Make $100 Per Day On CRAIGSLIST Without Posting Ads

We’re going to make it rain again. People
because we’re talking about Craigslist money today. So, Craigslist is used by
over 50 million people, okay? And mostly Americans, okay? So, that means
there’s a lot of money there. 50 million Americans is. I mean Americans have a lot
of money. So, and billions of pageviews they serve per month. So, you can make a
lot of money on Craigslist if you just know how to reach people. Fortunately for
you, I’m going to be going over 2 methods today. And I have a special bonus for you
at the end of today’s video. I’m going to show you from soup to nuts how to post,
how to get free traffic on craigslist and how to monetize how to make money
from craigslist traffic. We’re going to go on my computer just a second here. i’ll
show you how. So now, the first thing we have to do as in any business to start
making money is we have to get some products to sell. Now, the easiest way i
do to sell products is what’s called affiliate marketing. For those of you who
don’t know what it is. It’s you’re selling other people’s products on a
commission only basis. So, basically you get a link and that’s all you need. You
post the link other sorts of businesses. You have to you know like amazon or ebay
or drop shipping. You have to actually go out and buy products and sell it. You
have to support them. You have to have a business, phone number. You know, an
address for returns. All that’s too complicated. So, i’m always… As always on
this channel going to focus on affiliate marketing. And i suggest you join a lot
of the affiliate networks in the links in the description to get started. Now,
there’s a number of affiliate networks i recommend and all the links are in the
description. Now, the first one which is probably one of the cooler ones is click
funnels. And they they will actually buy you a car. And if you check this out,
here’s one of the recipients of a car. I’ve gotten a car. They pay me $1,000
bucks a month towards my car lease. It’s really cool. And they give that once you
get 100 sales. So, really strong incentive. There’s six figure
mentors which is another affiliate marketing network that you can sign up
for. There’s the super affiliate Network, a highly recommended one that you can
find a lot of products inside it’s run by really cool guy Mischa Barton based
out of Hawaii. There’s max web. There’s digistore. But affiliate network that
we’re going to focus on is Clickbank. Now, I suggest you sign up for all of these. But
the product I’m going to use in the example is called the super affiliate system.
It’s my product. And you will go to clickbank, you’ll have to set up an
account and then you click Affiliate marketplace right there. And once we’re
in the affiliate marketplace, we’re going to go down to the sidebar here and look in
a business and emarketing right there. Okay? We’re going to click there and you can
see my product is generally one of the top selling products right here. And we
can make up to $500. We make $500 on average selling this product. And all we
will do to get our affiliate link is to click promote right there. And we will
put on our account nickname and click “generate link”. Then we click this button,
copy the link, voila! Now, I went ahead and actually just
shortened the link. I used bitly which is a link shortener. So, I just went to And I shorten the link real quick and I got my short link. So, you just post
your link in here and you shorten it and you get your link out. So, I put all my
links in a notepad just for handy reference. Now, let’s go to Craigslist and
do the first method. So here we are on Craigslist. And Craigslist is a really
old looking site. You wouldn’t believe that 50 million people per month use
this website. But it is. And the we want to focus on one section here. We actually
want to go to the resumes section right here. Right there. We’re going to click
resumes. And you see a ton of people are looking for work. A ton of people are
looking for things to do to make money. Now, what we want to do is we have a
product, okay? If you’re selling my program, you have a product that is
teaching people how to make money, okay? So, it seems like it’s a perfect fit. You
have people that are to make money. You have affiliate link
that you can send them to. So, here’s what we do, is we’re going to open up every one
of these. Maybe open up 5 or 10 at a time. I click ctrl on my keyboard and
I’ll just click, click, click, click, click, click, click. I’ll just keep opening up
links. And I’m going to send messages to them all. Now, Craiglist gives you the
ability to actually message people. So, we’re going to click reply. And you copy and
paste this into your email. See that right here, okay? Copy and paste this in
your email. So, we’re going to highlight this. We’re going to click copy. We’re going to go to
our email program. And I use Gmai.l I think Gmail is the easiest. And I’m going to
write a new email. Compose and I’m just going to paste that sucker in there. And I’m
gonna write them a message. So now, in the message, we’ll want to write them an
email and want to include our affiliate link in that email. Now, once we have our
email open, we have to you know, we use a subject line and an email. Now, to make
this real easy, what I’ve done is I’ve created a file that has all the methods
I use for affiliate marketing in one document. Now, stay to the end and I’ll be
sharing with you how you can access this document so that you can actually copy
my message templates if you want to now. I do suggest that you modify things to
using your own words. Don’t feel like you always have to copy and paste. But
you can use my templates and I’ll show you how at the end of the training. Now,
once again, we need to get this person clicking on our affiliate link and
buying from it, okay? So, the first step is getting them to click on it. And the
first step here is actually getting them to click on the email. So, the message
title we’re going to use is Craigslist resume. So, we’re going to post this in the
subject line because once again, this person is looking for work. I’m like
endorsing muscle milk right here. Muscle milk. Gives you stronger muscles just by
drinking it. And then I’m going to copy and paste the message template right here.
Okay? So, I’m going to copy this right into here. Now, what you’ll notice is that this
link section, what you’ll want to do is you’ll want to replace this link with
your actual affiliate link. Okay? So, we’ll come here and we’ll grab
our affiliate link right there. I’ll click copy and we will click paste, okay?
And then we’ll want to delete this text where it says optional. Now, I put this in
here I said, “Feel free to follow up with me after you watch the entire training
if you have any questions.” Now, the reason I put this is because, if they have
questions, I do not mind answering their questions if I’m gonna get a 500-dollar
commission. And neither should you. Once again, somebody seen this, they might
think it’s just an ad. They might think it’s just a way for you to know an
affiliate post. But you can’t respond to an ad. Whereas if they say something, they
say, “Is this real? Does this really work?” Then they might actually want to buy the
product that you’re selling. And you just say yes. Okay? Or you chat with them. I’ll
just say best John Crestani. So, then all we do is we click send. And
message sent right there. So, we sent our first message and you can do this to as
many people in the resume section as possible, okay?
Look at the shared volume of people that are looking for for jobs. They’re looking
for ways to make money. And you can help every one of them and make money you’re
doing it. I shot this video a little bit in the past but you’ll see just this day
in October 15th, you see there’s like a hundred resumes already, okay? And this is
just in Los Angeles. Now, you can change this to different cities, Las Vegas. You
see tons of people you can contact. We change this to another city. We changed
this to Bakersfield. Tons more resumes. So, there’s a lot of people you can contact
and all you do is you have to click reply right there and then you copy and
paste their email address. It’s that easy. So, go out and use this method and you
can make a lot of money doing this. By the way, this method will get you a lot
of traffic. It’ll be really easy. You should be able to get at least 100
clicks an hour if you just keep doing this, okay? So, and you could make $500 a
day. I mean I suggest do this for 8 hours and just message, message,
message, message, message. You can make a lot of money, okay? And this is an easy
way. It’s free to get started. So dedicate some time.
And if you are into this. And if you’re going to do this and take action type in
“Craigslist money” in the comments. I want to see who out there is actually… It’s
actually going to take this seriously and just pummel. Pummel their bank account
with new commission checks, okay? So, “Craigslist money” in the comments. Now, the
second method to make money with Craigslist is actually putting up a post.
So, there are also a section where you can make money putting up posts that you
know, saying you have work for people. So, there’s places where people post up but
they want to work and there’s places where people will post up that they have
work. So, you can post up where you have work. So, now where you would post up you
have work is you know, here I’m on the Bakersfield. It’s kind of funny how you
just kind of like move around, moving around locations in the world and the
internet. I’m in Bakersfield now. So, we want to go to the gig section and we’ll
go right here. Well as you can see, you can see what people are posting up. You
know earn $75,000 mail on… You know, there all sorts of jobs going on. You
know, this is to be a surrogate mom, you can make $75,000. Whatever. By the way, side note: There is a lot of jobs
in America right now. So those of you who are looking to move to America, it’s a
great place. There’s lots of money out here. Back to Craigslist. So, we want to go
under this post area right here, okay? And what we’ll want to select is will want
to select “gig offered” right there. “Gig offered”. And then you say I want to hire
someone. Okay. So, we’ll post right there and then
we will select computer gigs right here. Well click continue. Okay. So now, that
we’re on the posting screen, what you’ll want to do is you’ll want to write a
title and a description. So, I already have some stuff written up for me. And
you will get this document at the end of the training if you want to market based
off of my templates. So, you would click right here in this document. You just
open it up. You’d click right here and you’d go down to Craigslist and as you
see, I have the description text. I have the posting title. Which is need a
computer-based income, you can do from home seeking applicants. And we’ll type
that in right there, okay? And I’m just going to type in
Bakersfield since we’re posting in Bakersfield. And then the description
we’re going to… So, we’re just going to copy this. Copy and paste this in right here.
The way this is written, I’m not going to explain copywriting in it right now. But
this is written to convert. This is written to be personalized for the
person reading this. So, that they feel like they are coming across something
special. And specifically for them. How we do that is kind of counterintuitive is
we’re actually telling them that it’s not for a lot of people and it may not
be for them. So, there’s a little play on psychology there. Whenever you tell
somebody, you say, “Hey, shiny carrot. Here’s a lot of money.”
But then you on the other hand you say, “But you can’t have it. But this might not
be for you. You might not be worthy.” You’re amping up desire, okay? You show
somebody a pot of gold and then you say, “but you can’t have it.” Now, we say we’re
looking for a few home workers from and we’ll fill in the text here. We’ll say,
“Bakersfield”, okay? So, you want to replace anything that has brackets. That have act
forward to 10 extra hours to do. This is not for everyone, right? We’ve prepared a
presentation. Outlining the opportunity. “Please watch through it in its entirety
before contacting us.” I could just say click on this link to watch the
presentation. But I’m actually saying more than that. I’m saying this is not
for everyone. Watch through it in its entirety. Because we don’t just want
people to click on our link. We want them to watch through the presentation and we
want them to buy. Now, once you get to them to click on the link and you get
them wanting to watch the presentation, the presentation will do the work for
you to get them to buy. So, you don’t have to worry about that part. Just as a
marketer, you want to get them to the link clicking on it and you want to get
them buying. So, we’re going to replace the link with our own, okay? So, we have our
short link here that we generated earlier. We’re going to paste it in right
there, boom! And we say, you know, I have a few more marketing language here. And
I’ll just say describe compensation here. We’ll say up to 2500 per week. Okay? So
now I’ll also post that in there. Okay. So, you could say that and then you’d put in
your email address. Okay, so that’s all we do. And we just filled out everything
here. We personalized it so it’s going to seem like
it’s for the person. We use disqualifiers. We’re just going to say “okay”. And then we’ll
click this button which is continue. Now, the next screen we got is… It says this
posting has 24 you know… 0 images upload the best image first and will be
featured. So, we can add images here if we want. So, I’m just going to add a few images
to make it spice it up a little bit. You would just do earn money from home. I’d
go in here. I type in some images and I could just easily go like this. Copy. See
I say copy image address right there. Go back to Craigslist. Ad images. Just post
it in here. Click open. This is not necessary but I would suggest
you do this too if you want to make it better. Boom! So, our images are uploaded right there. And we click done with images and
voila! Boom! So, that was easy. We just published a post. We got some pictures in
it. We got our links in it. Now, a few things to note is some location
depending on where you’re posting on Craigslist. Some locations will ask to
try to charge money. The craiglist will say maybe it’s $3 to do a
post, okay? If it charges $3 to do a post, first of all, you could pay for
the post. It’s $3, it’s worth it. Or you could find another location
that doesn’t charge, okay? Craigslist doesn’t charge in every
location around the world. So, you could try that out. Second thing that might pop
up is Craigslist might not like a link or something that you post, okay? They
might say that they don’t like Clickbank links. They might say that they don’t
like ShareASale links. They might say that they don’t like bitly links or
whatever. I’m not totally sure. But what you can do if that’s the case is put
your link in Now, I don’t have enough time in this
video to show you. But basically you’ll just go to You will
paste your link in to and then you will share your Google Doc
link, okay? And there are other link shorteners that you can try out. Google
has its own link shortener. Facebook has its own links shortener.
Other companies have their own link shorteners that you can use in lieu of
clickbank link or a bitly link if those aren’t working. So, those are some common
things. But remember, the obstacle is the way and Craigslist has quality traffic
from 50 million Americans. So, get on there. Make it happen, get that traffic. I
showed you 2 methods to make money with this method. So, go out there. Send
your messages. Post up your gigs and let’s make some money together. Subscribe,
like, comment. Number one money channel on YouTube right here, John Crestani.
We’re making money together. And I want to see you become more successful. I want
to be more successful of course as well. And I’ll catch you in the
next video. Make sure to check out some of my other playlists
on free traffic methods that you can do. As well as paid advertising method you
can do. And being an entreprenuer mindset copywriting. Check out some my playlists.
There’s a lot of knowledge here. And I want to see you take things to the next
level so you can make more money. Talk to you soon. Peace.


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