Make Money – Affiliates earn 25% Recurring Commission 2018

hey guys this is Jason with sky view
host .com and I have something very exciting to talk to you about and that’s
our affiliate program that every customer you bring to Sky View hosts
calm you can make a 25% Commission on every customer you bring to SkyView Host and actually get you can get free hosting and make a residual income every month from SkyVie .com that’s very exciting I actually do not know of a single hosting
company that will do that for you this is very unique. Let me tell you about the compensation plan here and how it works so you can make money. Obviously we have quite a few different plans here and the starter
plan starts at $9.99 and every customer you refer to Sky View host .com and
get to keep 25% commission. If you bring in four customers to SkyView Host .com you can get your hosting for free and then if you bring any more customers in you will make a profit every month. As an example if you bring a hundred customers in you could make $250 a month or $3,000 per year that’s just awesome. This is phenomenal because this is another income streams where you can make another income just by referring people
to Sky View host .com now the ultimate hosting package you can make antoher $10 bucks all the way up to $1,000 per month 100 customers or $12,000 per year now it doesn’t stop at 100 if you bring in a thousand
customers so we’re gonna pay you for all thousand customers so that’s very cool
so let me show you how this works and how you get signed up. Obviously
there’s multiple logins that you can click on to get done get started so when
you click on it if you do not have hosting already with us and you want to
promote our our Sky View hosting website you can fill out this information here
and get your login information but I already have a login so I’m gonna go
ahead and log in with my account. Now if you don’t remember your
account you’ already received an email with your signed up we have the welcome email that was sent to you and you set up your account with Sky View host has your user
ID and password now I’ve got a temporary one I’m setting up here and let me go
ahead and still sign in and then hit remember me and then login okay at this
page you’re gonna see a hosting and this is where you set up your hosting you
don’t want to go there in blue up here you’re gonna see support but then you’re
gonna this affiliate now if you click on the affiliate I’ve already tested this a
number of times you’re gonna have a little orange box here you click it once
boom this page will show up and this is your affiliate link now I’ve already had
tested at four different times I’m gonna test it one more time just for you and
show you how this works so when you post this link into Facebook or in the
Twitter or any other social media or even on your website and people click on
that link you’re gonna be able to get tracking and you’re gonna see that down
there’s five people that clicked on that link because I put that link in the
browser and five people have clicked on it and actually it’s all five been me
but you’ll also see how many people signed up and your conversion rate now
down below you’re gonna see your pending Commission’s that you are currently
accumulated for the month and the available commissions and balance that
that you that are were paying you and the total amount that we’ve already paid
for the referrals now every month we want to make sure you have over
twenty-five dollars before we pay out so every month it’s going to be over
twenty-five bucks and then down below here you’re gonna be able to see when
people signed up too for the account and the date and the amount of money that
they’ve signed up and so that you we can calculate the cost so that’s how easy it
is to actually get signed up for the affiliate program now I want to show you
one other quick thing here before we go now if you go back to Sky View host com
click on affiliate and scroll to the bottom of the page you’re gonna see
really cool banners now these banners you can add to your website and this is
the code that allows you to add to your website all you have to do is replace
this code right here says about your affiliate link here in control P control
V and then paste that link there you can copy all of this put it into a widget or
put it into a post on your blog and now when people click on that image they go
directly to Sky View host with your affiliate link you get the mission for
that that’s very cool and you can see we’ve got a lot of different sizes for
you that you can choose from and put on your site so this is very exciting news
there’s a really no other company out there that does this today like Sky View
host comand go ahead and start getting your affiliate link and start making
some money at making some extra money by referring customers to Sky News calm so
if you have any questions go ahead and go to our support page and send us a
support question other ones thank you and have a great day. SkyView WordPress

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