Madewell Fair Trade Denim Review // Sustainable Jeans

(static) (music) Hi, friends! Welcome back to my channel. If
you guys are new here, hello. Welcome. My name is Kristen and thank you so much
for being interested in Madewell Fair Trade denim. So, I did buy two items
from Poshmark: a skirt and a pair of shorts that are from their Fair Trade
certified denim line. I also bought new, two pairs of jeans. Ohhhh! It hurt my bank
account. But I did it and I just want to show you guys more sustainable jean
options. I find it really hard to find jeans in a thrift store second hand. Of course, that is going to be the most sustainable option. But, I did look into
their Madewell Fair Trade denim line and they actually use this same factory as
Everlane. I believe it’s called the Saitex factory. So, I did buy the other things for a really stinking good deal. This I bought
online. So, it’s just in their polymailer bag, which I will reuse when I’m
reselling stuff. Not the most sustainable… packaging. But, yeah. Here’s the denim. I have the Classic Straight in a 29 and the 11 inch High-Rise Skinny in a 29
petite. I know these are like a 26 inseam. They’re already cropped, so I didn’t want
to get the petite size. But I am typically a petite inseam because I got
some short legs. So let’s try ’em on! (music) So Madewell
uses the Fair Trade certified factory, Saitex. They actually recycle 98% of their
water and they use renewable energy, like solar. So they really are trying to
reduce the amount of water and energy that they do use. Madewell will actually
contribute to like a community fund at the Saitex factory, once a product is manufactured. So, for each product that is manufactured there, they contribute to this communal/ community fund. And the workers there actually get to decide
where it goes to. So it could be to a daycare facility, so that their kids can
be watched while they’re working, or it can go to something else. So, I think that is really cool and it’s great that the workers actually get to decide where
it’s going. So what’s great about the Saitex factory is women are paid fairly
and everybody is treated equally there, which is obviously something that is
very near and dear to my heart. So I really appreciate that.
They give benefits like maternity leave, paid leave. They don’t use harsh
chemicals and they have strict requirements for their water and energy
usage, like I said before. So, overall, they’re a great factory to get denim
made in. I’m obviously going to stress buying secondhand, when you can, because
that is the best thing for the planet. But, I did want to try the Madewell
Fair Trade denim. Let’s get into it. I did buy these shorts and the skirt from
Poshmark. They were new without tags and that’s all I got to say. Sometimes, instead of buying new, you can find things new on like Poshmark or Mercari
or other apps like that. But, yeah. Let’s get into it.
I’ll show you guys what they look like and yeah. (music) Okay. So, first off, let’s talk about the
High Rise denim shorts in the Jordie wash. They have that distressed look. You
can cuff them or leave them uncuffed… either way. They do have a little bit of stretch. It’s only 99% cotton and 1% spandex. But, these are SO
comfortable, very stretchy. I got the size 29 and they fit perfectly. I don’t want shorts to be too tight, in the summer. And they’re just like the
perfect fit, for me, personally. So, I’ve also owned, like, the same denim shorts
since high school and they’re a little short. So, I needed to change it up a
little bit. Get something that’s a little bit more– has more coverage, per say. Okay.
So the shorts are so comfortable, you guys. Like… they’re just a nice little
stretch, but they’re still, like, rigid and not stretchy, at the same time. So, I know
they’re gonna last a long time. I would give these a solid 5 out of 5. They aren’t like sewn in cuffed. So, you can unroll them, cuff them at the bottom. They have a nice distressed look, which is perfect for summertime, obviously, and they just feel like a really good quality. They’re high-waisted, which I
love and yeah. I would give these a solid 5 out of 5. (music) So, I really like that it is a-line
because it is super flattering on my body. I got the size 29, which really
fits. It’s not too tight. But it’s not too loose, either. Like, it is THE perfect fit, for me. This is so fun for summertime and it’s great for the fall, too. Like, you can
wear tights with it and little booties and wear a jacket over it. So, it’ll definitely transition into like fall and into the spring and summer. I love that
it is 100% cotton and I know this is gonna last me a long time. It’s a classic piece. So, yeah. I’ve been wearing this skirt, off and on, for about a week, now. It’s so so comfortable. I would highly recommend it. It fits my waist perfectly.
It isn’t like super stretchy, so I know it’s gonna last a long time because if it- everything is stretch denim, I feel like it doesn’t last as long. So I would
give this 5 out of 5, to be honest. Like, it just fits really nicely. It has the raw hem on the bottom and it just fits really well and I know it’s gonna last a
long time. It’s good quality. And yeah, moving on to the next thing. (music) So these feel really good. They’re like a classic 90s mom jeans. These are called the Classic
Straight Jean, I believe. They are a tad bit big in the waist, which might be a good thing. I think I’m so used to, literally, not being able to fit into my jeans because they’re a size too small and trying to, like, get my whole body in the
jeans and making it super tight on my waist. So I’m just, like, not used to, like,
jeans being a tad bit loose. And I think with this look, it works for the waist to
be a little loose. The- fits around my legs and my butt. But it is a little
loose, in the waist. So I would say, I fit better into like a curvy style jean. And it’s nice to just have a straight jean that’s different from all of my skinny jeans, even though I don’t have that many. It’s just, like- it’s nice to kind of have
a different style of jean. So these straight cut jeans are like the
classic 90s mom jean. They are so so comfortable. I did get a size 29 and a 28
and here’s the difference between the two because they literally look almost
identical, to me. I’d say the waist is just a little looser. So it just depends
on if you want a more relaxed fit or if you want a more fitted look. But I would give these… a 4 out of 5, simply because of the inseam. Like… I don’t know. I whole- I get the whole like cropped inseam. Like the regular inseam is 26 and it’s even like a little cropped on me and I usually buy a petite inseam. So, I don’t know. I (gibberish) am not the biggest fan because I like, to like, roll it up on the bottom,
kind of have that cuffed look, if I do want it cropped. But, yeah. That’s why I’m
giving it a 4 out of 5. Overall, I really liked them. They’re super comfy. They’re
really high-quality. I know they’re gonna last years and years and years, which is why I spent so much money on them. And, yeah. So, I would give these 4 out of
5, just because of the inseam. But, like, overall, thumbs up. Good job. (music) Okay, so, I have been wearing these Madewell jeans all day. They feel really good. These are like super stretchy. Like, they feel like leggings, which I really like. I have been having to pull them up. But, I like that they’re not too tight. I think I’ve been, like, trying to
squeeze into a smaller jean size and don’t do that! A number does not define
you. That’s all I gotta say, so… I really like these. They feel really
good. I think they fit really well and… yeah. After day one of wearing these, I really like them. I LOVE these jeans. They’re an 11 inch rise. They have the cute little button front rise, too, which I never see in jeans. They’re so cute. They’re so stretchy, so I feel like they’re gonna, like, help with different shapes and sizes, too, to actually fit you well. These don’t like over stretch,
either. Like I still feel like they’re a good quality stretch denim. I would give these a 5 out of 5. 11 out of 10. Like… Good job. Like, these feel so good. They’re a great like dark wash, so they’re super versatile. Yeah, they’re great. I really
like them. So, I would highly recommend the Madewell Fair Trade denim. I think it’s
great to support Madewell and be like, “Hey! I only want to buy things that are
from your Fair Trade denim line.” So you are voting with your dollar. Of course,
this comes with a lot of privilege, obviously, because not everyone can
afford one hundred dollar pairs of jeans, which is very expensive, in my opinion. Then there’s thrifting and Poshmark. And you can find Madewell things on
Poshmark, like I did with the shorts and the skirt. And they came from the same
person and they were new without tags, so it was awesome. Hope you guys liked this
video! If you did, please give me a thumbs up! Let me know what you guys think of
the Madewell Fair Trade denim line. Have you guys tried Everlane or Madewell
Fair Trade jeans? Let me know. I do have a review of lots
of other clothing things that I will have right here, that you guys can watch. And until next time, remember: you do not have to be perfect to live sustainably. I’ll see you guys next time. BYEEEEEEE. (music)


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