Looney Tunes Stuff Sells Well On Ebay! Mugs And Taz Football Cookie Jar!

Hey guys what’s up just want to talk today
a little bit about looney tunes the vintage stuff that uh… i used to grow up
with uh… when i was a kid you know this was the cool stuff back in
the day in the nineties in the nineties kid i remember well all
the loony tunes stuff that we had and uh… you know the video games and just here is an example of some of the stuff and
uh… they can make some money with it now a days um… this is the kind of thing you want to look out for looney tunes mug uh… it says done by applause i’m not entirely sure
how old these are but let’s see nineteen ninety two okay see, these came out in
nineteen ninety two uh… these are worth some decent money you don’t have to have the tags but it
helps if you were to sell this whole lot maybe like thirty bucks forty bucks might even get a little bit more these could be worth some good money and
uh… you know anything looney tunes could be
worth some good money now a days kind of funny because all those things uh… from the nineties like pokemon
cards now they don’t really coming back people are really into them i can’t say that i know too much about
Pogs are if they’ve made a comeback yet but i’m sure someday they will yeah i mean i remember one of the
nineties we had some cool stuff and uh… here’s another example this soft really cool taz cookie jar Yup! that’s right this comes off Just put some cookies in there and you are good to
go This one is in great shape I only paid eight bucks for it uh… you know he’s not to special you know
the older ones are worth more this one’s from ninety three i think you can only go up in value
could be things are fragile and they’re gonna break and then there’s not going to be too
many of them and that’s generally how it goes with
stuff it goes up in value as more and more
and get broken and smashed cool stuff uh… you know this is a kind of thing
you can look out for and make some money on


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