Make Affiliates Great Again – Episode 252

– BOOM! What’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen, welcome to Sales Funnel Radio, today I have a very special gift for you, I think that you guys
will really enjoy this. This is a project that has been
in the making since October. And I haven’t been able to
talk about it, for a very, very long time and mum has been the word. And in fact, I finished my
piece with it, over Christmas. That’s actually what I
did during Christmas. So during Christmas, I went and I wrote a
chapter for a cool book. Now a lot of you guys might
remember the 30 Days Book, right thecon 30 Days Book. And the hook of that book is, hey, if you were to lose everything, how would you get
everything back in 30 days? Or how would you get back
on your feet in 30 days if you lost it all? And I got I was asked to
write a chapter for that book. Well, it’s actually there’s other books that I’ve been involved in that I’ve been writing chapters for. And some of them are
similar kind of themes. Well, recently, I shouldn’t say recently, what month is now I
can’t remember May, June. Anyway, so round October ish. ClickFunnels reached back
out, Russell reached back out and he asked if I wanted
to contribute a chapter to an affiliate book. So the affiliate book,
is it’s kind of similar he’s gone out to some major affiliate some of the biggest
affiliates and ClickFunnels and said, how would you retire
as a ClickFunnels affiliate or an affiliate in general, right? Within I think it’s like four
months or something like that. And it’s cool really, really cool. Really cool hook and so
it was very challenging to write for, very
challenging to write for. That’s not an easy thing. There’s so much that goes into affiliates and about a ton of fun going through and answering that. So anyways, I just wanna
welcome this episode because I wanna teach you guys the Funnel that I’m using
to promote that book and I think you guys will like seeing behind the scenes on this. What’s up okay, so let’s dive into this. I won’t dive into this. I wanna share with you guys
how I am how I’m doing this. Now I just finished doing
was drawing the Funnel for my Funnel team. Now I have a Funnel team
now y’all know that. And I go in to create these bridge pages. Now anytime you’re gonna create any Funnel for to promote someone else’s product, this is how I do that. Okay, see a lot of you know, I’m definitely an affiliate, I definitely am an MLM, I definitely am in, right and I’m, I’m in a lot of scenarios where
I don’t control the product. It’s not my product. So how on earth do you go and you promote something
that is not yours? How do you promote? How do you build a Funnel for
something that is not yours? That’s what I’m gonna teach you guys. The first time I ever
saw this was actually I knew the strategy existed, but I never witnessed it
until I was at ClickFunnels. And it was during, it was our last office, not the one that I’m currently in now, I walk in and Russell’s writing
ferociously on a whiteboard. And I’m like, what’s up? Like, how can I help? What are we doing, right? And he goes in and he’s
creating this offer around someone else’s product. I was like, Oh, that’s interesting. And what he was doing is he
was basically asking himself, what is it that everyone is
gonna struggle with, okay. After they buy this persons product through my affiliate link? How can I answer those
problems with my own products? And what he was doing is he was promoting Stu McLaren’s product called Tribe, right, it’s about I don’t know
two three years ago now and probably three years ago and it was crazy, so he was saying okay, Tribe
was about members areas. And what does Russell
have about members areas and so he went in and
started brainstorming all these cool things. We’ll give them these Funnels, we’ll give them these products, we’ll recreate these things. And anyway, that’s what we did. I ended up having to create 100, 180 it was it was 89 Funnels twice. I can’t do that math, was 188 (laughs) 188 Funnels in the next two weeks. It’s crazy. It’s the reason why like I say like what there was around 500
Funnels I built there, not all of them were revenue Funnels is probably near like 100 revenue Funnels, but like the other 400 were Funnels like that there are based on fulfillment. Anyway, besides the point, so what he was doing he
was saying, okay, here is, here’s the thing they’re
gonna get from Stu McLaren. It’s gonna be all about Tribe. What are they gonna still
struggle with once they get that? Well, I have things about, right. This is Russell talking, I have things about members areas, and I could give training
about this, and this, and that, and that, and I
have these pre-made things. What if I gave those things away if they buy through my affiliate link? And that’s what he was doing. And that’s what he created. And he created a single page
for people to go in and see, oh, my gosh, this is what you get when you buy through Russell. And they went and they
bought through his link. Well, he’s done that
strategy so many times, that’s ridiculous. And he will swoop in at the last moment and just like win these massive contests. That always used to piss me off. What I thought he was doing as it, does that help have a
huge list, of course, but you don’t need one. You don’t need one. This strategy of what I’m about to walk you guys through right now is one of the major reasons
why you don’t need a huge list and you can still make a ton of cash. When I went and I was promoting for the One Funnel Away Challenge of the 30 Days Book specifically, I was the number one affiliate and Julie Stone was hot on my heels and I was like, I gotta win this. And anyway, and she and I
have it’s a pretty friendly competition is back and forth and who’s gonna be the top affiliate? And what I did is, I had
this cool bridge page that basically asked myself same question, oh my gosh, you’re gonna go and you’re gonna get this 30
Days Book through Russell, what can I give you that
could add more value to that. What can I give you that
will add more bonuses and benefits to that. If you guys wanna see
the live example of this, go to 30days.comforwar/stephen or go to and you’ll see it both of those they’ll forward to a bridge page. And it’s a page that I built real fast in a in a hotel room in a one morning. I was in a hotel room
and we’re all gonna get on the two Comma Club X Cruise is the beginning of last January and it’s insane how much
cash came off that thing. That one single page, has been 110 grand since
Jan, since October, which is awesome. A lot of cash. I don’t consider myself
a professional affiliate. The reason it works is
because of the strategy that I’m about to show you guys. Okay, so what I did is I went
through and I asked myself, Well, what is it the
show gonna struggle with, if they go buy the product, that person’s product through my link, same as if you’re treating it as an MLM or if you’re a commission based salesman, or if you’re trying to, I actually learned this for the first time when I was doing door to door sales. This is how I got on the internet, was that’s why I love affiliate so much. I was going I was knocking doors. And I remember I had a bad week, right? I had a bad week, things were going bad. And I was a lot of guys
have heard the story but like just hear the lesson again. I was like we’re driving
out to through our areas and I was selling pest control
in Salt Lake City, Utah. Okay, and I was knocking doors like crazy, I was doing well the
first half of the summer and then this happened, and I went from two to three sales a day to two to three sales a week. Okay, it darn near bankrupt my wife and I, but this lesson was so powerful, so huge. It was this, we’re
driving out to our area. I’m sitting there I having a bad day because the day before was bad. And I was just gonna I was pissed. I was in a kind of a, I was in a bad mood. And, we’re driving on the highway, and I remember looking out of the beautiful blue clear sky day, and we’re going 85 miles
an hour down the highway. People drive faster. And I remember looking
up at these billboards as we’re driving down the highway, I’m looking up at them
and I had this thought and I don’t know why I had
the thought, but I did. And this is really how
I got on the internet. No joke, this was it. This is almost six years ago. Wow, this was six years ago. This summer, oh my gosh, almost the exact same time period. Very serendipitous. (laughs) Anyway, I look up to these billboards. And I say to myself, I am going and selling things to people as a door to door salesman, who are not planning on
buying anything that day. I was like I’m selling things to people who are not planning
on spending any money. But people calling these billboards, are calling begging to be sold. Basically, when they’re
picking up their phone, they’re calling a billboard. And if they call a billboard, you know, the chances of
selling them really high, right? Whereas I’m waking up every
day walking around trying, I’m knocking on doors, trying to sell things to people who are not planning on
spending money that day, right? It’s a different level of intent. So I started I asked myself, like, how can I be more
like this billboard? Right, and I went and I created an ad on these free classified sites online. I didn’t know what I was doing. I just was writing like, hey, come get this pest control. If you have these kinds of bugs, it treats these kinds of things. And it does like and I
put it on Craigslist, I put it on several places. I don’t know what I was doing, it was the first time
I’d ever written an ad, first time I’d ever done
anything on the internet and for you know business wise and that was it, and no joke within like 24
hours my phone was blowing up and I was this door to door sales guy and my boss was like, dude, how are you getting all the sales? And I was like I just put this ad up and no joke, I was getting as many sales like in a week on the phones as I was knocking doors
for the same product. All I had changed was the
delivery of the sales message that’s it, one of the easiest
way to make a lot of money. Change the delivery the sales message. It’s not a new product, not a new offer, not a new sales message itself, just changed the delivery
of the sales message anyway. And what was crazy, so I
started I was like oh my gosh, this is nuts. Little before that, I was going into we were hiding in this McDonald’s
cause it was really hot. And and we were selling pest control. Same summer literally just
a few weeks prior to this. And this guy walks in and there is an AC in there and it was like 110 degrees outside, where I like just dying, like oh my gosh. So we’re standing inside
this McDonald’s for a while just cooling off. And anyway, this guy walks up and he says, hey, I wanna buy your services. And it’s a group of us
were group of salesman, and we were so unused to
people walking up to us asking to be sold, that we all just kind of stared
at each other for a while. We’re like, oh, yeah, you get it? Do you, you haven’t had a sale in a while? No, you haven’t had a sale in a while, you know, once you get one. And finally, our boss had to
point at somebody and say, hey, you know, you take it
and he pointed to somebody and that person got a lucky sale. And that experience never left me. Because as I walked
away from that McDonalds back out to the streets to go knock. I had this thought, it didn’t
matter who that dude chose. We were all selling the same products. For the marketing. We were all selling the exact same right, same fulfillment, same uniform, same stupid jokes in our scripts that were all scripted jokes, right. Same script overall. I mean, he didn’t matter
who that guy chose, he had the exact same service? Well, you have to understand
that affiliate marketing MLM, commission based salesman, anything where you don’t control the cart is very much the exact same way. So what you’re doing is
you’re looking to see what products you’re selling, what those problems are. And then all you do is you
create an offer around it with your own stuff. Now, when they buy through you, they don’t just get the huge offer that they get through
buying through your link. They also get all these amazing bonuses, they get a whole additional offer, often worth more than the
price they’re paying for the actual thing. That’s one of the secrets. Okay, so that’s what I’ve done. That’s why the
page works so well. It’s awesome, it’s ridiculous. I’m gonna go add even more to it. I’m really excited about it. I’m not gonna tell anyone to do this, but it’s really awesome. It’s good. So anyways, I’m thinking
about this, right? And I’m thinking about
this affiliate chapter that I’ve been writing, and I wrote it, well, I’m gonna promote it, man. I’m gonna promote it. So guys, what I’ve done, is I just finished drawing
this out for my team and I was about to erase and
I was like, you know what, I might as well share this with you guys. This is the Funnel that I am building for my affiliate promotions and it’s how I build my affiliate Funnels for all the things that I promote. Yes MLM included you too
people, okay, it’s right. So it’s what I promote, anytime I do it. The reason I keep saying that, is because affiliate marketing
and MLM are literally the exact same models on the internet, but everyone’s like, no, that’s not true cause
MLM is a freaking swear word. It’s like get over it, al right. There’s crappy ways to do it. There’s great ways to do it. You know what I mean, it’s the exact same model,
same model, exact same model. This is a little the same
thing that I do in MLM that bullet up is the exact
same thing I do with affiliates. Okay, if I got a ton of
people who in the affiliate marketing space to go
buy secret MLM hacks, and that’s where they
also kill an affiliate, same model, okay, but I just drew it and this is it. Okay, check this out. All right, this is the Funnel. And if it looks kind of
crazy and all over the place, I promise it’s actually not
that intense of a Funnel. But this is what it is. And I’m not gonna show you the offer, cause I want you guys to go check it out. So this is the Funnel. The offer is over here. You can see my hand it’s on
the whiteboard right here. But I want you to go check it out, because I want you to see how
I’m actually displaying this. If you wanna another real life example of how to display this, it’s actually not nearly as
in depth of this one either, go to again, go to or 30days.comforward/Stephen. And you guys can check that out. But this is it. Okay, I was able to find and get the URL Make Affiliates Great Again, Make Affiliates Great Again, you can’t play off the whole Trump saying, make America great again. So anyways, it’s you guys can go check it out. It’s live right now, if you’ve seen this
episode is definitely live. Anyway, and it’s the same format. It’s the same structure as any other thing that
I’ve ever created with it. You know, I never understood
what a bridge page was when I was a brand new Funnel builder. I never knew what it was, like What the freak is a bridge page. And it was only when I
watched Russell do it when I was there. I was like I get I don’t know why it was so complicated for me. It shouldn’t have been. But anyway, I dive more deeply onto this and the strategy of the positioning inside of actual affiliate chapter. So I’m telling you guys, I’d love have you go get the
book through my affiliate link, because you’re gonna get
a lot of sick bonuses. And in my chapter, it goes through and it teaches not just how to promote stuff
and make affiliate offers, I basically just told the answer that now, what it teaches you to do is how to create more of the messaging and the positioning amongst the market. Okay, some people will go and they will create affiliate promotions and try to create a blue ocean
out of affiliate marketing. In my mind, that is not the
role of affiliate marketing. I’m not trying to create a blue ocean. I don’t try to do a brand new market from affiliate marketing, you
can’t, it’s not your product. Right, so that’s not what you
go do with affiliate marketing and start with the easy cash falling from the sky strategy is. That is what my chapter
is about, inside the book. So go to and go get the chapter. I would appreciate if
it’s through my link, they’d be really cool. And you getting a whole
bunch of sick bonuses. You’ll see what they are. They’re pretty cool. You guys will like it. You guys actually get this as well. Hey, guys, check this out. So okay, the first thing
here is I choose a headline in a bridge page. I’m gonna walk through
the Funnel real quick here and I’m gonna do is kind of quick because, number one if you guys listen on iTunes, this might be one of those episodes that you might wanna watch on YouTube, go to and it will forward directly
to the YouTube channel. Anyway, because I drew it all out and you guys might wanna see it, I’m very visual. But this page structure
is kind of what I go use for all this stuff, you actually will notice. It’s very similar page structure
as like Very similar page structures
like It’s actually one of the
places that I learned it. In the book DotCom Secrets, it gives a script called
the Who What Why How script. Okay, these the who, what, why, how script is an awesome template to
use for these kinds of pages. Okay, who are you? What do you got? Why you selling it? And how do they get it right? But that’s also kind of the
same format I use in the copy and everything below the video. Alright, so the the
way I choose a headline and the which was the headline
for the affiliate promotion was, I mean, I just
chose the same headline as what the 30 Days one was. So it’s the same headline. So whatever this is
going to be for over at whatever it’s going to be over for like the new Affiliate Bootcamp, which is kind of what this is. I guess that’s what that
they’re the kind of calling it. You know, there’s a book,
there’s a summit behind it, is all really cool stuff. Anyway, I’m gonna go
choose a similar headline or when I’m thinking about
too would be kind of cool, cause I’m gonna use the same headline as the chapter title of
the chapter that I wrote, which has to do with
creating affiliate offers and launches, which is pretty cool. Anyway, then I’m gonna go create a video. That’s what I’m gonna do now, at the time of recording this. Gonna go create a video
and walk people through a very brief origin story. I don’t need, there’s not a
lot of sound that goes into it, but I am gonna walk people through what the offer they’re gonna get from me. I’m gonna walk people through heavily the how to get it. That’s what these steps are. Step number one, you always
wanna walk people through how to purchase from you. It might seem obvious, click the button, fill
out your credit card, also, it’s not obvious, okay? So you always walk people
in any Funnel I do that. Step number one click the link, right then the pop up comes up. Step number two, tell you
where to send your bonuses which is where this is. Step number three, the
page is gonna forward to my affiliate link, step number four all you do is you sign up for whatever blah blah
with my affiliate link. Okay, and then what oh,
the final one here is step number five, I’ll send you the bonuses. Now one of the mistakes I think I made during a One Funnel Way promotions, was I only sent out the
bonuses like once a month. I did it to protect myself, because affiliate
Commission’s aren’t paid out except for 30 days after. And it’s because what if somebody refunds. Now I had hardly anyone refund ever. I think there’s like four
people out of the 1100 that have signed up or
something like that. Huge amount, which is awesome. Anyway, super awesome, cool success rate. But anyway, so it’ll probably be like, twice a month or even every week, we’re trying to figure how to
manage that little bit better. So that when you guys
get actually sign up, you actually get it, you know,
like how cool would that be? Anyway, so what I do though,
now, this is super key. Now they click, I tell them
how fast they get the bonuses. When they click a button,
it opens the pop up, not my affiliate link, okay,
cause I wanna create a list. The point of right,
the point of any Funnel is to create a list, with
one of the points obviously. And so I’m gonna create a list, I’m not gonna force them
to my affiliate link, is one of the biggest
mistakes that’s created inside of the affiliate marketing space. You don’t put people
to your affiliate link, you create a list and then
that forces them to the forces but it redirects them
to your affiliate link. So the way you set this
up in ClickFunnels, is all I have the setup as a pop up, okay, right there on this
page right here at the pop up. They put in their name, their email, and they click a button, and then they it’s a submit action button, just like any other
button in ClickFunnels. And if you don’t have ClickFunnels, like you got it just go get ClickFunnels. Okay, it’s the power of an
entire dev team in a software. Okay, anyway, and yes, it
works for what you’re in. Anyway, when you click Submit, all you do is in a page settings, there’s a redirect option, just paste in your affiliate link. So it captures them as a lead, you can add them to a list and then it forwards them to whatever your affiliate link is, whatever the redirect is. So it’s literally literally a single page, what the OFA Sign Up and up until now, I’m gonna make it even cooler and stuff as we launched the new
One Funnel Away podcast that I’m gonna do. But it’s literally just
been a single page. That’s it, okay, and it
just captures a list. And frankly right now, there’s not even an email
series behind that sucker. Okay, so all the rest of
these kind of pins it out to the nth degree. Anyway yeah, so anyways, so that’s how I handle it. Then what I gotta do, is I literally, Russell always create the stack
in anything that he sells, right, he creates an offer,
I just screenshot it. You can sit you can go to and check it out. It’s literally a screenshot
of Russell’s, this right here, I just a screenshotted it, I put it in, here’s what you’re gonna
get from Russell, right. And I’ve talked about this in the video. Okay, what you’re gonna get down below, you’re gonna get some
cool stuff from Russell, but you’re gonna you already
gonna get that from him. What I wanna tell you is
what you’re gonna get from me if you buy through my link. Okay, now understand when
you guys put your email in it’s gonna send you my affiliate link and you’re not gonna get it, I only send it to those who I actually see follow the whole way through, I see the list of those who
sign up through my link. And sometimes people
will be like I signed up and like you opted in, you didn’t actually go and sign up, right? You have to sign up. So anyways, what I tell them those like, so here’s what you need from Russell, it’s literally the
screenshot plus, plus, right? Plus, you’re gonna go and
you’re gonna get from me, here’s my own offer. Okay, and this is one of the reasons why it has worked so well. This has worked so well that Russell mentioned it by name and said go look at Stephens thing at Funnel Hacking Live a couple times. Okay, this is a this is
how to be an affiliate. I don’t even consider myself
a professional affiliate. I really don’t. This set of affiliate. So then I went and I just added in a whole bunch of really sick bonuses. Okay, and put awesome,
then right here it says so the total value what
you’re getting from Russell, total value, what you’re gonna
get from Steven together, the total value is monstrous. And you know, it’s only
a cost you this much when you go to the next page, and you sign up through
Steve Larsen’s link. Okay, that’s it. Then they click boom,
right this this button in this countdown clock, at the same as this one,
the same as this one, same as the one at the
very bottom of the page, which I’ll move the camera
so you guys can see it. And then it’s testimonial Time Baby. I’m gonna go in and last time
for the One Funnel Away stuff. Like Stephen, I don’t have testimonials. I don’t know what testimony
is go grab at that time. I was building it in a hotel room before I got on a cruise ship. Okay, took me three hours done zone. My Funnel team didn’t even do it. And that’s where I’m gonna
ask him to go redo it cause they’re better than I am at it. Just saying something, right,
that’s saying something. Anyway, all I did is I went
and grabbed the testimonials from the actual thing that I’m promoting, which I think is okay. Seemed like it’s okay. Then I just took those and I put them on the bottom of the page and bam, done, done, donezo, make sense? And then yeah, so that’s basically it. And then so I’ve been collecting a lot of testimonials though. And thank you for those you
guys have been leaving them, I’m really appreciate that. I have anyway, that means a lot. I feel like I dropped
way more on this podcast than most people do in their courses. So it means a lot when you
actually drop a review. It’s one of the things
that keeps you motivated. It truly I’m not just
saying that I see it. I’m like, oh, sup’ makes
me, makes me feel good. That’s awesome. Go to If you guys wanna drop a review
on there appreciate that. Stephen
Joseph Larsen, my full name, SJL review anyway, so when
I go do those testimonials, testimonials. And then at the very bottom, the last final pop shop,
let’s lift this up here so you can see it. Last final pop shot to
get them to come in, is I’m gonna give them a graphic display of what they’re gonna get. Right, I’m gonna display
graphically meaning. I’m gonna go in and I
grabbed the product bundle, Russell always has a product bundle. And then I’m gonna do the same thing. Now this is one of the reasons, info, you guys remember the
episode that I did a while ago called Physical versus Digital. Go watch that again and understand why I create
a digital representation a picture display of what they’re getting. So the image is Russell’s stuff, plus my stuff in a single image, that’s gonna be a lot of
stuff that I run for ads. Okay, that’s gonna be a lot
of stuff like the page image, when the people share the
page and the image loads, I’m gonna make it be that way. Okay, then I have one
final shot right here down at the bottom, for them to go opt in, with
the countdown clock, that’s it. That’s how I run it. That it’s a super easy page. I’m talking really easy, but you’ll spend more
time thinking through what you’re gonna give them
than you do building this. So anyways, that’s it. So I took these steps, these steps are supposed to
be right here under there, but I ran out of space
when I was drawing it. So anyway, now real quick, when I can tell you is what’s
so different about my Funnel on this next time. Okay, I have learned when I was launching, when I was launching one of my shows, I came up with this Funnel idea that would both make
my stuff more talkable, and it would spread, but would also give a mini course to them. Which would upsell them into my webinar. And it’s one of the
reasons why that secret MLM hacks product that
I have sells so well, is because of this exact
strategy am talking about. What I have them often to in that show is they
get a free mini course. And then at the bottom, which is exactly what you’re
about to see me explain. Okay, when they opt in, that doesn’t mean that
they’ve actually gone and signed up yet. Okay, I’ve noticed about
half the people who sign up, actually finish purchasing
through my affiliate link. Okay, well, that’s a lot of people, right? That’s a lot of people now especially. Alright, so I wanna go
in, I wanna remind them what they’re gonna be getting. Well, why not do that with some value, I don’t wanna just like throw
a scarcity, urgency play, you better get it, you
better get, it better, get better, get it one hour
left, two hours left, you know, it’d be like, oh, I don’t
wanna those strategies work and I totally use them. But I also wanna toss
them a lot more value at the same time. So the way I’m gonna go do that, is I actually added in, I am filming a mini course right now. And if you guys liked the
program, Affiliate Outrage,, it’s a free thing that I did, to honestly demonstrate prowess, okay. That’s one of the reasons I did it. And that’s totally okay. I’d rather do it with a
free course than me saying, remember how cool I am. You know what I mean? So that’s why I did that, it was to demonstrate some prowess. And it was to get some more
experience under my belt for a few things. But anyway, what this is,
though, is a mini course. So it turns out to them, right, one of them is immediately, right. The time on the timer is zero. And then one day later, two days later, three days later, four days later. And this is answering questions like okay, let’s go deeper into
creating an affiliate offer. Let’s go deep with this is
why affiliate funnels work and how they work. This is how to go and
strategically position yourself in relation to what you’re selling and the company that
you’re an affiliate for. Let’s go in, and let’s
show you a little bit more about list building strategies,
you know what I mean? And what I decided to do so at the bottom of each one of these pages, it’s just another hook for them to go and buy through my affiliate link. And all these videos tie back into them doing that very thing. So they go in and it says, Hey,
remember, if you like this, I literally just took
this as a small section from the chapter I wrote
in the book for Russell, if you want the full book, plus the summit that comes with it, which is insane value, plus all these other
bonuses, which is insane. Which I don’t wanna tell you about go there see them yourself, then just click the link below, right. And that’s what I’m doing. So it’s the same, it’s
literally the same freakin page, all five of them. It’s just clone for five times across with a different video,
different headline. That’s it. So it’s different content
with different angles and hooks to try and pitch them in. Get them make sense. At the end, all rivers lead
to the Seinfeld series. And then these last two
videos are actually day one from my affiliate outreach program. So I will send to them hopefully into even though it’s a free thing into a 30 day affiliate program where they hopefully choose
to be affiliates for me. See how this is turned to beautiful? Okay, all right. Now I got like another minute here. And what I wanna do real fast, and I know I’m going
through a lot of stuff here, but I just wanna teach you guys real fast how I fulfill on all of these things. Okay, so people going
into signing up for me. ClickFunnels shows you, who is buying through your affiliate link. When I go to my affiliate
dashboard in ClickFunnels, I just download the list of those who’ve bought through my
link in the last two months. And then all I do is I take
that list, I don’t touch it. I do remove those who refunded or if there’s doubles, and then what I do is I
upload it to a separate list. So I have a second action
Funnel and ClickFunnels. It’s a second action funnel. And it’s meant just for
those who bought right, this is Make Affiliates
Great Again, MAGA, M-A-G-A. So I have a Make Affiliates
Great Again, buyers list. And it’s a separate action funnel. And anytime I upload to
that list, the action fiRes, guess what the action Funnel is? The first thing is that
add a tag to their profile, which unlocks for them all the
bonuses in the members area. Okay, which is that’s anyway,
that’s how we’re running it. And then it’s two separate
emails that shows them, hey, look, your stuff is being sent to you make sure you redeeming it. So it’s a couple of emails
that just remind them like, hey, this has been released. And that’s how it works. And it’s all automated. So it’s the same email as every time, I just have to write them once. So fulfillment is as
easy as me just going in and downloading that list
and literally uploading it. I don’t do anything else. Everything else fires,
everything else unlocks. Everything else is automated, so nice. But I guess that’s it. That’s how I run my affiliate stuff. That is how I do it. Explaining as fast as I
can on a podcast episode. Anyways, go to Make
Affiliates Great Again, go check out the offer that
I’ve got there for you guys and hopefully sign up for
the book through my link. And you guys get this
Funnel as part of it. I’m not gonna tell the rest
of it, go check it out. And hopefully you guys enjoyed it. I appreciate your time. Appreciate you guys doing this
and I love affiliate cash. It’s the gravy in my business, guys I’ll see you later. Again, go check out
makeaffiliatesgreatagain.calm. Ha ha, awesome episode, right? Hey, bear with me for just a moment. While I tell you about Probably one of the most fragile phases of being an entrepreneur, is that tender spot where
you have just enough cash coming in and get excited. But expenses also increase a little while you take on new tools
and new systems, new teams. It can be heart pounding,
and frankly, nerve wracking. Well, one of the ways I’ve kept ownership of my companies
and never picked up any debt or used any of our family
finances to grow the business, was through affiliate marketing. My first dollar online actually came from affiliate
marketing only a few years ago. So I often get asked the question, Steve, how can you have
been bootstrapping this and scraping by so hard
just a few years ago, but now the business that
makes millions in revenue? That’s a fair question. So besides having kick butt products, when I’ve needed to get some extra cash for an expensive project, I have a very specific
method of affiliate marketing and gets me paid to sell
other people’s products. You wanna see how I do it? Just go to ClickFunnels actually wants to know how I’ve been doing this as well. So I just wrote a chapter
in ClickFunnels new book called Affiliate Bootcamp and if you wanna see my chapter and be shown how I treat
affiliate cash in my business, just go to and you’ll get a bunch of
other cool stuff from me. Like the actual Funnel. The one you’re gonna
see there it’s pre-built so you can download it. You also get my audio chapter on how I create affiliate offers. You get the actual video
of me training my team on how to build Make
Affiliates Great Again, it’s crazy valuable. Plus you also get several
my other stage speeches, how I launched my affiliate offers and you’ll even get a
discount ticket to offer mine. Plus the Make Affiliates
Great Again mini course. Is it okay for over deliver? If you want all that for
free plus other things, literally just sign up at and then sign up for the
new Affiliate Bootcamp through my affiliate link. Go figure. My friends get rich, give back.

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