Lolli and speculative affiliate sites for Cardano

Welcome everyone. Today I wanted to do a
quick video about a product that I’ve been using as of late and I think that
this is a very good product. I’m not sponsored by this product. I will drop an
affiliate link down below so if you want to use this product and use the
affiliate link be my guest but you don’t have to but I’ve used this
product and I am looking at potential use cases of implementing a similar
product within the altcoin market or Cardano and these are the kind of things
that are going to be needed in order to get to that stage of mass adoption right
now where we are currently in the market smart contracts aren’t out so we need
some solutions to help bring in those investors those speculators and
maybe garner more interest within the project and the platform
that I’m talking about it’s a platform called Lolli and I recently moved so
I’ve had to get a whole bunch of furniture office chairs, sofa, this that
and different furniture that I’m missing from my old place so I needed to get
some new furniture so there’s a Chrome extension I heard about it on I think I read a quick article about it and the premise of it it’s an
affiliate marketing website so you buy on approved sites so you could go to
Walmart or there are multiple different websites and stores
that they offer the support for and you just add the Chrome extension and once
you make that purchase they give you a percentage back but they pay it back in
BTC so they pay it back in Bitcoin and I just wanted to test it out to see how it
works and it works very well and I made purchases and they tell you that within
a 90-day period after that returned date period finishes they will pay your BTC
so I have a little account with the BTC that’s accumulating from my purchases
and it’s not necessarily about stacking up a whole bunch of Bitcoin but I wanted
to see how it worked and how user-friendly it was and it was very
user friendly and I think that this is very good for
the speculator market especially for affiliate marketing because if you think
about it when you make purchases and you use sites that offer you cash back or
they offer you some sort of discount or rebate or coupon for the item that you
purchase that cash is available instantly but for the speculator or the
investor who maybe has a longer term portfolio maybe a three month or six
month portfolio it’s nice to see that you can make a purchase for an item
receive currency back cryptocurrency back in this case Bitcoin and perhaps in
three months or six months that amount of money that you get back is maybe
double or triple what you have or maybe half but it’s all about that speculating
game and the premise is if you really believe in cryptocurrency or alt
coins or blockchain in general eventually that value would go up so if
you buy a computer chair today for a hundred dollars and they’re offering you
eight percent back in BTC so you get eight dollars and let’s say BTC 10x is
over the next couple of years you pretty much got that chair for free if you wait
that long so that’s that whole idea of speculation so I wanted to see if there
could be a similar platform and they would pay you in ADA and it
seems like Lolli has a large Bitcoin wallet and they’re using that Bitcoin
wallet to disperse funds to individuals who are making purchases on approved websites which i think is a little bit difficult because bitcoin
fees can be a little bit high and you have to have some major bags and major
seed investing in order to make sure it’s the optimum time to send those
funds to the particular customer but with alt coins I feel like the
transaction speed could be a little bit quicker and people would be more excited
to actually invest instead of getting .0001 BTC maybe they
might get 10 ADA or 100 ADA especially since the prices are so low right now so let
me know what you think about this product the second part of the video is
just going to be a tutorial of how to use Lolli and once
again I put the affiliate link down below in the description feel free to
use it feel free not to use it let me know what you think once again this is
not a sponsored video it’s just a product that I use that I think could
benefit you and if it’s implemented within an alt coin market think about
people spending money at approved websites you have an Amazon affiliate
link for that particular website and you pay a fraction of that money in ADA or
in another currency so once again drop your comments below and until the next
video thank you welcome everyone so here’s the Lolli website and I dropped the affiliate link below but it’s
and what you can do is download it from the Chrome Web Store so you can go to the chrome web store and then you
can just search Lolli you’ll find this Chrome extension Lolli or in Bitcoin
when you shop and then you can go to the landing page and you can go to shop it’s
going to show you all the different stores that you can use Lolli on so for
example Harry’s offers up to 27% Bitcoin back so if you go shop at Harry’s the
affiliate link activates exclusions here so the reward tiers are as follows so
27% for the first paid subscription for new users only so you can start shaving here and then get 27 percent cash back in BTC and eventually that BTC
will probably pay for the Harry’s item in the future so go back to Lolli you
can check off all the stores they have popular stores as well so Walmart a lot of stores a lot of stores so if you go to my Chrome
extension right here you can see that my little wallet has some BTC from how I
shopped and I wanted to create something like this for Cardano I wanted to do
something fun so people can earn ADA back I don’t know how involved this
would be I started looking into preliminary costs of how much it would
cost to get something like this up and what the logistics behind it are it is a
hefty project I thought it was a little bit less involved at first but it’s
pretty interesting and if you go on Lolli’s CrunchBase they
received 2.3 million dollars in funding seed funding in March of 2018 so their
site looks beautiful and it does what it has to do so let me know what you think
and let me know if you use Lolli alright have a great day everyone


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