Make $50 A Day On Clickbank With This NEW Product! | Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2019

it’s your friend and mentor mr. daVinci
30 times shooting this video but here we go
today I’m going to show you how to make $50 a day on Clickbank with this new
product affiliate marketing for beginners 2019 let’s hop straight into
the video so for this particular niche that I’m going to be showing you on
Clickbank I’m right here in the affiliate market place we’re going to be
looking in the spirituality new age an alternative belief section particularly
we’re going to be looking at the law of attraction and manifestation and things
along that nature so the offer that I want to show you caught on scratch that
before I continue you want to click on this bar you want to click sort results
by gravity now I already had to offer up as I said I’ve made this video three
times but when you do go to the affiliate marketplace you want click
this bar is going to be automatically on popularity won’t come down here to the
last one click on gravity that out the way the offer we’re going to be looking
at today is right here instant manifestation secrets September 2019
today is September 10th 2019 it’s also my birthday leave you boil a comment
below happy birthday mr. da Vinci but with that out the way I’m going to
briefly show you what this offer looks like and then I’m going to show you how
you can continue to make $50 a day let alone a recurring income of fifty
dollars a month so gonna load this up fingers cross that doesn’t crash the
browser well at this load a few seconds eyeball click on age I saw briefly this is a brief view of
the page change scroll down this is what the offers gonna look like right here katti scroll down so views reviews are
pretty cool 60-day money-back guarantee gotta yada yada so when you send someone
here they’re gonna be greeted by this man I’ll tell you this man name in a
second but it’s gonna say watch now so I can show you how to instantly manifest
more money love and abundance starting in the next 30 minutes so now that
you’ve seen an offer let me show you how we can use this offer to make the $50 a
day here we are if you want to know how I got here because most people don’t
tell you this you come down here when you see offers not every offer has this
but it says affiliate page you just want to right click that open link it on the
tab I’ve done that already that’s why I’m right here now these are the
Commission’s that you can make on the front end which is the offer I just
showed you it said $38 but right here has the price of forty seven dollars
you’re making seventy five percent commissions but the part that I really
like about this offer is it has a rebuild
now when promoting Clickbank offers any affiliate marketing offers you do want
to go for offers that have a rebuild this is how you make monthly income this
is a part of passive income that people are looking for maybe you’re looking for
so let me show you the different types of rebuilds that they have for you
obviously they have the necessary bill which is $37 but if you look on the side
it tells you the amount of rebuilds how much you make for the amount of rebuilds
that you can get so if you can get 50 people to stay on this monthly you’ll
get nine and twenty-five dollars you get a hundred people that’s one thousand
eight hundred fifty dollars two hundred people
three thousand seven hundred dollars three hundred people five thousand five
dollars four hundred people seven thousand four hundred dollars and five
hundred people you can make up to nine thousand let me highlight this $9,250
monthly doesn’t that sound amazing other sign of me and it’s achievable so
the front end offer is forty seven dollars the month how much they’ll get
billed monthly it’s thirty seven dollars and then lastly they have a upsell so
right here it says fifty percent of customers who will check out we’ll take
this upsell so saying fifty percent of people who
buy this for forty seven dollars fifty percent will also make seven sixty seven
dollars as well so we’re gonna do some quick math here off the top of my head
so we’re gonna do I load up to calculate on my screen but I don’t want my
computer crash 47 yep 47 full of 67 one hundred and fourteen dollars off of one
sale as I am including the total rebuild so let’s say that you get someone they
buy the front offer they bought up sale and they stay you want to add another
thirty seven dollars that’s a hundred and fifty one dollars that you just made
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