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Hey guys! It’s Lenny here from Jungle Scout. Today I’m going to show you the exact steps
to generate $10,000 a month, on Amazon, using only 1hr of work per day. So no, this isn’t a gimmick – the steps
I’m gonna share with you today are based off a real product that we’re selling here
at Jungle Scout. Of course, having more time to spend on your
Amazon business is better for sure! But the point here is to show you that it
can be done. We all have the same 24 hrs in a day – whether
you’re Jeff Bezos or Oprah Winfrey, how we use our time really defines what we achieve. Now I’m a fan of scheduling your time. Your time is important, and if you’re watching
this, I know you want to create a better life for yourself or for your family by building
this business. I also know that there are many of us out
there that are already very busy – full time work or study, maybe working 2 jobs. But if you’re serious about changing your
life, you can carve out 1hr a day. And if you commit to that. An hour, at the minimum, with no distractions,
I’m telling you now – you can build this business and change your life. In order to do this, an important concept
you need to understand is just in time learning. Meaning you only learn what you need, when
you need it. Or just in time. Otherwise it’s very easy to get distracted,
learning all these steps that are way ahead in the future, or worse, get overwhelmed. If you look at all the steps involved to build
an Amazon business, I’ll admit it’s very daunting! So that’s why you should discipline yourself
just to focus on one step at a time. Earlier this year, we began the Million Dollar
Case Study. This is where we publicly launched a product
on Amazon and shared every step along the way. Basically a free, in-depth, Amazon selling
course. Now I’m going to breakdown the steps that
we took to launch our product and show you how to achieve the same results. So day 1 begins with watching this video. That’s right! You’re on the clock already. Day 2 or tomorrow, is watching the first session of the case study
on product research. Each webinar is about 1hr long so that’s perfect
for our timeframe. The next couple of days, start doing some
research. Generating ideas, looking at numbers. Later in week 1, I’d recommend checking
out session 2 of the case study, that includes some more advanced research tactics. It could take 1 week or it could take 4 or
5. It’s hard to know, but if you work at it
every day, you’ll get there. Week 2, lets look at Session 3 on Finding
Suppliers. While you’re still doing product research,
I think this knowledge will be useful, because what I like to do is be looking at potential
suppliers throughout my research – not in-depth, just looking at prices of the product to get
an idea of how much a product is. You might have a handful of products you’re
comparing, but aren’t sure which ones are best. One might have more demand, the other less
competition. So I like to add another variable, and that
is product cost. Which of these is going to be cheaper to purchase? Which has the greatest profit margin once
I take away my costs? Also in week 2, I’d watch Session 4 on Intellectual
Property Research. This is good knowledge to have and be aware
of, but I wouldn’t get too hung up in this area. I think as long as you’re a little bit cautious
and sensible with the products you pick, that you won’t come across any issues. So let’s aim for the end of week 3 to have
a product shortlisted. We’ll start week 4 learning about supplier
outreach with Session 5, and maybe you’d want to revisit Session 3 again at this point. This week is all about contacting suppliers,
going back and forth, seeing who you like and don’t like. Getting more quotes, things like that. By the end of this week or early week 5, we’d
aim to have selected 3 suppliers lets say, that we’d like to get samples from and have
placed these orders. Now it might take 1-2 weeks to get your samples. I’d recommend air express so you get them
as quickly as possible. Over weeks 5 and 6 while you’re waiting
for these samples to arrive, you can catch up on some learning, and watch some of the
later sessions because now you’ve got the time. After going through Session 7 on Branding
& Packaging, I’d recommend getting this process started. The reason being that it can take up to a
couple of weeks for your factory to produce your packaging so the sooner you start it,
the better. By the middle of week 7, we’ve looked at
the samples and placed our first order. Congratulations! This is a huge milestone! Getting to this part is quite challenging,
especially the first time, so you can definitely take a breather here! Typically it can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks
for your shipment to be prepared and shipped to Amazon. So you’ve got a lot of time here to learn
and prepare for your launch. With your main order, I’d recommend getting
a few samples of your product sent to you also, now with your logo and customised packaging. This will be helpful in taking photos for
your listing. Also aim to send them your finished packaging
design here too so they can get a start on that also. Week 8 – now we can start getting through
more of the webinar content. I’d start with Keyword Research & Creating
a Listing. Then, if you haven’t already, I’d recommend
creating your Amazon account and product listing. You’ll need this up and running in order
to create the shipping labels to send your product to Amazon, so make sure this is set
up. I’d spend the week on this, optimising your
listing based off the webinar. By the end of Week 9 you’ve covered more
content such as product launch strategies, setting up PPC, and some advanced strategies
such as split testing. Also at this point, I’d hope that your new
samples have arrived. Week 10 – now you can organise images for
your listing – either taking them yourself or sending a sample to a professional photographer. Then continue with more webinar content. Week 11 – We’re getting really close now
to your product arriving. You might want to revisit Session 12 on Launch
Strategies if you need to. I’d spend this time now focusing on your
launch and how you’re going to execute it. If you’re going to run a promotional giveaway,
now would be the time to set this up, add your product to it etc. We recommend Jump Send. In addition to running giveaways, it also
has an incredibly powerful email campaign platform. It won’t send out emails until you make
sales of course but it’s better to have that already setup. Week 12 – Congratulations! Your product has arrived at Amazon. Another huge milestone! This week I would spend monitoring your promotional
giveaway, answering any questions you might get from customers, approving buyers for coupon
codes. An hour a day should cover this. Depending on how long you run this, let’s
say it’s two weeks. You finish the promotion at the end of week
13. Week 14 – once you’ve got a handful of reviews,
now would be a good time to turn on your PPC campaigns. You could revisit Session 13 on setting these
up, and also watch Session 19 which includes a lot of great strategies for this. Everything up until this launch process is
the most time intensive. Once your product is up and running, there’s
a lot less to do. The remaining tasks are checking your sales,
replying to customer emails (this might be 1 or 2 a day, if that), checking your PPC
campaigns (once or twice a week), checking inventory levels (once a week) and then re-ordering
when necessary. From now on, these tasks can easily be covered
inside 1 hr a day. Now, let’s look at the financials of our
baby hooded towels, the Jungle Snugs. You can see here they launched at the start
of June. You can see we made $5000 in revenue that
month, and then hit our target of $10,000 for the next 3 months. How does that translate into profit though? If we look at that instead, you’ll see we
were $4,700 in the red during that first month, but then only $500 negative in July, before
becoming a $1000 profitable in August. This is a very typical scenario. The reality with any business is that you
need to spend money on that initial launch to get your business off the ground. This is especially important with an Amazon
business. You need to make that scary sacrifice at the
start, in order to reap the profits after! That’s the process. So what makes up that initial loss in June? Well you’ll see that we spent $4000 on PPC,
which we then dropped by basically half after this first month. Also, we went heavy on the promotional giveaways
with 187 these in that first month. Promo rebates are represented by the dark
blue bars and you can see that we had a lot of these in the first month, and then only
a few during the later months. This meant that in June we made about $3000
less than if we were selling the product at full price. But it was worth it, because it helped us
gain keyword rankings and initial reviews. Without doing that big push at the start we
couldn’t have become profitable in month 3. From that point on, the profits continue to
grow, and then as our cash flow increases, we’ll then be able access cheaper shipping
costs by using sea instead of air for instance, and perhaps cheaper unit costs if we increase
the size of our orders. So that is the blueprint! If you follow this guide, you can create the
same results. This timeline can change of course. Maybe you need more time for product research,
or maybe you do it in less. Regardless, the steps don’t change. You can feel free to adjust this as you like,
but if you’ve only got 1hr a day, then this is a good timeframe to work from, giving you
a profitable business in 4 to 6 months. It’s definitely possible to achieve this
sooner, and with higher revenue. We’ve seen a lot of sellers do this, but
the aim of this video was to give you a real life example of how this works, to show that
it can happen. All the links mentioned are in the description
below. There’s also a link to this schedule if
you’d like to use it or adjust it to suit you. If you’ve enjoyed this video please give
us a big thumbs up, and make sure to subscribe to get more great videos like this in the
future, to help you on your Amazon journey! Thanks for watching guys, take care!


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