Love Potions and Spells (Live) | LTP #042

I put a spell on you and now you’re mine well though their pair of peeps and
welcome to another episode of our haunted travels let’s talk paranormal
live I am your host Sean Donnelly I’m your co-host Maryann Don Lee aka no that
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all that other stuff but got some great people showing up here and some great
pair of peeps and we will be announcing you here so this past week we wrapped up
the Hollywood sign we did you thought it was gonna be an easy week yeah I did
I thought oh yeah piece of cake no no it wasn’t and then I completely forgot that
Thursday night you had your National Honor Society presentation so Thursday
night when we scheduled I scheduled that to do the behind a haunting we weren’t
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pretty interesting please don’t do that for this Thursday I’ve got a lot of
stuff going on Thursday again that’s another big day yep I’ll rethink
those thank you in the future all right I think it’s time that we do the roll
call all right let me pull them up if you haven’t said hello please do so if
you have not said hello yet please say hello land checker Marion’s gonna do the
roll call no yeah so we have Desmond’s Donders ghost findings TV
Michael Fire jr. paranormal tech Sandee a seven
the lady vamp and Annette Reagan and I see happy trails popped in happy trails
is here at play master is joining kitchens drop this silver shadows
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list it’s very weird yeah so anyways Oh Irish whiskey paranormal has joined us
as well Lizzy all of you very excited to have you all with us today all right I
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how about that TJ’s travels is here and in 80 days so
is whiskey says just wanted to say hi before I crash and I know exactly how
that feels all right so I told Marion she had to work today she had a CT right
so I said okay honey I’ll cook dinner tomorrow yeah so she didn’t have to come
home and worry about that so I I went out a gut dinner ready it’s actually in
the oven cooking so we’re gonna eat what we’re doing and I come back in the
living room which she’s holding the papers like so I think after this dream
will probably eat dinner and you’re probably done for the night I’m assuming
I might be I don’t know we’ll see all right so you’re gonna tell people who we
are of course not of course not Mary and all the owners of panic D
common dark shadow Ghost Tours calm panic D calm is a database of over 800
locations across the United States that have paranormal claims November of last
year we started working our YouTube channel and created a series called are
haunted travels which features over 200 locations that out of that database that
we have been to personally so each week we feature a new location we cover the
history the paranormal claims of ghost stories and folklore our personal
experiences if we found anything while we were there and why we believe the
locations are haunted so that is our hototravels so we have like three or
four different names for our channel we have panic TV videos panic the
paranormal history our haunted Trump it’s us here we go right here we got a
lot of names you that’s just because you like really long I know why can’t the
side it was funny at school my kids were making graphs of some data and the one
goes it’s this title too long I’m like there is never a title that’s long mr.
donaly my husband loves long titles so makes more doorways people don’t know
what I’m talking about makes more doorways to your channel more searchable
yes of course of course alright so I wanted to welcome Spirit
Squad TV as well they have joined us today thank you very much
Maryann Donnelly I love the blue are on a travel shirt you’re wearing it your
say mine’s not Vernon Malvern oh by the way
okay so there’s PSP r hapy Esbjerg um remind me to say I should have made
notes I do better when I make notes um okay so we just finished up the
Hollywood sign this past week thought it’d be an easy week was a colossal
trainwreck next week we’re taking a break I need a
break we’re taking a break but we’re not
taking a break from videos okay so next week coming up the 14th I think it’s
Thursday guys the 14th it’s Thursday February 14th violent Valentine’s Day
that’s PSA announcement so that’s why we’re doing love potions and spells
tonight but this week Tuesday we’re gonna do some love related ghost stories
Boers is going to do them for ghost stories and folklore Thursday we’re
actually going to do one of those ghosting 201 videos and we’re going to
do a video on how we do property search and that kind of stuff using public
records and everything and how we find names with and start searching and
piecing together some of that stuff some of you guys have asked how do we do that
and we’re gonna put a video together for that and then Friday what are we doing
Friday oh so Monday after words as Presidents
Day so Friday we’re gonna do a video we’ve been to six presidents graves so
we’re gonna do that video for Friday and then Friday night and Saturday night we
have an investigation yes we do but we will go live Saturday
at five o’clock for this show we will go live because the investigation is not
too late and we’ll have had time to nap already oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so
that’s the planes for this now what made me think about this is is the week after
we’re doing the White House mm-hmm and a week after that we’re going burn it so
it’s kind of tied in the Presidents Day so we’ve got joshing Tanana in the White
House and that kind of stuff so yeah some cool stuff come up Thursday coming
up I know Bill’s Hill bill I’m gonna be on
there with you I got an extra webcam because we are a government household
I’d have to buy everything into I got an extra webcam and a extra mic I’m gonna
take them with me if I’m not home in time I will go live with you from my
office it will work I just need to remember the camera and the microphone
so Thursday night at eight o’clock I started a new series on PSP RS channel
with him called ghost Tech Talk so it’s like 8:00 tonight
but I don’t think we’re gonna be done till what time you’re not done till 9:00
so I’m just gonna shut my door and we’ll do it for my office well I’ll connect to
you from my office if that’s cool we’ve done yeah so Michael fired junior says
that he already has work Valentine’s Day worked out they’re gonna watch TV and
relax like every night there you go kind of like us except for we’ll be at
school doing parent-teacher conferences I love how our school district always
has Valentine’s Day parent-teacher conferences you know yeah I remember
when I was the only good thing about that is that night we gotta work till
9:00 7:30 till 9:00 that day but then we’re off for four days that’s all the
only good thing about yeah but I remember when I was getting my master’s
I went to my professor and I’m like you know I’m gonna have to miss class you
know next week on Thursday or whatever and and they’re like why
it’s Valentine’s Day you’re going on a date aren’t you and I’m like no we have
parent-teacher consciously here Cheers I hear something
do you need a note from my superintendent too but here’s my thing
that says I have to I have to work yeah we always do it on Valentine’s Day it’s
weird yeah all right so are you ready for Marianne’s
do you have something yeah okay it’s time for Marianne’s ebay update I gotta
make a vid I keep saying that every week I gotta make a video I’m gonna make a
seat well I’m off this week I can make these little video train yeah you’re not
gonna be off this week you know you’ll have something video all right so what I
have here is a suture from the Civil War it is a suture needle that still has
some suture string attached it’s from the Civil War did you get that at your
pricey place I did get this at my pricey place I did not get this from eBay I
actually got this from the little drummer boy in Gettysburg it’s one of my
favorite little stops I have to spend money there all the time yeah
Sean loved that place but yeah so it’s very exciting I like this one your
credit card company loves that place yeah they do check in check and see okay
so I didn’t get a chance I apologize to our community and I get any given get a
chance to put together community announcements so everybody’s here if you
have something coming up next week or whatever please put it in chat and let
everybody know okay see that’s kind of a lazy type thing to it but I didn’t get a
chance to do that today and that was on my list all right well Michael says it
saves us from having to try to get reservations he thinks that’s why the
school does that for us they you know try to save us from having the hassle and I think that’s kind of fun ah see
here I’m not sure not you actually it it has been used it has been used so yes
Marty’s crew was hoping that this teacher hadn’t been used so where’s my
pocket I don’t know did you lose something
well let me drop in the chat our Facebook group posts yes let’s talk
about that our Facebook group which we’ve had for a while but I’d really
never worked Facebook group or Facebook I’m starting to work it more and more so
we’re gonna be doing some stuff I’m gonna be working with Mary Ann this week
that were off Mary Ann’s gonna be in charge of our Facebook stuff because
she’s on Facebook like working constantly but I haven’t been on it in
two days but we want to start doing some stuff in our Facebook group for a pair
of Pete’s it’s a pair of Pete it’s your guys it’s Facebook group so we want to
do stuff in there like maybe run some photo contests and poles and things like
that and then give us more content for this show so let’s see if I could bring
this over here without screwing that presentation I’m probably not but it’s
okay so anyhow as he was saying we have this
group out there so if you would like to join that apply to join and then when
we’re done here we’ll go through and accept everybody oh you could do no and
then everybody’s welcome to drop their videos and everything that’s not I
changed it it’s not just paranormal related so if you’re part of the pair of
peeps you could drop your videos what you got going on on your channel and I
want to create more interactivity on there and that’s one thing that we’re
gonna be working on this week for sure we’ve had a lot of success on Facebook
with dark shadow ghost tours with groups and stuff like that
and we really kind of didn’t didn’t do it with pair of peeps because we were
build up the Twitter and stuff and Twitter’s doing quite well for us we’re
about ready to break 5,000 followers on Twitter which is kind of cool so now I
got that wrong I want to get back to the Facebook stuff so and just as I came
into Facebook there was a post from from one of our hair peeps and so I just want
to send out some prayers I won’t say to who they are here in the room or work
anyway so just sending some prayers out hope everything works out well alright okay you want to check with chat why I
get these up here sure will I was just checking out we did get one
person’s just join of the therapeutic group alright so we have nothing new and
exciting since I just added the person nothing very exciting and the no just a
congratulations for your for your numbers and other than that they’re just
joking about the fact that this was used well you know thank you for the
congratulations but it’s not us it’s you guys I mean you guys everyone’s in our
fallenness thank you thank you appreciate it very much because it does
make things just a tad bit easier it really really does alright so I got that
one that one and okay yeah I was gonna let you go off
on this one okay all right just so you were I have not seen any of these I was
at work no but you started yelling at me about this one so okay those of you
don’t know you know we have several different business ventures so to speak
and one of the ones that we have that we haven’t done in a while because we have
some issues getting supplies but we still have the veil of availability to
do it is we could put pictures and photographs on handwriting and writing
and all kinds of stuff on live roses live roses and silk roses so Mary Ann
she actually went out to Utah for how long we’re out there a week I was out
there for a week for a week it took place called speaking roses I don’t know
if you’ve ever heard of that before but that’s the main company and learned a
lot about roses I did and more than I ever thought there was yeah so the logo
or image that I used for today has that bar up at the top there but um I used
the image of a black rose and I said accidentally I said something to the
Rose connoisseur that hey in this article I found you know the black roses
are grown in other places you’re like no there’s no such thing as a black rose so
do you want to kind of explain that a little bit
has anybody seen black roses before gonna be more interactive with chat have
you seen black roses before if you have let us know if you haven’t let us know I know the answer that it should be yeah I
don’t know what’s up a thirst line oh maybe because I got that we’re still alive right I would assume
so only spray-painted okay okay so only spray-paint but they actually have a
rose that is well it’s not black go ahead explain it’s not black actually
the one that I used to be able to to purchase it was called the black
baccarat and it is a very very deep blood rose that actually looks black
under certain light conditions but it’s really not black it’s really a very very
dark red so red that it looks blacks it’s such a dark red so that one is
actually the the most the most realistic black but there is a cup there are a
couple other versions of that but like I said the one that I was able to access
before was the black backer so if you’re going to do real ones you know that
would be your best bet if you wanted a black rose if you didn’t
want to do that as a lady vamp said you could spray paint them there are
actually floral sprays and this is what I use I use design master floral sprays
for this one’s orange yeah I don’t actually usually spray them black but
this is just when I grabbed off the shelf anyhow was really funny though is
these are not this spray is not edible I know there are some people out there
there are some people out there who that do like to eat roses they can be eaten
you know most people don’t but some people do but I had a an event that I
did at the school a few years back and I used the floral spray on some
carnations and some kid ate it he ate his carnation and I was freaking out
because I’m like reading the label like okay what do I have to do it out and it
turn it says oh there’s no problem unless there’s a heart condition and
this particular kid had a heart condition so here I am at school calling
the poison control trying to find out if I needed like med you know take him to
the hospital medevac him or anything you know and they said you know he should be
fine he didn’t eat that much of it you know that kind of thing but I was like
seriously you are a 12th grader what is wrong with you you know it wasn’t like
he was a kindergartener don’t be that because she started go off on me about
the Black Rose type thing I said just save it for the live stream that’s why
you know so anyways a symbol of a black rose in some folklore and some readings
and stuff like that it’s a it’s a symbol that you’ve been cursed okay and cursed
with love if you receive a black rose or death yeah that means death is coming or
your curse there you have a love curse placed on you or anything like that but
so that’s why I used it Marty group Maurice Cruz says they want that make
son want to listen to rolling stones paint it black so those of you who are
in chat still if you if you have ever or if you believe in like love curses or
love spells or anything like that let us know whether you believe in it or don’t
believe in it before we get started going on this I feel like that that lady in the what
is that movie the it’s not Iron Man it’s the one where they’re all together the
Avengers that girl she’s like but now you just wires with my hands thoughts
what do you mean what do you mean all right so we’re not getting no response
that means that they they’ve never heard of curse it’s just what I have to say
alright so we’ll just keep on going they don’t believe in it or they don’t know
all right so the first thing I’m going to talk about is seven sign on it here
we go worst things you can mess with is the heart of another on another came
back far but yes they’re out there yes they are out there okay potions are a
proven thing let’s scent taking a roll pheromones ok
thank you for saying that we’re gonna talk about that curses sure it’s called
Karma yeah push your studios hello hi there hanging with the kids but
listening in much love and keep being amazing alright thank thank ya she’s
just kidding she’s really busy mixing up a lot of potion for Andrew whipping up a
love all right so we’re gonna share with you seven signs I say could be because this is all in
fun and just but you know some of these are kind of funny but that’s actually a
website I found it there things that your love life could be
cursed meaning somebody could have put a love curse on a love spell but I love
curse on yeah are you ready yes so what’s the first time number one you
have been single for many many years what are many many many years you don’t
understand what’s wrong why no one wants to commit to you it’s almost as if you
had a contagious disease this sounds a very bad ah that could be it could be a
love curse so you’ve been cursed to not be able to find love yeah somebody
because it said mmm so think back did you see a black rose that somebody leave
you a black rose number two multiple divorces you stop believing in marriage
each time you divorce it’s a piece it’s like a piece of you and your dreams die
well it could mean other things too but they’re saying it could be a love curse
well the lady vamp says oh my goodness I knew it I’m cursed I’ve been single for
26 years well lady vamp you need to stand up spin around four times pat
yourself on the head eight times over bend over touch your toes three times
and sit back down and that’ll break the curse is that is that proven all right
number three you have been cheated on multiple times say it isn’t so you did
not have that happen yeah you don’t believe people can be faithful you don’t
believe if and anyone or anything anymore I should make this bigger so I
could try to protect yourself from being hurt by hurting first so you’re the meanie now I see number
four loneliness even when you’re surrounded by people you feel lonely and
depressed you have the feeling that no one loves
or understand you it could be a love curse I guess the Marty’s crew says snap
I’ve been divorced twice should I put a disclaimer keep score
okay number five you have been rejected by others you’re rejected by your family
friends at work wherever you go it’s as if you are carrying a sign on your face
you’re shunned well that could be that or you need to bathe more often okay or
it could be love curse it’s on the internet it’s got to be true
number six Oh loveless marriage what do you think do
we have a loveless marriage you put a curse on me than you went dating you
cared for each other but as soon as you said I do your partner became the cold
person you can’t recognize that I have this hand is it my fingertips lead us to
number seven abusive relationships abuse has followed you from one relationship
to another it seems that you track or are attracted to the wrong people
okay so it could be a love curse now we’re poking fun I mean I I’m not mean
to poke fun to people who actually have relationship problems but you know this
is all in fun for because of we’re a paranormal Channel and Valentine’s Day
is coming up and I wanted to do something related to okay
if somebody’s having issues I apologize but hopefully made you smile alright so
those are the seven signs your love okay Marky’s this is not a cosmopolitan the
first two marriages were definitely loveless this is not one of them causes
my cosmopolitan magazine’s where you check your relationship status but if
you had I’d say half of those or more you may want to seek help of somebody
that could remove that crisps and Donder says that’s a strange thing to have on
hand I’m assuming he means my hatchet that’s my Lizzie Borden hatchet yeah it
is a strange thing to have one hands all right
we blew through that quick only half are in you know all right what do you guys
think do you think that you’re cursed do you think there is a lone curse or you
think that’s just coincidence I don’t know what do you guys think what’s your
opinion coincidence coincidence you say cool I say co-inky-dink
I sure I say if you have all those issues you better do some
self-evaluation and see maybe I’m causing the problem if it Pete’s over
and over like being shunned from just a general public problem okay let’s see
here Marty’s crew says don’t worry the curse
was broken the third time was the chair you go they said how does it go there’s
five times alive yeah first times cause you’re young second times cause the
money third times for love four times for necessity and five times because you
don’t know any better or something that I’ve never heard it go beyond I don’t
know guess I was lucky the first time you
don’t have a curse there we go Desmond’s Donner’s thinks it is all
coincidence as well lady PAMP says i’m pretty sure it’s just me i prefer my own
covers there you go I do too you know here’s a little tidbit secret she’s got
her covers and I got my covers I got my whoopee he does because when I sleep
it’s like a furnace I like radiates this heat and Marian like all I want to get
away from me I’m sweating like crazy I’m so hot I
would turn on the air-conditioner in the wintertime type person so true and he
says that I roll with the cover so I take them all with me sometimes oh great
you know when it’s like you know two degrees out you know and you’re gonna
get up in the middle of the night cuz you have old man bladder and then you
come back in you’re freezing and you try to get some of those covers to get warm
and she’s all curled up in her cocoon over there that’s a daily occurrence in
the winter I just yank them with one manatee unrolls still snoring though
don’t wake her up crew says for me it was money I didn’t know any better then
love what about you Boris what do you think hey you don’t have much to say
today okay he just raised his hand no I just get scared of that all right let’s
talk about the kikuno stolen heat yeah pretty much it let’s talk about Desmond
I think it was Desmond’s honored it brought it up that there is scientific
proof that love potions exist what do you think about this you ever get a
science background you didn’t get the read this book oh I didn’t read that now
do I think that love potions exist I think that there are certain are there
pills that could I think there are in your brain that trigger love I think
there’s I think there are certain odors that make you think of one thing or
another and if you happen to have that odor that makes you think of love and
happiness I think that that would change a little bit of brain activity there for
you for a little bit but I don’t think it’s anything lasting and of course
there’s all those insects and everything and you know all the pheromones that
they put off and you know so I do I think there’s a potion necessarily a
pill necessarily not exactly but I do believe that there are things that can
heighten your sensations okay you read that right there
okay let’s see what’s he have highlighted a chemical hormone called a
pheromone stimulates the part of our brains that increases our feelings of
longing and attraction based off of that various oils and perfumes have been
created that include these pheromones which supposedly attract the opposite
sex so pretty much what I said but I did say that it would be short lasting yeah
and human seed pill vitamin C pill just any perfume if you think about it you
put that perfume on it a few hours later it’s gone so you would have to like
constantly be using this to keep that person this stuff’s not attracted to you
like that sheep I don’t think anyways here’s one right here it’s called the
essence oil it retails for 2795 depends on what size
because this you know makeup and perfumes and colognes it’s a pheromone
product for women that may be worn alone or together with a fragrance the effect
is purportedly strong and causes immediate sexual attraction 2795 i say
it doesn’t it doesn’t say what it doesn’t say okay what you don’t want
them to start spamming you know let’s hear this one hey this one’s only five
fifty seven let’s see here it sends subconscious romantic signals to the
opposite sex it is a bottle of fragrance oil infused
with pheromones which says late but here kids took over the computers desmos
donor says not a pill Marty’s crew says love supplements lower mouth hello hello
hello natural odor is God’s gifts for attraction we each give off scent that’s
true and some of us give off scents that really attract mosquitoes yes she
definitely does I definitely definitely yeah she gets like they’re gonna carry
her away alright so we did that one alright so here’s another one I did that
one did you read it yeah I don’t know about that sir yeah oh
jeez human euphoria hmm a natural aphrodisiac based on the isolation and
synthesis of unique pheromone compound err says hi mosquitoes love me – pushia
Studios is making dinner and it needs to make the needs of a profession to repel
Andrew coming from to come from coming into her favorite live streams
I see now this one is kind of packaged it look like scientifically this would
it does look that way doesn’t it looks like a true you know you this is going to increase men’s
testosterone levels by a hundred and fifty percent in minutes minutes minutes
be like The Incredible Hulk so weird now I do like this though scroll down a
little bit further there it says the success rate of many of these types of
so-called love potions is due to the placebo effect there you have it so if
we ever get a merch store up I’ll put some potions out there I’m just I’ve
spent time to rub the M off the M&Ms but the they’ll be red pink and white
M&Ms but we’ll put a label that says there a love potion your second twin
self for forty seven ninety five for five of them no I’m just kidding Boris
is yeah Boris’s love potion I’m out of content they were just kind of funny and
amusing I know it just kind of fun probably good somebody probably put a
curse on me probably probably somebody that was here said oh I’ll show them
yeah I’ll show them it’s like what happened and then I’m like oh he’s
screwing around who do dog man so we are going to be going on a ghost hunt for an
investigation on the day after Valentine’s Day and the day after that
yeah or anybody burger malt who was in chat here I think
she’s still here she’s actually who we’re going with you see that brush barn
hazel barn barn hazel house yes yes is there anybody in the chat who is going
to be doing anything paranormal related for Valentine’s Day
or not paranormal 8000 okay paranormally so are our sweetie Night Out is a
paranormal investigation she’s leaving the hatchet at home yes I am although I
should you know I couldn’t bring it cuz I bet you that they probably had to chop
their own wood at some point but I’ll leave it at home happy trails is going to be shopping for
furniture and getting weird looks own or maybe she’s shopping now for furniture I
didn’t good looks because of what we’re saying let’s see here
Desmond’s Donder says not for Valentine’s Day but they are off to
scout a castle tomorrow who said that Desmond’s Jon ders that’s awesome
mmm-hmm and poosh estudia says oh my goodness they’re taking all the juice
from the internet here her children so it looks like Desmond’s Donders and us
are the closest to parent Laura’s gonna be Russian with their sweetie is she
bringing her sweetie are you bringing your sweetie Laura are you coming
Oh bring your speed yeah as far as any much-loved friends from atj travels much
love to you guys too so if we’re not doing anything paranormal what are you
doing yes they have many Valentines the plans he wants to know if you have any
plans I want to know do you actually go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day what
was that that we saw fit oh that was all you didn’t see it I was alive I was not
sure I was over her mom’s watching Ellen it she says once you’re married like
you’re not dating anymore you know go on valentine’s day you wait till two three
weeks afterwards and go out to dinner then you forget about these oh yeah well
go a couple weeks afterwards because we can’t get reservations and and and she
said if you don’t have reservations by now
you either have to go at three o’clock or 11:30 at night so either you’re going
with the old people or I forget what the late night was probably drunks I’ll
probably have gone out to the bars first yeah yeah that was kind of I blew it so
lady PAMP is going to be live streaming on Valentine’s Day and Marty’s first
says they don’t usually do anything for Valentine’s Day
sandy a7 says nope we don’t go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day it’s
expensive and crowded I agree with you it is I mean I took you out for
Valentine’s Day when we were dating well she don’t even remember hmm I remember
sweetest day going out we went for Valentine’s Day we went to a swanky
restaurant for Valentine’s Day thank you very much and one Valentine’s Day it
took you to Akron to that train things that was sweetest day yeah I don’t
remember the Valentine’s Day that’s I remember this one in Niles they’re not
there anymore I can’t remember the name that Italian restaurant okay and that’s
what that’s not you told me you didn’t like Italian food well I didn’t like
sauce yeah yeah I like it I’m fit I’m just not big on sauce uh who’s your
studio says usually I have two of them oh the children they’re talking about
who is using up all the internet Oh got it
psycho ghost trackers hello hello hello nice to see you Laurette says after 44
years no Valentine’s Day plans just another day I spend my Valentine’s Day
loving all of my students families well thanks for stopping by ATH travels and
best wishes with everything yeah we hope to be able to catch your stream tomorrow
plans are anyways unless something goes down
I’m buffer okay that’s way back in the back times yeah I still see us in here
is four yeah buffering back here but yeah this looks good over here
all right stream looks good yeah all right so we got some new people that
stopped in and I kind of go over a schedule again well first of all happy
trails hiking and timing she’s not here I want to thank you guys for getting us
started when we do the behind the hauntings we said Thursday night that
what we ready to do if we get a super chat during those we’re gonna write
everybody down and when we publish that book which we’re going to start actually
converting those five that we have done into the book but once we get ten at
least ten or more I got to see how many pages that’s gonna be we’re gonna
publish a book but those who give a super chat during the behind the hunting
we’re gonna list thank yous for helping us publish that book in the book itself
so we got happy trails hiking and timing Thursday it started so thank you very
much awesome it goes to the publication of the book and so this past week we
wrapped up the Hollywood sign which was a feat to late nights for me thank you
very much and then coming up this coming week
we’re not doing a location we’re gonna take a break we’re gonna do the some
Ghost related hauntings are not Ghost related I think that’s kind of redundant
love-related ghost hauntings on ghost stories and
folklore and then Thursday we’re going to do one of our ghost hunting 201
videos on how did we do property search and find names and kind of start off
with that some people have asked how we do that and they would like to research
some property especially where they live so we’ll have some links and stuff that
we use and and most of that stuff actually pretty much I’m gonna say 90%
of it it’s free it’s public record you don’t have to subscribe to you can’t
get and that kind of stuff but we don’t use that that much and then
Friday since the following Monday is going to be president say Friday’s video
is going to be about the six presidents graves that we’ve been to which it’s
it’s quite interesting six so far so that’s what we got coming up this next
week we’re taking a break from locations because Shaun needs to and you want to
drop that he needs an easier week Spirit Squad TV says I’ll let you know when
that uncut video footage at Hana Golf Course house take was taking place it’s
gonna be sometime next week depending on the weather
yes please do and actually Spirit Squad TV if Marian’s gonna drop a link to or
Facebook group okay so you can actually drop it in there and share it with
everybody or if you just want to keep it personal you get tweeted to us DM but if
you want to share it with everybody you’re more than welcome everybody who
is here I’m pretty sure everybody’s subscribe to us if you haven’t hit that
subscribe button and you become a para Pete you’re more than welcome to join
our Facebook group and if you are creator and would like to drop links in
there share it with the community you are more than welcome to we’re gonna
start doing more with that group and yeah what else could we drop in their coloring book or I could put your reddit
stuff dropped a pair of peeps read it parent peeps read it we’ve been getting
some success from the pair of peeps reddit and that’s another thing too for
you guys I know blue wrench groups got a read it
out there there’s some other reddit’s out in the communities
drop your links to your videos that’s a good thing the more backlinks to your
videos the better you’re going to start hearing me say more and more and more
that but but it is true if you guys have been following on our channel okay you
know not too long ago we did a ghost stories in folklore
I’ve been Franklin okay guys know what I’m talking about
you go to Google right now and you google Ben Franklin’s ghost
we are still number one in Google and we’re up there within the top three on
YouTube for three weeks now a lot of that’s due to well optimizing the video
and the channel and all that stuff but backlinks works the same as web pages
especially in Google search so how about it there you go okay Marty’s crew says
just dropped in one over there today alright and also too with the reddit you
know everyone go in there and join that and upload people you’ll notice that
that is a that’s a good indicator that tells YouTube that people like your
videos so up voting each other leave comments on them that’s a good thing yes
yes okay all right well I’ll have to come back to join it as I am on my son’s
computer snatched away I can send you the link to it I thought you guys ran it
maybe you weren’t I’ll send you the link yeah we want to start throwing things in
the group like we used to do it with dark shadow ghost tours a lot we used to
do all kinds of things like we had photo contests like like when the yeah the
different moon phases we had a photo contest or grave ericon summon you know
your favorite cemetery thing you know and then people would vote on him like
him and the one to get the most likes or something like that you know got
bragging rights or something like that but yeah we used to have fun on that lot
exes sex and it was it was really too much for me to work figure out the
channel and do that for it so now it’s it’s time to get
that going so and we had things to like every you
know we named a Monday I’d say I haven’t written down I think they’re on my desk
at work terrifying Tuesday and spooky Saturday yeah gonna be fun
hopefully yeah because I’m smelling dinner alright like I said earlier if you guys
have anything going on this week on your channel and a would like to tell people
and chat go ahead and share because I did not put together community
announcements well hello there and the DVD and mysteries I believe they
call that the dye bomb they call him uncle al I just call him I just call him
ah because did anybody catch the video I dropped this morning or even catch that
we were off schedule that was supposed to be yesterday morning’s video but it
didn’t get finished anybody catch the history of the
Hollywood sign I was gonna cut that so much and then as I’m like going through
I’m like this is really kind of interesting information you know the
times they tore down and the celebrities that came through they you know you
could if you didn’t watch the video it came real close to not being there
oh it’s several times several times several times so you know and that’s an
iconic symbol out there you know there’s some people out there right now who
don’t want it to be there anymore and they’re saying they all it’s yeah causes
too many just people coming to visit the area just to see it and that’s messing
with their you know quiet suburb little houses
yeah but that’s interesting because they were actually the ones who wanted to
keep it yeah yeah the history of the Hollywood sign there’s it’s kind of
history it’s a long video it’s a little long I was gonna hack hack it I could
hack it then I thought well it’s history so we’ll put it out there to document it
and preserve it so so Desmond’s Donner says they don’t have anything special
this week just the normal dawn der videos if it’s anything about that
Castle I’m sure it’ll be spectacular I love castles Porsche wants to know if
we’re spelling her dinner so I don’t know if we’re smelling her dinner no I
made dinner before I made dinner we’re having meatloaf and baked potato and
what did he make green beans because we didn’t have baked beans yes I made it
all prepped it up and we shoved it in the oven before we went on live streams
right I’m definitely smelling it it’s smelling
yummy several people said that they saw it watched it and it was good they
thought it was very interesting and pooja says at February 15th at 7 p.m.
they’re going to be live with intimate Q&A about them post Valentine live
stream and Monica wants no pizza Lizzie’s meatloaf no I make Lizzie’s
meat well Shawn makes John’s make those yeah it’s Shawn’s yes this is Shawn’s
version if any of those so not tonight February 15th that’s Friday that’s right
yes you will have to catch that yeah that’s on your channel push it we’re
gonna have to catch it later because our investigations at 8:00 that’s right and
we will be in route definitely be in round we’re going there I’m kind of
excited about this this is the first time we’ve investigated two nights
back-to-back and we have some tests planned to do that so we’re gonna do
Friday night from 8:00 to midnight and Saturday night 8:00 to midnight the same
location back to back which is going to be interesting and we want to see if we
can duplicate stuff and things like that so
very interested in this one coming up no I’m interested in place anyways it’s
pretty cool can’t wait to share it with you guys we’re not gonna do a livestream
from there yep maybe someday but who she wants know
if well anyone wants cookies always take cookies you actually finished off Mary
Pickford’s cookies yet yesterday that raspberry cake thing was that was really
cool the dips but definitely the raspberry stuff in the rest so if you
didn’t watch the recipe videos from this week we did the all Hollywood celebrity
recipes and one of them was Mary Pickford who was actually spotted as a
ghost I lost two subs on that video I know I think it’s because you didn’t
mention maybe it’s because you didn’t mention you know and I didn’t think
about it and I was hurry enough to get it edited because it was a collab it
wasn’t really haunted yeah but she was that’s why it was a haunted history is
because she has reported ghost likes I think Elizabeth Montgomery does too
she Elizabeth Montgomery saw goes okay but Mary Pickford was Laura melt says
only one other team has ever been permitted to investigate that house that
were going to so and I think you told me that they can’t find their their
evidence yeah I need one spatter on that apron says Pasha you already have blood
spatter on the apron yeah you should have one yeah I think you do she does I
remember all right I welcome Lilith Nova we’re
not going live on Friday no we’re going out to do investigation right so we’re
going to remove it we’re gonna miss you watch it we’ll be investigating so we
will not be we’re gonna record everything and probably make a video
from right not this time around it’s the first time we’ve been we don’t like to
do a live from places well we did Addison yeah well we went we went to
burn hazel once yeah cuz we’re gonna probably get into some stuff that might
be interesting hopefully yeah but we’ll make a video from it and then maybe
eventually down the road we’ll do a live from there do a live investigation I
want to do that I want to get we had a DDR and I can’t get the software to work
on Windows 10 correct which sucks because I have all the cameras and the
cables on that stuff so I want to get a DVR that has an HDMI out that can run it
on my laptop so while we’re in we used to do these with dark shadow Ghost Tours
so while we’re out investigating you guys can see the cameras you know and
then do one of those things where you leave a comment hey check camera five I
see something and then we could see it on the phones and run to that location
that kind of thing so that’s what we’re working on not that we have anything
don’t have it yet but we could get it but I want to go and investigate first
before we start doing that yeah I think personally I think that’s gonna be quite
difficult with just the two of us yeah we wouldn’t just saying we need to add
our crew but somebody would have to be watching the DVR yes because we don’t
take our live cell phones we always go on airplane mode yeah myself it throws
off the EMF detectors yeah we did that before
Lillith with Nova but we used to go 1 we used to take people out and take them to
the case we would hello yes I’ve seen some of you we would share those that we
did it a lot out in a couple of places that are no longer hold that thought
Louis you do paranormal videos ok drop the 1 2 paranormal
drop the reddit for the paranormal research please feel free to join this
reddit and drop your links in here their paranormal related these this this
reddit that Marion’s dropping now or for paranormal related videos and then also
consider joining the para peeps group which can you drop that one bill from PS
PR and myself we have another channel and another website that’s called
virtual ghost on and we’ve been trying to find time so we set a goal for
ourselves once we both hit 3000 and we’re both monetized we’re gonna work on
virtual ghost time and help paranormal channels so I want to keep a list with
you guys and help you get your videos promoted and stuff like that and get the
paranormal community so much love but so we’re monetized but don’t have the 3k
and he’s close to 3k but don’t have to monetize so we got to bring both
channels up to that and then we’re gonna work on virtual ghost time so she said
Lola says she covers all things peculiar love it love it please drop your links
in that ready I think that’s awesome yeah I’m looking at your channel now
yeah so our kind of channel okay so we’ve gone an hour I think it’s
time doesn’t burn yes yes yes all right so we got regular videos coming out
Tuesday Thursday Friday and then Saturday we’ll be back here at 5 o’clock
p.m. for let’s talk paranormal don’t know what the topic is yet see if we had
that group going you guys can pick the topic well if you’re in the group I’ll
post something say what do you guys want to have as a topic next week yeah that’s
pretty much it all right so no black roses no real curses and love potions
only lists for a short time cuz it’s all based on sentiment pheromones yeah okay
just wanted to recap you know recap yeah recapping yes okay but if you want a
black rose that’s alive you’re probably gonna want to look for a black backer a
black background which is a red rose very dark red alright folks we want to
thank you all for coming and playing with us tonight we had a great time I
just put black background yeah chat just in case okay do you have
anything else you would like to add darling just hope everyone has a safe
and happy Valentine’s Day coming up and have a great week yes make it a great
week don’t have one make it one make it one because if we have it within
ourselves to make it great and Boris says so too does he he does okay
it’s alright it’s alright alright folks until next time thanks for watching and
happy hunting let us know if you like this video by hitting that thumbs up
also if you’d like to see more videos from us in the future support our
channel by hitting that subscribe button pinging that bell so you get notified
that next time there’s a video from an Aggie video thanks for watching happy honey


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