Make $100 Per Day from LINKEDIN® With this 1 Trick

Hey, come here. Come here. Let me show you
something. See this? I’m going to show you how to make this everyday on LinkedIn
with this one trick right here that you can do from any country. You can do it
for free. It doesn’t cost anything to apply this. You can do it easily. And even
if you are not 18, you can do this. Even if you have no experience, you can do
this. Even if you have no money, you can do this. And even if you have very little
time, you can do this. And I’m going to show you in this video in less than 15
minutes how you can get started earning money, no matter where you’re from. And
I’m going to show you three ways you can use this trick to make money with
LinkedIn. And even better, I’m going to show you a bonus way that you can not only
use these 3 ways to make money with LinkedIn. But I’m also going to show you
a way that you can make money with LinkedIn even if people don’t buy the
products you’re promoting. If people just click on your ads… I mean, sorry. If people
just click on your link, this is no ads. No spending money. People just click on
your links, you’ll still make money. So you make money no matter what. Let’s get
into this. This is exciting. I’m excited to share this new find that I have. This is what I’m going to be showing you how you
make on the internet without any skills, experience or anything on LinkedIn. So,
let’s get into this right here. This method is hot. This is very simple and
you can do this right now. So, the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to
get a product that we can promote. We want to promote a product where we don’t
have to offer any customer support. We don’t want to ship this product to
anybody. We don’t want to talk to anybody. We don’t want to make any special
agreements where we have to negotiate or call people to get argue with them to
pay us money or anything. All we want to do is get a link where if people click
on it, we make money. And the easiest way to do that is a method called affiliate
marketing. Now, I’m going to show you 2 ways you can do affiliate marketing here.
So, if you’re from any country in the world except for Nigeria Bangladesh or
Pakistan, you can use this first affiliate network which I’m going to show
you which is called Now, if you’re from those other countries, I’ll
show you a place that you can get your links from next. But first off is
Clickbank. Looking right here and you’re going to go over to this area which says
create an account. So, you’re going to go over here. Create an account and you’ll
sign up. And the ways you get paid with Clickbank… This is how they’ll pay you
money is you’ll get paid by either wire. So, you’re going to need a bank account to
get paid or you’re going to need an address for them to send a check to, okay?
So again, you need an address or a bank account. One of those two things very
simple, very standard to get paid. That’s how they will pay you. Okay? So, next after
you create an account, you’ll want to go over to the area called affiliate
marketplace. Now, inside of the affiliate marketplace, you’ll either want to search
for my last name or you can go over just click the search button right here. And a
bunch of products will show up, okay? And you can do different ways of searching
but I just did… I just sorted by products that pay over $100 commission.
So, you’ll see that number one product out of thousands of products on their
network is this.. It’s actually my program called The Super Affiliate System. And if
we zoom in on that, you’ll see Super Affiliate System, John Crestani’s… You know,
webinar funnel. This is my educational training course that has changed the
lives of thousands of people around the world. But I’m going to show you how you can
get Clickbank to pay you money talking about it. So, what we want to do is we
want to click promote. Now, let me show you a second way to find my product. So,
once again, once you’re in the Clickbank marketplace, what you do is you go over
here to find products and you’ll just search my last name which is Crestani.
And then you’ll click search right there. You’ll just click that button and app
will show my product right here, okay? Now, this is how much you will get paid
every time somebody clicks the link and decides to purchase the program. So, I’ll
be showing you the bonus method later where you can literally get paid if
people just click on your link itself. That’s really nutty. So, next we’re going to
click promote right here and we are going to have a page that pops up like
this. So, just leave the link as the default
link. Don’t worry about this gobbledygook. And if you’re logged in, your Clickbank
username will show up right here. So, then what you’ll do is you’ll click generate
hop links. That button right there, okay? So, generate hop links. And this is the
link. If people go to this link, okay? This link right here. They have to click
on this and if that gets clicked, what it tells the computers or whatever is it
says, “Okay, you created that click.” And if somebody ends up buying from that click
or from that computer, from that browser, you will get paid $469, okay? Pretty cool, right? So, you want to use
this link. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to we’re going to highlight this
and copy it or we’re going to actually just click this copy button (That’s what
I usually do) and just copy that link right there. So, I’m bringing up a notepad
just to save this link. Just so I don’t lose it later on. Now, what you’ll notice
is that this link is really ugly. And it doesn’t look very clickable. If somebody
sent me this link, I’d say, “What the heck? It it looks like an ugly link. I don’t
want to click it. It might be weird.” What we’re going to do is we’re going to make this
link pretty and we’re gonna shorten it so that we can post it more easier
places. I’m going to take the link again. And we’re going to go over to a site named bitly. Now, real quick before I go to bitly. If you’re from Nigeria,
Bangladesh, Pakistan or some other you know country. But if you’re from one of these countries, you can go to , you can go to And I’m having my editors pop this on the page. But basically this
affiliate network will accept people from any country around the world. Now,
you won’t be able to promote my program. They don’t have as many offers that you
can promote. But you can use links. You can get your affiliate link no matter
whatever country you’re from. They’ll pay via Payoneer or even I think PayPal.
But they will pay you money no matter what country are from. But I’m not going to
go too deep into digistore. I’m going to focus on what’s tried proven and true
and that works for the majority of the world. Deal? Okay. So, here we are on And I’m going to go down here to where it says shorten your link. I’m going to
paste my link in and I’m going to click this button that says shorten. And I’m
just going to shorten it real quick. Okay, boom. We’re going to copy this link and I am
going to take it. I’m going to put it in my notepad. Short link and I’m just going to
paste it in there. So, this link looks a lot better than this big ugly long link.
And now, the next step I’m going to do is we’re going to promote it on LinkedIn. So
now, that we’re ready, we have our account set up; we have everything set up,
we’re going to go to LinkedIn. Okay, so there’s three real ways that we can make money
posting our links on LinkedIn. And this is very simple, very easy to do to get
you that first money. So, check this out. Now, the first way is kind of the most
obvious but you can do post updates, okay? Now, LinkedIn allows you to post updates
–status updates just like Facebook or you know many other networks do. So, you can
put an update with a message. Saying something along the lines of “This is a
blessing. They’re still of openings available. Check this method out to start
earning money from home.” And then you put my link in, okay? And I’ll show you some
example messages that you can post that work in just a second here. Now, the
second method to make money on LinkedIn is actually sending direct messages, okay?
And direct messages is a great way to get your links out there. Very effective.
You’re going to get people clicking on your link super easy. But what if you don’t
have friends on LinkedIn yet? What if you just created your profile or something
like that? Now, if you don’t have friends, you can still post your link places in
LinkedIn which is you can post in groups, okay?
So, you can join groups and post in them. There other ways you can post your links
on LinkedIn. You can post in the comments on other people’s posts. But let’s stick
to these three methods. These are just very obvious and tried-and-true and I’m
going to show you how you can do all of these and I’m going to give you example
messages you can post to make money. Okay, so we’re on LinkedIn right now. And as
you see, there’s a lot of stuff going on on LinkedIn. By the way, this guy
Dan Fleischman, shout out you’re the man, love your content, really excited to be a
part of your mastermind. But in other news, you can do a post. And you can talk
about anything you want. Now, you can make it show up to anybody but it will mostly
show up to the people you are friends with. So, what do we post though? Now, let’s
use proven examples of posts that works. Now, I get these messages every single
day such as you know, this alert. “John, there’s an opening in your area. John
this blessing is all yours. Use this. Hey, this is Monica,
you keep this between me and you. You know. keep this between me and you. Here’s
a link it’s been a blessing for our family.” The goal is to get people over to
your affiliate link. You want them to click because once they click and they
come to my page, that’s going to do the work for them. Because what they’re going to see
when they enter your affiliate link is they’re going to see it this. And it says,
“How to earn a six-figure income online.” And this is my training program where I
teach people how they can take back control of their lives; replace their job
income and start earning money online. I’m giving you the free method in this
training course I go much much deeper. And it’s just a whole
different thing. and I have coaches and all this stuff. But basically, this is
going to get many people’s attention. So once they click on your link, they’re
going to be intrigued, they’re gonna sign up for the training and eventually some of
them will buy and you’ll make your $469.
But let’s not get into the mechanics too much. I want to show you exactly how to
make this happen with proven messages. Okay, so if you’re pretty pumped to get
into these methods, type in “LinkedIn money” in the comments because this is
this is really easy and just wait till you see number 3 in this series
because it’s going to blow your mind. And after that, I’m going to go over the bonus
of how you can actually post your link just get paid for clicks. So, if you’re
excited to see what’s coming next, type in “LinkedIn money” and make a commitment
to yourself to put this method into action because if you don’t do the work,
nobody will do it for you, okay? If you don’t work, this won’t work. And you’re
only going to make money if you get off your butt and you actually… Or well maybe you
don’t need to get off your butt but if you actually put in the work. So, keep
that in mind that watching videos and all this stuff. You know, maybe this is
entertaining for you. Maybe you like learning how to make money. What matters
is that you actually go out there and put this into action to make the money. I
get so many people that watch my videos but they don’t put this into action. And
if you’re one of those people, you’re never going to make any money.
Be a supreme action taker. Join the money club. So, here are some proven examples of
messages that I’ve received based on you know, if I modified other proven messages,
this is what the messages would be. And I just put in my bitly link there. And you
would just replace this bitly link with your own link that you have. You know, I
would say here is the link you asked for. This you know… And then it says, “It’s been
a blessing for our family. John, this blessing…” And you could just say, “This
blessing is all yours. You know enjoy it and use it for whatever.” Alert, there is
an opening in your area and you have that link there. And these are kind of
click Bitly titles but people will click them and then they’ll go to the
next step. And then it’s off of you because your job is just to get the
click. Now, if you really want to go crazy with this post. you know, you could use
hashtags. You know, you could you could say you know like hash tag. You know
working remotely hash tag you know Shopify millionaire mindset
entrepreneurship. You know etc. And you can even add like some sort of image or
something to this post to make it fun. But you don’t need to. Then you would
just click post, okay? So, you just click post right there and post it up. Okay,
very easy, very simple to do. And there you have it. And what’s great is you’ll
see in this post you know, it says “Free training online.” So, all of the rest of
the marketing is actually already done for you so you can get this going on and
it’s going to sell people. The next step you can actually do is send people direct
messages. You can go to this messaging tab right up here, okay? And click that
you can click messages and you can send anybody a message that you want. You know,
you can find people who you’re friends with and send them a message. And this
gives you a direct Avenue that’s going to show up in their email, it’s going to show
up on their phone notifications. And it’s going to show up when they go online on
LinkedIn. They’re going to get a message that talks about your post. So, it’s a
really effective way because they’re getting that message everywhere. They’re
going to open it. But in order to do this, you need to make sure you add a lot of
friends on LinkedIn and you can request as much as
150 connections every single day on LinkedIn. I recommend you
start adding people every day on LinkedIn because you’ll build up your
organic reach through the posts and you’ll build up the number of people
that you can send direct messages to. The next method you can do no matter if you
have any friends or any people following you on LinkedIn whatsoever. So let’s get
into it. Now, for this next method on LinkedIn, what we want to do is we
actually want to go to the search bar. And on a desktop computer, it will show
up it’ll say group. So, I could click that or you know I’m just going to search
entrepreneur, okay? And I’m searching entrepreneur in the search bar right
there. And I’m going to click this more button, okay? I’m going to click more and I’m
going to select groups. See right there. And I’m going to click groups. And what I’m
going to do is we have a bunch of different groups around entrepreneurs. There are 89,000 members of the entrepreneur magazine group. 36,000 members of the
entrepreneur news network. You know, we have 16,000 members, 13,000 members. So, we
can just join all of these groups and start adding our groups so we can post
in them. So, we want to say request to join and boom. We sent in our request.
You know, request to join. Boom! We sent in our request. And now, what we want to do,
we wait for those group requests to be approved and we will go in. Now, I suggest
you request every single group you can. Request all the marketing groups. Request
all the Entrepreneurship groups or Request on all motivation groups. Request all the
e-commerce or affiliate marketing groups. And join them all. You know, here’s a
group I did the search for marketing. It has you know, 500,000
members. Imagine what could happen if your link showed up to 500,000 people,
okay? That could be a lot of money. Okay, so here’s one group that I just got approved for that has 247,000 members, okay? And it’s called the
marketing group, digital TV marketing. So what I’m going to do
if I want to post in this group is I’m going to click start a conversation in
this group. And I’m simply going to post my link or my message there and then. You
know, select my hashtags and click post. And that way my message will show up to
everybody in the group and it’ll show up as in notifications on their phones,
LinkedIn will push that email. Saying group updates. People get messages
a lot of different ways. Because what you’re doing is you’re leveraging
LinkedIn to kind of market for you and get your link out. And boom! Very easy and
you should start making money fast. Now, boom! Wasn’t that easy? Got 3 methods.
And roughly speaking about one in every hundred clicks becomes a sale. So, with
247 thousand members, you can get way more money than that. But that is an easy
way. You get one sale a week and you are making a hundred dollars a day. So, very
easy. There are other products you can promote in Clickbank that are less money
and you can make less money but this is a way you can easily make money. Now,
let’s go into the bonus method where you can get paid even if people just click
on your ads. I’m not even joking. Check this out on my computer. But if
you’re excited, make sure you subscribe. Hit that subscribe button. And if you’re
interested in having me as your mentor, join the money club. You can click join
right next to the subscribe button. You’ll learn some my techniques. I have
some mini-course over 40 hours of content that you can learn from me and
also twice a monthly live streams where you can ask me questions and I’ll show
you stuff live too. You can talk with me because your network is your net worth.
And if you surround yourself with multimillionaires like me before you
know it, you’ll be in the same club. So, the way you can get paid if people
simply click on your link is the site called adfly. So, if we go right here we
see ad fly, it’s like A-D-F-L-Y. There’s a link in the description below this video.
But you go here you see how it works it says get paid to share links on the
internet. You can register for an account and start shrinking, okay? So, you put in
your link and it will shrink it to a different link.
Get paid for every person who visits your link, okay? So, people visit. You get
money. And you can place your links anywhere on the Internet, okay? So, it’s
very easy. It works very fast. So, just if you get people to click you get paid. As
you see, they will pay you 2 ways. Via PayPal or via Payoneer. And this
company’s been around for a while. As you see, over 4 million links were clicked
already just today. So, lots of people are using it and it’s something that works.
And it’s something that works very well. Now, what you’ll want to do is you’ll
want to go up here. You’ll want to take your Clickbank link and you’ll copy it,
okay? So, you’ll want to copy your Clickbank link and paste it into ADFLY.
And then you click this button that says “shrink”. And you’ll get another link that
looks sort of like this. It’s a shorter link and we’ll copy this link and we’ll
just copy this and we’ll put it back on our notepad. So, we’ll say adfly link. And
we’ll just post that right there. And what you can do is you can put this link
in your posts, your DMS or your group messages and that way you will get paid
2 ways. If your mind was blown, if this opens your mind to the different ways
you can make money, type in “mind blown” in the comments or or type in “LinkedIn
money” LinkedIn money is awesome. You can do it really easily. I show you one trick
that you can use 3 ways make money… From two ways, sorry.
The one trick –affiliate marketing you can get paid 2 different ways. Really
cool stuff if you’re going to apply this, guys. This is easy. So put it into action.
And if you’re ready to take your life to the next level, make sure you subscribe
to my channel. Start putting yourself on the path to mega money, okay? Start
putting yourself on the math to putting this into your bank account into your
pocket, into your retirement. Live the life that you want to live and if you’re
really ready to go to the next level, join the money club. $49 a month. You can
click join right next to the subscribe button. You’ll get over forty hours of
video trainings from me. You’ll also get to monthly live streams
will you’ll be able to ask me questions and answers. Again, my time is very
valuable. I make about a million dollars per month. The point being,
I’d rather spend my time with my family. Kitesurfing, traveling the world, skiing,
helicopter flying. All the things I love doing. But I’m going to take some time out
to answer your question. Help you get ahead live. And if you’re part of my
money club, you have that sort of access to me so I look forward to seeing you
there. Subscribe, like, comment. Ask me whatever question you want in the
comments. Talk to you soon.


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