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Hey guys, it’s Sharonda and in this video I will be talking to you guys about how to make money on Amazon with no investment so if you want to find out keep watching So, before I show you how to make money on Amazon I want to talk to you guys about my channel so basically Special Edition is a channel based around how to make money online and marketing tips so if you want more videos on how to make money online and how, like the tools I use to make money online just Subscribe down below and then click on the notification bell. So you’ll be notified every time I drop a video and Yeah, let’s get started on the video Alright so I will be showing you how to make money online for beginners with no investment So first, I’m gonna talk about what why you should use Amazon Associates So you should use it because you don’t need any products and you don’t have to ship anything out So it’s perfect if you’re just beginning cause you don’t have to Deal with inventory or any of that stuff. So that’s what’s good about it and then all you have to do is just share a link and Then you make money off of it And if you have Products such as a camera you can use things you already have so if you have like a camera, you can basically do a review on that camera and then find like find the camera on Amazon and then when you find the camera on Amazon You can just use the link that they give you and then post it. So You can already use things that you already have and just do reviews on those and when you’re doing reviews like on like let’s say a YouTube channel or something. You should try to do it around the same niche so like people aren’t confused about what you’re gonna be doing reviews on because if you do a review on like I Don’t know an iPhone and then you do one on the wallet People are gonna kind of be like, how are those related so you should do something related, but you can use anything So Amazon has almost everything or if not everything So that’s why you should use Amazon. And then yeah so then um also when you Bring people onto Amazon. They will basically give you a reward for it So let’s say people click on your link, but they don’t even end up buying what you promoted But they still make a purchase within that 24 hour window You would still get a commission off of it because you still brought someone onto Amazon and they made a purchase so you still get a commission off of that and It’s an extra source of income so You know Why not and then it’s also a free way cause you don’t have to buy anything You all use like all you have to do is just look for your product and then you’re given a link so you don’t need to have to You don’t even have to buy anything and then when using this the money you make from You from promoting this you can use those Commission’s to basically put money into your business if you’re starting to build up your brand because Not a lot of people have a lot to start with So if you’re able to use that and start making an income it’ll be easier for you to get your business going and then Amazon has everything has a high demand and they have a free two-day shipping, so everyone’s using Amazon to find everything so because it’s There on top they’re beating Target Walmart. They they’re Beating everyone. So why not deal with Amazon? They’re the top dogs and yeah, just use Amazon because it’s it there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it like it’s free and you can make Money off of it and People don’t even have to buy what you recommended. As long as they make a purchase within a 24 hours You still make something so why not? Give it a try? So, yeah, so now I’m going to show I’m going to show you how to get started. So I Already have the website on here, but I’ll link it down in the description. So you guys can find it So it’s Amazon Associates and you can join for free when you join they just ask for your information and They asked a couple tax questions So like nothing too hard Just a couple tax questions so they can take some like taxes and stuff off of it or you know The taxes only taxes will always be there no matter what you do but yeah, and then I also had to do just a payment thing so they can basically deposit my money whenever I get a commission, so when trying to find a product To promote you could go here to product links and then click product links right here Okay, so I’m gonna look for candles cuz I just made a video I Made this video just two seconds ago, and I totally messed up on it. So I’m gonna do candles again. So candles So then down here you’re able to see How they rank so this one’s ranking this one’s ranking and then all you have to do is click right here on a product that you want Should’ve did it the quicker way, but Yeah, so you can go down here. Oh, no, no, no right here Sorry, go to text only you can do images too, but like this Or you can do a text and image so you can use this when you can use these When you want to pull it Like if you want to post it on your website or something or have ads pop up on your website you can use this but if you’re just promoting the link like on a YouTube channel or YouTube video you can go here and then You just click short link and then you get that you can do standard link to but that’s longer so you could just do short link and then copy and paste it to wherever you want to do it and the most common form, the most common way people promote using Amazon the products they promote is through YouTube because a lot of the products you can do reviews on so that’s what people do so Whenever I watch review I go on YouTube because I don’t know reading reviews are fine. But just you know, seeing it It’s just a whole different thing. So a lot of people just go to youtube to find I’m sorry to find a review on it so one of the ways to get found on YouTube is through keyword research and I have another video about Google I mean Keyword research and my Google AdWords video. I’ll leave it down below or somewhere around here, but you can do that and then um, so just This is um, the keyword planner right here so you can find the keywords and then right here. I’m gonna put candles again Candles And then sent it and then It just finds the keywords. It basically finds what people are looking for are actually looking for on Google and So You’re able to see how many people search for these certain keywords in the competition level and when doing this you should find something with a low competition so you can get found because if you Go into something with a high competition. It’s gonna be harder for your videos to be found so You can Basically, just keep plugging in words until you find something that works for you but me, um, I Started off using this but now I use this Software that’s basically linked with YouTube is called to buddy and With to buddy you’re able to like type in words like this Like I typed in scented candles right here and it’s able to like tell me if I should do use this term or not So this one that’s giving me a like a score So it’s telling me 14 out of 100 and it’s telling me I should not use it because it’s used very Often and it’s hard to rank for so usually I just go here and I keep finding other like I keep typing and other stuff and then um, I Would usually try to like go down here like you wouldn’t choose the top The top result that shows up when I’m looking for something so I’ll probably do like something like this This one probably has something high too but Okay, so this one’s a little better so this one says this keyword has some competition But also enough search volume to make it worth targeting. So with this it’s it’s quicker this way so Me I’m still doing getting everything going so I try to save as much time So if you have under a thousand subscribers, they’ll give you half off of the pro Package, so the pro package is nine dollars. So you would be getting it for $4.50 so I think that’s pretty good for $4.50 for just typing this up and it basically gives you all that instead of you actually going into Google Adwords and doing the actual work yourself, it just cuts time and you know guys, time is money, so okay, sorry that was a little extra but no seriously it just saves so much time because Just yeah, I think it’s a good investment like you’re spending how much on a cup of coffee each day So like and this is only once once a month for $4.50 like thats chunk change So why not and I’ll leave the code in the description bar. So you guys can find it and Yeah, so basically that’s how you use Amazon Associates. And those are some ways to promote it There’s some other ways to promote it obviously, but that’s the most common way that other people who are doing it are Succeeding and selling stuff. There’s also blogs, too but the most common one is YouTube because YouTube is the second largest search engine as I mentioned before and Yeah, so that’s how you use it, don’t forget to Like, comment, and subscribe and see you guys in the next video bye

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