able to rank I don’t know why probably the competition
however if you are seeing this as a trend Kelly then you probably should
look at your on-page SEO and see if you’ve made some mistake
so are you keyword stuffing is the content like bad grammar does it have
bad grammar I think that was bad grammar right there and if you you know if you
can identify like the issue on there then you can fix it but basically you
can always like fix the rankings now sometimes you know a kgr term will be
more competitive and you’ll have to like build links to it not always but
sometimes you know you’re not going to be able to like fix it so that’s why I’m
like if it’s not working don’t try to fix something that’s not working all
right James says critics are your best friend they were very helpful consider
their advice and critiques but don’t tell them let them control the mood
indeed that is really I actually welcome feedback I’d love to get feedback as
part of the reason like I’m asking for you know constructive criticism on the
on the podcast that my wife and I are working on because we were very nervous
doing it however James I was gonna say the unfortunate part with a thumbs down
is it’s anonymous and not helpful so especially when I got 10 out before I
even did the video so they’re not actually like giving good advice however
I take I take the feedback in fact I just got some constructive criticism for
the five figure niche site course in fact and the person sent me like a
couple points that they thought I could improve on and I’m like let’s set up a
meeting I want to talk about it I want to look at that stuff so definitely I
well can feedback thumbs down is hard
feedback to get any insight from alright it didn’t really affect my mood too much
thank you everyone though for the encouragement
alright i’ll Wayne is starting to monetize a Clickbank site you’re
starting to get sales awesome atif Sean what’s up soo bum Zach says you’re in
the four month mark and your organic traffic is starting to pick up in the
last week Congrats alright
random question from Patrick it is the random question day so I welcome it what
camera do I use for my videos like the table plug-in video I don’t remember
that when specifically but this is what I use is the it’s the Canon Rebel T 7 I
and this is my wide-angle lens here which is an 18 or a 10 to 18 wide-angle
and it has a little flip out camera here or sorry flip out screen so I could see
myself and yeah it’s pretty you know pretty versatile overall the the big
thing when I’m shooting the videos and it’s like the backgrounds blurred and
it’s like super sharp and everything I’m using a 24 millimeter 2.8 lens so that
throws the background I’m out of focus it’s really sharp it’s very small it’s a
cheap lens as well something like 150 bucks or so so compared to some other
lenses is like light easy to use super sharp really love that lens and the
other part is lighting so I have like a lighting kit I don’t not using it now
this is just natural the sun shining on that on the blinds through a window here
but having like really like bright lighting helps a lot so I have like I
think it’s about a $60 lighting kit 800 watts 2 of those sort of stands and yeah
I wish I would have graded to that like sooner so good question Patrick I like
all the cameras geek out on that stuff all right Dennis
says you already earned more than last year which is awesome you’re in your
second year of affiliate sites you’re working towards your thousand days
awesome Congrats very cool Yokohama says great podcast on
Nomad topia appreciate it thanks for taking a look at it by the way you
didn’t listen to that podcast it was a guest and I think a couple days ago I
mentioned it in a video so you could check that out Duke says your organic
traffic is up 20% on your large site in June it’s the six month mark and you
publish 40kg articles that’s awesome it’ll be I think it keeps climbing up
for another few months I think Bob asks does an 18 word FAQ question in answer
have the same way at has a 1800 word post as far as Google ranking assuming
they’re both kgr no clue no clue I’ve never looked at – you know – things like
that like two pieces of content one being an FAQ question another one being
a post I’m not really sure there’s too many factors involved in variables to
make a good sort of assumption on that so I would I would maybe you know take a
step back and just like which piece of content is more helpful for the
perspective searcher that’s kind of how I would look at it all right then we got let’s see josh says Doug do I regret
spending time interviewing for a job a year ago let’s see
not really I think so about a year ago there was a position that homebut opened
up at the University for a I think it was a like a marketing manager position
and a lot of this like salaries are like really depressed here in Bozeman because
it’s kind of like a resort town it’s very strange I was talking to a
friend yesterday and she mentioned that she knew someone graduating with an
engineering degree and like the starting salaries for engineers I’m not sure what
engineering by the way we’re like forty five thousand which is like way less
than anywhere else so interesting thing the position I interviewed for was like
a competitive salary I’ve got a hundred percent sure why but it was a pretty
profitable company within MSU and basically I spent some time you know
putting together a marketing presentation
and it was like a three or four hour interview so I will tell you that
specific week I was I was like I’ve wasted a lot of time preparing for the
interview but it was pretty fun because it was like marketing stuff so I
essentially all this stuff we talked about here I put together a marketing
presentation and gave like an hour presentation which I’ve never done but I
knew my like I knew my techniques and and why I was doing like certain I guess
marketing methods and stuff like that I didn’t get the job I didn’t get much
feedback although I know I actually had beers with one of the interviewers
afterwards like not immediately after but a couple weeks after and a few
people were pulling for me but they hired someone with a stronger like
content background like a former journalist not a marketer all right good question Josh going back
in the archives for that acres is on what’s up Patrick’s looking forward to
the mini course by the way if you weren’t aware the mini course is coming
up Monday July 9th so be sure you’re on the email list and Zach says you’re
almost to the point where you’re not going to have many more topics to write
on your niche when should I start a new site and let my first one grow I guess I
mean if you’re saying that you’re out of topics then go for it
however I would probably like maximize the income from your first site so just
because you don’t have more topics to write a meal right about doesn’t mean
you don’t have more work to do so if you have written like the content
have you done yet outreach have you done promoting promotion on your site like if
you’re not getting the traffic and income yet that you feel is like
maximized then you have a lot of work to do so I would say one of the biggest
mistakes that people make is trying to start too many sites too quickly so I
would just make sure you maximize the first site that says you’ve decided to
crack on the kid you are content the plane is about 50 post published by the
end of November and see what happens you don’t like link building more than
writing so cool let us know how it goes cat all right and Zach says you need to
wait for your stuff to work your way up to the first page of Google it’s much
better than the competitors content cool all right so everyone say
congratulations to Duke it’s the anniversary of him and his wife
so Dukes gonna be jet now thanks for hopping in congratulations Duke how long
have you been married Oh five years someone already beat me to
it as we’re moving on so Zach says you like to jumpstart on getting out of the
sandbox ASAP considering how long it’s taking you two for organic traffic to
grow okay Zach basically I would recommend that you continue working on
your initial site and start doing outreach and link building and stuff so
that you can like start like learning that and then your probably your efforts
will probably be have a higher ROI if you work on your first site then if you
start a new one that’s what I would do okay
vanish says one of my best ways to get backlinks for Amazon niche websites big
marketers thought guest posting is dead is it true what are your best strategies
my general approach is like blog commenting and then guest posting
recently on Monday I published a video with my friend Dave Fox and he talked
about how reached nonprofits because it’s a less crowded Channel so I would
recommend those couple areas additionally if you go to niche site
project com go to the start here section there’s a niche site process there’s a
link in the description below by the way you can go to the SEO plan in the guest
posting strategy section there’s probably I don’t remember how long those
sections are but it’s probably 20 pages worth of content on those two on those
two pieces so I would recommend you go take a look at that sort of outlines it
step by step guest posting seems to work fine but I think you have to be on like
the the front end of like this transition I think there’s going to be a
transition in the next like 18 to 24 months where you know sending out like
tons of emails to anyone that you can get the email address from it’s not
gonna be working as well okay Kelly says regarding keyword stuffing you always
follow the Yoast keyword density okay Kelly that is your problem
do not do that in fact that is a frequently asked question
right there so if you check out the frequently asked questions page you’ll
see that I’m pretty sure that’s one of them you’ll see that I mentioned that
the Yoast SEO plug-in is meant for like general usage I hope I put this okay
yeah so the on-site SEO questions the Yoast SEO plug-in tells me to use a
keyword X percent of the time what should I do
basically don’t do it yes is not made for you it’s made for just general
bloggers and general usage so you’ve checked competitors and their keywords
only appear once or once or twice do that once or twice
don’t do what yes tells you it’s a terrible recommendation that is probably
your issue change that Kelli and then let me know what happens it’ll like if
you change it like this weekend like go to your top like your top post what you
think the best posts are fix the keyword density and then like have Google at the
search console fetch it and then re index it in probably two to three days
you’ll see the rankings move up all right Zack says when would you say H
refs is worth a purchase it looks so nice especially the dead links tool why
is the dead links tool useful for you okay H refs
is a great tool to use you can get like tons of insight on your organic keywords
your competitors organic keywords and the backlinks the backlinks are like
it’s the best database out there so I would say you can have a look I wouldn’t
recommend getting an ongoing subscription but like I would say early
on you can get you know write down all the information you want to get from a
traps signup for like one month knock yourself
out pull all the reports as much as you can get out of eight reps and then you
could cancel it you know hop back on in the future when you need it again for
the dead links I don’t think it’s that useful but if you’re interested in that
kind of stuff I guess maybe says what to think about emails asking
for a link exchange we okay so the pitch is we have several sites would like to
link to you in exchange for a link to one of ours I would generally avoid that
I think if you were I think if you were like interested and you got like one or
two or a very small percentage of your overall links that would probably be
okay but if you do that very much and you end up like sort of basically you
look like you’re in their network so if they’re doing that sort of thing they’re
probably also may be doing other like shady link things so at that point I
would maybe not do it so I basically don’t do that it patrick has the same
camera as me so yeah I really love it I upgraded from a t2i
and I’ve used canons since thirty five-millimeter days I had an a2 back in
the day and a couple rebels when I first got into photography Owen says sometimes
it’s good to have multiple sites when you have a quality site it’s quality
site is pretty easy to get a buyer yeah and while way and recently sold a site
yeah okay lots of questions coming through here all right a teeth says how
much time does it take to make a site authoritative I mean you could do it as
quick as like one month or maybe it will take you forever all right
so it’s hard to I’m gonna assume your word authoritative is just generic so
you can do it really fast if you can do a lot of outreach and get links and I
think that’s what will make us I know authoritative I think based on your your
question there Duke mentions that Yoast is terrible as far as keyword density is
yeah it’s not made for longtail keywords it’s made for short tail keywords
all right Anthony says hello what’s up man good to have you on and affiliate
marketing in YouTube yes or no totally up to you whatever you want to do and let’s see here
bob says what’s my opinion on viral launch for searching MZ products for
Amazon products on Amazon um I don’t have an opinion I’m not I don’t know
what viral launches Anthony says do I have an accountant yes I do when I went
from when I went from a sole proprietor to corporation I didn’t know how to
transition and make sure I didn’t drop something and I hired an accountant at
that point Stephen says you use the kgr and one of your websites the other day
and you have a position number three in two weeks for 320 monthly searches
you’re killing the competition awesome Stephen congratulations all
Wayne says what plugin can I use to show updated on July on each post no clue I
would not really worry about that depends on your theme like my particular
theme I can like insert like I could widget eyes a little area like a text
box and then put that in the top on each post but I’m sure there’s some theme if
anyone knows in the chat feel free to recommend one alright yeah Zach says
you’ll keep improving and optimizing the click-through rate and all that yeah
definitely do do link building all right Anthony says should you promote your
first ten articles or just write up 30 40 posts in the market those market with
your first 10 right so you’re better off starting to get traffic sooner so don’t
wait publish your first 10 articles and then move on from there okay Zach says what’s a realistic target
for affiliate income for the year mark I’ll just make some assumptions really
quick let’s say you can work on your site like five to seven hours per week I
would say you know depending on a variety of factors it could be about a
thousand to five thousand dollars in the first year you know it’s gonna be really
slow for the first four to six months and then potentially you can grow a lot
depending on how much work you do so if you take a look at some of the keyword
golden ratio success stories recently you’ll see there’s a range of you know
income in a range of how long someone’s worked on websites in general so if you
happen to have a relevant skill like maybe you had a travel blog like Ellen
did previously she already knew how to write content and she was able to put in
a lot of time this is a success story I think you could find a link in the
description probably for the playlist so she had skills that could directly
transfer over and she knew it could work so she was able to put a ton of time in
and I think if I remember right 3,000 bucks within eight months there’s a few
other folks where maybe they really knew like they were content writers
previously so they knew how to write content and just the content side of the
equation really helpful so it really depends that’s why the range is so huge
all right as we’re scrolling down Kelly says should I be doing a mix of
affiliated post and how to’s and so on and so forth yes another common frequent
question let’s see that one is something like where where is that I can’t
remember I can’t remember if it’s on there or if it’s 50/50 aim for 50/50 all right josh says please create a
guest post mini course where we can get links for free – the article costs much
needed that is that is on my list are people let me know in the chat or if
you’re watching the replay a comment let me know if you know you would get a link
just pure link building where I only go over link building like strategies with
all the templates and walk through the process is that something you’re
interested in would you pay a hundred bucks for it something like that see the
problem the problem with just putting out a free course is if people expect to
get support from it that takes time for me or a VA helping me answer questions
so it’s very important to take that into consideration in Josh if you’re in a
hurry there’s probably like three blog posts on niche site project that sort of
walk you through that process anyway so I’m not sure I mean I think the info is
out there I think all right as we scroll down very much behind Zach says
Wikipedia brings in traffic yeah you know what Wikipedia can definitely bring
in a really nice traffic good authoritative link even though it’s
nofollow cat says what’s the best tool for checking on page SEO like keyword
density SEO quake and I have a video on SEO quake by the way so it’s free what’s
on chrome alright Patrick says can I talk a bit about site indexing and
mapping not sure if they’re the same thing and you don’t know what the
purpose of it is um well so site indexing is just like you know your URLs
into google index right there database so and I’m not sure I’ll answer some
stuff would those like jargon buzzwords in
there but if you need if you have more specific questions let me know
Patrick so basically and then the mapping I think you means sitemaps but
that’s sort of like the it’s like an HTM or sorry an XML file on your site
there’s a URL for it and it sort of lists out all the all the pages that
should be indexed on your site so you can submit that to Google so it has an
idea of like your site mapping basically so it’s an XML sitemap and you can go
and submit that if you this is one of the things we’re like the Yoast plug-in
is helpful right so they have you know it creates a specific XML I think
WordPress may do it automatically but yes has a specific like XML area that
you can have a look at all right and EXO says your sites two weeks old and you
have ten posts how can I increase traffic and rank your pages so you can
do some link building right your site’s only two weeks old so it’s gonna take
like six months basically for you to get significant traffic and I recommend that
you go take a look at like the SEO section of the niche site process as
well as the guest posting so at this point you have ten posts I would go out
there and start blog commenting on a large scale and then see if you can make
some connections and then pitch a guest post if as far as y11 dislikes I think
people don’t like me so I’m not sure alright Zach says the Yoast title link
has been wonky lately – interesting all right thief is asking about
backlinks again you asked about this the other day
if someone’s able to if you could find the like guest posting video that I’ve
done or any of the SEO sessions like the teeth all you have to do is search for
that I’ve already done a video on it so I don’t know just search for it on my
channel it’s there Anthony says why the move from an LLC to a Corp I didn’t I
didn’t do that I had no company at all and then it formed corporation and here
in Montana there’s like a couple of different qualifications but I’m I file
my taxes is an S corp and yeah that is how it works and I don’t know much about
like everything related to that alright Mohammed says is there any tool
to find K G our keywords quickly manual work is so slow any recommendation no I
mean that’s part of the magic right if everyone could do the research quickly
then it would not be as valuable right so it’s harder to find the keywords it
is slow and people are lazy so as long as you go find them
Mohammed you should be in good shape there are some tools or some techniques
that you can sort of do it a little faster
but not really as far as building a tool for it I’ve thought about it but number
one there’s a lot of like configuration and setup that would need to be done to
develop such tool and it would create a problem with customer support if I
actually created a tool so my recommendation is to check out the
master class playlist there’s a link in the description and you should be able
to get a pretty good idea how to find them faster all right sorbus says oh and
I think JP is on what’s up haven’t seen your under well services what’s the best
way to promote an Amazon affiliate product to write a post on it and I think that
is the best way to do it you can get organic traffic to the post pretty sure
I misunderstood your question so if you want to rephrase it
you can ask something different Brendan says you’re rendering a video
right now which focuses on the kgr method you hope I could check it out if
I have time okay I know how much time but maybe I’ll check it out you have a
question for me okay what’s the question all right josh
says you’d pay mad loot for the course Kelly says should I be hiring writers
every video I watched in all my videos say higher content writers how many
posts should I be publishing a month to get a good traction is more content key
you’re at when did you post per week it all depends on your goals and your
budget so basically yes the more you publish like the more potential you have
to make money right there’s more places people can come in I think you have some
holes in your process so I would fix your keyword density stuff before you
consider accelerating the process so if you if you like automate something that
isn’t working you’ve just like multiplied your problem
in an exponential way which is really terrible to do so you should really have
everything working properly as best you can do before you automate or do
anything so my recommendation is do not hire any writers until you have traffic
until you have like things fixed up and the keyword density thing is something
you should fix up now assuming you fix that you should basically publish as
much as you can all right Brandon says what’s the most likely price I’m looking
for fully hands-off articles from the kgr research to writing to posting it
seems like you keep getting sucked into $30 plus to make it happen yeah I would
say you know 50 bucks a post something like
that you know you could probably do it for cheaper but 50 bucks a post is
probably a good assumption Marty says you recommend Doug’s course the more
time you waste the more it’ll hurt your dreams check it out
take your advice yep thanks Marty really appreciate that
all right and exos is when should I start seeing income roll in in the first
month in the second depends on how much time you put in but if you’re if you’re
doing everything properly and not making mistakes then in the yeah I would say in
the first six weeks or so and we’re just talking like $1 right you’re you’re just
making a little bit but if you’re not able to put in let’s say you could only
put in two hours a week or something well then maybe it’s gonna take you four
or six months you know that’s totally okay like you
work at your own speed it’s not a race at all
the longer you you spend working on stuff the better you’ll do and by the
way if people have the opportunity to hit the thumbs up I don’t know if people
notice if you join later but before we even started the video I apparently
angered people quite a bit they disliked the video ten people before we even
started today so if you have the opportunity to hit the thumbs up actually I don’t even care
but you can’t no you can you can you can show those people that that you like the
video anok so I did a video called like first hundred dollars a time line for a
niche site like revenue or something like that highly recommend you take a
look at that because it walks through like the first year and the milestones
you might expect for income it becomes let’s see it becomes hard there’s some I
have done so many videos it becomes hard to remember like all the stuff that I’ve done in his
heart I mean I can’t expect people to find all this stuff but the thing is
most of the time if you have a question and you if you just go to the YouTube
like my youtube channel and type in your question in the search bar you’ll
probably see like two to three videos that come pretty close to answering it all right
next 24/7 says kgr method required any type of backlinks no not necessarily
backlinks are better but you don’t have to use them a teef says where can you
find a schedule of my online sessions so you know when I’m online I recommend you
hit the notification bell and then you’ll you’ll get notified when I do go
live but typically its most Wednesdays 10:00 a.m. mountain time or Fridays at
10:00 a.m. mountain time those are generally the time there and Patrick
thank you my man look for guest posting for niche sites free link building
strategies boom that is what you want and Zach says the mini course sold you
on the full course awesome Zach I think oh I owe you an email mana I get behind
I get so many of them and yeah the mini course is very spent a tremendous amount
of time on that bob says escorts are cheaper to form depending on the state
and the corporation fees or less however lookup that yeah since this by the state
like for me it was it didn’t matter and there were a couple little things with
the type of corporation that I formed here in Montana which may not exist in
other states Anthony says breakin the percentages of how my time
is spent like customer support recording videos live sessions so on you know what
I don’t know the answer to those I don’t I’m not a person that keeps track of
like all my activities super close so I’m not really sure but I would say I
probably spend you know a couple hours a week on most of those things and I guess
some of the customer service comes in to like email management so I sort of Zack
knows right I tend to get behind on email sometimes so what I’ll do is like
I need to schedule it better but once a week I needed just like slam through the
emails sometimes I get back to people like right away sometimes it takes me
longer depending on the urgency but a lot of I get a ton of just random
questions so those I’ve figured out how to filter those out so I can batch those
in a more effective way so I’m not really sure my work schedule is a little
interesting too so for certain periods I’ll probably work about four hours a
day and you know on a Friday maybe like an hour and a half or two hours is spent
like getting ready for this session and then answering the questions where we
just talk right and then the weird part is like some other days maybe I’m
writing content like for example when I was doing all the frequently asked
questions I don’t know how many words it is total for all of them but I spent you
know more time writing I basically just like didn’t check my email didn’t do
anything else I would sit down and start writing for two or three hours answering
the questions doing research trying not to open my email and get distracted in a
rabbit hole and eventually I finished and then I published it and then I can
go back to him to like the four hours but some days
the point is some days I may it work like eight ten twelve hours like if I’m
really in the zone and I’m enjoying what I’m doing okay and Zack is talking S
corp is attack selection totally and then
yep yep yep all right Sagna says how can you pick the right keyword so I
recommend you take a look at the niche site process there’s a link in the
description but basically it depends on what your goal is so if your goal is to
create an Amazon affiliate site I assume that that is the goal then a great place
to go look is Amazon right you can go to Amazon check out products and then start
looking for product buyer type keywords like best ballpoint pen something like
that those are the kind of keywords you want if you’re trying to create a
different kind of site than your keyword deep research would be different and you
know maybe you would look for more how-to
kind of articles Bob as well recommends the five-figure niche a course you vet
says quick question do I know follow all my affiliate links now I actually don’t
worry about it too much Google understands those are affiliate links
technically yeah I think you’re supposed to like you know know follow them but
Google understands hi Marie and says you found a keyword that’s less competitive
but the thing is you’re not the master and the topic should I go for it yes you
should go for it my tips are check out the RPM research paper method and it
should give you some ideas and there’s a section this is a frequently asked
question by the way if you’re just joining in I have published the
frequently asked questions section please have a look all the questions are
listed below and there’s a link but there’s what I’m calling permission
questions here’s one I found a great keyword but the search volume is bla per
month should I go for it the answer is always yes if you are thinking about
doing something do it you don’t need my permission do it after you do it whether
it works or not you will know more than you did before so it almost always
works out and there’s almost no downside all right so you at the end of the day
even if it doesn’t work you’ve learned something you’ve learned what did not
work which is very valuable because then you can just not do that again so if you
found a keyword go for it hyhy says on the google search console
you’ve added many versions to my root website not just the www but the HTTP
and HTTPS will that screw up my search results maybe I don’t know I’m not sure
I would say I would say as long as you have the redirects properly and like the
right one registered as like the main site you should be okay I’m not super
aware of like like with the impacts so I would take a look at all the google
search console documentation I have no idea if someone knows feel free to
answer in here ok and Marty says there are several details you can find out on
Doug’s channel and you need to understand and number of things to do it
well cool thanks for that marthy and Marty will be a guest in the next week
or so gonna publish an interview I did with him so there’s a really cool thanks
Marty for spending the time it’s chatting with me here Marcus says thumbs
up appreciate it how are we doing on that 39 mm-hmm what can you do
alright cool cool Kelley says you’ll get those issues
fixed and then thanks for the help you’ve been at three months and last
month you got three ten this month it’s 80 so far so it definitely works your
goal is five hundred dollars per month by Christmas and the thing is Kelley
Kelley you did email me the other day right but it’s like under a different
name is that right basically you’re probably going to see
like some pretty crazy growth like once your site gets a little bit older
because three months and three ten is pretty
good so Mohammed says is it necessary to pick only those key words having
approximately 250 searches and below no no it’s not I think you maybe have more
context that question so feel free to ask more but no I encourage you to go
after other keywords as well but you should know the reasons why you’re going
for like lower key word search volume right so if you’re doing kgr stuff it’s
gonna be helpful you’re probably gonna be able to rank faster if you go for
like larger search volumes like you can still rank you know but you may have to
spend a lot more time on it and it’s gonna take longer there’s gonna be a lot
more competition so I recommend if you’re starting out under 250 that’s
gonna be better for you alright and Kelly is mentioning that her
site was doing nothing until you started doing kgr awesome good to hear that oh and hi hi says you don’t say it enough
thank you thank you thank you awesome you’re welcome glad to help all right
Zach says when I recommend breaking up your huge list of best of blank for
blank post with some other types of titles or does it not matter I’m not
sure I would probably I would probably use different titles otherwise you run
the risk of over using that search phrase best blank whatever that is so I
would really watch out for that revenger says for keywords which are phrases do
you suggest all in title with inverted quotes for estimating kgr the answer is
no do not do that that regular quotes not inverted quotes no quotes at all
alright and if it sounds like you maybe need to revisit ravindra the Masterclass
there’s a couple like key things like that that I mentioned in the video you
know you don’t use quotes you just type it in so don’t do that
enik so is there no way to speed up the process yeah there is just get backlinks
if you get backlinks from big authoritative sites then you you will
speed up the process and then you say six months to know if your site is
working or not or is not a long time you know what in in the big scheme of things
six months is not that long and you should know ahead of time you should get
a little traffic like if you’re working on your site you should get a little
traffic and again I’m assuming you’re following like the five figure niche
site process and if you’re not then it’s hard to say because I’m not sure what
you’re working on so if you’re doing the right steps in the right order then you
should be able to you know start making a little money and Anthony says what do
I know about link juice so link juice is sort of the idea that you know you have
a link from an external site going to your site and like link juice flows to
that page and then you can potentially you know link to somewhere else on your
site and sort of pass that link juice along even though you didn’t get
directly a link directly through to the link within your site so that’s kind of
the idea of it and EXO says should I start another website no you shouldn’t
you should just focus on one here’s the reason why in except you’re going to
make mistakes 100% guaranteed even if I mean I make mistakes I still make
mistakes but what you don’t want to do is start two sites and make the same
mistake twice and I have to fix it twice it’s going to
be really discouraging and you’re gonna get upset with yourself so it’s better
if you just work on one site really focus on it and then once you you know
get your first six months in you kind of see that everything’s working you’ll be
better off better equipped to launch another site after six months I highly
encourage you don’t even worry about it like maximize your one site and you’ll
be better off Ravindra says what’s my view on writing
mega post on high search volume keywords yeah go for it
do it when is it when it is when it is not done with the aim of ranking the
mega post itself yeah go for it do it Zach says you said six weeks to start
getting income where would this traffic be coming from partially referrals
partially organic traffic from Google if you’re using the kgr like Kelly is
mentioning using the cage yaar her site’s 11 months old it’s past the
sandbox and then she was able to start using kgr terms in the last three months
and she started making money pretty quick so she was outside the sandbox but
basically as soon as she started publishing kgr content she started
making revenue I don’t know if there’s people in the still in the chat but
there are several cases where you know you go out you start publishing kgr
content you do blog commenting people follow your link in the blog comment
potentially and then maybe you get some traffic from Google but if you’re
getting my estimate is if you’re getting like 10 to 15 visitors per day you
probably are gonna sell an item every three or four days roughly once you
start getting about a hundred visitors a day on a single like commercially
motivated post a buyer’s keyword kind of post you’re probably gonna be making
$100 a month right plus or minus like 25% on that by the way so once you start
getting like that amount of traffic to your like a single page like I said
you’re probably going to be converting um like one buy per day one item per day
probably you know depending on the price of the products and a few other
variables you may make between you know 75 and 125
bucks a month all right ravindra says should we target multiple sim similar
kgr terms throughout the post totally up to you I would not do it but I also
recommend Ravindra I think maybe you weren’t here when I mentioned it but
I’ve published an FAQ section and a lot of the questions that that you asked
today and in previous sessions I’ve answered they’re so highly recommend you
take a look at that and the reason why I would avoid it Ravindra is you run the
risk of like keyword stuffing if you try and put a bunch of kiddie returns that
are really similar in there so just pick one and run with it cat says any of you
guys and gals had any problem with rankings in traffic when switching to
CloudFlare you just reversed the whole process because rankings dropped and
went down like 75 percent you know what I haven’t cat but I’ve heard of people
saying CloudFlare totally screwed up their rankings and I don’t know why all right Kelly says oh sorry I miss one
emic so how can you increase your da and PA at the moment it’s 1 & 0
your sites 2 weeks old okay couple key things i’ll straight-up answer your
question first so if you want to increase your da and PA get backlinks so
same answer of like is like the several you know if you want to speed things up
get backlinks more backlinks you’ll increase your da and PA you can do blog
commenting if you do you know 10 blog comments a day for the next two months
your PA and DA will go up however I will tell you don’t worry about your da and
PA those are just vanity metrics it sounds like you’re just getting started
don’t track your PA and da right who cares right you you want to get traffic
to your site so you should monitor like traffic to your site what’s going to
impact that your rankings you want to increase your rankings to get traffic to
your site so you can make sales your PA and da it’s just like some metric by Moz
right so don’t worry about it the other thing is on a deeper level you
need to re set your expectations your site’s only two weeks old so you need to
pump the brakes this is gonna take a very long time this is gonna be very
difficult and you’re gonna make a lot of mistakes
so just with that in mind be patient just be patient
all right Kelly says I mentioned there’s a course on content writing and writers
where you enter your email could you remind me where to find it again it is
in the description contents workshop yeah so outlining and
hiring writers you’ll find the links in the description so Kelly you could watch
those on demand at your leisure Anthony Paul says you’re about to publish your
first ken 10 kids your articles on your first site you signed up to Bluehost
with my affiliate link oh thanks buddy really appreciate that and actually
anything let me know if you’re happy with like Bluehost so far I’ve been I
recommended them in the past and I’ve had issues with them like last
year but I’ve been working with the support team and some of the affiliate
managers to find out like what they’ve done to improve and my understanding is
they’ve like overhauled a lot of their like support team and the way that they
were working so let me know Anthony feel free to shoot me in the
email really appreciate you using my affiliate link all right Kat says it’s
all coming back from CloudFlare and the issue but your main keyword got stuck on
position 11 any advice I’m pushing it up basically I would say take a look tat at
the FAQ method as far as like having more content however if you had the
rankings before most likely it’s going to return so it just needs a little time
I’ve seen sometimes if there’s a ranking issue due to like redirects or new
domains or something like that it may take you know three to five weeks for it
to recover so just keep an eye on it and consider adding more content to that
page all right why the questions are really flowing today Zack says when it
post has a somewhat lengthy buyer’s guide section along with four to five
product recommendations when I put the products first or the guide first I
would put the products first perhaps a bullet point list or a little table at
the top where it’s like you give them a chance to click on it so you want to
give them like a short list quickly that contains affiliate links that’s my
recommendation all right says you’re new to the channel and you
found it yesterday welcome so this is your first live session really
appreciate it can I tell you in short about the kgr yes
so the kgr is a data-driven way to find keywords that are usually like
underserved on the internet and there’s a master class and ran just gonna blow
your mind there’s basically like 10 videos and it’s a free playlist so if
you just scroll down watch it after we finish up here and I’m just gonna change
the way you look at keyword research and basically it’s the all in title results
which is an advanced Google search string and it’s divided by the local
monthly search volume where the local monthly search volume also the LMS is
less than 250 you have to find these keywords manually there’s no automated
way to do it so it takes a little while it’s hard work to find them and that’s
part of the reason why it works and there are Umrah and the other thing is
there’s a lot of success stories on my channel that sort of you don’t even have
to listen to me right you could listen to other people so Emran let me know how
it goes for you and bob says what i post a link for the FA cues for those that
don’t know where to find it yeah and I think I mean there’s already a link
already a link in the description however you know I understand you get
these live sessions excited you just want to ask me a question I understand
and the theory was you know we published the FAQ section then people won’t ask
the same questions again but unfortunately I can’t blame people right
you just showed up on my channel I camera in here welcome and we’re in
everyone say hello you just show up on my channel you don’t know anything about
me it’s your first video no need for me to act like a jerk or anything but you
know I try and answer the questions so can’t can’t blame someone for showing up
and ask all right heist as your website domain
name combines multiple niches for example ballpoint pen cave Explorer bad
example but you get the point what are my thoughts on that you felt
your niche was too narrow and allows for expanding what do I think that is a bad
example that seems like a bad thing to do but maybe it works for you so I would
not have done what you described but there’s many ways to do things and I
only talk about my ways but I respect other decisions but I definitely would
not have done that alright and bob says the link for the FAQ is in the
description indeed it is indeed it is all right we got Zach said something ok
there’s just a conversation going on cool all right and Zach says human proof
Designs has a post about CRO its conversion rate optimization with
which advocates for a table of products maybe you’ll try that there’s not enough
traffic for an a/b test yet yep yeah and I think like a table is a good way to
just like present the links the affiliate links right get people over to
Amazon additionally you can summarize like the data a table is great to
summarize data in a very clear way without being confusing to read so if
you put the table there it can make it easy for someone to compare the products
and then quickly get over to Amazon which of course is our goal all right
and I says what do I think the key
requirements needed for a site to be making 2,000 per month how possible
really is this and can you really make 5 K from one site with 50 posts so I had a
site that I sold and for the new people this may be new to you so I sold a site
in a sort of a series of blog post right that I covered this site called Project
a white hat there’s a couple videos on it go check it out it’s very interesting
the site was making between 10 and 30 mm per month and when you know the 10,000
per month it had a 45 post all right so the answer is yes it is possible and
then when it made 32,000 it was you know retail season Christmas time but we also
added more content so at that point I pumped it full of kids yard content
utilize the rpm and FAQ methods and then it jumped by 300% thirty two thousand
dollars in December of 2016 my friend and I have business partner
sold the site later later on and do I think the key requirements needed for a
site okay what are the key requirements great keyword research great content and
some backlinks super simple always the same stuff and you’re further asking
anak so says can you argue that projec go white hat is an outlier yes you could
you could argue that however it’s an outlier but the same people are also
like the same people involved are creating other sites that do the same
thing so the project may be an outlier but if you can repeat it then I think it
works so but with like with respect and Excel
you could say it’s an outlier but it sounds like an excuse so you just say ah
you know what that’s just an outlier it’s not gonna work for for other stuff
right but it was very strategically built in a very specific way so I I
think yeah I think it works Emery and says are the videos in the playlist or
the website it is I believe they are actually in both areas but the playlist
is there’s a link in the description is called the keyword golden ratio master
class so have a look at that vanish says how many articles should we publish on a
newly-born niche website within the month
I recommend 10 posts what about those articles backlinks get them yes cat says
human proof Designs has a service for kgr I have seen that but I think they
don’t follow the formula specifically and they go outside the 250 range so in
a neck so feel free to challenge more on the project go I hat all right tele says
what’s RPM research paper method and the first link in the description I’m sorry
the second link in the description the on-demand content workshop on outlining
covers the RPM alright and Anthony says please add a link to the FAQ as a
drop-down on the home page I don’t know if I like those dropdowns you don’t
wanna have too much stuff in the menu it’s so useful that you want people to
find it right away maybe even added it as its own link on the home page
ok I’ll take it under consideration Anthony I did put a link in the sidebar
could you see that I’m not sure if that’s on all the pages or whatever nxo
says have I seen the success replicated with myself in students yes alright
Imran says many of my of in YouTube is taking about age rest
for keyword research okay you’re asking about keyword research and age rafts is
a trusted best keyword research tool it’s up for opinion I don’t know it’s a
very useful tool and Rand but you don’t need it all right if it’s not in your
budget don’t worry about it you don’t need it
does the Caged error method use any tools yes it does but they could be free
tools cover that in the master class in the playlist so you could use free tools
to do this Lisa says you just joined the live
stream you’ll watch the replay later what’s up with the dislikes also you
sent an email about consulting and you haven’t heard back did I receive it
I will check you know funny thing Lisa the thing is I ended up with like 10
dislikes before we even started so I don’t know get some got some trolls out
there which just happens from time to time and yeah but other people here said
that they they like these and Lisa I’m gonna double-check where did you send
the email just want to double-check was it the dog a niche site project or
some other email I’ll have a look and Kelly for the research paper method have
a look at the the full session I do a demo all right enik so says what’s the
pride with the URL for project go why hat it is
I’ll find a link for you here but it may not work all right
there you go at is the information John says
our term ranking in the tenth position for a twinks with an 800 word article
should I add more content yes add more content do that all right
Manish says what are the pay on-page strategies that changed in 2018 like
Medes I don’t know what has changed in 2018 I don’t think anything to my
knowledge nothing specifically changed I haven’t done anything different so but
if you have a more specific question I feel like maybe you’re thinking of
something but yeah nothing changed from this year to laughs from last year or
anything like that that’s good Zak I think you could be right cool so Anthony says you you see it you
see the link to the FAQ but if you want to make a more prominent added to the
footer and the homepage that way everyone wins Thanks and EXO says do I
need your course to really succeed and make a profitable site no you don’t need
me or my course or anything like that it will probably take you three to five
times longer if you don’t have a course you don’t need my course necessarily
there’s a lot of other people out there that maybe resonate with more there’s a
lot of other smart people there’s like income school Authority hacker there’s a
guy named Tung Tran over at cloud living a lot of other courses out there that
are probably really good so but if you don’t use a course then it’s gonna take
you longer and you’re probably gonna make more mistakes all right Anthony
says you also notice I don’t have any kind of sharing buttons would it be too
much for you to add actually this is getting into a good good thing here
Anthony so it turns out people don’t really share that much stuff and I know
it’s like the calm knowledge is like huh you know people
have shared on Twitter or Facebook or whatever if they really want to share it
they’ll like take the link and put it somewhere but I had those sort of
mechanisms in place and basically people would complain about the sharing buttons
right and I didn’t particularly like them also no one was really sharing
anything so I didn’t put them on hey Anthony
do you share stuff like I mean actually let’s take a little poll do people share
things like is the fact that I don’t have sharing buttons keeping people from
sharing content alright and Thomas says what plug-in do I use on this I project
the green one down in the right corner that is I think that is the optinmonster
plugin is that is that what you’re thinking of there Thomas let’s see and Stephen says you recommend
SSL sites along with privacy policy in terms of service okay cool good to know Babbitt says have I used the new content
performance tab on Amazon no but I saw that Bab he and I didn’t didn’t check it
out and Anthony says you do share all right cool Marcus says sharing buttons
are useful for Pinterest and Zack says I never share via buttons but you have
them on all your sites and some people do and this is one of those things where
there are endless number there’s an endless number of things to worry about
and I was just like I don’t like social I’m not spending time on Twitter or
Facebook or anything so I just decided to not like not participate right so
that was a conscious choice and I’m spending time doing other stuff like
answering questions here for example all right Tom or Theo tom says you just made
your first thousand dollars last month my videos helped a lot so you want to
say thanks keep up the good work awesome Theo you emailed me like six months ago
right and you had you had a site that I can’t say what it is but trying to think
of any other reference but you emailed me before I think Chris says if you
suddenly acquired 40 guest post links would you send them all directly to your
money page first in half to child pages and in direct link juice I wouldn’t send
them all to the money page and I wouldn’t send half of them to child
pages via indirect link juice either I would do neither of those things I would
probably send them you know some to the money page probably half to the home
page and then maybe like intersperse it throughout maybe not
– the money page but you know less to the less than half Muhammad says what
should be the ratio of kids yarn informational articles for a new site
all right I’m gonna recommend like 50% informational and 50% affiliate I
recommend all of them be kgr articles for you and how much time will it take
to see the results four to six weeks if you actively try and like do you know
stuff an EXO says off-topic would it would I be willing to openly share my
youtube income I should I will do that zero I don’t run ads Manish says you
want to learn about anchors and keyword density and the articles if I have any
resources please share it below so I don’t have anything specifically on
keyword density but that’s probably something you know I should add a little
bit more on and the anchors I mean to update my article but what I can do
Manish is in the FAQ section there’s a question on the keyword density so I
recommend you look at that frequently asked question there all right Kelly
says when I talked about the site making ten to thirty was it all Amazon or other
services yeah it was all Amazon and as Steven says your YouTube income is zero
also yeah I’ve thought about maybe turning on the ads just to see what
would happen I have a decent number of views and I don’t know like part of me
is like I want to give all this stuff away for free without running ads and if
you want to you know use an affiliate link I sure do appreciate it if you want
to buy the course I like that even more if you want you know some one-on-one
coaching that’s really really awesome to do you know tear downs for people where
I literally are literally you know look at their site audit it and then give
them action items which a lot of the questions that I see here on this should
be in coaching sessions and I don’t talk about it enough but the Lisa I just
found your your question here so I’ll reply back the tricky part I’m sorry I it took me a
while to get back to you the tricky part since it was a holiday
week I got behind on email on Tuesday Wednesday so yep I’ll reply back
immediately after and one thing that I was getting at here is basically basically if you’re asking specific
questions but I can only give general answers then it is not particularly
helpful for you so it is very hard to get a useful question if I can’t go look
at your site right you can’t get a good answer I have to make too many
assumptions so Lisa hopefully will be able to connect here and see what you
can do Theo says could disavowing website links that are bad lower your
Google rankings yes they can it can because here’s here’s the trade-off feel
good question so you can get negative SEO bad links
pointing to your site which actually are helping you rank alright so if you
disavow those your rankings could go down so it is a possibility generally I
mean if you see you got bad links I would probably disavow them and then
like just you know work with it with whatever whatever you have going on
Kelly says how many users and traffic was the site getting you know what I
don’t remember off the top of my head um trying to remember here trying to
remember I want to say we were getting like four or five thousand visitors a
day during the height but I honestly can’t remember it could have gotten up
to 6,000 a day something like that I don’t remember it’s been a while all
right we’re starting to wrap it up Georgie’s getting a little rambunctious
over here she brought in a toy Georgie she came in with this thing here all
right Patrick says any new beers to report on you know trying to think if
I’ve had anything new here recently off the top of my head I don’t think I’ve
had anything new but I’ve really been enjoying especially this warm summer
weather and probably mentioned this before the new belgium triple I could
get it like very close by I like on the way home from the gym or anywhere else
so I’ve been enjoying that quite a bit it’s out of Fort Collins and by the way
if people are in the like northern Denver area or sorry the Denver area or
northern Colorado area I’m gonna be around there like in early August like I
think I can’t remember the exact dates but if you’re in Denver and there’s
enough people like four or five at least I may do like a little meetup something
like that so if you’re in Denver let me know Kelly says how did I Drive that
much traffic it was all organic search traffic like 90% organic search traffic
I don’t know where other other traffic may have shown up from Stephen says your
bro-in-law and sister live in Fort Collins nice all right any other
questions out there all right and by the way sorry again Lisa like I said I
totally got behind on my email and I really need to schedule more time for
actually schedule a time like twice a week where I like blast through the
emails and it’s just there’s a ton of them that come through so it is
difficult but to hire me I should definitely get on top of those right all
right couple other quick announcements or a
recap of the announcements be sure to check out the podcast my wife and I are
working on it’s not about affiliate marketing specifically but it’s about
like corporate life and you could just hear us go back and forth
we’ve only released three episodes since we’re like just getting started trying
to get some feedback before we like publish more but we’re enjoying it so
far and I will probably I’ve talked about this a lot I will probably do an
affiliate marketing kind of podcast just myself and probably interview people so
I could get out and it’ll be more like these sort of conversations where I go
like really deep into some topic and then it’ll be you know just sort of on
the marketing side but yeah we’re enjoying it like I said probably a
couple of times I have all the equipment and have like nicer microphones and
stuff like that so it was only a matter of time before we took it out all right
Chris said you enjoyed the work-life balance episode you just cut out of the
office for summer on Friday awesome really cool okay and I think we are done
here and yeah thanks everybody that that gave a thumbs up and a like we have 47 I
didn’t even talk about it that much Oh Patrick says the audio quality is
great on the podcast good to know my wife did the edits
was her first time editing audio and stuff so it was she’s enjoyed doing it
so thanks for the feedback and XO thanks for joining up and your your um your min
sorry I mispronounced your name there thanks for the new Emory Emory and
thanks for all the new people that hop done alright Sita says is a link
building using Weebly and Tumblr considered gray hat if you were building
those properties just to do links then yes it would be considered grey hat
alright that’s a wrap everyone have a great weekend thanks to the kind
moderators and everyone else if you’re watching the replay leave me a comment
let me know that you’re watching the replay alright see you later bye


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