Live Target Beauty Box, Pura Vida & Ipsy Unboxing

Hey cruisers wow we’ve had quite
the pre livestream party here in the chat guys arrived like 12 minutes early
it’s awesome it was very very nice for me to have something to do while my
husband ran around there’s a lot of little details that go into this and a
lot of things that can go wrong and he wants to kind of control all of them
from audio to lighting to things that flash up on the screen at the right or
the wrong time for example everything so hi everybody who’s here my goodness
Diane you were the first one in the chat today we’ve got Cheryl Pete and Kathy
Mike and Cheryl let’s see who else we have here
my goodness sakes you guys this is a great turnout today we have Dre Olsen Hi
Dre hey Megan good to have ya Who am I missing Sharon
C is here hello fellow cruisers says Sharon MS Mary is also here done
1979 is here brenda pamela shannon Sagusta Wow a lot of people just came in
too after we went live good to have everybody here it is awesome to do live
streams on our CruiseGear channel we absolutely love it and today we’re gonna
be unboxing both of the beauty boxes from Target there are two I can’t really
get them in the picture very well here and we are going to be doing my pura
vida monthly Club unboxing and we are going to be takin it and look at my Ipsy
glam bag so we’re very excited to have all of you here I think we’re looking at
maybe 30 minutes or so on this one so I’ll probably be around until about
12:30 and then I’ll be starving and we’ll have to go get some food so anyway
what’s everybody up to today how’s the weather where you are is it fall-like
yet this is the first day when I woke up in the morning I actually felt cold for
once and I put on my UGG boots in my house which is don’t laugh those of you
who don’t live in California but when it’s like 68 I bust out my ugg boots
this is not funny so anyway Terry you’re saying you can’t
see and thing is anybody else reporting issues
seeing us let me know I want to make sure that we’re okay here and that we
have a good stream quality so let me know if you guys are having any trouble
I think we’re probably okay looks like we have people from all over the US and
Canada this morning let us know if you’re here from another country we
always love to hear that too oh my gosh Meghan since it’s in the high 80s in
Ontario that’s pretty toasty that’s really warm Mike and Cheryl 87 in
Toronto that seems really warm for this time of year how nice I guess you’re
right though in that area you can you know you kind of get the weather can
still be warm through October right like you get a little hit and miss
up-and-down stuff okay good suggested says I’m not coughing I’m not
right now Augusta I have good news about that though I did go to the doctor a lot
of you urged me to do so and I finally went this past week and my doctor
strongly feels it’s allergies I am not sick it’s pretty cool how your mind
works so the you know the moment I found that out I think I started sighted a big
deep sigh of relief and just was able to kind of move on a little bit and not
feel so confused I mean I just do not I don’t get sick for eight weeks normally
so I still have symptoms I’m still stuffy I still cough but I do not feel
sick I’ve been exercising everything’s been normal so it’s allergies sagasta
unless my doctor is wrong so anyway well what do you guys say we get started with
it with actually want to do the monthly pura vida’ subscription because I’m
going to wear it I’ve seen it and it’s so incredibly gorgeous and fall-like you
guys so this is what the package looks like
when you get the monthly Club it’s 1495 and we do have an affiliate link for
pure Vita which means that if you buy anything on their website we do get a
little commission we appreciate it if you take advantage of that but there’s
absolutely no pressure to do so and we will link to it in the description box
below after the video is saved so that’s that by the way they have some really
cute news stuff at Pura Vida they have some news seed bead bracelets that are
adorbs and they have that like purses and clutches now they’re really really
cute I haven’t bought any of them recently
but there are some creating pretty stuff very much cruise worthy too if you ask
me because their stuff is so tropical they have like little seed bead
bracelets with pineapples on them and dolphins and things like that they’re
adorable so when you this is what kind of the package looks like when you get
your Pura Vida monthly Club it has a looks like a little sticker in it that
is so cute it’s a little shell that says Pura Vida monthly club and it’s probably
little bit hard to see cuz it’s kind of tiny here and then there is a little
just a little card that explains how your subscription helps others with
employment opportunity in a positive work environment and steady income for
local artisans in Costa Rica it shows pictures of the actual employees which
is awesome and then of course you get your receipt and then you get this cute
little pouch and the three bracelets are always hidden in this little pouch and
it’s always a fun surprise you can see spoilers though
Pura Vida actually puts out their own spoilers and the form of a video so
we’ll send you an email if you’re a club member and you can pop in there and you
can watch the video or if you don’t want to be if you want to be surprised you
can ignore it – no they don’t force you to watch it so let’s see what we have
here I know they’re beautiful fall colors here’s a little peek at the three
bracelets it’s very hard to see them I know so I’m going to start with one at a
time the first bracelet is this gorgeous deep
burgundy little simple classic bracelet and it has I cut I guess you can see
it’s got a little arrow on it I don’t want to hold this too close to the
camera because then what will happen is it will refocus on the bracelet instead
of my face and it’ll be a disaster so this is the the first bracelet it’s
beautiful and I’m going to put it on you guys you notice I’m not using my teeth
anymore to tighten my Pura Vidas I learned how to do it correctly so
there’s the first one very pretty matches my sweater I did a little fall
shopping last weekend you guys I got the I got the itch to go buy stuff in fall
colors and I had such good luck finding bargains I got this little sweater I’m
wearing it’s kind of like a it’s it it’s some really lightweight 3/4 sleeves
since it still feels like summer here but I got it at t.j.maxx for maybe 14
bucks or something like that I also got the pretty lace blouse that you saw last
on the last live stream where we unbox five fabfitfun that lace blast and
target was under $20 and I got a boyfriend sweater at Target in burgundy
for under $20 as well so my fall bargain shopping is in full swing right now try
not to spend too much money though because our Panama Canal Cruise is
coming up and I want to save money for that
definitely a necessity because it falls kind of close to Christmas so alright
here’s the second bracelet this is a little bit more of a thick kind of multi
strand bracelet has three little pom-poms on it in kind of a teal blue a
burgundy and an aqua or seafoam green so I’m gonna layer that now hopefully I can
do it oh no I have to use my teeth this is tiny bit because the knot got stuck
so there we go so there’s the second one you guys isn’t
it beautiful it’s so pretty it’s gonna look so good with all of our fall
clothes right cute okay and here is the last one this is so unique I couldn’t
tell online what it really look like but now that I’m looking at it it is a gold
seed bead bracelet with an aqua string running through it so on the side where
you pull the string it’s actually kind of aqua and it has their normal little
charm on it the pair of eated charms so that is just beautiful I’m gonna pull
that one tight and then I will show you the trio all together so when you first
get your pair of u2 bracelets they are a little bit more difficult to here’s what
it looks like all together they’re a little more difficult to tie because
they are wax-coated as they are waterproof and the wax
coating makes them a little bit more sticky so here they are what do you guys
think cute I love them I think they’re beautiful so now I have my jewelry and I
can move along with the next unboxing let me take a peek and see who else is
here and what’s going on Suzie Q says t.j.maxx is my jam all year long meets
you Suzie Q I’m really careful about buying clothes there but man when you
find a good bargain and you find the right brand and the right size it’s
awesome isn’t it it’s so nice I love it thank you hi Ainsley thank you for the
compliment on my outfit that’s really sweet of you I appreciate it so much
all right you guys the a Paula loves Target – you got a boyfriend blazer from
the new brand a new day whoo that I’ve never heard of that brand that sounds
really cute I’d love that I wear Blazers that work all the time so I’d love to
check that out Bella wants to know does you want to have tips for flying to port
Bella we do we have some um we have some videos on the subject but I would say if
you’re flying to port I would try to keep your packing more light than usual
I would recommend some kind of a passport holder that you can keep very
close if not on your body when you’re going through security in the airport
you’ll see me traveling with some of those in our vlogs you can get them at
Amazon in our store you can get them at places like TJ Maxx Marshalls or you can
get them at travel stores that’s always really helpful
I would wear comfortable shoes on the plane take a pair of cozy warm socks on
the plane take a wrap or a shawl on the plane to stay warm things like that hard
for me to give you too many tips in this particular livestream but you can always
join us next Saturday on our live stream on our regular channel speaking of that
you guys before I forget to tell you this our next live stream on this
channel is gonna be again next Saturday here’s what we’re doing at noon Pacific
time on Saturday the 23rd we’re doing a regular live stream on cruisetipstv so
the noon normal one okay as soon as we’re done there we’re gonna pop over to
this channel cruisegear at around 115 approximately and we’re going to show
you in a live stream all of our souvenirs from Alaska we got some cute
things we didn’t spend too much but we bought more stuff than usual I could
give you a teaser or two if you guys want you want to tease her or two I
think I got some kind of berry honey and Ketchikan I’m really excited and my
husband got a ship model on the ship and there’s more so come hang out with us
again next Saturday around 1:15 after you’re over in the other live stream so
let’s see here okay alright Sharon yes we are live maybe refresh or go out and
come back in and see if you can get it Sandra welcome are so glad you made it
to a live stream it’s awesome to have you here you are here in the chat we’ve
got you we see you Janina thank you for the compliment yes
I am feeling better I have allergies I do not have pneumonia or some awful
mystery disease which I was convinced that I had so anyway yeah cool cool okay
let’s get to the next one where you guys think want to do if see will do
target lasts all right so this is the ipsy glambag
it comes in this pretty pink pouch every month this month the bag was very simple
it was this black bag this is five beauty products guys usually some makeup
hair brushes skincare things like that if you like makeup this is a good one
for you it’s $10 a month it is a subscription base we are not affiliates
with Ipsy but I have a personal referral code you can click on and I get points
or something if you sign up if I get extra points I put more stuff in my bag
so I get like little samples you guys should do the same thing with your
friends though so if you refer a friend to it see you get points on your account
so it’s really easy to do you just look in your account and see it there um this
is the little card that it came in and said lack of boss September 2017 and it
has a little card saying hey if stir I’m Constance and then she’s got this crazy
picture for kicking higher than any of us could ever kick and talks about
advice that she’s been given and stuff like that it’s too long to read I don’t
wanna bore you guys but a little cute little card in there everybody gets a
different if see back to you guys you can kind of customize your bag by by
reviewing your products from your last bag if you give something a review like
if you don’t like a particular type of product you raid it lower and say I
don’t really like receiving this type of product so for me an example of that
would be I don’t like receiving nail polish in these bags and I don’t like
primer I just don’t use those items so I’m gonna tell Ipsy I didn’t like it so
much and hopefully that works for some people it does some people they’re like
oh I told them I didn’t like primer and then I got a primer I’m quitting so you
got to be persistent and keep giving feedback okay I got the same card twice
we don’t need to show that so I’ll put that away alright my first sample today
is let’s see what is this this is a wonder wand mascara from ciate London I
hope I’m saying that right I have no idea
nice little wand love that this is travel size you guys
I took travel sized mascaras to Alaska only two little teeny tiny ones and boy
does it save space in your makeup bag so that’s great we also have a Smashbox
photo finish foundation primer now norm I do not like primers but I’m okay with
this one because I can see that it has a tint to it so it’s actually it’s
actually kind of like a glow primer it’s really hard for you guys to see but I’m
gonna put a little tiny bit in my hand so if you can see this it’s kind of a
foundation you color so I’ll probably give it a try because it has kind of a
radiant effect I was reading about it when I saw that it was coming I’m like
oh I don’t like primer but then since it doesn’t intend and I’m gonna think of it
as kind of a BB cream or something and and I’ll give it a go alright so that’s
two out of the five next I have from the brand lxm eye the creme creme do Neal
pore refining moisture veil with I don’t know what that says I just don’t know
what that says massage a pearl sized amount into face and skin as a final
step in your AM or PM regimen okay I’m totally into any kind of moisturizer a
really dry skin so this is wonderful ooh you can tell when you unscrew the
lid that it’s is a very high quality packaging so it’s sealed I’m not gonna
open it right now because I tend to save these things for cruises and I’m flying
to my next port I might take this with me as my night cream and leave it sealed
but this is a win I like this very small half of a fluid ounce but if you’re if
you’re using it on a cruise this should get me through ten nights right guys I
like it cool okay so far a pretty good
combination of skincare and makeup I’m happy it looks like I got an eye shadow
Elizabeth Mott pop goes the shadow in a shade called toasted oh my gosh does
this not look exactly like the shirt I’m wearing right now you guys look mr.
Kristo Stevie yeah so um yeah pretty it’s a shimmery kind of shade looks like
a nice blendable shade I don’t think you’d want to use it all over the lid
but it’s beautiful what you guys think I like it I like it a lot that’s gorgeous
that is something I will absolutely use tiny cute good for travel and this looks
like a full sizing this looks like a pixie product I’ve been recognizing the
packaging yeah fun fun fun all right mm-hmm just peaking over at what’s going
on in the chat here hard for me to catch up in between items that we’ll check
okay this is a pixi by petra i think it’s a blush
in yes fresh face blush in beach rose it’s a very neutral color it’s kind of
peachy I think you could also use this as some kind of like a bronzer
highlighter maybe up the cheek and on the nose and things like that’s quite
pretty it’s sealed though so I’m not gonna open
it just for the sake of time but that’s nice I don’t really need any more blush
I have a ton of these neutral peachy kind of it supposedly will look good on
everybody blushes but I make anxious to give it a try alright how’s it going
over in the livestream chat mr. Kristoff’s Edie any questions coming up
Canada New England for the win today you guys are talking about Canada New
England cruises well the season has begun for those right I mean it kind of
starts in August and goes through October are you guys talking about
Canada New England um yeah Jim ring Canada New England I’m
princess is definitely recommended our cruise on Holland America on can’t to
Canada New England was spectacular one of the coolest cruises we’ve ever done
my husband and I landed a suite for really cheap before we had our child we
had this sprawling gorgeous room with this huge balcony and access to the
concierge lounge it was literally a mistake they made on
the price on like I’m not kidding you it was a mistake and
we booked it and then we found out it was a mistake but they honor the price
it was crazy cool I highly recommend the maasdam we even had an incident in our
room some kind of water line broke flooded our room you guys when something
goes wrong on a cruise ship those people spring into action unlike anything I’ve
ever seen you would never have your landlord at home treat you this way they
got the water out of the room dried the floor aerated the floor gave us like 100
or 200 dollars and um what is it called straight room credit right our onboard
credits and they just really treated us like gold we had no reason to evacuate
the room it didn’t spread throughout but the Holland America handled that
situation beautifully and I cannot tell you how much I loved sailing from
Montreal through the saguenay Ford Mike and Cheryl correct me if I’m wrong is
this and I river that we sailed through to
get to Quebec oh my gosh that is just a bucket list cruise we want to do it
again with my mom because we know how much she’d love it and we just loved
Quebec City and Prince Edward Island and Halifax and Boston it was all good
so yeah princess is good Holland America is also spectacular so that is what I
would like to say about Canada a New England you guys I think this is all
five items so here’s another look at the bag one more time it’s very practical
this is a very sturdy high quality feeling if see bag there is nothing
disposable feeling about this I have to tell you guys I was thinking about it I
think this could double as a purse on a cruise I might even be able to fit my
cell phone in a lipstick in this don’t you think honey can you picture me
taking this to dinner on a cruise totally right yeah it’s adorable so for
ten bucks I’m gonna give this a nine out of ten I’m really stoked so I’m gonna
take everything down oh my pretty looking that’s like a
midnight blue liner yeah cute I’m gonna take everything out and let’s get
started on target so I don’t keep you guys here forever so yes you guys are
telling me I had the right the st. Lawrence River Oh a mistake Lawrence
River Saginaw Board and the st. Lawrence River thank you guys very very much and
Pete and Kathy – thank you so much yeah that was oh man I loved Canada New
England I really want to do that again my husband’s nodding it yes yes it’s so
peaceful and relaxing and the weather was both warm certain days cooler at
other times I just loved it it was fantastic you a question great Bella
welcome you’re a new viewer and you want to know kind of how we roll here we’re
not quite as scheduled here on cruisegear as we are CruiseTipsTV so we
tend to pop up on this channel a little bit more with our gear live streams but
we’ve kind of Sunday live streams every few weeks when we get things to unbox
we’ll jump on and then we do regular studio episodes on Wednesdays we try to
do one every one to two weeks on when stays that is a studio episode so we pre
record that it’s not a live stream but we’ll usually pop up here on the
weekends you can find us here again Bella next Saturday after our live
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souvenirs from Alaska so join us um super important that you follow me
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announce the events in the episode before it if I can so if you if you can
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I will tell you a few days in advance I will tell you the day before and I will
tell you the day of usually that’s about right yes all right cruisetipstv i’ll
tell you what we do over there for our schedule that’s very much absolutely
consistent on cruisetipstv we post every single Tuesday we post a studio vlog on
weeks that we do not have a live stream on weeks that we have a live stream
which is every other Saturday you’ll find our live streams there at noon
pacific time and then on thursday we post a regularly scheduled episode
sometimes it’s a studio episode sometimes it’s a vlog from a cruise and
sometimes we throw in extras but wait until october comes we have a huge
surprise for you guys in october it’s going to involve more videos I’ll tell
you that right now and we’re gonna announce it officially on Saturday the
23rd on our cruisetipstv live stream next saturday so great question Bella
let’s get into the target boxes you guys so if you came here to see the target
beauty boxes unbox thank you for your patience thank you for waiting 20
minutes for us to get to them does anybody remember I was on a cruise when
these bad boys came out does anybody remember how much the target beauty
boxes were I know Sharon you alerted me while I was on my cruise about these
were they 5 7 or 10 do you remember let me know so guys
target beauty boxes are not subscription boxes they are kind of a cult favorite
thing you have to log on to the target website it is normally the first Monday
every month around 5:00 a.m. they go live and you go to target beauty and you
can you can get access to them there you just have to put them in your cart I
wish they would go to a subscription model there’s so many of us who would
pay for that all right Cheryl Pete and Sharon they’re all saying that they were
$7 something tells me that’s not Pete that’s Kathy right Kathy Jennifer said 7
bucks all right cool you guys so two boxes available in target com they are
fall themed the first one says hello new leaf that’s cute like turning over a new
leaf I get it I get it I got it sometimes I’m not very quick with these
jokes it’s time to refresh your charge you were fine inside this box you’ll
find a few of our faves that are sure to give you a beauty boost this fall try
them out and if you love them as much as we do find the full size version at /b box which is also where you can buy
these okay so here’s the beautiful little card you guys and it looks like
this one has one two three four five six seven items in it and there’s always a
three dollar off coupon here off your $15 beauti purchase don’t forget to put
this in your bag and take it to Target or use it on the website when you’re
buying basics like foundation shampoo mascara nail polish beauty items right
here three bucks off okay let’s see what’s inside all right
hmm here’s what it looks like before I open it cute I love it it already looks
good first item is a chapstick total hydration in wait for it blood orange
come on are you kidding me this is awesome I’m stoked that is clever
marketing they got me I’m really excited about that so this blood orange
chapstick has oh I don’t know what the value of it is you guys I’m sorry but
it’s a full-size chapstick that is awesome I love this did you guys love
this Denny I did not have a special drink I’m high on life it’s just grapefruit
juice and ice – sorry it’s just my personality my friend anyway okay we’ve
got another one here this is a giant size this is a 1.7 fluid ounce of
Palmer’s cocoa butter y’all know us ladies in the room if you’ve ever had a
baby and you’ve been through a pregnancy and didn’t want stretch marks you know
the palmers cocoa butter brand remember this stuff so this is a 24 hour
moisture to smooth marks and toned skin it looks like it’s just a standard daily
skin therapy I’m gonna give it a sniff yep good old classic cocoa butter it
will remind you of being pregnant every time I smell this stuff I’m like oh my
gosh I have flashbacks it’s so wild next we have another great basic this is one
of my favorite things for exfoliating this is the st. Ives fresh skin apricot
scrub this stuff’s been around since I was born probably before it’s awesome
for exfoliating before you put self tanner on or after shaving it’s a great
post shave exfoliator this is a great little product awesome travel size love
it and this is a blueberry bliss reparative leave-in conditioner how cute
it’s by a brand called curls unleashed it is a moisturizing leave-in
conditioning curl cream that’s cool let’s see how it smells yeah smells like
blueberries that’s adorable you guys I don’t know if I’ll use it I’ll have to
give it a go but it’s a one fluid ounce that’s not a terrible size and then we
have another curls unleash curl defining cream oh you know what this was a
leave-in phone okay that’s gone it’s down it’s not
coming back it’s on the floor are you laughing at me honey he’s laughing at me
again you guys he laughed at me last night you um anyway this is the curls
Unleashed curl defining cream and it’s like a giant packet this is 1.75 ounces
this is bigger then what’s in the bottle so I don’t know what do you guys think
about a curl defining cream maybe I’ll try it I don’t know how to use it though
because I’m usually time trying to tame my curls not define them so we’ll see
okay Sharon you got the other box okay cool well I have that one too so we’ll
unbox it today and you can tell me how they compare I never know how to pick
because I feel like even though they show you both on the website I still
can’t pick all right now we have a little bonus here we have Shea Moisture
brand argan oil and almond milk smooth in tame shampoo and can Oh a shampoo and
then a smooth and tame blowout cream so this is not shampoo and conditioner it’s
a blowout cream to improve styling control and speed oh I’m very eager to
try that I love it so this is the key little packet
there we go and then the last item in the box gonna be a little more careful
so don’t drop things is this panda calming sheet mask
it’s not gonna be calming when my son walks in while I’m in the bathtub and I
wear this and I scare him and he jumps and hits the ceiling so yeah those are
cute though it has honey extract lavender flower water and camellia I
love these I think they’re really fun just make you feel a little extra pamper
you crawl on the floor again honey he is thank you he couldn’t let it go this is
the dropped item and what I was trying to say is that this is a leave-in
conditioner by the same brand this curls brand and the other one is a different
product so what do you guys think cute I like this one is it worth 7 bucks yeah
totally it’s time it’s the time of year when we need the hydration products too
so I’m really glad that they gave us a chapstick and these daily cocoa butter
I’ll try to wear it again so I don’t associate it with being pregnant now
that that was a bad thing I had a great pregnancy my husband will tell you
seriously sometimes I felt like I felt better and had a better pregnancy than I
did after I had the kid because then you’re just tired all the time you know
um but yeah okay we’ve got another beauty box but yeah oh sure Diane I’m
Anne I’m listening okay hmm Diane how late would a cruise ship wait to cancel
a cruise I don’t know it really depends the cruise lines really tried not to
cancel them they generally will try to reroute to you even in the event of a
storm before they cancel unless the embarkation port is is destroyed or
damaged they’re gonna do everything they can to reroute or um you know reassign
those ports before they cancel so I wouldn’t I don’t think it’s gonna happen
if it hasn’t yet for you are you talking about something that’s happened post
irma here let me know a little more about what your question is I can try to
help you okay all right that’s really funny Mike
another one bites the dust I know I’m really clumsy out it’s I had a spy ed
all right Jim you’re bald and you don’t need curl defined
cream Jim bless you for coming to this livestream to put up with all my lady
products that is awesome I am so glad you’re here thank you for sharing with
us that you’re bald and you don’t even curl the bike that’s awesome
oh my gosh okay so do we it was that Diane then had the question that I’m
seeing there okay alright okay am I missing anything else in live chat you
guys I feel I feel lonely I miss all of you okay
uh-oh this one also says hello new leaf so same card different color tissue but
another discount card and a little description of the products inside it
looks like this one has eight products in it so let’s find out what they are
okay here’s how it looks before I take everything out all right there we go
cool okay first item what do we have here we have a pronamel strong and
bright enamel toothpaste for sensitive teeth and cavity restoration in mint 0.8
great travel item great cruise item guys not complaining and I have sensitive
teeth so I love it oh my computer is going crazy over here okay go away there
mister window all right what do we have here
okay simple is it missile our water am I
saying that right guys sensitive skin cleansing water cleanses
removes makeup and instantly hydrates kind to skin I don’t really understand
how to use micellar water you guys for those of you beauty experts maybe Megan
I know you’re really good at this stuff if you’re still here what do you do with
this do you use it as a toner and a makeup remover is that kind of a thing
let me know and then there’s these cute little premium cotton rounds that you
could use to apply the micellar water right there’s two of them in there
that’s a cute little sample then we have an acure altra hydrating conditioner and
oh matching shampoo you guys know I have how I feel when you get one and not the
other like when you get a shampoo and not a conditioner it drives me crazy so
thank you for sending me both in one fluid ounce with argon extract and argon
oil awesome for a cruise very tiny tsa approved for my trip to Panama Canal you
might see these my packing videos you never know cute I’m excited about that
Oh what is this a giant mascara this is total tease mascara look
it’s full size you guys that’s beautiful it’s a really funky container but the
color is very black awesome I’ll take it love it can never have so many mascaras
and then we have a Garnier skin active moisture balm antioxidant moisture at
point two ounces teeny-tiny so it’s nice it seems really light kind of like a
almost like a it’s not a cream or a lotion it’s more of a balm I guess you
could say so that’s a nice little nice little sample there and then we have
another moisture product this is Nivea in-shower moisturizing lotion very dry
skin with almond oil so that’s kind of nice I know I don’t really love in
shower moisture I feel like it get all gooey and then I tell off and I just
don’t like it but I’m curious about the smell
since it says it has almond oil okay it smells just really generic like a Nivea
lotion not super excited about this but I guess if you like in shower lotions
this would be a really good thing to pop in your gym bag if you shower at your
local gym I know sometimes we swim and then shower and I feel like my skin gets
so dry from the chlorine so this is good so this is everything that’s a lot of
items in the box I’m not super stoked about every item in the box but I would
say it’s really worth the $7 so that’s everything today you guys let me spend a
few minutes in the chat before we sign off Megan thank you for answering my
question about how to use the miss alarm I sell our water you said use it first
to remove makeup then you do your regular cleanser it’s really good with
waterproof makeup oh good because I’ve been using waterproof eyeliner and I
needed to know that thank you so much I appreciate it
yes Suzie Q I laugh at the two cotton pads too that’s kind of a weird sample
like why not 10 give me ten of them so I could take them on a vacation right why
– okay so Broadway love 995 5 says it’s pronounced my seller thank you for that
that is beautifully phonetic it’s kind of like makeup remover but not as strong
supposed to be from Oh awesome okay great I’m Susan mascara does not
count as liquid for TSA most makeup doesn’t I might take your foundation
liquid and put it the TSA bag though very good thank you
guys so much Janina says to shake the micellar bottle before you put on the
cotton pad and apply in your face it’s oh thank you you guys are so great I
love it you’re so patient with me not being a beauty expert I always learn
something I’m starting to feel more confident about all this stuff because
of you guys you’re you know you’re helping me to learn little by little as
we go and try new things and the beauty boxes are forcing me to do that too is
that’s a lot of fun Jim I got you addicted to Lacroix isn’t it amazing
and Jim I would like to say something as many of you all know I haven’t been
feeling all that well for like two months and I did get some medical
treatment there’s someone backing a boat up in our in front of our house you see
that that is the weirdest thing to look out the window and see someone backing a
boat right in front of our house we live on a corner lot and we have two windows
and all I could see was this boat like flying in front of me was creepy anyways
um so Jim back to what I was saying I went to a registered dietitian or a
nutritionist because I’ve been feeling just kind of
stuck in a rut nutritionally and I wanted some inspiration and among many
other samples that the nutritionist had she actually had Lacroix sitting on her
shelf as like an example of an excellent thing to substitute for soda because
it’s just carbonated water there’s nothing in it so that made me feel a lot
better that I’m not killing myself with Lacroix even though we all know it’s
just carbonated water so yeah did you want season high no you’re just looking
at me adoringly okay let me see if I can find Oh Diane okay Diane you’re going on
Norwegian they already rerouted you from the eastern st. Thomas in Tortola now
you are going to Western now there’s another storm heading oh my gosh
yet don’t cancel your cruise Diane it’s best not to if you have travel insurance
the travel insurance companies will also tell you do not cancel call the travel
insurance company call the cruise line communicate try not to panic do ask them
if you can reschedule the cruise without being penalized
so instead of canceling at la you know find out what the penalties would be if
you did it in November December January February that would be the question that
I would do yeah all right any other questions coming in that I have missed
here we’re gonna log out soon you guys we try to keep these under 30 45 minutes
so that people who want to come and watch the replay can see the boxes
without having to you know go through too much of it but if anybody does have
any other questions please let me know really quickly and I’d love to answer
them mm-hmm and thank you for all the tips today you guys I really appreciate
it all right so while we wrap up just one more reminder that we are going to
be live on our regular cruisetipstv Channel Saturday so Saturday September
23rd at noon and then back here again right after that for a live stream to
show you all of our souvenirs from Alaska we bought souvenirs in every port
except Victoria we didn’t have any time in Victoria we were with a really short
Port stop we were extremely rushed and we could we tried to shop but we
couldn’t even couldn’t even get it done so Diane they won’t let you were
scheduled okay hang in there you’re gonna have fun on the cruise it’s going
to be okay you’re not alone if you have to go to the Western Caribbean you’re
gonna love it if you need some tips on ports in a
pinch let me know and we’ll try to get you some tips on where you are being
rescheduled okay all right you guys thank you all so so so much Diane yes if
they cancel you’ll probably get a full refund plus a credit towards a future
cruise most of the cruise lines in this situation have been offering somewhere
between a 15 and 25 percent future credit and a full refund they are
probably not going to cancel your cruise I just want you to know that it’s
extremely rare unless the port is affected the embarkation port like I
said you’re probably going on that cruise so try to wrap your head around
that and start thinking about those new ports and coming to terms with it and
accepting it I’m sorry I don’t mean to be like mean mommy here I just want you
to have fun and I want you to reach out to us and let us be a resource to get
your mind around the new the new cruise okay all right take care everybody thank
you so much see you all next Saturday yes Paula we will see that
have a great day you guys and until next time get in gear and get cruising bye first mate of the week


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