Look 10 Years Younger | CASUAL OUTFIT Ideas And Style Tips For Mature Women Over 50!

today I’m going to show you how to style
an outfit to look 10 years younger hi I’m Schellea this is fabulous 50s a
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what do I wear now that I’m over 50 I don’t want to dress too young and I
definitely don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb and I think the
main reason that we’re all so confused is because that marketers are not
marketing to women our age group so you’re either under 40 or over 70 and
the gap between those ages is completely not thought about and you know we don’t
see women our age in the marketing campaigns and the promotional material
so it can be very confusing because we don’t really know what to do but I’m
going to show you a few tips today that will help you understand what to wear
when you’re in your 50s and 60s and 70s and it will just help you understand a
little bit that it’s not a huge big thing it’s kind of easy if you know what
you’re doing so let me show you a few very simple things that you can do
straight away and I’m also going to show you what not to do what will make you
look like an old lady unfortunately we can be dressing the
wrong way like old ladies through no fault of our own because in many shops
that’s the only option for us these clothes that seem to be really really
really old and I went shopping just recently to find some clothes to show
you just so you can get a comparison and the shop was full of these type of
clothes so it was kind of good I bought them put them on and I think that I look
20 years older so to all of the retailers and the marketers and the
design – we’re not 80 and we haven’t given up
so if you are a little bit confused keep watching hopefully you’ll get some
tips so I went shopping and I bought these clothes and these are in shops
that are supposedly for women my age over 50 and as you can see I don’t look
very good but this can be kind of a uniform for many women because it’s
what’s for sale and it kind of feels like that’s what we’re supposed to buy
but I just want to show you how the elements of this outfit are making me
look really old to start with the top has got a really big bold print it’s
kind of like hiding me because I’m supposed to not be here and I think this
makes us look really really old this kind of thing and the pants are at a
really unflattering length for me because they stop at the calf the widest
part of my leg and they’re kind of baggy and they’re
just puffy and the color everything about these screams old and the shoes
the shoes are super comfy and I get it that we like to be comfortable but there
are better options for us at our age but this whole outfit on me anyway
screams I’m old and I don’t like it so I’m going to show you how to change it I
think you’ll agree with me that there is zero evidence out there in the world
that this kind of outfit is in fashion if you look at any magazine or any
website or Pinterest or Instagram you’re not going to see women our age running
around with this kind of outfit being photographed and you’re not seeing
younger women do it either so that kind of tells you it’s probably not on trend
and it’s not going to be the most flattering on your body here’s something
that you can do right now you can go to google and type in the name of a
celebrity that has your body shape type her name in and then right street style
and then you’ll click images so you type in the name street style and then
images and then you’ll get a whole lot of images of that celebrity being filmed
out on the street just wearing her casual clothes and this is what we’re
trying to pick up on what to wear in a casual outfit that is going to be
appropriate for our age and when you can see a celebrity with your body shape
wearing something you think that looks really great well you’ll know that it’ll
look great on you I’m not talking about extreme trends and miniskirts and short
shorts and clingy dresses I’m talking about what people wear when they just go
out for coffee or go out onto the street or go out for lunch just casual wear and
here’s the secret these celebrities is older women 50s 60s and 70s they’re
wearing exactly the same thing as the younger women you check it out there’s
no difference we just have to make small tweaks to suit our figures and we’re
good to go now I did try trying a softer color with my beautiful pants and shoes
yeah I don’t like this at all it still feels like I could do a whole lot better
if I get rid of this big bold print on me
it looks better for sure and you’ll notice in this picture of Oprah there’s
two photos of Oprah the adding a color that highlights your face just is a
game-changer it looks so much better and you’ll see me in the print on the other
side here it’s a hundred times better and you can imagine if Oprah was wearing
this outfit instead of the outfit that she’s got on that’s really making her
look young and youthful and on trend look what’d she look like she would
definitely not look as fabulous a hundred percent she would look older
instead of younger I just want to point out here that these shoes that I’m
wearing really aging on me as well because they’re completely flat and I’m
a short person and when the wideband goes across the widest part of your foot
it really shortens you so be really aware of that if you’re not a tall
person because having those horizontal lines across
your foot if they’re thick makes you look shorter and thicker and when you’re
wearing any kind of pants or capri pants keep in mind that if you’ve got a little
bit of ankle showing it’s great to have a little bit of height in your shoe and
to have the strap going down towards your toes as opposed to across the broad
part of your foot I’ll do a video on shoes again to show you a whole lot of
different ways to wear shoes but that’s a good tip so I’ve taken off those pants
that made me look short and wide and unflattering all together and put on
some skinny jeans now not everybody loves skinny jeans but this kind of
thing is lengthening and you can wear a Capri Capri pants are so much more
flattering than the ones I had on before because they’re lengthening and we don’t
have all the bulk in that fabric which is kind of making me look puffy so find
a pair that fit your legs really nicely and come down into a nice taper
finishing at the nice narrow part of your ankle as opposed to the calf which
is just widening you and making you look bigger than what you actually are
there’s a tip with these kind of jeans though or capri pants if it’s tight on
the bottom you have something loose on the top and it goes the same if you’re
wearing baggy bottoms and loose bottoms and a more flowy bottom you wear
something tight up the top just keeps you in proportion and balances out your body
shape one of the quickest ways to update your look is to get rid of this kind of
shoe and invest in a pair of white sneakers now everybody’s wearing white
sneakers now and they’re very youthful and if you go and have a look at all of the
different images on Instagram you’ll find the women in their 20s and 30s and
40s are wearing white sneakers and so are the women in their 50s and 60s and
70s it’s Universal and it’s straight away gives you a more youthful look
everyone can rock a pair of white sneakers if you’re short again you can
get one with a wedged heel or a higher platform
they look great and if you’re tall flat ones are perfect and also you can switch
it out with a pair of silver sneakers or gold or red or a different color but it
just modernizes the look and you go from old lady to on-trend this is such a
simple way to modernize your look and just a striped t-shirt it’s super casual
it looks really modern and it’s kind of timeless so look at the difference here
young women are wearing it older women are wearing it it’s plus-size it’s every
size it will be something that you can have in your wardrobe and it will always
look good with a pair of white sneakers and slim pants again if you look at what
the younger women are doing we can do exactly the same thing we just need to
tweak it a little bit to suit our own body shapes and this is so so simple
just invest in a good white shirt or a white t-shirt with capri pants or skinny
leg jeans and a pair of sneakers and you can’t go wrong
you’re on trend for the rest of your life and it’s again have a look out
there look at all the images on Instagram this
is what the young girls are wearing this is what the older women are wearing and
if you’re carrying a little bit of weight around the belly that’s okay just
make sure that the tops got some movement and some swing to it and this
kind of asymmetric top is really beautiful it will lengthen your body a
lot I found this on eBay and it’s from Whoopi Goldberg’s line so all the things
that I’m showing you pictures off will be listed down below and they’re just
really good examples of what you can start trying and experimenting with and
don’t beat yourself up if you’re more curvy now than you used to be when you
were younger because the curves in our body represent the feminine and that
should be celebrated and it’s so easy to own a really great shaped black t-shirt
long-sleeve short-sleeve mine swing top with an asymmetric bottom and this is so
versatile if you tuck it in a little bit into the top of your jeans it gives you
a modern and if you don’t love your arms for any
reason if you’re feeling like you’d like to cover them this kind of thing is
perfect to cover it up it’s still cool and you can wear this in the summer or
the spring but it’s just on trend and it works for women our age group so
something like this or a longer cardigan or a longer vest or something to add
flow and movement to your outfit is perfect it’ll never go out of style and
you’re not going to look old in that and with black you can dress it up with some
really cool hoop earrings or you know a scarf or a leather jacket or a denim
jacket and then you’re going to say I’m over 50 I’m dressing for my age I feel
really good and I’m on-trend I love it and check this out exactly what the 20
year olds the 30 year olds and the 40 year olds are wearing the 80 year olds
are doing it in style so you don’t have to spend a lot of money and you don’t
need any skill just a few little rules to follow so that you feel comfortable
you feel like you’re doing it right you feel like you’re on trend and you can go
out there and just have some fun and if you are over 50 you can be very very
grateful like I am that we’re not 50 or 60 or 70 back in the 80s
can you imagine what we’d be wearing please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed
this video and share it with your friends thank you so much for watching
and have a beautiful week


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