Make a Website for Affiliate Marketing Part 5 of 11

Product and Offer Selection Affiliate offers can be the lifeblood of your business. Standard sale for affiliate offer will
generate anywhere from 10 to a thousand dollars with exceptions
going higher and lower. Some of the best internet marketing and real
estate Investing products carry price tags upwards of $2000. You can make fifty percent plus
performance bonuses on the total sale, however I will note that in order to do that on the some of the higher priced stuff you gonna want to have a good relationship with the product owner. One of the ways that you could do this will be
to offer some sort of bonus like a software maybe one of your products, some other service you have access to,
that user can only get if they purchased through your link, so you want an unbiased user to buy through your links and that
way you get paid and not you know, some other person. As you grow your affiliate business you’re gonna want to waste as little time as possible with low-performing offers. The affiliate networks understand this
and they implement some different forms of performance measurement in order to convey conversions to their members. When I look for products to promote, I generally trying to secure at least $30 per sale. But that really is going to depend on how I am driving the traffic. If its SEO traffic I could probably go
lower, but if it’s paid traffic I really have to look
at what each click is realistically costing me. Then I can make my product selection based on how much I would need to make
per 100 clicks. So if I am paying 50 cent to click, if I bought 100 clicks that’s gonna cost me fifty dollars. So I am gonna need to make more than fifty dollars, you know fifty dollars in fifty cents or whatever per 100 clicks order to justify doing that. Does that make sense? Your job as business developer is gonna be
to select and test separate offers until you find the right mix that’s most profitable for your NicheBuilder sites. You can use Google Website Optimizer to
rotate articles and affiliate offers in order to find out
which ones are gonna be best for your sites. So lets talk about selecting products within
the network working with. Commission Junction yes EPC or Earnings Per C.lick Clickbank uses Gravity. Each network is its own revenue indicator and you’re gonna
be versed on how the revenue indicators work on with ever network you’re promoting. they have digital products available for most subjects that will support some sort
eBook or video course.
For Clickbank I suggest that you see the to do your research. The data on the ClickBank Marketplace
research tool it’s a little bit limited and frankly confusing. Once inside to CBEngine, you just want to key in your keywords over there on the right and see how many products are available. Then see what the gravity is like for those products. It’s fifty seven dollars to buy CBEngine, but they do have sales sometimes for thirty eight dollars and they also free 30-day trial. Clickbank com and CBEngine will both allow you to sort by gravity. And gravity is indicator that used to
report sales activity by affiliates throughout their network. Clickbank Gravity is it’s this weighted number that represents a number affiliate who have sold at least one
product during the last 8 weeks and then the more recent sales count for more than those that were made 8 weeks ago. They only count the first sale each affiliate
makes within that 8 week period. Sale yesterday might be counted as 1.0 where sale seven weeks ago might be counted as 0.1 No one knows for sure the the secret formula they are using to determine gravity. But you may want to base your selections
on promoting products that have say over 20 gravity and they are moving in a positive direction. And that’s will get better chance of
success on your offers. So how do we find out which products are
moving in a positive direction. Well on CBEngine they have something
called Gravity Delta And Gravity Delta is the percentage
change in the gravity from one week to the next.
Positive numbers can indicate that more affiliates are having success and a negative number, reflect a lot of
things, might mean people are having less success or maybe
the product is moved fast its prime or maybe it’s receiving
negative reviews because they’re having trouble
delivering on the promises. Next we’re gonna look at Commission
Junction or CJ as it’s affectionately termed. Once inside CJ you gonna search by a potential keyword to see if there are any products available. If you’re not able to find one on initial
search you also wanna checked the lateral that you are using for your products.
That means using your lateral keywords that you have for your site’s can lose as well. CJ gives you access to everything from skateboards to Skype, so there’s a pretty good chance that they’re gonna have something you could promote within your niche. Question is if it’s you know profitable to do so. You should also enter your keywords into Google and see who’s advertising, see who the top ppc clicks are,
see who the top-ranked people are and see what they’re promoting, see what
they’re doing, see what are their business models. They promoting XYZ product or they
promoting ABC circuits. If they’re doing such-and-such
product is available on CJ? it’s not available on CJ type that
product and affiliate network and find out where it is
available. When selecting products you’ll wanna know on on which have been selling and which are stagnant. And CJ something called EPC as their productivity indicator. EPC stands for Earnings Per 100 Clicks. It’s important to note that many other
affiliate networks also convey the term EPC but they were referring to simply earnings per
clicks or on CJ its earnings per 100 clicks. EPC helps you do a quick cost
analysis of any marketing that you might have to do to have traffic. A high EPC does not always mean that you will you gonna have a good sales with a company. I promoted offers that have great EPC and then they just either didn’t
match my traffic or they didn’t convert well with my traffic. Sometimes if you’re trying to promote
something that say cost a $1000 and your traffic is coming in on a free ebook well there’s several stages of customer
development that need to go on there between free ebook and $1000 purchase. In the screenshot here you see a product
with the seven-day EPC have $210.33 and the rest were displaying New. Okay, so on CJ their gonna display EPC unless the products is brand new. Hypothetically in this situation for
every 100 people that click on this offer you are gonna receive $210.33 so CJ’s telling you that you’re gonna
make X amount of dollars per 100 click.
Well that numbers are not a hundred percent accurate because its average of all
their affiliates. Some are going to be better than others at pre-sell. What’s pre-selling? Pre-selling is the act of selling that happens on a page before a visitors is sent to the actual offer. Recently Commission Junction invited
John and I to beta test the new advertising system.
You install code on your website much like what you would do for an words and then CJ
shows the appropriate ads based on your content and that just selecting keywords within your
content and then selecting offers. Systems like this will probably one day
become the standard however if you know your audience if you give them just 1 path to the best
overall solution that’s usually gonna prove the most
profitable. There are well over a thousand affiliate
networks carrying everything from Omaha Steaks to
treatments for “ringing in the ears” to you green coffee bean pills they’re
gonna miraculously dropped the baby weight. Where once it may have been considered
difficult to find a good affiliate products now there’s no shortage great affiliate
products to promote online. Affiliate research.
One of the best ways to research affiliate network or a particular product is to
look them up on the Warrior Forum. If you’re not currently a member is a great place to continually learn about marketing online. Try and start a thread which is a forum
conversation about a particular affiliate network with someone that’s already doing business with them. Keep in mind that people on warrior forum for the most part are a bit on the
complainer winner side. They are people that don’t
really have money to implement a business so they’re looking for a lot of
free stuff. But there are literally over a thousand
different affiliate networks for you to choose from. Each of them is gonna offer their own
unique approach and variation products. There’s a list over 150 available
networks If you’re having trouble selecting affiliate products we’re gonna be glad to help you can always ask support for a quick
product recommendation or product analysis. If you would like a high converting product,
you really should consider promoting NicheBuilder.
The Internet Marketing niche is enormous and there are many entry points for a product like NicheBuilder. Getting more traffic, Affiliate Marketing,
Adsense marketing, make money online, building websites, keyword research, secure hosting, article writing content, you get my point.
Anything the NicheBuilder software can automate or make more efficient is a poit of entry for you to drive traffic with.

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