Make a Website for Affiliate Marketing Part 4 of 11

All right let’s talk about affiliate
networks. An affiliate network and its root level is a neutral third
party that acts on behalf of both you and a product or service manufacture what they do is they kind are this go between and they charge percentage of the overall
sale or commission in order to assist, automate or perform one or more of the following, okay. They’re gonna product directory, they’re gonna show your commission
balance accrual, they are going to handle the payment to
affiliate if you’re putting your own products in their or you know payment to you you are the
affiliate, that means they do the wire transfers,
mail the checks, send the Pay Pal, Western Union, whatever is required and then it’s also going to
depend on network they’re gonna tell you how they pay and the like with ClickBank they require
the first checks the first three checks go out be a
postal mail and as I was traveling around I don’t
think I even cashed any ’em it’s kind a funny So then what else they are going to do? They are gonna collect and escrow commission payments from manufactures.
Now what they’re saying in that they’re gonna collect in escrow
that make sure that you get paid. They
collected balance long before your commissions even earned, okay. Then they also do annual tax data
collection on both sides, they also do affiliate recruiting within
their network, like in a Commission Junction you can pay him a couple grand a month to solicit their top promoters or you know
top affiliates to promote your product. Then you have product promotion that is summer the company’s actually
run their own traffic to your products and services, you know if
your successful in converting. Then they also do detailed Commission
reporting, okay. There’s hundreds of billions networks
out there and here’s a list to some of the top you know most popular ones: Share A Sale Skimlinks Commission Junction Plimus One Network Direct Clickbank Profits King Media Neverblue Amazon Ebay and Linkshare. The most important thing to consider
when selecting affiliate program is whether or not they’re gonna pay you after you done the work to promote them
to the public. In 2012 several affiliate networks went
out of business leaving thousands affiliates without the income. Copeac, Azoogle were couple those. So probably the most important thing to
consider is whether or not they’re going to be in business but right behind is going to be whether
or not they’re gonna pay their affiliates okay.
Whichever the network you ultimately go with Google them and see what people have to
say about them, just be wary of the guy that says “I never got my fourteen dollars”. That person’s probably being their own
affiliate purchase a single product not building a business to create daily
income in their lives. So lets talk about a few the networks that we’ve had experience with, okay. Clickbank is an affiliate network where they offer mostly digital products.
Most new product readers will publish their first product on Clickbank, why? Why? Because its free to add your product
there and they have very few restrictions for adding new product. I say this with a little reserved though,
since 2009 and the stricter FTC guidelines for
representing affiliate products the process has become a little stricter. Not so much from a standpoint and what
types of products are aloved, but mostly so you have the proper disclosures in place
to protect Clickbank. Most affiliate programs on Clickbank
payout around 50 percent or better and you’re starting to see more and more
of payout the seventy-five percent limit. John and I visited the ClickBank Exchange
in New York City in August. And while it was a ton of fun most
everything you need to know about selecting affiliate product can be found
online. But if you’re promoting products there’s
tons of affiliates there to meet with and sell on the idea of promoting a product. Okay. Commission Junction focuses more on
physical products and services its publisher base is made up of
companies like Verizons, Sears, Medifast You know big companies, okay. They have a large marketing budgets and
manage their affiliate programs like large companies would. There’s room for almost anyone on their
network but it’s expensive. Many manufactures uses CJ because their
specialty is payout on a CPA or cost per
acquisition basis. Let me tell you what cost per
acquisition means, cost per acquisition means that you get paid for each person that you sign up for a product or
service. So let’s say that a manufacturers paying out thirty
dollars to sign someone up to a service that’s
gonna cost them all I don’t know 150 dollars a year. Okay, well that same thirty dollars to
get paid Commission, where you would actually have
to pay 30 percent of that over to Commission Junction, so you’d pay
thirty dollars to the affiliate and then ten dollars to Commission
Junction to manage that affiliate. Next stop is
Amazon’s great because they offer a product for just about every niche available. If they don’t sell it they represent a
partner company that does. Each month your initial 20 referrals are
painted 4 percent commission but then each additional order be on the
first one is paid at six percent. Ebay or they required that you get
approved to be a vendor. I recommend you first build out your Ebay content sites and those are web sites about whatever
that have eBay offers before you seek site approval. Build the site so all you have to do is
add the Ebay hyperlinks. Once you’re approved you’ll be able to
add links as you build your sites. When applying to be approved only least
your sites that carry eBay type products. This will not give them
any reason to say no on your application. Okay, CPA offers. Because of CJ fee structure, CPA
offers are very popular on this network. Where Clickbank takes roughly 8.25% of total sale, CJ earns 30 percent of whatever you pay your CJ affiliates.
If you compare them side by side be a 15% commission paid to the
network. But you really can’t compare them in
that way, because there are cost per acquisition or CPA network not straight affiliate commission based. So company would benefit to pay an affiliate thirty dollars per sign up to a service that sells for twelve dollars
per month 444 dollars annually. If they were on Clickbank and paid 50% of the annual sale, well that would run the manufacturer like
72 dollars. If they instead used CJ, they could pay 30 to the affiliate and ten dollars to CJ for the net total only forty dollars much lower than the 72. If you have ever run your own affiliate program or think you want to just don’t do it, okay. 10 percent or whenever
the companies charge is money well spent. Just the 10.99’s wired transfers, PayPal’s and checks are enough to make you hate internet
marketing. Whichever program you choose to promote
I’d highly recommend getting in touch with your programs affiliate manager. I’ve seen them work magic for me on
several occasions. They also can give you an advertised
coupons to help you increase conversions and draw national eyeballs in. Attending the CJU that’s Commission
Junction University last year, I saw that most to the big earners per CJ with the discount sites such as RetailMeNot where they operate site to get it on a
free SEO traffic as they rank for terms like Go Daddy promo codes and rental car discounts. After seeing some
other discounts they offer, they now have me as a fan. Okay, my other
option is to dig through CJ find a coupon and buy something through my own
link, but who has time for that. Just this Christmas alone I save seven
hundred dollars on the price of my rental park. The trick to getting approved over at
CJ’s persistent. Most programs are set up to immediately decline your application and then wait for you to contact them
essentially begging them to let you in. CJ is one in nine hundred-pound gorillas
in affiliate marketing and their corporate attitude as well as
atitude of the affiliate program directors reflexive. If you’re a newbie they’re not the
company try and bully into accepting you. They probably care as much as Google cares
if you run an AdWords campaign. From their website: In 2011 alone Commission Junction track
to total over three billion web site visits a 175 million transactions in over six
billion in online sales. I will say this to you though if you do
have trouble getting approved for CJ or affiliate program within CJ and
you’re serious about this business when reach out to me customer support
with the exact nature of the disapproval your website address and contact info
and I will see what I can do for you.

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