LOOM KNITTING Hat The Chinese Waves Stitch On a Round / Circular loom

I’m going to show you how to knit a
Chinese Wave stitch hat. Hey it’s Denise from Loomahat.com. For more
information and a list of supplies visit the website or see the description below.
Alright guys, let’s begin. I’m going to be using an even number loom, you can use
one such as this one here. This is 42 pegs,
this one’s 41 and things will change here at the last peg. But don’t get
distracted by this loom, I will guide you along the pattern on where you need to
do things differently. Secure the yarn to the anchor peg. I’m going to be doing a
simple knot, you can do a slip knot. Then you’re going to take the working
yarn and put it between the first and last peg. You can go to the left, I’m
going to the right and then we’re going to wrap every peg. After that, take the
working yarn to peg 1 and you’re going to half wrap that peg. This is called a
Uwrap knit stitch. Take your hook and knit off. Bring the loop from the
bottom up and knit off. You’re going to continue to do that same thing on all
of your pegs. You’re going to knit the row. Once you knit off that last peg, you’re
done with your cast on and we’re ready for rows 1-7. Well we’ll
do a knit 1 purl 1. If your loom is an odd number loom then on that last peg
you will purl every time for rows 1-7 For the knit 1 again, you’re
going to half wrap the peg and knit off. You’re using the Uwrap and for the
purl you’re gonna bring your working yarn down below the existing loop and
you’re gonna take your hook, scoop up that yarn and you’re going to create a
new loop, right here. This is your old loop, you’re gonna take that off the peg,
take the new loop put it on the peg and pull. That’s your purl and one, well
purl 1. Now you’re gonna continue knit 1 and here again we’re gonna do that
purl 1. So on that existing loop, go ahead and scoop up and create a new one.
you’re then going to take off the old loop, right here and put the new loop on
and pull and repeat that until you’ve done all of your pegs. Odds, don’t forget the extra purl on the last peg. Keep going cuz you need 7 rows. After a few rows go ahead and remove the knot from the anchor peg. Once you finish the 7 of rows of the
knit 1, purl 1, you’re ready for row 8 and for this one you’re going to e
wrap the row. So this is a different version of the knit stitch. Just like the
cast on, what you’re going to do is you’re going to wrap all of your pegs. So
you come from behind and wrap and just continue until you’ve done. Every one of
your pegs are all wrapped and just like you did with the cast on, we’re going to
go ahead and knit off every peg. Best thing to do is the last one that you
wrapped, that’s the first one you knit off. Then just continue on the row. Next we’re gonna go to row 9 and I
need you to pay close attention. We’re gonna do a purl 1 which you guys
already know how to do and then the next stitch is a slip one with yarn in front.
Sounds more difficult than it is. But there’s more than one way of doing it. So
here’s your purl 1, you’re going to scoop up, create the new loop, take the
old one off, put the new one on and pull. you guys are experts and here’s one way
of doing the, with your in front. You pull the loop just a little bit to loosen it
up and then with your hook, take the loop off the peg, take the working yarn, put it
behind that peg and then you’re gonna put the loop back on that peg. You’re
going to remount it and this leaves your working yarn under that loop. That’s what
you want, that’s the with yarn in front. It’s a two stitch pattern, so
you’re gonna repeat that you’re gonna do your purl 1 again. Here’s another
way of doing that, with yarn in front. Again pull on your loop to loosen it
take it off the peg take the working yarn and put it behind the peg and then
take your hook and unravel the e-Wraps. So you kind of like turn the loop around
and unravel it and makes it easier for you to put on. All right and then again
you’re gonna do the purl 1. I actually don’t like either one of those methods
for doing the slip one with yarn in front. So let’s finish off this purl and
then I’m going to show you in real time how to do that one and then on the next
one I’m gonna slow it down for you. Okay so again you’re going to, like always
pull on the loop to loosen it up a little bit, scoop up the yarn and then
you’re just gonna take that loop and put it behind the tip of your peg. Tthen
pull on your yarn and you see how it went underneath that loop. You didn’t
have to take the loop off of the peg. What you did was just take it behind. So
this is my favorite way. Let’s see that again up close. So you
should have already done your purl stitch and you’re ready for your, slip with
with yarn in front. You take your hook and you scoop up the yarn as if you were
going to do another purl stitch but you take that new loop that you created and
you take it behind the head of your peg and then just pull on the yarn and it
will slip behind the existing loop. I hope that makes sense. So you see it that
it’s here and it’s loose and it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. Then you go
and then you’re gonna do that stitch pattern again which is the purl one slip
one with yarn in front. And you’ll find that if you use this technique of
scooping up the yarn as if you were gonna do a purl, take it behind the peg
and then pull,this pattern will go way faster and much easier. At the end of row 9 you guys with the
odd number loom you will do a knit stitch, right here. For row 10, you
guys already know how to eWrap knit the row. Row 11 is basically the reverse of
row 9. You’re going to now slip 1 first and then purl 1.
So to slip 1, you’re gonna put the yarn underneath the existing loop and with
your hook, you’re gonna scoop it up as if you were doing a purl stitch but you’re
gonna take that new loop that you create and you’re just gonna slip it back
behind the tip of the peg and pull . Then we’re back to the the purl 1
because we continue to do a two stitch pattern. This time it’s a slip 1, purl 1
and so we go to the next peg. I do have my pegs marked, it just helps me
follow the pattern, so everywhere I have a little stitch marker, I’m gonna do a
slip 1 on this particular row and then where I don’t, I’m gonna go ahead and do
a purl stitch. For those of you with an odd number loom, don’t forget to knit the
last peg. After that you’re gonna repeat rows 8 – 11, eight more times for a
total of 43 rows for a hat that is 8 inches long. The next two rows are 44 and 45 All you have to do is eWrap the row. To make things easier, I’m gonna use
the gathered method to cast off but a better option is the hacked flat
drawstring. Take the working yarn and you’re gonna wrap it around the loom one
and a half times at least and then cut your yarn. Get a needle or you can do
this with your hook if you like. This just, I prefer to do it this way. Then
from the bottom feed, you’re gonna feed the needle up and through. The aim is to
get the working yarn through each loop. So whether you’re using a hook or your
needle, you need to do this. So if you’re doing you
using a hook, you’re gonna come from the top and go upward as if you were doing a
purl stitch and just keep going throughout the whole loom til you get back to
that last one. Then with your hook, you’re gonna remove all of the loops off
the peg. Now pull on your string and with your
needle you’re going to sew in a circular manner. Over, through these cast on
stitches and as you can see I skip some every now and then and that’s in order
to reduce the size of this opening. So I sew through some in a circular manner
and pull on my drawstring as I do this. to make sure that I close the hat. Now
I’m going to the inside of it in order to make a knot. You can leave this on
this side and cut it or take it back out if you plan to attach a pom-pom with it.
I’m not going to do that, my pom-pom actually is different so I put it back
to the inside and cut it. I’m attaching this little snap that works with the
pom-pom so that I can remove the pom-pom when the hat is being
washed. So I’m just gonna use some regular nylon yarn which is like extra
sturdy and attach this snap to it. Now for video purposes, I’m only going to sew
it a few times once the video is done. I’ll add a little a few more stitches to
it and if you’re using this kind of pom-pom you should too. So that it stays
attached and once I’m done, I just basically snap the pom-pom in place. Next,
personally I like to tighten my cast on stitches and so that’s what I’m gonna do
here. I’ll give you a video on how to do this in the description. You don’t
need to do this. In fact, the hat looks pretty good the way it is. I just prefer
for these stitches to be a little tighter. Then I cut the edge off this yarn, attach
it to my metal needle and I’m going to go ahead and finish off my brim, right
here on the edge. Then take my yarn and I’m gonna feed it through the inside
in order to weave in this end nice and neatly. So it’s hitting and here we go
just feed it through a few of the little knots and normally I will go upward like
three or four of these and then I go over and take the yarn back down again. I
feel like it secures it better and when I’m done I just pull on my string and
cut it and there you go, done. Enjoy your pretty hat. Thank you for watching,
remember to share this video because it helps me a lot and come back and loom
with me.


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